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Unbreak My Heart – Episode 4

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Unbreak My Heart – Episode 4


© Miriam Edem


Its 3 weeks gone already and the burial of Mr Adeyemi. Everything moved swiftly well and in the evening, the uncles of Fummi suggested she should choose any of them she will love to stay with.


“Can I think about this sir?” Fummi asked.


“No problem, you can let us know okay when you’ve agreed on something,” her eldest uncle said.


“Thank you so much sir, nothing is so fulfilling to me like seeing my dad peacefully buried. I am so grateful,” Fummi said going on her knees.


“Stop it and get up. He is our brother and if we don’t bury him well the whole shame will go to us. So don’t thank us for anything,” one of them said.


“And yes your brother is lucky to have a daughter like you, I admire the boldness in you and it was as if its a male child standing up for his father,” another said.


“Just don’t cry or worry too much, if you have any problems you know where you can reach any of us and we’ll see to it,” another added.


“Thank you so much sir, thank you,” Fummi said sniffing and got up.


“OK we will take our leave now and please always go out, stop locking yourself at home,” her eldest uncle said.


‘Sir I am working, I started 2 weeks ago sorry I didn’t inform you,” Fummi replied.


“Working? Thats good to know,” another said.


“Yes sir so I won’t have the chance to think too much,” she replied.


“OK then take care of yourself,” her uncle said they left the compound.


Jumoke decided to sleep over at her place that night, “you have good uncles, you are lucky but why were you acting as if your uncles were bad?” Jumoke asked when Fummi met her inside.


“I don’t know, they acted as bad people when my dad died, I don’t know if its because I challenged them or something, Fummi replied.


“Yea I think so, but will you love to stay with any of them?” Jumoke asked.


“No way, then what about this house? Who will sweep and tidy the compound? I have to stay here o Jumoke,” she replied.


“I know why, because you feel you should keep your brother and father company because you believe they can visit home anytime right? You know Fummi you won’t stay in this house for ever, you must surely leave,” Jumoke said.


“I know but I am not ready to leave so soon. I know if I leave this house it will be sold too I know that,” Fummi said.


“Okay fine, I won’t force you anyway,” Jumoke said and yawned.


“You can go to bed, I don’t feel sleepy yet,” Fummi said.


“What are you still worried about? Your father is buried now so all worries must stop! Now you must sleep,” Jumoke said dragging her up.


“Please I don’t want to oo,” Fummi said.


“Okay then I won’t sleep either,” Jumoke said sitting back with a frown and Fummi smiled at that.


“Don’t be stubborn like me o, okay let’s go to bed,” Fummi said getting up.


“Better,” Jumoke said dragging her to the room.


Earlier that Saturday, Chioma surprised Nonso by visiting, “hi, you didn’t tell me you’re coming,” Nonso said surprised.


“Why are you startled like you just saw a ghost? Baby not even a hug? She asked and he hugged her.


“Sorry for that, I wasn’t expecting such surprise,” Nonso said.


“Yea I know, this place doesn’t look bad,” she said looking around.


“Yea so what next? When are you going back?” Nonso asked and she scoffed.


“Me going back? Not too soon, I’ll stay for a week with you, She replied.


“A week? Where will you stay?” Nonso asked.


“Oh please don’t tell me there are no hotels or guest house around?” Chioma asked.


“Oh i forgot, if so let’s go lodge in one,” Nonso said taking her travel bag.


“You’ll spend time with me right? She asked.


“Not today, I’ll be resuming for my primary assignment by next week which I have to get some things cleared today so I’ll know my post of duty, Nonso replied while she rolled her eyes.


“Have you ever lacked excuse to give to me? Gosh so frustrating,” Chioma said.


“Tomorrow I’ll spend time with you okay I promise, so just take your rest today. By the way how was the flight?” He asked trying to change the topic.


“It was cool and okay, maybe because i was so happy knowing I’ll be seeing you. Though you looked as if you saw a ghost,” she said.


“Sorry I should have screamed and hugged you but you should know me when I get surprised I look stupid right?” He asked and Chioma laughed.


“Yes very stupid indeed. You’re not looking bad either,” she said rubbing his stomach and he smiled.


“You too, looks like you’re increasing in beauty every passing day,” Nonso said.


“Awwnn first time you’re acting so sweet, I’m impressed, Chioma said.


“Seriously? The first time?” Nonso asked.


“Yea the very first time, so don’t argue, Chioma said.


“Okay, when we get to the hotel you are going to list all those guys that has been bothering you,” said and Chioma laughed.


“I am very sure you won’t have the patience to hear it all, so just forget about it,” she said.


“Really, are they that numerous?” He asked.


“You can say that again,” she replied winking at him and he Nonso swallowed.


“Hey don’t tell me someone is jealous,” she said hitting him.


“Why will I be? I have you already and that’s what matters okay except you will choose another,” Nonso replied.


“Which you know i won’t choose another but you,” Chioma said and kissed him.


To be continued


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