The Bel Sisters – Episode 3

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The Bel Sisters – Episode 3

© Bunmi B Gabriel

Author ‘s POV

Lawrence warmly welcomed the boys into his home, they were the sons of his business partners, one in particular was the son of his childhood friend.

‘You’re welcome to my home once again boys, you guys have really grown, Blake how many girls have you been killing with this looks of yours?’ He teased, Blake laughed sheepishly. ‘You know, when your dad and I were growing up, he always dreamt of being this muscular but he wasn’t close, how did you get it? Are you working out?’

‘Not really, it just came and I touched it up a little’ Blake smiled

‘Drake, my namesake, you’re killing the look! Just like me in my own days, making the ladies swoon’

‘I know right!’

‘Lake, always quiet’ Lawrence teased, Lake smiled but said nothing. ‘So did you bring the files?’

‘Yes sir, my dad said you should reread it, he thinks something isn’t right’ Drake said calmly

‘Great, more homework, I’ll send his back tomorrow then, give them to me’ Lawrence said briskly, the boys gave him the documents ad he signed Blake’s and Lake’s

The boys could hear singing, the voices were harmonious and inviting, especially to Blake

‘Sir, I remember you used to have two daughters, what’s that their name again’ Drake said thoughtfully

‘Chaney and Jeanie, you and Jeanie are enemies remember?’ Lawrence laughed not looking up from the file Drake brought

‘I hope she has changed because I don’t want to die now’ Drake laughed

‘They are the choirs upstairs, you can go trouble them there and let me concentrate, my other children are there too’

‘Oh you mean the quad, mom told me about them’ Lake spoke for the first time, Lawrence nodded

‘And my step daughter, just don’t upset the one called Bevin if you want to leave here with your heads, now scram’ Lawrence shooed, the boys stood up and ran upstairs trailing the voices, they got to a room with a open silver door

They gasped at who was they saw

#Iso ‘s POV

The quad were trashing Ama’s room, they ate too much sugar and hyped up, Ama couldn’t keep them in check so we came to assist, I had to abandon my bath and wore a teal towel that barely covered my thigh in a rush

At the end we just sang and they stopped trashing everywhere

‘More songs, more songs!!’ They squealed

‘Who gave them so much sugary stuff?’ Ama asked eyeing me, I raised up my hands in defense

‘Don’t look at me, I didn’t do it’

‘We ate all of Ara’s ice cream and finished the two gallons of cotton candy powder’ Vevin said jumping on the bed, Ara’s eye twitched

‘My ten cups of ice creams!’ She exclaimed. ‘I planned to use that tomorrow on Drake’

‘It wasn’t sweet by the way’ Devin said coldly scattering the book shelf, not again

‘Sing sing sing’ Bevin chirped, Ama giggled and carried her sharply, she twirled and Bevin laughed with excitement, she’s so cute

‘Now I have to buy another one for Drake Jerkface Tiny ****-son’

‘Arabel!’ I exclaimed and she laughed, Ama sat Bevin on her laps and Bevin started playing the piano

‘My turn!’ The rest shouted

‘Hold on, Bevin play a song while Ama sings and we back up’ I said calmly, they screamed enthusiastically again

‘Sometimes, Kevin talks a little too much

Don’t listen enough

Sometimes, I feel slapping Vevin

When she yells at Devin…’ Bevin started singing, troublemaker, Ama took over the song to shut her up before a fight breaks out

It was fun singing along, we always felt this connection between us when ever we sang together, It was my flaws by Kierra Shread. I felt goosebumps, that only happens when Lake is close but that’s impossible

Vevin sang next to a barbie song of course, she played rubbish, violin is her thing but keyboard, that’s Bevin’s

‘Dance Ara, let’s dance’ Kevin shouted, Ara’s face lit up like Christmas, nothing brought out the giddy side of her except the word ‘dance’ when she’s dancing, she’s sponge bob’s twin sister

‘I’ve been working on that moves Ama showed me, I’m nailing it’ she said picking up her phone with a wide grin, Ama showed us two music videos her Facebook friend from a African country sent her, Ara went gaga for the dance steps

‘Who lives in a pineapple under the sea

Sponge Bob squarepant…’ Boomed from her phone, she shrieked excitedly and started dancing giddily around the room with Kev and Bev

She changed the song to the one she want to dance, I don’t understand the lyrics of the song fully but I know it was funny, something about a man called Johnny


#Author’s POV

Ama watched as Kev and Bev tried to dance with Ara, Kev was a fast learner, he also loves dancing but Bev, nay

Ara wore a black sport bra and leggings which accentuated her skin and enchanted her slim figure. Ama took off the band holding her hair up in a ponytail and her glasses too, she brushed it with her fingers and took off her flip-flops

She joined Ara when the music changed to Alingo by P-square, Iso couldn’t dance because of her towel and normally she sucked at anything outside ballet and tap dancing so all she did was cheered

Drake watched Ara dance with awe, he had never seen her so happy before, the smile on her beautiful face, her giddy laughter and the way she swayed her body to the beat of the song was amazing. He couldn’t believe she is the same girl he knew when they were five

No wonder they never got along in school, it was that same vibe, he wasn’t afraid to say that be admired her person and beauty, that he liked her

Blake leaned on the door frame staring blankly at Ama, it was hard standing there without crying, the way she sang like an angel in Christmas morning, the way her hair bounced gloriously as she danced, her feet was light and steps graceful, a kid could easily say that she was absolutely lovely

He smiled, they will kill them if they finally notice their presence, like the girl on the bed gaping at them, wondering who the hell they were.

A crazy song played and they screamed, Ama ran to and jumped on her bed, she jumped and shook her head roughly as she sang voicelessly on a hairbrush, Ara picked up a shoe and joined her, both dancing like crazy drunk rock stars, Lake wasn’t laughing, his eyes were glued to iso’s body which was barely covered by the teal towel

Ama tripped and fell off the bed with a scream

‘Oomph! Ow pain!’ She moaned painfully, this made everyone broke into a peal of raucous laughter, including the boys, excluding Lake

Iso slowly turned and saw them there, was she blind or day dreaming? She turned and saw Ara’s gaping mouth, Ama hadn’t seen them yet. Iso screamed jolting Ama to her feet, at seeing the boys, she screamed too and the quads joined for no reason

Blake and co ran off immediately

#Ara’s POV

‘Why were you screaming?’ Bevin shouted

‘I don’t know, just went with the flow’ Kevin said calmly

‘I don’t know, it looked fun’ Devin answered while Bevin kept screaming even when everyone has stopped. ‘Shut up Bevin’

‘Wait I’m not done’ she said quickly and continued, I rolled my eyes and ran out, I bumped into dad at the foyer

‘What happened?’

‘How did those, two human beings one cow get into the house?’ I snapped

‘Cow? Who among them? Let me guess, Drake’

You know them? How can you know my male enemy number one?’ I asked fuming

‘Son of my business partner, your uncle Miner Wilson’

‘Uncle Mine….then that cow is Willy rat? No wonder I never liked him, why did you let them come to Ama’s room?’

‘Why? Did something happen?’ He asked nonchalantly

‘We were naked’ I lied, he chuckled. ‘Fine only Iso was in a short towel but still, he even saw me dancing’ I said the last part lowly with a smile, he roughened my hair and left, what!

#Ama’s POV

We ate silently all lost in thoughts, this is so embarrassing, I’m sure it’s not affecting Iso that much, at least in a embarrassing way, I think the thought of Lake seeing her half naked was planting silly thoughts in her head, she won’t stop silently moaning

I’m right beside you silly! Ara was just fighting back a grin, am I the only one suffering this?

‘Why is everyone so quiet today?’ Mom asked suspiciously

‘Their boyfriends came to visit today and broke their hearts’ dad said drily, I gasped

‘Dad!’ Ara exclaimed

‘Don’t dad me, you know I told you that Miner’s, Andy’s and Lincoln’s sons were coming today, they happen to go to the same school like I knew before and your girls are crushing on them’ dad said unequivocally

‘I don’t have a crush on anyone’ Ara said sternly

‘Lake is my boyfriend’ Iso blunted our and cupped her mouth, dad smiled and nodded proudly

‘Ama is crushing on a guy?’ Mom asked quizzically

‘I’m as surprise as you are’ dad nodded, why is everyone so surprise? I’m not made of stones and clay!

‘AMA’s not happy mom, she feels she’s not his type, you know, because of the nerd stuffs, she doesn’t feel worthy, you have to see him mom, he’s very handsome, and she thinks he can never love her’ Devin said calmly as he stated at me, I’m not the only stunned one

‘What? I read a lot’ be said defensively

‘Amabel, you’re not ugly, you are the prettiest girl in this house and everyone knows it, you have a wonderful personality and manner, you have to start believing in yourself and stop living Aaron’s life’ mom said coolly

Why did she have to mention Aaron?


#Ama’s POV

Aaron is my late twin brother, he died when we were five in an accident, he wore glasses and was an obvious future nerd, after he died, I started dressing up like him to at least feel his presence in me

‘Ara looks exactly like her mom, Iso looks like hers too and Ama is just as beautiful as hers’ dad commented, mom smiled ‘only that she’s ten times hotter’

‘No she’s not! I’m much more hotter’ mom argue, not again

‘She looks like her biological dad and a little bit of you, the perfect combo that created a stainless beauty’ I blushed, dad is a real flatterer

‘I ought to be number one in your eyes’ mom flared

‘She’s your daughter’ he said with a cryptic smile, he’s trying to get her to blunt out something

‘Freesia’s not!’ She shouted standing up

‘I knew it! You are angry because of what I said to her, it was just a compliment’

‘Compliment you say’ she said sarcastically. ‘You ditched me for her, she’s all pretty with the perfect touch of sunshine, blah blah’ she said mockingly ‘same thing you did with Robecca and Charlotte’ she said tearily

‘I can’t watch this nonsense’ Bevin said lowly and got off her chair with Devin, the others already slept, they left along with Iso and Ara, I shifted my chair back and stood up

‘Goodnight parents’

‘Whatever, I’m in the middle of an argument here’ mom snapped, I walked away slowly. ‘Yes where was I? Yelling….you can’t just look at other women and not expect me to react’

‘You are very dear and special to me, I can never leave you’ dad said tenderly

‘How?’ She sobbed

You are the one my heart yearns for, it queen and ruler, you are my breath and my world, that’s what makes you special’ dad said softly and kissed her cheek, yes I was spying, it’s so romantic

I heard someone sniff behind me, I turned and saw Iso and Ara, they shrugged and smiled

‘I’m sorry Lawrence, it’s just that I’m scared of losing you, I don’t want anything to come between us’

‘I know, nothing will okay? Our marriage anniversary is coming up, we shouldn’t be fighting’ that gives me an idea to help settle them once and for all

‘I chased the kids away’ mom laughed

‘You wish, they are behind the door’ dad said drily, run for my life! We ran away almost stepping on each other


I arranged my new dresses in my wardrobe, I threw out my mall strip dresses and bought new ones, more fashionable ones, I’ve made up my mind to get Blake whether I like it or not

Everyone is gonna flip when they see me tomorrow, I’m so happy

#Ara’s POV

I stopped at my car to check my dress again, I was wearing a tight purple straight skirt that stopped above my knees, an orange tight armless button shirt, orange triple strap block clear lucite heels, a purple hairband and orange handbag, perfect!

I was going to Drake’s house, dad forgot to return the document he brought two days ago so I decided to help, I just hope I won’t disgrace myself


#Ara’s POV

‘I still think you shouldn’t have come so early, I know you didn’t even have breakfast’ Drake’s mom, Samantha said worriedly

‘I still have school to go remember?’

‘True but you’ll join us for breakfast, no buts’ she said firmly with her funny Australian accent

Drake have an older sister, Delia, she’s very nice. We were eating and laughing when he walked in, I almost laughed at the expression on his face


‘Cat got your tongue’ I teased ‘I didn’t come here for you chucklehead so bug off’

‘I can’t and won’t eat with her’ he said stridently

‘Then starve, your loss’

‘Get out of my house you bi…head worm’ he changed his swear because of his dad’s stern look

‘The last time I checked, this is your dad’s house, not yours’ I said sweetly

‘Get out of my parents’ house!!!’ He yelled and slapped his mouth

‘Attaboy! You’re learning’ I exclaimed teasingly

‘After all this years you two still fight?’ Delia asked incredulously

‘He’s angry because I refuse to date him’ I said quickly, his jaw dropped

‘I never asked you out! You’re not even attractive’ he exclaimed sheepishly, his cheeks were red

‘And you won’t stop checking me out or beating up every guy that ask me out, yea right’

‘Drake!’ Mantha exclaimed ‘you can’t control a girl’s life because you like her’

‘But I don’t! She’s…’

‘Just eat your food’

‘But mom I…’

Foooood’ she pronounced slowly as if talking to an idiot, he scoffed and went to his seat, this guy is so mucky

‘What a pig’ I mocked, he glared at me and Delia laughed

‘You guys will make a lovely couple’ Delia said enthusiastically, Drake choked on his food, I was done eating

‘I rather date a dog’ he said coldly, the dude was blushing furiously, Arabel you rock!

‘As if you haven’t already dated hundred’ I laughed

‘Awww! He’s blushing, he likes you Ara’ Mr Wilson cooed


‘I have a beautiful daughter in-law, just agree to date him okay?’ Mr Wilson added merrily, Drake buried his face in the table out of embarrassment while we laughed


Iso kept blabbing about how pretty Ama is now, that she changed her looks, I wasn’t paying attention to her, I was sitting behind Drake and dragging his hair repeatedly, he seemed to be enjoying it

After class I met him waiting at my locker

‘Good morning husbie’ I teased, he chuckled

‘You really enjoyed teasing me right?’

‘Like crazy, so what can I do for you ugly ape?’

‘To call a truce, fighting with you is hard now’ he said looking at the ceiling

‘I like teasing you, it’s the only way I can be close to you’

‘Why do you need to be close to me? To observe my good looks’ he teased

‘No, because I like you’ I said straight forwardly, his jaw dropped. ‘When I want something, I’m open and free about it, I tend to get what I want no matter what, I like you and I want you in every way, I’m going to get you, it’s a promise’ I said unequivocally, he stared at me with disbelief

I stood on my toes and pecked his lips, I winked at him before leaving majestically


‘Ms Tess called me back into the drama club and even told me to write a new story, isn’t that amazing!’ Iso exclaimed, Lake was with us

‘That’s nice’ he said with mouth full

‘Lake stop stuffing your face up with food like that, you might choke’ she said with concern giving him a bottle of water, he nodded and took it

‘Lovestruck Iso, where’s my not you sister?’

‘She’s the one coming now’ iso said cryptically

‘Jeepers creepers!’ I exclaimed when I saw Amabel


#Ara’s POV

I couldn’t believe who I was seeing, she looked like my dream Amabel, so elegant, so f****** hot!

She wore a red multi strap off shoulder silky top, a gleaming semi tight straight skirt that stopped slightly below mid thighs, red sexy clear jelly heel boots, shiny strings of pearls on her neck and a matching pearl dangly earrings.

Her long hair was styled into a waterfall braid, not failing to show off it silkiness and fluffy waves, Iso must have fixed her makeup, it was perfect!

Why am I such a booby? I’m checking out my sister with opened mouth, I mentally slapped myself

‘Are you done?’ Iso teased and I nodded

‘Ama you look priceless’

‘Thanks’ she said nervously and sat down. ‘This will take a lot of getting use to’

‘You’ll be fine dear’ Iso smiled, she beamed sweetly and I awned

‘Oh Ama, don’t make me girl crush you’ I teased, she blushed, I flew from my seat and hugged her

‘My little baby is growing up’ I said with mock adoration, Iso laughed

‘Like mother, like daughter’ she joked

#Ama’s POV

It wasn’t easy walking around in this, no one recognized me at all, well I think Blake did because his jaw was glued to the floor as he stared at me, totally unnerving me

‘Who’s the new girl?’ The physics teacher asked calmly, I stood up nervously

‘It’s me ma’am, not a new student’ she gasped, my voice made me so obvious

‘Amabel! What happened?’

‘Just change’ I shrugged

‘I love this change, it suits you’ she smiled, I nodded and sat down

At the cafeteria, Ara helped reduced my nervousness with her flamboyant attitude, I remembered that I’m Amabel Leigh, the ever nonchalant girl, well not until Blake came to sit with us and wouldn’t pick his jaw up from the table


I walked to the new silver Toyota GRMN Convertible hybrid that dad bought me with my sisters, this heeled boots were killing me.

‘I’ll drive my car home, wanna come Issy?’ Ara asked Iso

‘Yes please, Ama drives like dad, mad people’ she relied seriously, I laughed and winked at her. ‘I threw up this morning when she drove me here, I almost died’

It’s not my fault you can’t handle me’ I joked, she smiled and walked away with Ara, I opened my car, took off my shoes and threw it inside

‘Hey Amabel!!’ I know that voice anywhere, I just took off my shoes! Why now?! I turned and saw him strolling to me with hands in his pockets

He wore a yellow denim jean trousers which was kinda really shiny, a red tight shirt that brought out his perfect muscles and fitness and red huarache shoes with a yellow denim cap to top it

I imagined myself touching that brawny and dreamy chest of his, running my fingers on his abs and…I mentally slapped myself

‘Why are you slapping yourself?’ He asked calmly, oh my God! I didn’t do that mentally

‘Nothing’ I lied, he shrugged, I suddenly became aware of our proximity, he was just a feet away from me and his Cologne…zowie! This is where I die

‘You look lovely’ he commented huskily, okay maybe I imagined it as huskiness, his Britain accent was killing me,

Operation nod like a lizard

‘I’m sorry I intruded your privacy the other day, I didn’t mean to’ he apologized, keep nodding Ama, you’re doing great. ‘Your parents invited mine to their wedding anniversary, I’m suppose to be there, do you want me there?’

I nodded

‘Do you want me to kiss you?’ I nodded, wait hold on!

I crossed my hands over my chest defensively and moved back

‘Don’t’ I said quickly, he laughed

‘Chill girl, I won’t, stop nodding and staring at my lips, my eyes are up here’ he laughed, I turned my face to hide my blush but what he did next knocked my brain off completely

He lifted my chin up and kissed me, it happened so fast that I didn’t see it coming. I was too stunned to kiss back, my brain was too numb to process what was happening, I was in the parking lot kissing Blake Morgan

Point of correction, he was kissing me, brain please activate! He slowly broke the kiss and pecked my nose, he slides his hands out of my waist, MY WAIST!

‘If I didn’t do that, I would have gone crazy tonight, you can kill me later’ he whispered and kissed me again for like ten seconds, he held my hands and removed it gently from around his neck


He smiled and walked away to his red Ferrari F80 Luxury Car, he waved at me and jumped into his car then drove off, leaving me there to ponder on what just happened

Blake kissed me and I kissed him back without even knowing, my lips where swollen, how long have we been kissing??!!

To be continued

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