Roses and Thorns

Roses and Thorns

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By Jennifer Godwin


Roses and Thorns by Jennifer Godwin

Captain Joel could feel his heart beat loudly against his chest. He smiled again for the umpteenth time since that morning, he was going to see mercy his fiance after 3 years of been in Somalia on a peace keeping mission.

He wanted to surprise Mercy the reason for his arrival so early in the morning and also the reason for not calling her on phone to go pick him up from the airport.

“Oga soldier, we don arrive ooo” the driver said interrupting his thoughts. He smiled, he had intentionally worn his camouflage as he believed it wasn’t easy to be a soldier.

“Alright, you will help me with my luggages in the booth” he replied stepping down from the car. He admired the 3 bedroom bungalow he bought for his fiance and smiled again.

“Oga soldier, see your load for ground, i don dey go ooo” the driver interrupted his thoughts yet again.

“Oh yeah, thanks for the ride, you drove responsibly” captain Joel said with a smile while waving at the driver as he drove away. He dragged his box and made towards the gate with his heart still beating fast.

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