Unconditional Love

Unconditional Love – Episode 15

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A story by Jochrine Kunda




Amos walked towards James and kept asking him where Mumba had gone while holding his shirt and shaking him then Mr Kabaso went to his rescue and asked Amos to calm down and walked him to his house , he went straight to the bedroom to check if she really wasn’t there then returned to the living room angry but found his father holding a piece of paper

Mr.K: what’s this?

Amos: what’s what?

He approached his father and took the note from him and started reading

Amos: dad, I swear Bertha is behind all this

Mr.K: what bet is being talked about?

Amos: I’ll explain later, can we please look for Mumba

Mr.K: finding her won’t be difficult, I’ve already told people to start looking for her now tell me about this bet

Amos explained everything to his father regretting ever being part of it and his father was angry by the time he was done

Mr.K: see what you’ve got yourself into, I sent you to school to study and you went on a winning girls over spree what’s wrong with you?

Amos: I’m sorry dad

Mr.K: no you’re not, you have to be in Alabama tomorrow or this is cancelled, go to that rat’s house and I’ll find Mumba. You’ll be sorry I’m telling you

They went their separate ways and Amos drove to Bertha’s house in total speed, he quickly parked his car when he arrived and went in without knocking and found Bertha’s father in the living room reading a newspaper

B.dad: my son, what can I do for you?

Amos: excuse my manners sir but I’m looking for your daughter

B.dad: she’s in her bedroom, I’ll have her called and you can take a seat

Bertha walked in minutes later and froze when she saw Amos

B.dad: come in

She did and took her seat as well

B.dad: here she is

Amos: Bertha, where’s Mumba?

Bertha: you live with her so how am I to know?

Amos: you came to my house later and……

Bertha: no I didn’t

Amos: sir, when I ended my relationship with your daughter I came to you and made it clear as to why I did it and we were on the same page but you can’t keep a tight leash on her because she’s always after me and my woman, she came to my house earlier and told her some nonsense and she has left so I hold her responsible for her whereabouts otherwise dad will involve the police

Bertha got scared and started fidgeting when Amos looked at her

B.dad: do what’s s right coz this girl is becoming a pain in the neck, it’s always trouble after trouble

Bertha: DAD!

She ran to her bedroom and locked it then took out her phone and called her hit man who answered on the second ring

Bertha: deal called off don’t kill her just let me know of her whereabouts

He clicked his tongue and dropped the call and sent her the location where Mumba was, she couldn’t face her father so she told her mother who delivered the information and Amos called his dad telling him where Mumba was




They were seated in the living room and Mumba kept crying and Amos was watching her until she had calm

Amos: feeling better?

She just looked at him and he explained everything about the bet and highlighted Bertha’s lies

Amos: that’s what happened and I’m sorry I didn’t tell you earlier, I cancelled it off and we were never based on any bets what I did was from deep down my heart and the love I have for you made me look out for you, I swear on my late mother’s grave there’s nothing going on between Bertha and I

Mumba: then why was she so sure of what she was saying and you called her when she left

Amos: I’m not surprising that her phone rang indicating my number because I didn’t have my phone and still don’t have it and Bertha can do anything stupid just to get what she wants. I’m sorry you had to go through all that, please forgive me

Mumba: let me take time to digest this because it’s just too much

Amos: I’ve got a favour to ask from you

Mumba was quiet

Amos: never in your lifetime run away from a problem we encounter, don’t give up on us because I might not be so sweet next time, dad will drive us to the airport tomorrow so get some rest we’re having an early morning

Mumba: but…..

Amos: goodnight






Earlier that day, Jeremiah walked out of his manager’s office after he was told that he wasn’t needed in the firm anymore for no clarified reason so he went to his office and packed his belongings and walked out taking one last look at what used to be his office. He drove home and arrived then he thanked God that he never caused an accident because his mind was all over the place, he didn’t find Alicia home so he sat on the couch reading through the letter his manager had given him then he suddenly started feeling some typa way when his body temperature increased, he started sweating and shaking then he got up running to the bathroom to throw up but he felt dizzy and fell on the floor and let it all out. He noticed something strange after he threw up, there was some kind of red plastic like material in what he threw up then he started cleaning and went to his bedroom to rest, he was disturbed by his ringing phone hours later and it was his friend who he used to work with

Jeremiah: yes what can I do for you?

Friend: mmmm ba mudala take it easy that’s not how things are done

Jeremiah: if you’ve got nothing better to say I’m hanging up

Friend: I’m trying to say you’re spending too much for someone who has just lost a job

Jeremiah: go straight to the point coz I still dont understand

Friend: your wife is spending on almost everyone at the bar and giving away money like something worthless

Jeremiah: what? Wait….no…where’s she?

Friend: she’s at Kunda’s…….

He didn’t wait for him to finish his sentence as he dropped the call and took his wallet and car keys driving off in total speed, ignored traffic lights, drifted and overtook other vehicles like he was being chased. He got to the place and found Alicia on the dance floor surrounded by a lot of men all over her and his anger brewed, he kept watching in disbelief until she was pulled away being led to a room by a group of gents. He decided to calm down and went to the bank where he found that Alicia had used 70% of his money including his savings without him knowing and it added fuel to the burning fire, he got home and drank his sorrows away as the events of how bad he treated Mumba played on his mind. Alicia walked in at 3 in the morning expecting Jeremiah to be asleep since the lights were off and started searching for a couch to sleep on as she was wasted and had a loose balance then the lights were turned on and she froze, she saw two images of an angry Jeremiah approaching her and she wet her jumpsuit since she’d never seen him like that before. He strangled her neck and kept pushing her backwards as memories of his relationship with Mumba played in his mind then they got to the kitchen in that state and pinned her against the kitchen counter, he got so angry that even his veins popped out as he thought of how he met Alicia. He looked at her and she had her eyes popped out running out of breath and his hatred for her grew even more and took a knife stabbing her neck, Alicia gasped for air as she sank to the floor and he continued twisting it until she took her last breath. He tried calming down then took his phone and called the police, he took a portrait of Mumba and kept starring at it as tears freely fell from his eyes…..


To be continued…


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