Unconditional Love

Unconditional Love – Episode 7

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A story by Jochrine Kunda



I got to the living room and found everyone settled, Alicia was comfortably seated next to Jeremiah so I went to sit alone in a corner and I knew Mother was observing everything that was happening from the time she arrived

Me: I’m sorry for the delay, we may proceed

Mother was looking at Alicia

Mother: ba mayo, you’re here again?

Alicia: yes ba mayo I’m here

***She said it confidently***

Mother: why?

Alicia: Jeremiah?

Jeremiah: aaaaaargh Alicia

***He sounded angry***

Alicia: well, I’m his woman he brought me in here to live with him so I have every right to be here

Mother: my daughter, can I have a glass of water?

Me: yes Mother

I stood up and started walking then reached where Bertha was seated near the exit and she stopped me

Bertha: Mumba, wait

***I looked at her annoyed***

Bertha: what’s this?

Me: what’s what?

She was pointing at my pocket and when I looked at it I saw a white piece of paper and she attempted to touch it but I stopped her

Jeremiah: you can see very well that it’s a piece of paper so why do you want to touch her pocket?

Bertha: it’s not a piece of paper Jeremiah

She removed it while I was looking at Jeremiah and quickly threw it on the floor then a packet of condoms scattered, everyone was shocked and what I felt was undescribable because I never bought any condoms and them landing in my pocket was just something else but the embarrassment I felt was out of this world

Bertha: and a picture

She removed a picture from the same pocket and Jeremiah quickly left his seat and went to Bertha, I looked at the picture and it was taken when I was at school seated on the bench and leaning on Amos’ shoulder

Me: h…..how…..how did they get in here?

Jeremiah slapped me so hard that I saw stars in the ceiling

Mother: Jeremiah sit down and let’s resolve this like adults


Mother: don’t act like the holy one here, now sit

He sat and the room was filled with silence until Bertha decided to speak

Bertha: I have something to say

Alicia: yeah, you’re now next to confess that the doll you’re carrying in there isn’t his

Mother: be quiet coz you’ve got no say or whatsoever in this matter

Alicia: really! I don’t? I mean….. look at all the drama…..


Bertha: I’m sorry Mumba, I thought after catching you with that guy last night making out in the kitchen when everyone was asleep was reason enough to get rid of all that


Bertha: yeah and the guy told me to my face that it has been happening for some time now and he leaves his clothes in her bedroom

Mother: this isn’t making any sense, how can she bring in a man when she shares a bedroom with her husband?

Jeremiah: we don’t share the same bedroom with everything that’s going on

Mother: what’s wrong with you Jeremiah? are you even listening to yourself?

Bertha: you won’t deny it Mumba

Me: ENOUGH BERTHA!!! I had Sekela’s milk in my bedroom last night and never went to the kitchen after supper besides I don’t know what man you’re talking about

Bertha: how could you stoop so low? let’s check your bedroom then

Me: yes, let’s check it if there’s any man’s clothes in there

I led them to my bedroom and opened my wardrobe which was messed up with Amos’ clothes, shoes and even boxers lying everywhere and his black biker jacket which had his picture on the back was hanging on a hang wire. Jeremiah laughed sarcastically and grabbed all the clothes and started packing them in suitcases

Mother: Jeremiah, what are you doing?

Jeremiah: she’s leaving my house, I can’t have a prostitute as a wife

Me: Jeremiah, please believe me I’ve never brought any man to our house and I’ve never cheated on you

I was on my knees begging and I could see Bertha from the corner of my eye smiling….


Mother took Alicia and Bertha out of the bedroom and I tried reasoning with Jeremiah begging him but he held me by my neck and threw me on the bed where I coughed hysterically, Sekela woke up startled and started crying then I got her and took her in my arms trying to make her stop but it wasn’t working as Jeremiah kept swearing at me on the top of his voice. He dragged my bags to the living room then returned and grabbed me by my weave leading me to the living room and Mother immediately came to my rescue when she saw that

Mother: Jeremiah, this isn’t how you treat your wife, a woman deserves respect this isn’t how I raised you and you can’t listen to a girl who just walked in your home yesterday throwing everything your wife has said into thin air. You should know where your loyalties lie and sit down with your wife to discuss this, what you’re doing clearly shows that even a child Sekela’s age can just come in here and destroy your marriage

Jeremiah: I’ve made up my mind, I won’t have a girl with loose pants as my wife a………

Mother: loose pants!!! really Jeremiah? I won’t get involved but sit down and discuss this, whatever nasty decision you’ll want to make know that you aren’t the holier one and I don’t want to find any of these two liabilities in here the next time I come. I have spoken, I’m leaving I think I’ve overstayed my visit

Mother left and Alicia burst out in a loud laughter sipping on her juice

Alicia: wow!!! just wow so much drama for a day

She put her legs on the couch and started watching TV then Bertha walked to us

Bertha: babe, this girl is too good to be true just do the right thing coz she’s pausing a danger to our baby

Me: Bertha, you did this because I……

Jeremiah: Mumba, get up and leave never step foot in this house and I’ll file for a divorce. BRING MY DAUGHTER HERE

Sekela was resting her head on my chest while sucking on her thumb then Jeremiah pulled her away from me and she started crying


Me: yes I’ll go but I gave you my all and this is how you repay me, God will surely fight for me. Alicia and Bertha know that you’ll pay so dearly for putting apart what God has yoked together, my God is not asleep and know that KARMA is a b***h and it never forgets an address

Bertha: blah, blah, blah boring speech

I looked at her and wheeled out my bags and the rain looked promising, Sekela kept crying and raised her hands so I could get her. I kissed her cheeks and she went quiet

Me: can I take her with me?

Jeremiah: I won’t let my daughter be a victim of your promiscuous ways

***I slowly nodded trying to digest what he had said then I turned to Sekela***

Me: baby know that mama loves you okay? (she nodded) be a good girl and don’t cry or else mama will be hurt, I love you

I took my bags and headed to the gate then heard her crying which broke me, I got a taxi and went to aunt’s house before it could start raining hailstorms as it looked. I got there and found her house help Tamara who I knew as a decent and humble girl wearing a bum short and sports bra, she eyed me when she came to get my knock and I heard Uncle Aaron, Olivia’s husband speaking on the phone

Me: hey, can I come in?

Aaron: Tamara, who’s there?

***He shouted from the living room***

Tamara: it’s Mumba

Aaron: oh!!! let her in

I got in and greeted him then he responded looking at my bags, Tamara headed back to the kitchen

Me: I’ve been trying to reach aunt Olivia but her phone is off

Aaron: yes, she went to Nakonde to order clothes for her shop

He offered me a seat and I explained to him what happened then welcomed me showing me to my bedroom, Tamara kept throwing daggers at me but I ignored her. It was finally 18:00 which was her knock off time and uncle Aaron called her to the living room

Aaron: here’s your transport money you should go now

Tamara: I thought I was spending the n……

Aaron: No, now go

She packed her belongings and left then Uncle started watching a soccer match while I prepared supper, when I was done I set the table and we ate in silence….


To be continued…


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  1. So bad you were sent out of your husband's house down worry dear he fill feel your impact in the house and come begging you

  2. after everythig she did for him
    he still has the gut to chase her out
    when he brought two ladies to their matrimonial home she did not say anything
    and she aççepted them
    dont worry he will soon come for forgiveness

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