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I Want A Home

I Want A Home – Episode 72

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I Want A Home – Episode 72
® 18+ SNVL
© Ireti Adedipe

( Apologies for the late updates and short episodes. Its due to some circumstances which may probably change next week. My sincere apologies  🙏 )

“Who did you say sent you?” Vladimir repeat the question as if he didn’t hear mark’s response the second time.

He moved more closer and bend lower, he turned his right ear immediately to Mark with the cigarette between his lips.

“We know him as Mr. Ruiz” Mark answered again, this time picking his response slowly to reverent his weak tone. He was breathing profusely due to the beatings from Stone by trying to conceal the right response to Vladimir’s question out of fear.

“Hmm.” Vladimir hummed and bent more, he moved more closer to the tied man and adjust the cigarette within his lips.

“I do not know if he has other names but most of whom works with him call him Mr. Ruiz” Mark answered again. This time fearfully with the close range between him and Vladimir.

Steve took another glance at Cyrus who was seated beside him in the moving car and turned back to Joel who was driving.

Derrick was seated at the passenger side and the vehicle was moving speedily.

“We can’t trust this guy Joel, what if he’s just misleading us?” Steve tried to reason out rhetorically after Joel’s full explanations, though directing his question to Derrick and Joel.

He took another glance at Cyrus whose hands were tied beside him and who obviously looked expressionless. He turned forward 15 seconds later to hear what neither the dues has to say.

“Steve, this man already told us he works for Ruiz and I kept wondering how the inspector knew so much and was able to bombard huge drug facility in just few months. He seems too clever to have partnered a drug lord. Do you think he doesn’t know the real identity of Ruiz?” Joel asked, taking a glance at Steve through the rearview mirror.

“Yes but don’t you think we could be walking into a trap right now?” Steve asked too and turned to Cyrus. He was about to say further when Derrick interrupted him.

“Guys !! It seems there was an accident few hours ago. There is a report police were after some terrorist that resulted to a turmoil, all the roads leading out to the airport including the roads to Golden Bridge had been blocked”

“What !!” Joel exclaimed. He turned to Derrick and stared at him.

“Here, the news had been reported and there’s an instruction for anyone not to pass the road in due of their safety for the time being” Derrick added and raised his phone up for Joel who was trying to see through. He tried to read the headline of the news straightway but he couldn’t, he turned to the dashboard of the vehicle instantly and turned the LCD on. He input two keys and a live broadcast displayed.

“An hours ago, there was a severe gun battle between some suspected terrorist at the Golden Bridge road. The road were blocked as a result and passersby along some motorists ran in due for safety immediately a fierce gun battle emerged under the Bridge. Police and other security agencies recorded more than 10 deaths. The men according to the cops were driving in an untraceable and fake driving numbers which one or the other resulted to another turmoil at the interstate highway road.

The terrorists were said to be escaping when an exchanged gunfire happened between them and the policemen at the road after an instruction for all vehicles at the highway to pull over. In a bid to escape, there were lots of casualties and damaged properties of innocent civilians who were certainly unaware of the situation when the terrorist suddenly opened fire on the cops.

The terrorists are yet trying to escape now and the cops are presently in pursuit. We advised everyone to stay calm and remained in their homes and various positions in due of their safety. The routes leading in and out of the roads has been blocked and no vehicles is allowed to move. In due time, we’ll bring you the updates”

“Shi..t” !! Joel cursed loud immediately the brief news ended. He slammed his fist on the wheel of the vehicle and reduced his speed almost instantly.

“You need to pull over. I think I found something” Derrick announced as the vehicle moved.

Most of the singing birds on the road flew away immediately Michael and Mr. Ruiz walked over to cross. He glanced back once and hurry behind Ruiz immediately they crossed among the crowds.

“Boss. I can’t see them anymore” Michael said almost in whispers as he tried to level up with Ruiz instantly.

“I think they’ve missed our direction” he added after another glance backwards and held unto his coat to hide his gun among the crowds.

The both of them crossed the road immediately before Ruiz glanced back only to see some cops far ahead the other road.

“We’ve got to move Michael. They are fast approaching” Ruiz said his first word after the gun fire at the interstate highway road.

Valentine and Franklin stared at the monitor screen immediately the video was paused. Both of them glance at each other and the video was paused and replayed again.

The settings of the room hadn’t changed nor anything moved from its position since Harrison was taken out of the office by the American prosecutor.

The two men at the entrance post were still in position but the Slight difference was Valentine standing while Franklin remained seated.

“If I’m not wrong Frank, is this not Ruiz?” Valentine asked instantly.

“I think You are right Val, this is no other person than Ruiz” Franklin answered and stared at the screen again with uncertainty, obviously to ensure he wasn’t mistaken. The paused video was a Cctv footage captured at the interstate road. The paused part was a close-shot picture showing the face of a man standing beside one of the black jeeps. He was on a black suit and the center of focus was on his face.

“What the…I thought Ruiz died” Franklin burst out in shock.

He glanced at Valentine and return his gaze on the monitor where they were watching the footages.

“Well. This is fascinating” Valentine phrased and made to sit without taking his gaze off the screen.

“Yeah. I think they moved it the moment the attacks were executed”

“Yes and that explains the news at the interstate road. I’m sure there’s no other person involved than Mr. Ruiz” Cyrus added to his assertion.

“We still can’t really say exactly what happened at the Golden Bridge road without taking a look at the Cctv footages and if I’m right, I think what we are after is already with Ruiz”

“Then we need to get someone look into it immediately, let me get in touch with Mr. Stephen” Derrick enjoined and navigated to his dial pad quickly. He waited five seconds with the phone placed on his ear before it was answered.

“Good afternoon” A broad voice sounded from the other end immediately the call was answered.

“Good day Mr. Stephen, have you heard about the news at the Golden Bridge and the interstate road?” Derrick asked.

“Yes. The news was just reported”

“Good. We need to see the Cctv footages at those two places. Can you help us right away?”

“Ah… Yeah, I’ll get back to you in a minute”

Mr. Stephen stammered and quickly reduced his voice immediately he sighted his wife fast approaching him. He end the call straight away without giving Derrick a definite response and returned the phone into his side pocket.

He turned slowly to the direction of his wife and picked up the bottle water he placed on the placement close to one of the hospital windows earlier before the call. He uncover the bottle and sip the water straightaway.

“Is there any problem darling?” Aunty Rhoda asked immediately she stopped few inches away from him.

“No darling, Its a call from a friend. He was only asking about the present turn of things” Mr. Stephen answered.

To be continued..

Ghost Readers !! 😁 Let me know your perspectives on the Story.

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  1. honestly it's very cool write up, but you are you been too slow about the update is making me lose interest little by little

  2. I want a home is a story I enjoyed alongside Tarasha and now restless.
    but please give us consistency, there was a period you fed us back to back and it was cool.
    its kinda hard following the plot due to the time difference.
    Margot's fate? Ruiz? how do they relate.
    Mr Stephen, why did he react that way in front of Rhoda?

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