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I Want A Home – Episode 36

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I want a home – episode 36
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Steve frowned his face by the time he heard Joel correctly on the phone, he looked far ahead the compound and see that Vivian had entered the house already. He stepped back into the Chevrolet car without closing the driver side door after placing his right hand on the wheel of the vehicle.

“I’m on my way out of the country already and I’ve cleared all the money in the account” Joel continued the phone call.

“Joel, you know we still have some unfinished business to do and you can’t leave the country yet, not now” Steve said in a thin but broad voice
“Why not boy? This whole thing is a crap if I can’t get to achieve my aim. You thought I’m into this with those damn detectives because I want to help them capture Nathaniel or help them stop drug business thing?”

“Jesus !!” Steve called out silently.
“Oh common Steve, let the son of God be. I was only into this for the money and the data, I already hired some boys for my plans already and I have planted different keyloggers on the detectives cell phones, computers, database and some of their strong servers impossible to hack”

“Joel, do not do this please, this is definitely not a game time”
“I only want you to know Steve, there is nothing else in this but a whole crap”

Mr. Madison heaved another deep breath after taking a step back from Christopher James where the young man was forcefully made to sit for investigation.

The room the young employee was brought to was only quite different from the room Cheng and Weng were taken to, the room was about the same size but the contents inside each room was different to the other.

The head security looked at the young man again and heaved another breath as if to believe what he had told them after series of his response to the questions they’ve asked him. He took another step backwards before he began to walk down the pace slowly while the two other security men in the same room with him watched in silence.

To Mr. Madison, Its was somewhat confusing and unexpectedly. Christopher James is only an employee in the Company, he is a man in his early thirties and he had good reputation than anyone else in the company. Even though he only holds a lower position, he was still very better off than some of other employees and his records were absolutely clean since he was employed into the company over 6 years ago and only got promoted 16 months ago.

“You have all my files and access to my computers, why will I have a hand in this when you’ll be the first to see it even before a niche?” Christopher James said confidently with an assured and narrowed looks when he sighted Mr. Madison expression and the way at which he walk round the room.

Mr. Madison himself seemed to have thought about it, he was the head of the security officer in the company and he was only employed few months ago but he knew the only person who has access to something that confidential only has to be an executive official of the company and nobody else but following protocol was his thing, the hackers wouldn’t have mistaken their claims, he thought.

“How many years have you been working with this company James?” he suddenly stopped walking round the room and asked as if he didn’t know the answer to the question already.

“6 years” Christopher answered sharply.
“Good. And I see no reason why you shouldn’t have been promoted since you began to work for this company until 16 months ago”

“Look here Mr. Madison, I know where you are going already but I want you to know I have a low profile in this company and I don’t know why you are trying to link me up with this problem but I definitely do not have a hand in what you are charging me for, don’t you get it? I have no access to any confidential files or ever get close to any of the company storage. Whatever passes through my desk are only documents that needed pass and nothing more” Christopher was saying when the door suddenly opened and another security man entered the room just as he interrupted the head security man.

Mr. Madison turned back immediately he heard the sound of the door, he faced the security man and turned briefly away from Christopher who was seated on the long chair across the wall.

“We just checked his records, he made no such call to anyone named Uzza” the security who entered the room spoke quickly.

“Are you sure you did very well Paul? Those hackers wouldn’t have gained access into our server easily without an insiders help. Someone helped them and I’m sure those hackers were saying the truth”

“We checked very well sir, there were no records of such calls or conversations but within some periods, we discovered some range where some records were probably cleared or there were no records at all between those ranges”

“Probably !!”
“Yes sir, we are not hundred percent sure but I’ll suggest that why don’t we look into all the records of the whole employees of this company if we want to get to the bottom of this quickly”

“No Paul, we don’t have to do that, its will only make this more difficult. I have this under control already and I know what to do, just get in touch with the Director and tell him I’d like to see him”

Steve looked sternly forward in the silent car he was now left alone inside after about 18 minutes since the call with Joel was stopped. He had tried to call the line back after Joel dropped the call but its wasn’t reachable any more, he tried repeatedly but the line didn’t connect at all.

He rested his head fully and relaxed very well after closing the door of the car as he stared at the entrance of the building Vivian entered, deliberating whether to enter or stay right inside the car till maybe Vivian contact him or return back.

He took a deep breath and placed his left elbow on the sides of the glass, he thought of playing some music at first but discard the thought when he remembered something. He quickly scrolled down the contact of his phone and selected a line saved as Mary.

He was about to dial the contact when he heard a loud sound of the automated gate at the entrance. He adjusted his position immediately to check what he heard when he saw a car driving into the compound and it was fast approaching the parking lodge already.

Charles drove into the compound and head for the parking space immediately the gate gave way when they got towards the big entrance. Margaret was seated at the driver side of the vehicle and both of them were still on their office attires.

Charles finally found a space and quickly parked, the two doors opened simultaneous immediately he halted and both him and Margaret got down.

They began to walk away from the parking space which was about 7-8 meters away from the blue Chevrolet Steve was inside before Charles name was called.

Steve repeated the name and quickly opened the car door, he opt outside instantly to let Charles and Margaret see him clearly.

“Steve” Charles called out immediately he and Margaret saw him opt out from the car, they began to walk towards him immediately.

“Hey man. Are you cool?” Steve asked and made a brief glance at Margaret face.

“You shouldn’t be walking around Steve”
“Yes Maggie, but I had no other option than to let Vivian see her foster mother”

“And where is she?” Charles asked.

Five computers were placed before each men and three different sets of pistols were placed on a separate table in the same room.

A separate laptop was placed beside the pistols and a bullet pack closely behind the laptop. The whole room was stuffy but it was filled with different equipment and foreign items of separate uses.

“We’ve got to be very quick with this, Benny are you done with the surveillance records?”
One of the five men asked as all their fingers was strapped on the laptops.

“Yes. I looked into the records already but I couldn’t found any capture pertaining to it”
“What about the activities of the cops? Have you checked that too?”

“Yes I did, I already downloaded all the necessary footages and all the parades but I saw nothing or any movements”

The door opened immediately while the men were conversing and Gunner stepped inside, he walked back to the other table where he was seated previously and dragged a stool forward to seat without closing the door as the men all kept quite when he walked inside.

“Three of you will go out with me In 30 minutes from now, I want one of you to gather some of those equipment with this ones into a box and also call the automate rental services. Get two different cars from them and set up the van too” Gunner instructed immediately he sat down after about 20 seconds Winston followed after him.

“Has he been found?” Winston asked immediately he walked inside.

“Yes. I found him already” Gunner answered.

GMT 21:25

Charles and Steve drove out of Vivian’s aunt compound later about four hours since they entered the big estate all together.

Charles was now driving the blue Chevrolet car Steve and Vivian came with earlier while Steve was seated at the front passenger side of the car.

The very presence of silence was due between the two men since they came out of the house and none seem wanting to speak with the other at all, particularly Charles.

Steve exhale a loud breath suddenly as Charles slowed down a bit to turn and take the other side of the road immediately they reached the last route that leads to another long lane.

“Everything is over now isn’t it?” Charles took a brief side look at Steve immediately he heard Steve made an heavy sigh and asked, he turned to the main road five seconds later after another glimpse at the side mirror where Steve faced.

“I do hope so” Steve didn’t answer immediately until after 2 minutes. He turned his face forward afterwards from the side mirror where he was looking at and made another sigh.

“What do you meant by that man? I thought we already discussed this?” Charles asked repeatedly and made more side glances at Steve whose right arm was placed on the board of the door.

He held the car wheel with both hands immediately and sit properly. “Steve this is over and its over for good. You can’t involve yourself in this anymore and if you insist on doing this, then you left me with no other option”

“This isn’t over yet Charles”
“This is definitely over man, you are the reason all of us are in this fuc..king problem and now we have bad guys running after us and the cops chasing us too so this is over man, I’m not repeating this Steve, this is definitely over” Charles flared loudly in anger and suddenly increased the speed of the car, surprising Steve of his sudden outburst.

“Hey buddy, how’d?” Gunner greeted two police officer by the time their car slowed down just like the rest of the hundreds vehicle taking the same route did according to the officers instructions.

He opt out his head after whining down the glass of the vehicle and his left hand was placed outside of the car.

The two officers who was on the patrol moved closer immediately and switched on the light just like the way he did to all the vehicles at the route.

The officer bend down a bit and direct the light into the car without answering Gunner’s greetings. He pointed the light directly on Winston face who was driving the car and scrutinized for a brief moment.

He pointed the light afterwards at the back seat of the vehicle which was totally empty and took another look at the two men in the car.

“What is going on here officer?” Winston asked immediately the officer checking on them nodded, telling them to move on without speaking just like they’ve been checking the whole car.

“Sorry Gentlemen, we have a report that some dangerous men are transporting cocaine and hard drugs tonight, they’ll will be taking this route so would you please open your boot and let me see what you have in there now?” The officer asked them.

“Oh sure, its opened already” Winston answered the officer and made a hand gesture backwards.

Both of them waited until the officer walked behind them to check the boot, he closed it back after about a minute more and told them to move on.


( Story written by Ireti Adedipe )

Gunner whined up the glass immediately Winston drove on, he took a quick look behind and saw more vehicles behind them, the police check-up had caused a big hold up behind them big time.

He put on his talkon immediately Winston increased the car speed the more, they were now getting father away gradually and the back view was already getting out of sight.

“Boss what is going on? What caused the hold up?” Gunner heard a loud broad voice right before he could speak in the air piece.

“There are Cops on the way, I think they had a report about some drug transportation thing and are there to stop it so they are doing a checkup for every vehicle on that route. Where exactly are you guys?”

“We are already at the same route boss but we are at the last lane with few vehicles behind us, should we turn back and take another route then?”

“Is there any faster route that leads out than this road?” Gunner asked.

“Yes there is but its gonna take more time than the this same route”
“How many minutes will it take if you turn back?”
“Its going to take us over an hour taking the route boss”

“Should we take it?” the same voice came through Gunner’s ear after a minute of silence from Gunner who was deliberating.

“No don’t take the route, we’ve got only four hours to get this done and we have to be exact. How many guys are in the van?”

“Two men are in the van, Benny and I are in the second car while Marsha is at the second vehicle and he’s already close to the checkup now we can see him”

“Good. you guys just keep to the plans, I’m sure there are several police men around this whole vicinity and even at the second route. They will definitely be watching a live surveillance and it will call for suspicion if any kinds of vehicle turned back to take another route that will last for more hours to a 30 minute drive. We still have time on our side so you guys stick to the plans” Gunner instructed.

Lord Nathaniel swallowed in and began to input more commands into the laptop set-up before him by the chief Detective.

The chief himself was standing behind the drug lord and a tech female developer was now seated beside the drug lord and she was holding a tablet.

Margot herself was seated alone at the far end of the room, silently watching the three of them.

There was a very long silence in the room, a very long one that lasted close to an hour and it seemed to be frustrating to the chief Detective who had refused a seat earlier on from the female developer after lord Nathaniel relayed so many secrets to him and demanded for a laptop immediately.

“How many more time is it going to take you Nathaniel?” The middle aged chief asked, his voice sounded somewhat frustrating and clearly showing tiredness already.

“He will need more time to finish this sir, this is another different kind of tech software I’ve ever seen. I initially thought he needs to have some connections with our server in order to gained access to the server he just…”

“2 minutes” Lord Nathaniel interrupted the lady.
“Give me 2 minutes Detective, I’ll be done with this in 2 minutes” said Lord Nathaniel.

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To be continued….

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