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I Want A Home – Episode 113

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I Want A Home – Episode 113
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9 hours later.

Gmt 07:23 am.

The following morning was cursed with the news of the last night incident at Kaew Temple. All broadcasting channels across the country made it their hottest headlines as different reports were filed out by the press and different police officers.

Early that morning, the Thailand president addressed the nation and beckoned on the military to involve and get into the matter that got more than 21 officers and security agents of the country dead.

The army had however began to parade and security across the country had been tight than ever. Various channels reported the incident and it was almost concluded that terrorists had invaded the nation despite the Chief of Police directives.

Inside a room were the four people seated. Frank, Val, Minister Albert and Michael Mill himself. The room was as silent as ever after Michael discriminate their total failure with extreme madness.

He was standing by the window side shirtless and smoking a tobacco while Val and the rest were seated variously across the large room.

None of them spoke to another for some minutes not until Michael walked back to them from the window side. He shove the tobacco aside and held it between his fingers as all of them watch and listened to what he has to say since he looked like he was about to speak again.

Instead, he looked at everyone’s face and made a smirk.

He turned to Val and smiled cheaply at him. He smoke the tobacco again and made another smirk.

“Get me the goddamn thing motherfuc…kers” he suddenly shouted with rage and threw the tobacco aside. He stepped close to Val immediately and withdraw a gun behind him in a swift. He point at the drug lord instantly and held unto the trigger, shocking all of them.

“Everything we’ve done so far was following your plan” He shouted at Val face as Frank watch in shock, including the minister.

“Now get what belongs to me else I get this rough with you” he shouted likewise and withdraw the gun. He waited for some seconds while he and Val stared at themselves eye to eye bravely before he stepped backwards and made another smirk.

He turned to look at Frank and minister Albert before he stepped forward and began to head out of the room while the three of them watched him leave quietly.

Immediately he opened and closed the door, Frank phone began to ring the same moment. He picked the device from his pocket to see the caller before answering it. He’s secretary was calling. He made a sigh and signaled to be excused while Minister Albert made a tired audible sigh.

“Good day Sarah” he said tiredly on the phone with a soft tone. He had felt Michael knew about their secret plan when he brought out a gun on val earlier and it scared him down to his a..ss. He however heaved another deep breath feeling more exhausted unknowing his secretary was about to give him an information that would bring him more down.

“How’d?” he asked before the secretary could respond to his greetings.

“We have a problem sir” the caller sounded sharp and straight, making Frank frowned.

“Problem !! What problem?”

He asked as the female caller began to speak from the other end while he listened.

Val and the minster turned to him immediately they heard the exclamation. They had quickly located a seat for themselves as they watched Frank ahead.

“What” Frank shouted high few seconds in an extremely shock the phone he held fell from his hands.

Trouble seems to be here and there for him.

Hours Later.

Joel stood akimbo behind Steve as he and Derrick marvelously watched the laptop Steve was working on.

The information displayed on the screen was encrypted classified details perfectly understood by the three of them. There were files, codes, currency note details, names of banks, safe lock numbers, safe house numbers and addresses, security figures and lists of 13 countries where Seth valuable assets were kept. All shown in details.

Joel jumped gladly on Derrick shoulder as they watched from the top lists to the last. He clapped as Derrick laughed out too while Steve only smiled.

This is a fortune. Steve thought to himself.

“We are going to be rich… We are going to be rich… Rich.. Rich and stink of money” Joel shouted with all the breath within him.

He crossed his arm around Steve and Derrick as he they fling happily.

“Yeah.. This is it, we are going to be rich” Derrick laughed too as Steve smiled the more.

He closed the content of the laptop and eject the flash attached to it.

He shut down the laptop and closed it as they all smiled happily while Joel joked about his fantasy of going to an island where he can have all the fun of his life till Steve said something that stopped them abstrusely.

The three of them turned backwards and faced lord Margot who was quietly seated on a wooden chair behind them.

“I suggest we let this bit..ch rot here” Joel remarked in annoyance. He leaned against the bonnet of the car behind as Steve stepped forward to lord Margot. He held unto the flash for a moment and then pocketed it.

“We had a deal” He said to her and made a sigh.

“and to ensure the balance isn’t compromised, I’d give you a mail to contact whenever you want your part of the bargain” He added as she looked at them speechlessly.

She only nodded in agreement without speaking as she was still full of pains.

Steve turned back to the laptop and carried it, he step towards the van they were standing few meters away from and locate a sheet of paper on the dashboard. He dropped the laptop on the passenger seat and also took out a pen where he had taken the paper to inscribed the mail address on it.

He turned around again and handed the paper to lord Margot.

“Get yourself treated”

He told her and turned to both Derrick and Joel who only shrug. They turned after few seconds and head for the van quietly.

2 hours later.

Phuket International Airport. Thialand.

Steve was dressed in a brown suit and a black Italian shoe that matches his regular stature. He was carrying a black mini traveling bag that could set to only contain few items and clothes.

He was walking along some traveller’s as movement were so slow due to the security checkup on all traveller’s across the airport.

He also follow the pattern of security guidelines that were laid for people to follow as he met the cue stationed before the directives attending to them.

Slow and steady, the cue began to elevate not soon he joined till it got to his turn after 15 minutes on the long cue.

The directives asked for his passport and he landed it on her hands.

She opened it and looked at the name written on the first page. The name displayed on it was George Martinez along side the code numbers and every other details necessary including a facial picture.

She looked at Steve face to confirm if he was the one in the picture before she entered the codes on his ID to her computer and confirm his identity.

“American !! The female directive phrased and glanced at him with a smiling face as she waited for her computer to display his information while Steve smiled and nodded.

“What you’ve come to do in Thailand?” she asked.

“Tourism.. I’m a tourist” Steve answered her and smiled as she nodded too, she confirmed his identity and stamp his passport.

“Have a safe trip” She enjoyed and handed over the passport to him as Steve thanked her and leave the roll long cue for the next person behind him.

He proceeded to the next place where his bag would be crosscheck before he was allowed to the sections to board a plane.

He looked behind him and thanked the officer who handed the bag to him after it was scanned before he began to walk away.

“Guys. I’ll fly in 10 minutes, see you both on the other side” he whispered into a communication chip placed on his hands under the pretense of coughing as not to create suspicion from the securities hanging and staring around the place.

“What the hell is going on? Who authorized the seizure?” Valentine shouted with shock on the phone.

He’s heart skipped a bit but he tried to keep calm and maintain appropriate balance. Frank and Minister Albert exchange glances and turn to him, shock seeing on their face as well.

Not only was trouble here for Frank, something worse was here for Valentine.

To be continued…

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  1. Great episode. I strongly believe its about to go down for Val and his Theam weldon for this episode but please, this one is too short. Pleas let's get some more episodes at list to make it up to us for the long wait so your last update.

    1. Waiting for next action in Thailand, Thank ur star LORD MARGOT, STEVE save ur life hope has learn ur lesson now

      Kudos boss 💪💪💪💪

  2. Finally something wondrous happening to valentine. Lord Margot should just thank her stars that steve has a heart

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