I Want A Home – Episode 29

I Want A Home Episode 29
18+ SNVL
Ireti Adedipe

Steve finally decided to enter the interrogation room after seeing there was no point for both Detective Cougar and Louis to keep pressing harder on Lord Nathaniel.

He had to open the door prior without notifying both Detectives and stepped into the large room, dully startling them.

I think I should handle this myself Detective. Can you let me have few words with him? he questioned them immediately he stepped away from the door without closing the it.

Detective Cougar heaved a sigh startled almost instantly he and Detective Louis looked back at Steve before they turned to lord Nathaniel who Detective Cougar wished he could strangled to death right that moment due to the intense annoyance he was feeling but he had to control his rage and impatience just like Joel told them.

This is taking longer Steve, we need this information before we could leave for New York city Detective Louis pointed out with frustration and his eyelids followed Steve who paced round the room for awhile.

Leave him with me detectives, give us a sec. Steve rephrased himself and pulled out one of the stool detective Louis leaned on immediately he made an eye contact with lord Nathaniel . He waited till the detectives were out of the supposed interrogation room and didnt say a word.

He sat on the stool and maintained a strong face with lord Nathaniel who stared directly at his face, he had seen the drug lord gaze on him immediately he entered the room and there was no telling how fierce he looked if he was giving a sword to pierce the sky.

He moved the same stool he sat on forward a bit closer to the desk lord Nathaniel hands were placed on with an handcuff attached to key both hands.

He placed his right elbow gently on the desk and rested his jaw on his palm as he also stared at the drug lord face without saying anything.

The room went dead immediately and the long silence began to call for the attention of the detectives who had gone out but was watching the interrogation room from the other end.
The silence was killing but Steve still maintained his face with the drug lord. He faced Lord Nathaniel directly and both gaze on themselves.

Why are they not talking? Detective Louis asked rhetorically seeing it was taking more than 8 minutes already and Steve didnt say anything neither lord Nathaniel. He was seated beside Detective Cougar and they were watching what was going on inside. The detective was about to stand up when his phone began to ring the sixth time since they were inside the interrogation room almost immediately Lord Nathaniel spoke.

I treated you like a son Steve Lord Nathaniel suddenly broke the silence and began, he rested himself fully on the chair he sat on when he noticed Steve was actually waiting for him to speak but had to firstly adjust himself properly due to the position of his hands.

Steve returned his elbow down and made a very faint sigh only him heard, he placed his hands on the metal table. He closed and reopened his eyes immediately what he had been expecting happened.

What youve acquired and become to this day was achieved with my help, I gave you the strength and louder intensity than you should have, I made you what you are. I took you like a worthy son and I enriched you moderately but What have you gave me in return Steve? Betrayer boggut death and I swear your pure blood will be drained from you

Lord Nathaniel. I think we should start talking about the reasons you are here rather than speaking nonchalantly Steve turned a brief look away from him and interrupted.

So tell Why I am here Steve? Lord Nathaniel countered immediately, his eye ball pop out like a mad man and he made some swiftly movement on the desk with anger, he smashed his hands on the desk repeatedly and flared. He could have attack Steve right there if not for the chains on the handcuffs, he flared again and smashed his fist on the metal table again and his eyeball still pop out of anger.

Tell me why you have brought me here Steve? he repeated with more anger and shouted.

Should I tell you a story Lord Nathaniel? Steve made a chuckle without moving backwards or caught unawares from the drug lord reactions when the drug lord made the move and smiled.

I said should I tell you a story? Steve repeated when there was no response from the drug lord. He made another chuckle and continued when lord Nathaniel still said nothing afterwards nor answered him. He began.

There was once a time two opposite wrestlers called Sarah Vich met the chess grandmaster of her era, David Wilson. Within a month they were married and within a year they had a child but one month after the his birth, the child was back in the same hospital he was giving birth to, sick with fever and some days after that, the child died and yes he was buried few hours later Steve said and paused, he looked at Lord Nathaniel who had began to listen already but he noticed the drug lord was trying to read him the more than the story he was telling.

He felt the need to make the drug lord more attentive to him than trying to make any move or trying to read what he was thinking. He decided to stand up instead and roam round the desk before he continued again.

To Sarah Vich and David Wilson, their child was dead and he was buried but in reality, the child lived and became the property of another man, the hospital compromised and the secret was covered up.

( Story written by Ireti Adedipe )

The child was named Chenkov and he was trained as a spy and fierce secret agent. He learned English long before Russian and seven other top languages in the world, he was drilled in Idiom, Idiosyncrasy and Ideology.

By methods of Rigorous physical and Psychological programming, he was made as a warrior of iron, unquestionable and unbreakable. Days turned into months and months into Years, Chenkov kills many, murdered Soviet Members that were tamed as impossible and invincible to ki*ll.

The American government hired more secret agency, got more soldiers, more cops, more detectives, freed some considered prisoners who they felt was fit for a mission, all just to bring Chenkov down but they failed. Oh yes they failed, even with the intervention of the Americans, they failed

Cougar I think theres a problem Detective Louis said and startled Detective Cougar who was listening to the Story Steve was saying, wondering how Steve story telling had anything to do with the reason he was there in the interrogation room instead of letting them handle the interrogation their way when Louis returned from the phone call he went out to receive.

Before he could asked what problem Louis was referring to, Vivian also appeared behind Detective Louis who had to move aside to let her pass through due to the narrowed space.

What has happened? Detective Cougar asked immediately Vivian passed by and stop beside him. She looked through the monitors the detectives were watching and saw Steve roaming round the desk, she took her time to listen first to what he was saying before she could relay why she came to the interrogation room.

I think I need to see you privately, its a problem with Max Louis finally answered immediately he gave chance to Vivian.

Max again !! What Bullshit has he done this time around?
Let me see you privately first Detective Louis beckoned.

Louis any problem can wait. I need to see the outcome of this first before anything Detective Cougar answered and made a brief look at Vivian who was concentrated on the monitor.

Cougar this cant wait any minute late, I need to speak with you now
Jesus Christ. Louis Really? You understand why we are doing this?

Im sorry for the interruption Detective but I think I need to see Steve urgently too, thats why Im here Vivian pleaded after she noticed both Detective reaction and dragged the mic on the desk towards herself.

Im sorry Steve, but I think I need to see you urgently for a second Vivian announced.

No, the officers shift sessions. Four officers are stationed at the entrance and five officers are stationed all around the building. Those ones inspect and easily report anything suspicious Officer James answered Sunnys question and finally sits after Sunny walked back from the window he was peeping from.

So how many officers are all guiding the compound? Sunny asked him again.

I dont know how many officers in total, they are all scattered around the whole building and its a bit difficult to calculate per say

What part of this room leads to the interrogation room where Lord Nathaniel is kept? Khora asked the officer immediately he answered Sunnys question, he felt they should have executed the plan to rescue the drug lord already instead of Sunny asking rather unnecessary questions since 10 minutes ago when they entered one of the rooms in the building.

None of the rooms here leads to the interrogation room, the underground part of the building is where they kept Lord Nathaniel and the second drug lord. its restricted for any of the officers here or anyone and its so secured with high tech securities

Then how do we get inside the underground part?
I dont know about that. No officer is allowed to enter or even get close to the underground so Ive got no idea how the officer answered.

James, you are getting me pissed already and I dont seem to like whoever makes me feels that way Sunny interrupted and changed his face, he made an expression like he was reminding the officer what he has in custody.

Ive done all you asked for Sunny, Ive answered all your questions and everything else you told me to follow. What exactly do you want me to do again? officer James complained with frustration.

you are going to lead us to the underground passage and its entrance Sunny answered him in the same tone he speaks.

Even if I lead you to the underground part of the building, there is no way I can get you inside, I have no idea of how to get in and well be caught even before the first attempt

Leave that to us James, Ill look for a way to get us inside so I suggest you lead the way now Sunny said confidently and walked towards the door.

Vivian and Steve both walked into the room that seems like the control room, there were different sets of computers and monitors with a part of the room that was designated for another purpose by Joel.

Vivian walked in first before Steve followed behind her with urge to hear what she wants to say. He closed the door slightly and stopped to face her by the time she turned.

What is the matter Viv? Steve asked her, his face turned a frown and confusion when he sighted her expression, he stepped closer to her and placed his left hand on her shoulder.

Steve I just spoke with Margaret, its been two days Mum returned to the country and I think her disturbance is too much for me or Margaret to handle, I already put lots of pressure on Margaret for helping me cover some of my duties at work and I dont think I should add more to her troubles Vivian complained.

Mum !! Your mum? Steve phrased, lines of confusion clearly show on his face.

Yes, she returned from South Africa two days ago
Two days ago. Why didnt you tell me about it Vivian? Where did she stayed?

I couldnt tell you Steve, you were too busy and I dont want to distract you. Shes been staying with my aunt

That isnt a distraction Viv. You should have told me about it
Steve its was wasnt really something I meant.. She said shes been having this constant dreams that I was shot and killed by bad men few weeks ago, dad tried to speak her out of it but she wouldnt accede, I also tried to tell her she was hallucinating and scared probably because of the past experience but she wouldnt have it either until she came back eventually Vivian answered him and waved her hands, she heaved a sigh and tried to move back just then Steves hand on her shoulder dropped.

you need to calm down Viv, I think shes scared and worried about you. Her coming down here shouldnt be the problem I think

Its a problem Steve. Shes been disturbing with several calls and especially Margaret already. My Aunt added to the boiling water and I think theyve been around the company likewise, demanding to see me Vivian countered and had to stop speaking just immediately the door opened and Detective Cougar entered the room with Detective Louis.

Steve turned backwards immediately to face them when he noticed the swift at which they entered, both He and Vivian faced the detectives like they were demanding for an explanation as to why they rushed inside that way.

Where is Joel? I think we have a little problem Detective Cougar asked immediately and stepped closer to Steve.

Why is the call dropping? What is happening? Sunny whispered silently as they tried to proceed on.

Your calls cant connect Sunny. I think you have some working applications and settings in place on your phone for it to have displayed a working network connection here Officer James whispered back from the front position he was walking from, Khora was walking at the middle and Sunny was walking behind him.

And why is that supposed to be? Sunny asked him again.
This whole place is restricted from Network service, you should have noticed when we entered the compound earlier, only some few people inside the underground passage had some settings on to keep the network. Im sure by the time we get nearer, the whole network on your phone will not display again the officer answered and got Khora attention when they stopped at a point.

Khora brought out his own phone as if to confirm it and saw no network service on it. He turned backwards to Sunny who had also returned his phone into his pocket when they suddenly began to hear some fast moving steps ahead them.

He brought out a gun quickly and Sunny himself brought out a dagger as the fast step approached. They both listened well to calculate the fastness and the speed at which the footsteps sounds louder but they couldnt get accurately even though they later discovered its was just a man due to the sound.

Sunny had to move backwards tactically from the narrowed hall in preparation to attack whoever was coming to that direction because he was closer, he positioned the dagger on his hand well and calculated that by the time the person appeared from the edge of the hall, the dagger would be quite useful to eliminate silently.

But just as they listened more, the fast coming footsteps stopped at a point and they began to hear it again after a minute from another direction of the hall, Sunny peeped through instantly and saw the shadow, it was a man truly and he had taken another part that leads to the underground where James was leading them.

Sunny quickly returned the dagger and peeped again, he followed the footsteps immediately and likewise dropped down a small mini-bag and brought out three grenades.

Damn god, what are you going to do with that? officer James asked him instantly they turned back to follow him.

Why are you leading us that way when this is the route James? Sunny asked in annoyance.

Joel soon opened the door to the same room both Detective with Steve and Vivian were, he opened the door with the same pace swiftly like the detectives and stepped him quickly.

They all turned to him immediately he entered and said something instantly he had to repeat.

Why have you added more securities here detectives? I told you the men we have here are enough He shouted at the detectives in anger.

Joel, we have a problem Steve announced and turned directly to Joel just immediately they had a loud vibrated sound like an explosion that shaken the whole ground.

Like a twinkle little star, they all looked at themselves for 10 seconds, and By the time they all ran outside to check what was going on instantly after the vibration, they had to take cover immediately from Sunnys bullet.

To be continued..

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  1. With the kind of professionals that are inside, i'm sure Sunny will not go out of that building alive. Thanks for this update man.

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