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The labour of our heroes past

Shall it be in vain?


Our father land, our home

Shall it still be?


This chaos, this war

To what end?


This spirit of death ruling the day

Birthing agony and fear

When shall it stop?


The air reeks badly of blood;

The blood of innocent victims polluting the land;

A once peaceful land,

So blessed and graced

But now filled with terror:


Countless souls hovering unrest

Songs of mourning raised in their name;

Chants for justice enveloping the air

As men match, seeking for what they desire


The labour of our heroes past

Shall it be in vain?


This greater tomorrow we seek

When will it be?


The people suffer in silence;

Their words having no meaning to those invoke

The oppressors claiming to be better

But no more will that be

For the time has come;

The time to reclaim what has being lost

So peace and harmony will reign once again





















United we stand

Together we work

Our nation we build

Our home we seek

Our freedom we strive

Our voices we raise

And with hope, we will win!





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