I Want A Home – Episode 28

I Want A Home Episode 28
18+ SNVL
Ireti Adedipe

You have more job to do for us officer. I paid you multiple times to what you demanded so dont tell me Bullshit now Sunny countered him.

No Sunny. The deal is done. My job is at stake here

Your job is to make sure we penetrate that building successfully and get Lord Nathaniel out officer. There is something I want you to do and you are going to do it now before my boys and I can attack that building

Sunny announced the more to piss the officer off. He knew the officer had started regretting ever making the deal with them due to the tempting price he offered few hours ago but he wants to make sure the officer wasnt deceiving them by giving wrong information but he keep pressing on against their deal. His part of the bargain was to give them the address but Sunny had forced him on the other hand contrarily against it.

I cant go any further from here Sunny, the information I gave you is vital and I wasnt supposed to tell you anything initially, its against the code and conduct of my profession as a cop

Then I suggest you return my money back to me officer Sunny flared and turned back to face him. He took a deadly look at the officer who also stared a confident look at Sunnys face.

That is not possible Sunny, I already did my part of the bargain and I cant go any further from here He shouted back at Sunny and flared too to show his anger. He made a step forward and covered the little distance between him and Sunny with a strong face.

Khora watched both of them where he stood in silence, he also took a quick glance at the bus containing their men and returned his gaze at Sunny and the officer.

He studied the movement and sharp response the suppose officer gave to Sunny, its was faster and swift and there was lots of confidence in him.

Dont let us push on with this James, you are going to do everything I tell you and you will obey all my instructions Sunny said and stepped back from him, he made a funny smirk that cause for suspicion and brought out his phone after 60 seconds of silence.

He was about to unlock the security code of the phone when the officer hissed and turned. He began to walk away and made a glance at Khora who was standing behind them, he hissed again and turned backwards in a swift to look at Sunny who didnt say anything as he walk on without stopping.

Khora took a look at Sunny and the officer who had began to walk away, he was expecting Sunnys response or expecting him to do something but nothing was coming from Sunny as the officer walk further away from them.

If we dont get lord Nathaniel out from that building in 30 minutes, your wife will be the first person Ill ki*ll and each of your kids will follow every 10 minutes after Sunny raised his head and spoke up before the Officer could walk farther away from them.

Officer James stopped walking immediately he heard what Sunny said, for a brief moment he regretted more than he thought and the heavy sigh he made after turning back showed his true annoyance.

Officer James was formerly a renowned thug at his early days before he joined the police forces 12 years ago. He was a man in his forties and the different scars on the part of his body vividly tell his brutality and that he had involved himself in different sorts of fight in the past.

He had known Sunny some years ago during his thuggery life and they had both done a lot of business together. Sunny had joined drug business by then and he had helped him in some cases when a drug business deal led to a brutal gun fight, they had became best of friends and pals who communicate only at the cause of money.

Drug business was dangerous, those involved in it were either quickly caught by the government or end up dead by killing themselves whenever a business deal goes wrong. The government had the best counter measures to ensure those involved in the business were completely arrested, jailed or killed and which was the necessities that brought many secrets government officials to evolve into the business inorder to camp it once and for all but the coin rolled and major politicians in government positions joined the dirty dealings some years after.

Officer James was popularly called by the name Bullet then but one thing had led to another and he had to leave the drug business thinking the government had more power to bring them down quicker only to see things changed vastly in few years and the drug business itself was accumulated by the government itself.

He turned to face Sunny immediately and maintained a strong face, he tried to see if he could read Sunnys face but the darkness in the whole street made him decided to walk back.

Sunny raised the phone for him to see the picture of his wife in the phone, she was tied to a chair and her three kids were also tied in the same manner.

How many innocent people have you killed this way Bullet? Ill ki*ll your family the same way too if you dont do what I ask now Sunny announced again immediately a video began to play on the same phone.

I should have expected this when you came to me Sunny, do you really want to do this? The officer asked and stopped right in front of him.

I dont blabber Officer. Ill ki*ll your wife first and your entire family after Sunny answered his question and made another smirk, he saw the officers face and smiled.

What do you want me to do? the officer beckoned immediately.

Five different vehicles drove in the exact point of the meeting venue and the whole cars began to open by the men one after the other.

Two vehicles contained Vladimirs men and the other three contained few strange men that were just about to do business with.

They all came down one by one from the vehicles and each men carried a briefcase from each cars.

Michael When are we going to see your boss? I am tired of doing business facing you alone and not Vladimir himself, where is he?

Im sorry you cant see lord Vladimir for now Robert. Hes presently not in the country

Yeah I heard he had been creating chaos in the capital city
You heard !!
Yes. I heard he had been out of the country few weeks ago. Was it supposed to be a secret?

Yes it was supposed to be a secret, Michael had thought loud within him. He wasnt surprised the words had spread already when lord Vladimir himself had stayed over 5 weeks more than the speculated time he was to return to the territory.

Earlier that morning, he had received another call from Stone, giving him some instructions from Vladimir himself and when he questioned Stone about their time of arrival. Stone made him realize the drug lord still had more to do and he was expected to continue handling the drug business till theyre back.

He heaved a faint sigh and stared at the men standing behind Robert, one of the business partner of Lord Vladimir.

Lets go on with the business Robert. You required for more goods and I hope you are here with the grand price Michael said and signaled to his men who responded to his signal and opened the briefcase they carried immediately.

Yes Michael. Lord Fredrick demanded for more of the substances himself and we are here the money

They are in position now inspector, permission to proceed with the plans? Inspector Kelvin heard the voice through his talkon immediately he dropped the Binocular.

Do not proceed yet, I repeat. Dont proceed yet he replied back repeatedly trying to ensure no mistake was made.

Why shouldnt we sir? This is the best chance to apprehend them and this is the first time weve ever gotten so close, we cant lose them any longer sir. I think its best to proceed now and make the arrest

No officer, I need to study something first. Tell the snipers and the men to hold their ground and be alert

But sir
Just do as I say Officer. Do it now, tell the men to hold their ground and wait for my command Inspector Kelvin insisted and brought out his phone immediately, he opened the new latest application he installed on the phone few hours ago and minimize it, he drag down the notification and select the phone settings itself, prior to make the application loading process faster, he scrolled down the phone settings and select the accessibility to make some settings. Just then his phone began to ring and miss Mary was calling, he stared a look at his wristwatch to check the time swiftly and lines of confusion was shown on his face, wondering why she was calling at the time.

Michael ensured that he checked the full briefcase very well immediately the exchanged was done. The briefcase he collected was filled with dollars, likewise the second briefcase.

Its was quicker for him to check faster because the briefcase was filled with money, unlike Robert who was still busy checking out the first briefcase properly.

They all had to wait for about three minutes before he was satisfied checking the first briefcase out and he began to check the second one afterwards.

( Story written by Ireti Adedipe )

Michael knew he was wasting their precious time to check the substances in the briefcase and they were supposed to have move away from the point already but he knew the law himself and understand that none of them should move an inch at the occurrence of a deal until the transaction is completed.

He pointed out the tips of his lips at one point when Robert began to check the substance in the second briefcase to whistle when his eyes caught something strange far ahead the top of a building. He tried to move with a swift almost instantly to alert the others when a bullet pierced his tommy.

The others moved swiftly and unexpectedly as several bullets came from far away distance.

Drop your weapons and put your hands on your head. Drop your weapons they all heard a loud voice before it dawn on them they were surrounded by the cops unawares.

Khora was moving behind sunny who was walking beside officer James. The three of them began to walk slowly as they walked past some securities who stared at them sternly.

Now move swiftly and dont even try to do anything stupid Sunny warned in a strong tone immediately they entered the building. The plan according to Sunny was to enter discreetly and rescue lord Nathaniel successfully out of the building whereas the first thing on his mind was to eliminate Steve Jones no matter what its takes.

To be continued..

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