Roses and Thorns

Roses And Thorns – Episode 15

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Melody woke up with a yawn, she stretched herself and felt the bed for her phone but no sign of it anywhere, she sighed and opened her eyes fully, at first, she wondered where she was as the room didn’t look like her own but almost immediately, she remembered everything that happened the previous day and then she sighed again as she remembered that she didn’t go out with her phone the day she left with the captain, she got down from the bed and planned to go get her phone later in the day.

She walked down the stairs and met Joel’s mother already setting the dining for breakfast, she walked towards the dining room and greeted her with a smile.

“Good morning my dear, hope you slept well?” the woman asked.

“Yes ma, i did, what of you?” Melody asked and then added “What can i help you with ma?”

“Nothing my child, just help me call Joel, tell him to come and eat” she replied.

“Joel? who is Joel?” Melody asked a little confused.

“Joel my son, the captain” she said going into the kitchen.

“Oh, his name is Joel? but i thought he left last night?” she asked yet again.

“Yes my dear, but he came back while you were fast asleep” the woman said all smiles.

“Okay ma” she said heading upstairs but then turned around and asked “Ma, what is “come and eat” in your language?”

“Bia rie nri” the woman said with a chuckle

Melody’s heart beat loudly as she climbed the stairs, for some weird reason, she was happy she was going to see the young soldier again, when he left the previous night, she was a little sad. she got to his room and knocked, her heart fluttered and she smiled. She knocked again and when she got no response, she decided to go into the room.


Joel came out from the bathroom with a towel tied around his waist, he almost screamed when he saw her staring at the pictures hung on the wall. “whatever happened to knocking”? he wondered.

“Melody any problem?” Joel asked holding tightly to the towel.

“Good morning sir, i didn’t know you were in the bathroom, i knocked before i entered but didn’t get any response” she said trying hard not to look at his body.

“Alright then, i hope there is no problem?” he asked again.

“Uuuum, no problem at all, bia rie nri” she said wondering if she got it correct.

“What did you say?” Joel asked with a smile.

“I said come and eat, your Mom sent me to you” she said concluding that she got it wrong.

“Okay, i will be down in a minute” he said still smiling.

“Okay sir” she said turning around to leave.

“You know if you want to learn how to speak Igbo, you can tell me, we can start up a class” Joel said with a chuckle.

“I would love to learn” Melody said with a bright smile. His heart skipped a beat, he turned around and opened his wardrobe to look for something to wear and when he turned back, she was gone, he let out a full breath.

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