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I Want A Home – Episode 42

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I Want A Home : Episode 42
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Vivian let out a loud cry at the tight grip of Sunny’s hand on her face just as he snared. She had quickly took up the night gown and cover herself properly before a heavy hard slap landed on her aunt’s husband who was forced to be on his knees.

Steve took a sharp look at the entrance of the hallway immediately aunty Rhoda, her children and her husband was pushed forward, he looked somewhat expressionless by the time Vivian’s aunt looked at him with a terrible shock after she was told to keep quiet.

The woman wrapped her hands side by sides on her children just as she trembled while her husband received another slap before the man quickly went on his knees.

“Grandma” one of their kids whispered out immediately she sighted their known grandmother on the bare floor just immediately aunty Rhoda received a slap too instead of her little girl.

“Shut the damn up” One of the gunmen shouts and made to beat the little kid out of annoyance but the woman wrapped her arms tighter and the slap landed on her shoulder.

Steve took a glance at the man again after the second slap, it was his first time of seeing aunty Rhoda husband physically but had seen him in pictures. The man looked huge and has physical muscles much rather to the way he looked in pictures. He watched as the man was giving another hot slap the third time before he closed his eyes and bite his lips slightly in anger.

“Whoa !! It’s a dead end for you Steve” Sunny commented with so much confidence immediately he let go of Vivian’s trembling hands. He smiled in mockery with the way his men stopped Steve from even making a swift movement.

“Let go of her right now man, its me you want not her or any of them” Steve shouted with a pointed finger to aunty Rhoda and her husband, he moved forward despite the long gun directly pointed on his chest by the two men obstructing him.

One of the men quickly recorked the long gun to show their seriousness and directly telling Steve to move backwards.

“Face me like a man you mother****..er” Steve shouted again by the time Sunny moved closer to Vivian again.

“Get that gown from her” Sunny instructed the man behind Vivian who hurriedly grab the gown Vivian was still trying to cover her body from behind without answering Steve or reacting to his words.

Vivian quickly covered the upper part of her almost naked body immediately the gown was grabbed away from her. She was moving backwards with so much fear without thinking that one of the men was behind her while Sunny moved up to her.

Two men pointed their guns on aunty Rhoda and her husband, two men faced Steve alone and only one man was standing behind Vivian who quickly moved forward immediately the gown was grabbed.

“Wow, so sweet” Sunny exaggerated seductively at the very sight of the opened part of Vivian’s body. He leaked his lips and took a look at Steve, he smiled and grabbed Vivian again, he wiggle her forward and took a look at the jumper covering her cleavage.

“Shut up, shut the damn up you goddamn ass..hole” Sunny shouted so loud and slap Vivian face again before he pushed her on one of the sofas. The man standing behind Vivian too quickly held onto her and landed another slap on her face, he pushed her back towards the sofa immediately she tried to stand up and make her leaped over.

Sunny made a smirk immediately and touched his belt, he loosed the belt without waiting any seconds more.

The chief detective quickly tossed the gun away after it felled from Gunner who landed on his butt but jumped up almost instantly.

Gunner didn’t make any movement immediately he jumped up, the chief detective was now pointing a gun on him and will be too reckless to make any movement. Even though he looked expressionless, he took more than 15 seconds to look at the officer he was fighting and his environment at that particular range.

He wiped off the blood stains on his lips, expecting the chief to shoot already since he was caught unawares when he entered the building but the chief detective didn’t shoot.

“Shoot if you want to old man” Gunner beckoned after the chief detective moved closer to him, he stepped backwards and raised his fingers above his head just as the chief roam around him.

The chief didn’t answer Gunner dare full remark nor took an eye off the intruder, he stylishly moved forward with the intention to get the gun behind Winston who hadn’t caught that he was only pointing an empty gun.

He held unto the gun with him and motioned Winston to move aside by waving his hands. He stylishly moved over one side of the pillar where the gun that felled from Gunner had tossed to. He was about a step closer to the gun when Gunner swiftly acted contrary.

Before he could bent down to pick up the gun, Gunner landed a heavy punch on the chief detective face and followed it quickly with a kick into his neck.

The chief detective flipped over not after making sure he tossed the gun further away on the floor. He quickly maintained his balance and made his fist, he bent down the more and easily dodge another punch from Gunner before stepping backwards hurriedly from getting hit badly. Each punches of Gunner weighed and made a strong impact on him.

Margot and Lord Nathaniel was able to rush out successfully from the security passage after the long shooting reduced, both drug lords quickly hurried towards a container adjacent the secret passage before Lord Nathaniel sighted two of his men facing some cops in gun battle.

“There is a way out up there” Lord Nathaniel pointed out to Margot immediately they got to the end of the big container where they ran to. Margot took a glance at his face and back at the secret passage as if she was doubtful.

Before she could utter anything, a bullet slightly missed her face suddenly and another bullet hit the part of the container where she stood almost the same time. Both drug lords immediately stepped backwards after another bullet luckily missed Lord Nathaniel himself. The sniper was shooting again.

“The criminals are getting away, secure and make sure they don’t die or get away” The chief detective gave a response into the receiver of his communication piece and moved backwards.

“They are already out of the passage, make sure they don’t escape” the chief gave the instructions and wiped off the blood on his lips, he moved backwards and hold his breath for a brief moment.

“Boss, they are in between two containers and I just missed them” Gunner heard too from his talkon almost immediately the chief detective spoke, he gave a little distance between him and the chief after taking a side look at the back, unable to find lord Nathaniel anywhere.

“Where the hell are the others?” Gunner asked.
“I don’t know boss, their devices aren’t turned on either and Winston isn’t answering any of my questions except you”
“Just make sure they don’t get away Ben” Gunner instructed just immediately the chief detective winced in severe pain but was still attacking.

Detective Cougar tucked the tie away immediately and fell on his knees, he coughed out louder and held unto his neck, trying to catch his breath after stepping away from Winston.

He supported himself from falling off with his hands on the wall of the hallway and coughed again.

“I see you are a stubborn man” Winston gave a remark and clapped twice, he stepped over the body of detective Louis who was already unconscious on the floor and stopped walking.

“Boss !! Are you there?” Winston heard the voice again the fifth time but he still gave no response. He moved closer to detective Cougar and made a smirk after taking a look at detective Louis on the floor, it had taken him just few minutes to weaken them and doesn’t think its worth it.

“Yes I am here Ben” he finally gave a response 20 seconds later.
“Boss, the target is getting away and I need your help”
“What help do you need from me Ben?” Winston questioned and stayed before Detective Cougar.

He waited for five seconds without speaking and stared at the detective, “Okay” he uttered 7 seconds later before sending swift blows into the belly of detective Cougar, he pulled the detective from the wall almost instantly and sent a quick punch into his jaw, he smacked the detective right shoulder with his elbow and kick him completely off the ground.

Vivian slapped Sunny’s face and tried to wiggle herself from him, she let out another cry and shout so loud. She spat on Sunny who had removed his belt and was touching her body irrationally just as she received a hot slap from Sunny.

Sunny grabbed her hair and drag it sideways, he pulled it closer to himself just as she tried to draw herself backwards not until more pain ignited in her.

Vivian let out another cry and tried to stop him from dragging her hair, she cried more louder by the time Sunny drag her hair tightly just then Sunny hold unto her short.

Sunny dragged and hold unto the short, the upper part of the linen undies tore easily and Vivian pants showed underneath.

In swift seconds, Steve was unable to hold-in his anger anymore. He tightened his fist almost immediately and pulled one of the men standing in front of him, he didn’t contemplate either before he sent an heavy kick into the chest of the second man, he gave the man he pulled forward an head-butt followed by a punch into his chest before he dragged the gun sideways and pulled the trigger, not after holding unto the man’s neck.

Almost the same seconds, aunty Rhoda husband pulled the legs of the two gun men facing him and his family, the two men were totally caught unawares even though they tried to be cautious, the drag on their legs made a strong impact and their legs went swiftly off the ground. They fell with a thud and tried to stand almost immediately a bullet entered the skull of one of them.

Aunty Rhoda husband quickly roll towards the second man and sent a punch into his face.

A bullet went into the belly of the first man Steve pulled to himself just then four different shots sounded almost the same time and the man behind Vivian fell dead.

Its all happened at a blink of an eye and was so fast, Sunny dragged Vivian off the sofa immediately and pulled her closer, he held unto her neck and pulled back against the wall after firing two quick shot into the belly of the man Steve had pulled over to firstly cover himself.

“She dies, she dies” he shouted out so loud and point his gun on Vivian.

Steve held unto the lifeless body still and points the gun at Sunny’s direction. Three of Sunny’s men were dead already while Aunty Rhoda husband gave the second man he pulled another punch in the face, he quickly held unto the gun of the man that was shot in the head and point it on the second man who was totally caught unawares and was still on the floor.

“He ****..ing dies too” aunty Rhoda husband man shouted and rose hurriedly just before his kids let out a loud yell. Aunty Rhoda herself was extremely shocked and scared, she pulled her children closely under her arms as she left out a yell likewise.

Sunny moved back the more from the point he was, he stepped backwards until his back reflected against the wall. He wasn’t surprised that Steve just took down three men accurately at a stand easily without moving.

“He ****..ing dies too” Aunty Rhoda husband shouted again, he waved the gun in his hands sideways and motioned for the last of Sunny’s men to be on his feet, directly showing Sunny that he’ll kill the last of his men immediately.

The man was still trying to get behind the last man when a bullet entered the man’s skull, aunty Rhoda husband was shocked immediately the body dropped dead, he quickly stepped back towards his family when he saw the shooter.

“He doesn’t need him” Steve, who had shot told the man swiftly without turning his face, he reposition his gun quickly and moved forward, still holding the lifeless body despite the weight.

He began to move forward slowly without turning his gaze off Sunny who looked expressionless. He stepped over the body on the floor and moved forward.

“Get backwards Steve or she dies” Sunny retorted in anger.
“Its me you want dead Sunny, why haven’t you shoot me yet?” Steve uttered almost instantly but stopped walking when he saw the quick reaction of Sunny and his seriousness.

He stopped walking not after making a signal to Vivian who wasn’t looking at him.

Two men hurried towards the big gate of the estate immediately the first man saw what his friend was pointing at, the driver side of the vehicle was opened wide just as they hurry towards the gate instead of entering their car.

They sighted a red Chevrolet car right in front of Mr. Stephen apartment but they didn’t give much attention to it. They hurry towards the gate and saw the two security men at the entrance laying on the floor in an unusual manner.

They waited a bit without getting closer to the securities, they both looked at themselves and waited for 20 seconds more, unable to move forward because of the darkness in the place.

“These men are dead” one of them said but just before he could finish speaking, they heard a loud thud and scream from Aunty Rhoda’s apartment.

They made another glance at themselves before the other man spoke. “What the hell is going on?” he said rhetorically.

To be continued..

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  1. oh oh oh.
    I tot my fear was becoming reality.
    and the chief detective gave a nice fight and still holding on, it's a wow!

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