The Vow – Episode 1

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The Vow – Episode 1

© Jennipher Duru

“I love you Gabriel and I can’t wait to marry you. I just feel so nervous right now. I am already imagining myself on the aisle saying I do” Cynthia said, kissing Gabriel on his forehead.

Gabriel smiled “I love you too baby. I’ve been praying to marry you since the first day I set my eyes on you. It’s normal to be nervous baby, but it will be a great day” he said.

It was a lovely evening. Gabriel and Cynthia were having the best of time at a romantic beach Restaurant in town. The two had been in a relationship for over three years and now they had just made the commitment to get married. The wedding ceremony was in three weeks’ time and preparations were ongoing. Cynthia was a simple, but intelligent young woman who worked as a Program Assistant in a Nonprofit Foundation. Her parents were well to do. Gabriel was also a tall, handsome young man who had successfully built his career as a journalist. He was quite known in the country. He had started his career as a radio journalist before climbing the work ladder to become a Top TV journalist in the country. He was smart and elegant with a powerful and sexy voice. As it would be, he was so much appreciated by young ladies. So many of his lady colleagues had fallen for him and only wished he could be their lover. However, despite being very open and gentle, Gabriel was not a womanizer type of guy. He came from a rather poor background and had fought his way up in life. Things had not worked out between his ex, Helen and him. After splitting with Helen because of her infidelity and materialistic type of behavior, he had decided not to enter into a relationship just for the sake of having someone in his life. He wanted something serious and long lasting.

When he met Cynthia, he knew that he had met the girl of his dreams. The two became so much in love that they were inseparable. Gabriel met Cynthia during his hardest times. He had just lost his job as a Radio journalist and was trying to enter TV journalism. Cynthia managed to convince her Boss to hire him to cover one of their social events. He did so well that one of the most popular TV stations offered him a good job. And ever since then, he became a popular face on the screens. He was known to many as Gaby X.

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“Good night my love. Please try to get some sleep so that you’ll have enough energy to do your shopping tomorrow” Gabriel said as he dropped Cynthia off at her parent’s house. Cynthia gave him a hug and entered the house. It was around 20:00 and Gabriel had a show to present at 22:00. He went back to the office.

Cynthia’s mom and sister were busy putting the invitation cards in the envelopes when Cynthia walked in “Hello our bride to be. How was your night out with my son to be? Cynthia’s mom asked. “It was nice mom. I really had a nice time. Gaby and I are thinking of inviting the Redwood live band to perform at our wedding in the evening” Cynthia said, grabbing one of the invitation cards.

“Oh my God! This will be the wedding of the season Cynthia!” shouted her sister, Angela. Her mother was excited too. She danced in the living room “What a joy to see my daughter getting married with dignity. Oh what a joy!” she sang. Her daughters laughed as they saw her dance like a kid. They continued enveloping the invitation cards as they also discussed how the wedding would be.

It was 22:00. Cynthia rushed to grab the remote control to change the channel so that she could watch her darling fiancé. The show was just starting.

“Good evening viewers, this is your host and presenter Gaby X bringing to you your favorite TV show ‘My Life’. I am very glad that you joined us today as we talk about real life issues that affect you and I. On the platform tonight, we have Dr. Kenneth GK, who will be answering some of your health related questions. We also have Mrs. Margaret Vera, a mother, wife and Businesswoman who is making it in the world of business. Mrs. Margaret will be sharing with us some of her secrets to living a balanced life as a woman. As usual, you shall be given an opportunity to call in for your questions or suggestions. Please note that the number is 020997. I repeat 020997. Dr. Kenneth and Mrs. Vera, you are welcome to the show” Gabriel said.

Cynthia was all smiles. She admired her fiancé as he spoke with his charming voice. He was dressed elegantly, as usual. Her mother rubbed her hand on Cynthia’s head “Just look at how you are smiling and admiring your lover! Oh, how I miss those days when your father and I just met. My heart was burning inside me with passion” she said

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“Oh so you mean to say that you are no longer in love with him?” Cynthia asked. Her mom smiled and said “I am still in love. It’s just that I no longer feel those chills, but we still love each other.”

“Well as for me, I want to have these chills till eternity mom” Cynthia said. “Don’t mind your mom. She is just ashamed to tell you that she is now an old sheep” Cynthia’s dad said. He had heard their conversation from his home office and had come to spend time with them. He sat down on the furniture and sipped in his wife’s glass of coke. Cynthia’s mother stood up and went to rub her hand on his head “You are the old sheep, not me. Can’t you see the grey hair on your head? You now look like Albert Einstein” Cynthia’s mother teased him. He held her hand and bit it gently. Cynthia’s mother giggled. The children laughed. Cynthia looked at them and admired their relationship “I pray that my marriage with Gaby will be as sweet as this” she said in her heart.

The following day, Cynthia was to go shopping with her best friends, Sara and Monica. They had been friends since High School. They entered Cynthia’s car and drove off. “Cynthia, I think these shoes look better than the ones we saw last week. Let’s get them” Sara said. “Yes definitely, I love them. The heels are high but they are so comfortable and you kow that I want to be comfortable that day because I will dance till the cows come home” Cynthia said.

“I can’t wait to see both of you dancing, especially Gaby. By the way, his show yesterday was simply amazing. Did you hear the confession of that young lady who said she had been sleeping with her father’s friend?” Sara said.

“I was so shocked my dear. The things that are happening in this world are so strange” Cynthia said. The two spent the whole afternoon shopping. As they were about to leave the shopping mall, Sara said “Hey Cynthia, isn’t that Gabriel over there?” Cynthia looked closely and saw that it was Gabriel. He was having coffee in a nearby restaurant with a beautiful lady. Cynthia said happily “Oh yes, it’s my baby”. She rushed towards them, and when Gabriel saw her, he stood up in excitement and hugged her “Hello baby girl. You look so nice. Have you ladies finished shopping?” he said. “Yes my love, we just finished now and we are about to go home now. What are you doing here?” Cynthia said.

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Gabriel held her by the waist and pointed to the lady “Baby, meet Sasha my new colleague. She just joined the TV station and so I brought her for coffee to make her feel at home and fill her in with some vital advice about the nature of the job. Sasha, please meet my beautiful fiancée, Cynthia. She is the one I talked to you about.” Gabriel said.

Sasha stood up and hugged Cynthia “Oh, it’s a pleasure to meet you. Gaby has told me so much about you. I hope the wedding preparations are going on well” Sasha said.

“The pleasure is all mine my dear. I am trying my best to do all the necessary things, since the day is fast approaching” Cynthia said. Sasha proceeded to greet Cynthia’s friends. Cynthia and Gabriel held each other’s hands as they talked “Ok, baby, do enjoy your coffee. Let me rush home to meet my aunt who came in this evening. I know she has a lot to tell me. I’ll catch you later. Love you” Cynthia said.

“Ok baby girl. I’ll pass by as soon as I am through with the show this evening. I love you too. Say hi to aunt and mom” Gabriel said. They gave each other a hug and the ladies left.

“Cynthia, I don’t understand the kind of person you are. How can you allow your fiancé to be spending time with other ladies? Don’t you understand the dangers?” Monica said as they left.

Cynthia smiled “Oh come on Monica. Relax. I trust Gabriel. This is the nature of his job, and I have come to understand him. Believe me, I know the man I am seeing, he’s not a player” she said.

“Oh really? Did you see how the lady was dressed? She looked too sexy for a professional meeting! I am just advising you to open your eyes and stop being naïve. Women of today are very dangerous.” Monica continued.

“Oh Monica! Leave Cynthia alone. She has told you that they both trust each other. Why can’t you stop putting negative thoughts in her mind and allow her to prepare for her wedding in peace?” Sara interrupted.

“Well, if you say so. I am just trying to show some concern” Monica said

“Sure, I understand sweetheart, and I appreciate. But you have nothing to worry about. I know who Gabriel is” Cynthia said

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