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I Want A Home

I Want A Home – Episode 94

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I Want A Home – Episode 94
® 18+ SNVL
© Ireti Adedipe

“My lord, I just found out that one of Val’s mansion was attacked last night. It happened as at few minutes after our attack yesterday” Khora spoke up and stand before Lord Nathaniel who was smoking tobacco heavily.

A laptop was placed on his laps and he stretched his legs on a stool for convenience. The drug lord looked at Khora for a moment after tapping the space bar of the laptop, he turned back to the laptop and tapped the enter button. He then looked at one of the men who were standing in the room with him before khora stepped inside. He stretched out the laptop and gave the man who quickly collected it from him.

“Ensure that Video goes viral, I want it round every street and I want it to get to the media as soon as possible” he ordered the man who collected the laptop and turned back to listen to Khora.

“And who are the attackers?” he asked and leaned comfortably on the sofa. He tipped the top of the tobacco and placed it in between his lips.

“Their identity has not been confirmed yet and I have no idea who they are either”

“And what was the attack for?”

“I have unconfirmed information that they attacked to rescue the hostages in the mansion”

“Hostages” Lord Nathaniel rephrased.

“Yes my lord. If my suspicion is right, I think Lord Margot men might be the attackers”


Steve and the rest of the men were now in a different location, a building different to the one they were inside two hours ago. The place was pretty more conducive with four separate rooms but it has almost the same types of furniture’s in it only that there were more furniture’s at the new place.

Joel was placed on a bed and Derrick seated at the edge of the bed. Steve was standing beside the bed as he and Derrick focused on Joel who was yet unconscious.

“What are we going to do now” Derrick broke the short-while silence without taking his eye off Joel and faced Steve for response.

“We could have died in that crash” Steve said thoughtfully without responding to the question. He looked at Derrick for a moment and turned back to Joel afterwards.

“We have to ensure our safety first” He answered Derrick who had looked up to him immediately after the question.

“If I am to be frank, our heads would be the target of all these crime lords since we are the only ones that know the content of the encrypted disk. I’m sure they’ll be searching for us everywhere hence, ensuring our total safety is more important now in order to play the game well” Steve added to his statement with a sigh.

“What about Margot or what is it she’s called? What do we do with her?” Derrick asked him, referring to the only woman among them.

“I don’t know what to do with her yet Derrick but I’d have to ask her some questions” Steve answered and placed his hands on his cheek, somewhat in a deliberate manner.

Phone Conversation.

Vivian stepped down from the bed quietly and walked towards the window side of the room. She had her phone held tight to her ear and she was putting on a sky blue long gown.

“But Vivian, isn’t this a bit dangerous to do? Your Dad was lucky to have survived the last attack you know” Margaret asked from the other end.

“Yes Vivian but there is nothing I could do now than to stay safe first and I’m safe here” Vivian answered just the moment she heard a knock at the door of the extreme large room she was inside. The room was big and decorated with good interiors, one could fathom from the appearance that its befitted one Cinderella kinds of settings, everything including the color of the bed was bright and charming.

Vivian turned back sharply after the knock and stepped away from the window.

“Who is it?” She asked after informing Margaret to hold unto the call. She began to walk towards the door when she heard one of the maids voice. She unlocked the door and it gave way for the maid who was carrying a tray containing a cup of fruit juice.

The maid stepped in between the door and saw Vivian frowned, “I didn’t demand for that” Vivian told her.

“Yes but the Chief maid thought you might need something. We have strict orders to make you comfortable and provide anything for you within the house and he thought you might needed something since you’ve been indoor after breakfast” the maid explained politely.

“Oh thanks but No, I won’t be needing anything” Vivian said and smiled. She looked at the tray and back to the maid’s face, she made an assurance nod afterwards and signify to the maid that she was locking the door.

“Oh then, please do let us know if you want anything” The maid said and turned to leave with the tray before Vivian closed the door and turned back.

Valentine foamed in anger and made his fist as he stared at the wall TV set. He’s phone was ringing and vibrating on the desk its was placed but he didn’t bother to check or attend to the continuous ringings.

A capture of Harrison William was showing on the TV and he was seen speaking something out of ordinances to him.

“Few hours ago after the disappearance of Chairman Harrison William, a well known business man and the CEO of JC firm was reported along the death of his Step son Douglas William. A video clip had been released now on the internet and it has the appearance of the CEO claiming that Mr. Valentine, the Founder of Zees Xpress was behind the death of his step son and the explosion at one of his mighty mansions for reasons best known to himself and Mr. Valentine” The news caster reported and a video clip began to play.

Harrison was seated and dressed in his well fabric brown suit, pouring out the typed documents placed in front of the camera by one of lord Nathaniel’s men.

He couldn’t believe himself as he watched on to listen to Harrison pour out some of their secrets out to the world.

The video was just two minutes and three seconds and he waited to watch everything before he smashed his fist on the desk in extreme annoyance.

The phone began to ring again and a contact saved as Minister Albert was displayed on the screen almost the same seconds the land phone on the desk also began to ring.

He smashed his fist on the desk again and picked up the land phone.

Lord Nathaniel let out a satisfactory smile as he watched the latest and hottest new video shown on all news channels.

Every news channel and broadcast agencies had began to show the video on their various communication networks and the news about the disappearance of Harrison Williams who claimed he was running away from Valentine after the explosion were all shown.

“Good” Lord Nathaniel clapped with a bright smile where he was seated with Khora standing beside him.

He turned to Khora immediately after the video clip ended on the channel he was watching.

“Have you found Steve Jones for me?” he asked.

“Not yet my lord. I’m sure we’d fish him out in few hours, he had hidden himself so well but he can’t forever” Khora answered.

“I’m getting impatience boy, find the bas..tard for me” The drug lord flared and turned back to the TV.

The News about Harrison Williams was still on air and several discussions had started on it.

He continued watching silently for a moment before Khora interrupted again.

“I have report that a big drug cartel had a deal in one of our territories two days ago. I know of not how the deal came place but I found out its was done by Lord Vladimir’s men”

“Who was the deal finalized with?” lord Nathaniel turned to him instantly and asked with curiosity.

“I have no idea who, I got the report with no identity of who the other dealers were” Khora answered.

Steve alongside Derrick and Jason were standing and faced Margot as they listened to her explanation. She was seated on a couch but the three men were standing opposite her.

“I know how this all work from the start and I could help you” they listened attentively as she finally answered Steve questions.

“Help us from what? And how do you think you can help us?” Derrick asked her.

To be continued…

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  1. Abeg make Margot an ally ooooo
    This one drug lords are after your heads , you need the support of a drug Lord ally. Margot is a drug lord .
    Use your brain ooooooo

  2. Steve nd his member should stay low for safety now. They should let MARGOT help them cos she know much about d business.
    Kudoss 💪💪💪💪💪

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