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Under Her Shadow – Episode 18

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Under Her Shadow – Episode 18

© Bunmi B. Gabriel

#Lucien ‘s POV

I was right. I should never have tried dating again, just look at what happened. All the pains I survived during Renee’s betrayer came back in seven folds. What did I ever do to her for her to break me this way. I never hurt her once, I never tried to force her to do anything she didn’t want to do, I was nice to her, I treated her very well but at the end she broke my heart

Love is cruel

Aliyahna is crueler

#Aj ‘s POV

I found myself in Cynthia’s house, I ran all the way there. I walked in after typing her password and screamed her name. She ran into the living room buttoning a shirt wrongly. I noticed it was a male shirt and she was naked but I waved it off, I was dying

‘Ma’am?’ She asked quizzical either by how crazy I looked or the fact that I was in her house crying. ‘Lia’ she said softly switching from my PA to my friend. She hugged me and slowly brought our body to the floor in a kneeing position

‘I didn’t do it Cynny, I didn’t cheat on him I swear’ I cried

‘Who? Lucien?’

‘He left me Cynny, he left me because he thinks I cheated’

‘Who left you?’ Andrei’s voice asked calmly. I looked at his shirtless figure and cried some more. I told them everything in tears. ‘Were you able to see who sent it?’

‘How to you expect her to look at the sender when her heart would be cracking’ Cynthia retorted scoffingly

‘Tsk’ he clicked his tongue thoughtfully and smiled. ‘It’s a good thing I’m a computer jock, solving this would be easy but I will need to hack into his phone and to get the info I need. All I need you do is be patient and please don’t try to kill yourself because it will take a little time’ he said briskly. ‘Cynthia, my shirt’ he whispered, she rolled her wet eyes and glared at him


#Sardonyx’ POV

I tapped on my thigh as I waited for Lucien. He called me earlier to come get a file. Honestly things wasn’t going as planned, why I say so? Lucien refused to see anyone, he locked himself indoors and switched off his phone. Next Ammy is nowhere to be found and her phone is off too which is really worry worthy

Jesus! Is this Lucien?

I thought when he dragged himself in, like literally dragged himself in. His face was swollen and his eyes extremely red and puffy. His nose was slightly blue and his lips….geez! He looked like someone who was about to die…I haven’t mentioned how his hair looked and his body

‘Lucien what happened to you!’ I exclaimed

‘Take’ he threw the file on my face slapping me with it. ‘Take that to Dr Stein and have him sign it. Print three copies of it, give one to him, one to Ernesto, keep one and bring the original to me’ he said coldly. ‘You have until this evening to return the file or you are fired’ my jaw hung open out of shock. Is this really Lucien talking?


‘If you don’t ever want to regret being born, call me by my name again or ask any stupid question. Now get out of my house’ he spat venomously

‘O….o….o…okay s…s….sir’ I shuttered. I couldn’t move at all

‘WHAT ARE YOU STILL DOING HERE? I SAID GET OUT!!!!!’ He thundered. I ran out of the house in fear to my car

What have I done I’ve changed him

#Aj’s POV

I hugged my already soaked pillow more tighter. Lucien would always hold me tight whenever I slept at his place. he would kiss my forehead and sing me to sleep. He was perfect for me: caring, loving, nice, kind, considerate, patient, understanding. He never ones tried to sleep with me when I was with him, he didn’t even think about it

Where would I ever find a man like that? What did I do wrong with for fate to put me in such hell

I was at Cynthia’s, hiding away from humanity and life, hoping, praying because all my hopes of getting him back was dwindling away rapidly. I was left with just a teeny hope. I searched inside of me for any ray of sunshine but I found none, Lucien was my only sunshine but it was snatched away just like my happiness leaving me with just emptiness and a well of pains

When you are use to something, it doesn’t affect you much because you are strong enough to bear it, to conceal it, to endure it but the moment something new comes into your life taking a solid spot, it leaves you with relief, joy, hope and will. You let your guard down, throwing away all the courage and strength you fought hard to build. Your wall weakens and then zap! That new light disappears and you crash hard on the ground

You find yourself in a whole new world of pain and agony, one you can’t handle or escape. You drown in your misery and the world becomes meaningless. It’s like that most time

That was my case. I struggled for years to build up my defense wall, to encourage myself to face the world, to overcome my sorrow but then he came, making me feel relief and peace, making me let everything go believing he would never let me fall. All the bad memories I shoved deep into me came out with that force of a thousand demon ripping my heart, dragging my soul and sending my spirit and senses to the land of the unknown

I was dying and I knew it too well. Not just because of the way my nose bled occasionally but because my heart was failing me. I was holding on tight, fighting to live, fighting to be okay because I believed he would come back for me. He said he loved me so he would come, he will see everything as a misunderstanding and return to his Softie. He would ask me for forgiveness and I will in a heartbeat then I’ll prove it to him that I’ve never known any man in my entire life

Yes. I’ll let him take it so he will be convinced that I can never cheat on him. I love him with my life and my every all can’t survive without him so he has to come back

I stood up. I need to see him and explain. I want him to hold me again and tell me that everything will be okay and that he loves me. I want him to kiss me and see that I’m innocent. Waiting was killing me. I walked out of the house to the road and hailed a cab. I looked like s*** but I didn’t care

‘Ma’am are you okay?’ The cab man asked worriedly. I nodded and wrote down my direction. He drove me there but waited to see if I was really alright. A bike stopped in front of me and the rider removed his helmet

It was my Lucien. He didn’t look alright either and I knew it wasn’t his fault. The pictures looked so real. His eyes flashed with worry and fear making my heart leap for joy

‘Softie you’ve been crying, you know I hate it when you cry s….’ He paused and I knew he remembered the photos. His concerned look turned into a vicious one. ‘This must be your new plan, use my feelings against me’ he said dryly and laughed humorlessly

‘Lucien please let me prove to you that those pictures are fake’ I pleaded in tears

‘No! I won’t listen to your lies!!!’ He yelled. ‘You are heartless Amethyst, for what you have done to me. You have made me realise how evil women are and I will never let anyone of them near me again. This is the last time I will warn you Miss Jefferson, stay away from me, don’t ever come close to me again’ he warned dangerously

I am heartless?

The same heart that is ripping to shred because of you is heartless

‘Just let me explain!!!’ I yelled back ‘you have to listen to me’ I added lowly

‘And your lies huh?’ He asked sarcastically tears running down his cheeks. ‘I don’t want to listen to you. I’ll survive this just like I have before, I’ll get over you and will never make the same mistake again’ he sniffed. ‘Don’t ever come here again’

I laughed maniacally and walked back to the cab who drove off immediately while I continued laughing painfully. I directed him to my house with my hands still laughing. When he stopped at my gate, I gave him my diamond birth ring as payment for his trouble before walking into my empty compound

I felt dizzy with every step I took but yet the urge to destroy everything was stronger so you know what I did? I destroyed everything in my house, glasses, TV, tables, fridge…every single thing I destroyed them. Glasses from the things I smashed pierced my skin deeply but Aliyah didn’t care

I walked to my balcony to catch my wheezing breath but the pain in my chest was too much to bear. the pounding of my head was too much to tolerate so I let go of everything, l let go of my hopes of ever getting him back and let myself plunge into the unknown darkness that have been fighting to take me since

This was my destiny so why not face it



To be continued


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