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I Want A Home – Episode 105

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I Want A Home – Episode 105
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Steve coughed out loud immediately the statue behind the Buddhist fell over making a terrible noise. Margot was standing behind him and didn’t inhale the dust from the statue hence she didn’t cough out like Steve who had got into the dust too deep before he could step aside.

“We need to get in fast” He informed Margot and looked at the entrance to the hall.

They must have gotten the attention of the monks inside the temple by now or anyone around the vicinity due to the noise.

The building has earlier explained wasn’t big compared to the main temple but it was constructed almost together and has enough ground place from the temple.

All the monks in the temple heard the loud bang from the building Steve and Margot headed but one of them rose up quickly to check out the noise.

He squinted just like the other monks and hurried out through the right exit.

He stepped into the building and saw the Buddhist statue at the center of the hall on the floor, some part of the mold had shattered into pieces and traces of dust were all over the center of the alter.

He hurried towards the center wondering how the statue had fell on sighting no one inside and stopped when he was very close to the statue. All the Buddhist items placed around the alter had fell over and had added more to the dust.

He tried to cover his face and squinted when he saw what was behind the statue that had fell over. He widened his face immediately and hurry out from the building to call the other monks.

Phone Conversation:

“Inspector Kelvin, We’ve found him” Agent Mary had to stop what she was saying when the inspector answered his call. She opened the passenger side of the police vehicle and got out after the inspector.

Another police vehicle was parked just few distance away and two officers were seeing afar.

“Tell me you are positive officer”

“Positive Inspector, I recheck the footages for that night at the filling station where the vehicle was parked. He didn’t drive the vehicle to the petrol port, someone else drove it there”

“What’d you mean officer?” the inspector asked and made an hand gesture to agent Mary.

“He entered another vehicle and had someone else drive the vehicle to distract you”

“Sh.it, wasn’t the whole road covered with cctv?”

“Yes, some part of the route he took wasn’t covered. He did the exchange on the way with one old man, the man came to file a report that he hadn’t seen his vehicle as agreed upon the money he was given”

“Dammit, where exactly have you found him now?”

“I got the location, I’m sending the address to you already”

“Good” the inspector urged and end the call almost immediately a message opt out on the phone.

“Inspector, I think the abductor stayed here. This is the cloth she wore that very day” one of the officers announced immediately the call ended while agent Mary stepped closer to the inspector.

“Yeah he does, park anything useful in here and take a complete scan. If we found him, we’d find her” the inspector instructed.

Lord Nathaniel eventually woke up 4 hours as prescribed by the doctor. Khora and two men were standing by the bed already expecting him.

The drug lord opened his eyes and looked around him. The weakness he felt some hours ago were already replaced with full strength but he still feel pains on his joints.

A long silence emerged after he saw who were standing around him. He had closed his eyes and they thought he still wants to sleep but he reopened them not too long and asked to be helped up.

The three men helped him up and he tried to stay on his feet with full strength.

“Who was it?” he turned to Khora and asked instantly.

“Its Lord Vladimir” Khora answered him sharply.

“Lord Ruiz didn’t survive, he died on the spot” He added on realizing the drug lord was about to ask.

The door to the room opened almost immediately and three men stepped inside.

Harrison William was pushed inside by one of them and they all head towards the drug lord direction.

“Boss. I just got a report some people are on the lookout for us, some of our territories was ransacked” one of them announced.

Steve and Margot began to head out through the narrow passage. The whole place was filled with cobwebs and dirt but they managed to go on bare footed.

The discovery of such passage or entrance was overwhelming for the monk that ran out. In years no one knew anything was behind the Buddhist statue at the alter of the building.

Of course it was regarded that monks had secret passages or secret building known to anyone except few monks but no one knew such passage existed in a building specifically made for non monks to pay homage.

Flashback, 11 hours ago.

After so much consideration. Steve, Joel and Derrick finally stepped out from the room.

Steve instructed Derrick to call on Margot while he helped Joel up for stability. He was able to walk but still need support to gain his stands.

They both walk through the hallway and met Jason and Jakoby already seated in the room.

Jakoby was working on a laptop placed on his laps while Jason was seated beside him. Both of them turned towards the hallway when they heard footsteps as Steve and Joel stepped inside.

Jakoby closed the laptop immediately and Jason sat straight, they greeted Joel with an hand gesture and watched Steve help him sit properly.

“I can move my ass damn boy” Joel joked and tap Steve arm.

He sat up straight and Margot stepped inside the room after Derrick.

In few seconds later, everyone was seated and Steve started speaking frankly.

“There would be slight changes in the plan scheduled and I need to inform you of something crucial” he spoke in a gruff voice from where he was seated as they turned to him.

“Now that Joel is awake and can partake in this, I made some changes that will affect few things in the plan. Lord Margot and I would visit the temple while Jason and Jakoby will follow behind us when Derrick and Joel will control the security and be our eyes, just in case we are attacked. Derrick please hand the diagram over” Steve said and turned to Derrick as everyone listened attentively.

Derrick brought out a wrap paper immediately and hand it over to Steve who stood up instantly. He stepped at the center where they could all see him and began to unwrap the large size paper.

“This is a map of the temple and everything around the vicinity.

Here is the graveyard and this is the Monastery building, the distance between the building and the vicinity of the graveyard shouldn’t take more than five minutes walk so we need no vehicle. The monastery building here was structured in three different parts, the main temple is for the monks, the second one is for non monks and the third here is for high rank Monks. Nobody is allowed to go into the third because only priest believed to have received the ordinance of Buddha can go inside.

At the second section of the building, there’s a tunnel behind the Buddhist statue here unknown to anyone and it has a secret door that leads in and out of the place. The tunnel is about 12 meters long but tiny to take a walk through”

Steve revealed and stopped to take a breath, he dropped the map and looked at their faces before speaking again.

“Xtra Willard tomb is right after the tunnel and there goes what we’ve all been looking for but the scary part is the whole place is full of unseen traps. The floor to the top of the tunnel are equipped with killing machetes and auto control killing machines that are not stated in this map”

“Then how do we go through?” Margot suddenly interrupt him. She widened her face to show her confusion and seriousness as everyone glanced at her.

“To answer that simple question, we all need to know why there’s too much security on it” Steve answered her thoughtfully and took a step forward.

“For the protection of its members, trust is entirely imperative and when sometimes salt is mixed with sugar. It is hard and hard to comprehend” Steve began to explain, making an hand gesture, he stepped forward the more and stepped backwards, making sure all attention was gained.

“The top members had to put in so much effort in case any member try to betray them hence they created the need for absolute security till the last.

To walk through, there must be a pass code just like the one with the library. A slogan or figures to unlock the security and allow us pass”

“A pass code, what’d you mean Steve?” Jason interrupted from his position.

“We all studied the copied device and I don’t think anything as trap or such was stated” Jakoby added.

“Then you didn’t studied well” Steve told them and raised the map again. He pointed to the second section of the monastery building and waved his fingers across the dots round it.

“This is the supposed end of the building but here is the tunnel and twelve meters below is Xteria Willard tomb. About three meters to the tomb are spots where the traps were set up. There are several kinds of iron metals and killing machines and even including Lasers”

“How the hell do you know all this man?” Joel asked him.

“I thought of the possibility last night and I tried to find out if there was an unseen trap right at the tunnel and behold, luckily I found out” Steve answered him and step forward again.

He began to tell them of his discovery one after the other and after a short briefing, the whole plan was finalized.


Steve and Margot were already 9 metres away to the tomb through the secret tunnel. Two headlights were placed on their heads for the purpose of getting their way in easily and each of them held a pistol incase of surprises.

They were now left with 3 metres to the trap spots and hence had to trend on carefully.

“We are here” Steve announced as Margot walked behind him. He stopped for a moment and look around the tunnel, he raised the headlight towards the corners of the tunnel and saw two big rats rattling but its ran at the sight of the light.

He took a step forward and made a sigh. “Let’s go” he beckon on Lord Margot and they both began to step forward but slowly, easily and gently.

They had successfully taken 7 different steps forward when Margot suddenly and mistakenly stepped on a strange metal device behind Steve.

She had raised a second leg but took it back when the metal sounded. Immediately Steve turned back, a sharp pointed Iron rod flew from the right side of the wall and almost penetrated Margot belly but she was real lucky Steve pushed her backwards.

She took in a very deep breath and froze as the metal entered through the wall to the left. She stepped backwards immediately and quickly use the wall to support herself from falling.

“You okay?” Steve voice ran through the tunnel like an echo as he pointed the headlight towards her.

“Yeah… Yeah.. Yeah I’m good” Margot answered him in a scary tone and swallowed in. She looked at the spot she stepped on with fright and quickly stepped forward but ensuring she didn’t step on the same spot.

“Careful, we are almost there” Steve beckon and they began to trend on more carefully, watching their steps.

It took them more than five minutes to reach the second metres but they were now finally looking at the tomb afar as they glanced backwards more regularly.

They were almost towards the end of the second metre when Margot stepped on another metallic device mistakenly again. A sharp rustle noise followed instantly and a very long sharp rod flew from nowhere to hit Steve.

The movement of the rod was so swift and fast Steve couldn’t see quick but he also tried to levied up but not without getting hit. He sustained a sharp cut on his belly as he leaned against the wall and the rod flew off.

He let out a very painful sound as Margot tried to help him out likewise. She held unto his arm immediately and also leaned against the wall.

It took them more than a minute to assimilate as Steve held unto his belly, luckily he didn’t bleed furiously but the heaviness of the rod had dawn on him.

“Watch your steps” he managed to say and groin. He made a deep breath and they began to walk again.

Finally, they got to the last metre and here goes Xteria Willard tomb.

The tomb was a triangular metallic shape tomb with inscription written on it like the old days before Uther Pendragon. Xteria Willard was boldly writing on the cave.

Steve stepped towards the tomb after he and Margot stood at a point for a moment before she followed him as he stepped forward and they both reach for the metallic cover of the tomb.

They pulled the cover aside as distant rattling of rats were heard, making them stop for a moment. Steve pointed the headlight towards the direction and saw the rats ran off while Margot pointed hers towards the opposite direction.

They focused around for a moment before they finally turned back to the cave.

They pushed the cover opened and they took a look at the content inside the tomb.

A rubble skeleton, a torn cloth and a rectangular box was inside.

Steve wasted no time to reach for the box and carried it out as Margot marveled eyes followed him.

“Goaty” He immediately made an utterance and the box suddenly turned on and its cover opened.

Lo and behold, a tiny electronic flash was inside, it was placed properly at the center of the box and like an electric circuit holding it up.

Margot reach for the flash immediately and Steve dropped the box, staring at it like it was a rare thing.

“Damn, we came here just for this?” Margot asked rhetorically. She made a smirk and stepped backwards.

“Yeah, that is the number one asset of the Seth, that flash contains untraceable billion code of currencies across the world. Whoever has it definitely can control any currency across any country in the world without getting caught or traced” Steve answered her, also staring at the flash as she was staring at it marvelously.

A rattling sound came from nowhere again as both dues stood at a point, still marveled at what they finally found.

“even god himself cannot trace it. I have been waiting patiently for this” Margot whispered with a brightened tone but she had to turn towards the direction of the sound to be sure its still from the rats after Steve turned.

“Here comes the crazy part, we need to move now” Steve was still saying as Margot stepped away from the cave. She was about to move backwards but unfortunately stepped on something else when a rat ran across her foot as Steve tried to step out too.

But this time it was unfortunate for Steve, he was surrounded by laser instantly, he tried to get out real quick but the laser had circulated round him in just a seconds.

Two same separate rods flew across Margot previous position but she was lucky to have quickly squatted.

The rods flew above her head and she rose quickly when she saw the laser around Steve.

“Sh..it what the…” She whispered in a frightened tone and tried to step forward but withdrawn.

The laser would pieces anyone’s skin if touched.

She held unto her breath and watched as Steve staggered around, the circuit of the laser was so swift he hadn’t seen it coming despite that he had predicted the laser but he was caught by it.

“Damn, there must be a way to put this off, I need you to look around for its beamer and turn it off” Steve shouted out to her. He tried to move but careful not to touch the laser.

“Where the hell am I suppose to look at? This whole place is full of traps” Margot responded at her first attempt to step more forward, she slow down immediately and stopped.

She looked around the place in a swift and confidently step forward, she turned to the left, right, adjacent, front and back in an attempt to save Steve but she got frustrated when a short axe flew from another direction but she was lucky to have seen it fast, she dodge again and stopped at a point.

Soon, a gruff vibration followed and she thought it was time she get out of the place when the whole wall vibrated like it was going to collapse.

She looked at Steve face and shook her head to indicate a negative response.

Its best she ran out of the place quickly or die. She thought to herself and began to step backwards immediately. She turned at a point and began to hurry out from the tomb as she heard Steve shout her name with the flash in her hands.

There was no way he could be saved and Its was better to let him die alone while she escape with one thing that mattered the most.

To be continued…

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  1. Some people self I knew it she shouldn't be trusted I just hope there's a way Steve will be able to leave there and also get hold of Margot before it's too late but authoress Margot been in possession of the flash doesn't it mean the story is not ending soon cos Margot has been looking for that same flash and by so doing is going to cause more trouble

  2. 👌“The top members had to put in so much effort in case any member try to betray them hence they created the need for absolute security till the last.👌
    STEVE knew someone will betray them, MARGOT did so
    MARGOT watch ur back!!!

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