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Corruption – Episode 3

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Corruption – Episode 3

© Akoto Alexander

Hon. Nii Nortey: (walks to the vice president) Your Excellency, this leadership is really going to be a rigid one for we the inside people ooo.

Vice Prez.J. Bugri: Hon. Nortey the slash of salary was not meant for you the members of parliament alone or the yet to be appointed ministers, the President cut off our(I and him) salary into three and we are taking only one portion whereas we(I and him) won’t take home any allowance at all.

Hon. Nii Nortey: Son of Mary, you don’t mean what you are saying sir, you mean your salary of twenty four thousand is coming all the way down to eight thousand?

Vice Prez. J. Bugri: Exactly my brother, don’t think you are the only people involved because everyone here was not left out including the President himself. For him his first six months salary will be sent to the ministry of health during the budget review.

Hon. Nii Nortey: Say no more your Excellency because the more you talk the more frightened I become, are we safe? I will see you in the evening during the dinner party sir, congratulations also for the new office you have been sworn into.

Vice Prez. J. Bugri: Thank you my brother and my regards to your sweet sixteen wife, hope I will see her this evening?

Hon. Nii Nortey: Sure, you will see her and I will convey your regards to her. (walks to the elevator)

Hon. Hajia Ramatu: Ah Nii are you on your way home?

Hon. Nii Nortey: Yes Hajia, I have all of a sudden lost appetite as to the things the Vice President opened up to me. Do you know for them their pay was cut down into three parts where they will only take one part and no allowances at all will go for them.

Hon. Hajia Ramatu: You don’t say, why is this young man deranged or is he been manipulated by some marine forces from his family? Why does he want to make life a hell for us like that, this was not what we bargained for oooo. He better make things flexible for us before we find a way to impeach him, ah when did he start politics that he wants to chock us with this rigid laws.

Hon. Johnson: (walks to them as they enter the elevator) What were you expecting when you elected a green horn to be your flagbearer. From day one you saw how I opposed him but my senior Nii Nortey kept defending him that he was the right card for us to use. He is a wolf in a sheep’s skin and my people, brace yourself well because the road is going to be rough and lonely. For you Hajia I will say fasten your waist beads well before it slips down your waist. Next time you will listen to me, a holder of master’s degree in political science and a fellow senior ranking member in the parliament.

Hon. Hajia Ramatu: Johnson please spare me that crap, how was I to know all that? We all thought since he was a youth filled with some youthful exuberance we could tame him for him to dance to our tune but am seeing a different person all together.

Hon. Nii Nortey: Looking at the seriousness in his eyes, I don’t believe he will succumb to our request ever. If we knew he was going to be a thorn in our flesh, we would never have endorsed him for him to make life miserable for us. I sold the only piece of land my late father gave to me to look after and invested all the money I got into his campaign knowing I will reap the fruits of my labour as we are in power now. I can’t lose my money and property at the same time.

Hon. Johnson: Well now you will agree to the old adage which is “if you want to know the real character of someone, you give that person power”. I just hope he will come to his senses and do us we say before it is too late.

Hon Nii Nortey: Let’s not worry ourselves, he is only doing this as naive that he is. It’s the power he has attained that has gotten to his head. Very soon the corrupt system will catch up with him and he will turn to us for good. Remember when you slot a pendrive or memory card into a virus infected machine, the pendrive or memory card is also affected. I have seen many of his kind before and I know the end results.

Hon. Hajia Ramatu: (speaks in the Hausa language)

Ba da komai ba, idan wannan shi ne abin da ya kawo a kan jirgi to, za mu nuna masa wani wuri mai fita, Ina rantsuwa da damuwa a rayuwa. Menene wannan banza game da wannan?

Its okay my people, if this is what he brings on-board then we will show him an early exit ooo, I swear with my troubles in life. What is this nonsense about?

(elevator door opens and they walk to their cars)

Hon. Johnson: Hajia, I hope you will be coming to the party this evening with Alhaji? I have some discussions to do with him.

Hon. Hajia Ramatu: (face changes) I don’t know if he will join me or not, you know he wanted me to step down for my step-son to contess in my constituency and when I refused, he totally refused to help me during the campaigning time. If not for the fact that I had some investment down somewhere like I will face great embarrassment, I don’t know if he will come with me or not. Now my main headache is the unwarranted laws your president is bringing on board.

Hon. Johnson: You are sounding as if he is not your president also? If you have forgotten, let me remind you that, you are still in Ghana and whether we like it or not, Reedolf Mensah is the driver of the bus that we find ourselves in for the next 4 years. Let me rush home so that I prepare myself for tonight’s party.

Hon. Nii Nortey: (goes close to Johnson and whispers) Tonight are you coming with your wife or you want me to arrange for our usual girls. My boy called me yesterday that he has recruited some fresh ones and he wants us to have access to them first before any man does.

Hon. Johnson: Nii is he very sure that they are fresh and clean? You know one of the girls the other time gave me gonorrhea which took a long time for me to get it cured. Also my wife will leave everything she is doing just for tonight’s party.

Hon. Nii Nortey: There is no cause for alarm my partner in crime, I warned him that if the girls are not to our expectation, we will have nothing to do with him again. Johnson if you see the pictures of the girls he whatsapped to me erh, you will chew them to the bone, infact I requested for two girls each for us. You know I know your spec? I ordered for the girls with the very heavy artilleries both back and front for you whiles I went in for the slim things, my brother one of this days you have to try those slim things girls and I swear you will never go back to the heavy girls again.

Hon. Johnson: Hmmmm, are you sure of that? My prefrence is the best you can ever lay your hands on. See erh everything is in moderation and you enjoy it soft, tender and succulent as God created. Imagine you get to the market and small oranges and big oranges has been displayed at the same price, what will you go in for?

Hon. Nii Nortey: My brother, don’t use oranges or anything to make claims here. See erh, those slim girls are good, articulate, smart and are easily manuvered when in bed with them. Any style you want they can give in moderation and they never get tired when giving it to you, they are very handy to handle and they fear no man when it comes to bedmatic issues. Do you remember that my small girl called Nayak?

Hon. Johnson: Oh yes I do, it’s been long I saw her with you. Why have you discharged her already?

Hon. Nii Nortey: Jack that girl is a machine when it comes to bed issues, I just had to give her some time off before she kills me. Kofi when that girl climbs on top of me in bed erh, she twist and turn like a chimpanzee and never gets tired, infact because of her I had to result in taking aphrodisiac consistently just for me not to loose to her. I miss her though but if I don’t take care, she will take me to my early grave.

Hon. Johnson: So should I take it that you have broken up with here for good?

Hon. Nii Nortey: Noooo!!!! Breaking up with her is the last thing on my radial now, see all the money I accrued from that building and road project in my constituency, I used it to buy a house and car for her.

Hon. Johnson: Bro don’t you think you went far by purchasing those things for her? Your wife last called me to lament bitterly about your refusal to get her a car she wants and also to restock her shop.

Hon. Nii Nortey: Oh that one, Kofi don’t mind her and her nagging. She spends like am the governor of the central bank. I sent her younger brother to the States about two months ago, Kofi can you believe that foolish boy has never even called me to say thank you as he got there. I sent her younger sister to the university to do her degree and master’s, they are not still content with my efforts. The annoying part is I am building a house in the village for them even when I haven’t started mine. She wants everything to go her way and that won’t happen on my part, bro ignore her tauntrants because she can’t have her way always.

Hon. Johnson: I respect your views so I won’t push any further on her issue. Let us go and prepare for this evening’s dinner and wait for the nonsense that youngman will bring to being. Am sure I will see wifey with you this evening?

Hon. Nii Nortey: I will come with her but have arranged with the driver to drop her the moment the party is over with the impression that we have a closed door meeting which will travel late into the night. With that she will not suspect any foul play on my path.

Hon. Johnson: Nii Norety Robertson the master planner, you are indeed a strategist.

Hon. Nii Nortey: Have you ever wondered why my seat is never contested when we do primaries in my constituency? I learnt from the best bro, that is why you must tag along and go all out when you are playing this rough game. Come for extra tutorial lessons and stop the “I dey fear tactics”. Don’t forget to come with your wife also and remind me to get you some aphrodisiacs for the anticipated match we have later in the evening, I have booked our usual rooms so the girls will be waiting for us in our suites. See you later bro. (sits in his car)

Back at the Mansokrom Village:

Twum Boafo: (calls son) Junior where are you? Come right away because I want to have a word with you.

Junior: (rushes outside to see the father) Daddy am here, I was inside the room and I heard you calling me.

Twum Boafo: Sorry if I disturbed your sleep or what you were doing, I just wanted to speak with you in a way a father has to speak to his son. Day in day out you are growing and gradually turning into a man and being a man you should know it comes with a lot of responsibilities. As a man you are the head of the family, you must see to it that every member in your family is well taken care off, you must take it upon yourself as a responsibility to put food on the table at least three times a day because that sack infront of you doesn’t know whether there is money in your pocket on not, it will always demand for food. I will also tell you to cut your coat according to your material and not your size as we use to previously say, bear in mind most women will sing your praise the time that money is running through you pocket but should that tap stops following the once honey that the call you will turn into monkey.

Junior: But why are you telling me all this daddy? Is anything the matter?

Twum Boafo: I won’t say there is or are no problems but as a responsible father, I need to have this important conversation with you my son. I want you to understand things and how to deal with women in the future. I have to also be honest with you so that you won’t feel bad or disappointed in me when you get to know the truth in the future, as a responsible father I have to be honest with you my son so that you can also confide in me when the need be. You are aware of how things have been in this house recently, my son the truth here is that we relocated to this place not because we are participating in any reality show or whatsoever. Son I lost my job some months back due to some regrettable mistakes I did back at my workplace. You see I couldn’t stand the pressure your mom was mounting on me all because she wanted to upgrade her level in the society, foolishly I also confided in some of my colleagues at me workplace and they betrayed me and stabbed me in the back. I now know why the bible stresses on the fact that even don’t tell your wife you sleep on the same bed with everything that you are doing.

Mrs Twum Boafo: (clapping her hands and raising her voice) Ayekoooooo Mr morality, thank you very much for sitting our son down and painting me black. Thank you for heaping all the blame on me Kwame Boafo, when I mounted pressure on you and you succumbed to my request were you not the same person singing my praise for opening your eyes? You see your dirty life now, did I also push you to go and confided in your friends at you workplace? Kwame don’t let me bring to live my plans in my head. Don’t push me to the extreme to do something that will make people call me names. And you too, what are you sitting there doing? Get inside before I pounce on you and start tearing you apart, let me not come and meet you inside still awake or else you will know I brought you to the world and not the other way round.

Junior: Mom I don’t like the way you speak with daddy in recent time, for me you can shout, yell, scream or pull this roof down on me, I don’t mind but speaking to daddy that way I won’t accept it.

Mrs Twum Boafo: Oh look at him, the butterfly thinking himself a bird. Indeed a crab doesn’t give birth to a bird. You are tolling the same path as your father, I pity you very much youngman.

Twum Boafo: Son, no more words from you. Just think about our little discussion we had this evening. Good night.

Junior: Good night daddy and thanks for the advice, I really appreciate it very much. (walks back into the room)

Mrs Twum Boafo: You are here painting me black as if I am the devil reincarnate, you will come inside and request me to open my legs for you. Mtcheeeeeeeeeeeeeew (gives a very loud hiss and walks away into the room).

Twum Boafo: (talks to himself) My late mother warned me the very first day she set her eyes on this woman but because I was drunk in love, I didn’t hid to her advice, here I am today receiving insults and orders from her as if she married me.

*Do you think Mrs Twum Boafo is being so hard on her husband?

*What advice will you give to Twum Boafo should you come in contact with him?

To be continued


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