Unbreak My Heart

Unbreak My Heart – Episode 2

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Unbreak My Heart – Episode 2


© Miriam Edem


The next day Fummi woke up with a loud knock on the door. She sluggishly opened the door hearing the voice of who knocked but she rather got hugged instead, “I am so sorry girlfriend. Why is this always happening to you? Jumoke asked almost crying on her.


“Oh please, I have no tears left. God has just forsaken me totally,” Fummi said but Jumoke placed her finger on her Lip.


“Don’t say that, what will you say if you opened your eyes to be an orphan?” Jumoke asked.


“Well won’t that be better? Now what am I? I am not different from a hopeless and helpless orphan so damn it!” Fummi angrily said and threw herself on the sofa with her eyes closed.


“I understand but God knows best. I returned from work late and got the shocking news. I wanted reaching here last night but my mom stopped me, how are you feeling? Though I know I don’t need to ask,” Jumoke said.


‘Right now I don’t know what to feel anymore, this is just my life Now. Once upon a time I had parents and a brother. Then death came and snatched my mom 2 years after I was born which I barely knew her. Then my brother, now my father, then I will be next,” Fummi dropped.


“God forbid! Fummi what’s wrong with you? Will you reject what you just said now, Jumoke shouted.


“Reject what? Won’t I still die or am I immortal? This is just the truth please,” Fummi said.


“Hey! please na don’t say that you are making me scared already,” Jumoke said. Fummi wanted saying something but burst out crying instead.


“It will be better that way, I’ll have my family complete in the other side where we will part no more,” Fummi said in tears while Jumoke hugged her tight.


“No no, not yet. There’s still a lot for you to achieve, and I am very sure your family won’t like it if you will join them soon. Please take away that evil thought from you its from the devil,” Jumoke said to her.




“Prince prince! Guy I am so happy to see you. Just look at you,” Frank said to Nonso.


“Prince? I thought I told you to stop calling me that na,” Nonso said.


“Your father is a King dude and that makes you a prince,” Festus said.


“A prince is a worthless title if you have no right to the throne. I gat 2 senior brothers okay and this prince title befits them best and besides I am not interested. Can you imagine, my mom didn’t agree I should go for this service, this tradition and their everything is just crazy to me,” Nonso said.


“Really, I thought to be prince means a free and enjoyable life but looks like yours is the reverse,” Festus said.


“I am telling you, they will be the one to choose everything for you, the wife you will marry, the food you will take, the wine you will drink and I mean everything,” Frank said that got Festus laughing.


“Seriously? Ahh thats so unbearable if so. But I know they will choose pretty girls right?” Festus asked winking at Nonso and his phone began to ring.


“Excuse me please,” Nonso said and picked the call.


“What’s going on babe? Are you avoiding me or something?” Chioma immediately asked when he picked the call.


“I don’t understand, is that suppose to be your greeting or what? Nonso asked.


“Oh please spare me that! Its just 1 day Nonso, just 1 day of you leaving and you’re already ignoring my calls without returning them back or my messages. What is that suppose to mean Nonso?” Chioma shouted and Nonso heaved and dropped the call.


“What’s the problem?” Frank asked.


“Its nothing, hey our attention is needed,” Nonso said and they quickly got up from the grass they sat together.


Fummi who was inside the house that afternoon heard voices in the compound and came out to see who it was, only to see her uncle and a strange man standing at the packed car.


“Uncle I hope there is no problem?” She asked going closer.


“No, just that i was so lucky to see a man who is ready to buy this car,” he replied and Fummi jaw dropped.


“You meant what you said yesterday?” She asked.


“Just forget about this girl. Look this is a new car as you can see and the engine is good. I’ll let it go in 400,000,” her uncle said concentrating on the strange man.


“The car is good quite alright but I can only give 200,000 last,” the strange man said.


“What! Do you know how my brother suffered to buy this car? Are you pricing tricycle here?” Fummi shouted.


“My friend will you get inside now! Who gave you the permission to talk and have you ever priced a tricycle before? Get inside now!” Her uncle shouted and she ran inside the house.


Her head was spinning as she peeped outside and heard them agreeing on 250,000 last.


“God, that clean Camry my brother jubilated when he saved a lot of money and finally bought it, is what is sold for a chicken change that will be spent on nothing. God why?” Fummi cried holding the door blind standing outside and they finally approached her.


“Where are the car particulars with the keys?” Her uncle asked.


“How will I know, shouldn’t you have asked for that first before bringing a buyer?” Fummi asked.


“Please i don’t want complications getting this car, if there is no agreement for me to get this car then I better leave now,” the buyer said.


“You don’t need to listen to this girl, the car will be sold don’t worry okay, in fact i will see you tomorrow,” her uncle said to him and he left while Fummi looked at him angrily.


“Do you want your father to be buried or not? You know very well your father can’t stay long in that mortuary because of how deteriorated his health was before he died. And don’t forget the mortuary bills will be high too, will you pay that? Or should we hand over everything to you?” Her uncle asked.


“Uncle, I want my father Buried but I won’t stand by and watch you sell everything. My dad was no chief, elder or even a King and I see no reason why he should be buried as one when he is already resting in peace . Please I beg you, don’t lavish everything he has worked hard for just for nothing,” Fummi said going on her knees while he just looked at her.


“OK fine I’ve heard you. We will only sell the car and add with what we can to make it successful,” he said.


“Thank you uncle, I’ll bring the car particulars then,” Fummi said going inside and came out with a brown envelope and gave it to him.


“Hmmmm my brother indeed has a brave and wise daughter. And please don’t fight anybody who will come here to carry the car,” he said.


“No i won’t,” she said.


“Don’t worry, we will take care of the rest. Have you eaten?” He asked and she nodded.


“Don’t lock yourself up at home, go out and free yourself or Better still go to any of our houses and interact with your cousins okay,” he said.


“I will sir thank you,” Fummi said.


“OK bye and you’ll hear from us soon,” he said and left.


To be continued


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