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I Want A Home – Episode 110

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I Want A Home – Episode 110
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She bit her lips and frowned, “Nothing in the world could make me give you the flash, its either you kill me and I die with it” lord Margot snared as Derrick pushed Joel backwards again.

He blocked him totally from moving forward and pushed him backwards the more. “Get yourself together man” Derrick mumbled out and held him, he stepped forward as Joel tried as much as he could to handle him off and attack Margot furiously.

“Get your hands off me” he said and pushed Derrick aside, by then they had gotten towards the window. He looked at Margot face as she stared at him confidently, she made a smirk and a silent chuckle that irritates him the most.

“You get nothing.. strong boy” She mocked and burst into a devilish laughter.

All the while, Steve was only watching. He took a glance at Derrick and Joel at the window and turned to the drug lord.

He stands up and adjust his cloth, he made a sigh and walked towards her. He lift her with the chair she was tied to and help me her sit up even though her hands were tied firmly behind her.

He squat and faced her directly as she stared at him with anger and a devilish look.

“I’d kill you and eventually find the flash, death is what you wanted isn’t it?” Steve asked her. He looked extremely furious but he tried as much as he could to calm down.

“Well, shall we see it unfold?” Margot asked him instead of answering. She locked her gaze on him until he turned around and stand up.

“We have to go now, the cops could be here any minute” Steve announced as he walked back to the bed. He reached for the only pistol placed beside the pillow and picked up his phone placed beside the First Aid box Derrick used.

He picked the phone and hid the pistol between his wrist, he walked back to Margot and squat again before he began to loose the ropes on her leg.

He ordered her to stand in no time afterwards and turned back to Derrick and Joel.

“We need to leave” he repeated as if they didn’t hear him and turned towards the door. He opened it and led Margot outside.

Kaew Temple.

Five different hummer jeeps halted in the temple. Inside the third vehicle was Michael Mill at the back seat with Minister Albert. Val and Franklin seated at the fourth jeep while the other contain their men.

All the men in each jeep came down at once with different guns and weapons. They surrounded the whole space and looked out for any suspicious act before Val and Frank came down few seconds after confirming the safety of the vicinity. The minister came down likewise but Michael Mill remained in the jeep.

Abu gave Valentine a tablet device and bowed to greet Franklin and Minister Albert as they walked towards him.

Val collected the device to look at the gridded pictures displayed on the screen with few words written below each image.

“All exit and entrance into the country has been blocked. I’m sure they can’t go far or get out successfully” Abu added as Val took enough time to look at the pictures before passing it on to Minister Albert who seem eager to have a look already.

Albert took a look at the pictures as well, he took few seconds to read the words below it and heaved a sigh afterwards. He stepped back immediately and began to walk to the third jeep.

Two men were standing by the door and they quickly opened up for him.

“I have the reports here, the monks had no idea of the entrance or building. I sense no foul play” he told Michael Mill as he stretched the tablet to him. Then waited for some seconds while Mill took his time.

“Then find these guys. I need to know who they work for” Mill instructed and handed the tablet back to him.

Jason stood watching the dead body of Jakoby with regrets. Tears formed on his eyelids but he managed not to drop them. He looked up after few seconds and turned back to the six men standing behind him.

He felt more regrets than he ever felt the first time he killed a man as a soldier. He and Jakoby were intelligent partners that had worked diligently in the army. All their years of service were dedicated to the arm forces and their country even though nothing was ever gained from any of the their deeds.

He remembered what led to their dismiss from the army and how they were falsely accused. How they gained nothing from their years of service to feed their families despite their relevancy and faithfulness to the armed forces.

He remembered what led to another and how Jakoby had brought the idea they get away with whatever they get from their partnership with Steve, Mr. Stephen and the rest.

He remembered he disagreed with the plan at first but he oblige when Jakoby made two unbreakable deals with some high wanted criminals, the men that were shooting the local securities and the cops.

However, he was so lost in a world of regrets for the death of his partner who would not get even a befitting burial from the army or any of his families. He was real lost in silence and his mind wander miles away till one of the men standing behind him brought his attention, he seems to be their leader.

“We had a deal man, we did our part of the bargain and we handled it as planned. Whether you lost your partner or you lost anything isn’t any of my problem. I just fu..cking want my share as agreed upon” the obese man said nonchalantly and stepped forward, he had a tobacco held between his lips and his fingers as he smoke.

“I just lost my partner” Jason told him in a broad voice.

“I don’t bloody care man. The cops would be after my men and I if their investigations starts appropriately. Get me my part of the deal and let’s go our separate ways”

“There’s nothing I can do man. I said We lost the whole thing”

“I don’t bloody care. Fuc..king get me my part of the deal” the man shouted. He throw the tobacco away in anger and step forward.

He grabbed Jason shirt and pulled him up as Jason quickly wrestle his hands off him almost immediately. “I said I don’t care, get me what’s mine or things gonna get bloody with you”

30 minutes later.

Steve was driving, Derrick seated at the passenger side and Joel at the back seat of the vehicle while Lord Margot was tied in the boot.

The journey in the car had been silent since they got out of Seux hotel and none of them talked to another. However the silence was short-lived as Derrick tuned on the radio to one station as they move. A song was just been concluded that same seconds and it seems as if the broadcast station were returning from a short break.


“Welcome back from the short break”….the voice of the female presenter was heard and she continued speaking.

All exit and entrance into the country had been blocked by the police and all checkpoints leading to each states are to be under thorough search. Whatever inconvenience this might have caused is for the betterment of all and their security”

The presenter added and a news bulleting sounded. “I as the chief of police will personally ensure proper investigation is done, the culprits arrested and the damage to the Temple recovered. Whatever was taken from the temple will also be refunded” there was a rattled noise at the end and the presenter continued.

“Over 13 police officers were reported dead, 11 civilians, and 9 others badly injured as recorded, 4 local securities and five unidentified citizens were also found dead”

Steve turned off the radio immediately and heaved a deep breath. He slammed his fist on the wheel in annoyance and made a very deep sigh.

“It will be more difficult for us to leave when everywhere has been seized. We need to stay hidden for awhile” Joel announced from the back seat. He was busy with his phone and didn’t bother to look up.

“We are fast approaching one of the checkpoints” he added and looked up.

Steve heaved another deep breath and bite his lips. He felt trouble coming ahead and he felt he had called it upon himself. He remained silent for a moment while he drives until Derrick asked him what they’ll do.

“There’s an abandoned warehouse 6 blocks away. Let’s get this bit..ch tell us where the flash is” Joel answered as Steve looked at him through the rear mirror.

12 Minutes later… ( unknown Warehouse)

Steve halted the car and opened the door immediately Joel dropped down. He picked up his phone on the dashboard as Derrick dropped down too.

“Joel, check if there’s any other entrance or exit and look around if its safe” Steve instructed as he closed the door.

“Derrick. Check if there’s any cctv around” he added and began to walk towards the boot as Derrick and Joel walked their different ways.

He opened the boot and tap Margot.

“Get down” he commanded in anger and removed the tap covering her lips.

To be continued…

Apologies for the late update

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  1. The story is really interesting, in fact I can't wait to read to the end.Weldone and kudos to you lreti Adedipe plz tag me as soon as the next episode is out kudos to you once again

  2. I so much love this .
    But the fact that's its taking weeks to drop is not encouraging at all.

    At least one episode a day is fine .
    I'm beginning to forget most characters in the story .

    Thanks for the story

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