The Vow – Episode 3

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The Vow – Episode 3

© Jennipher Duru

Cynthia and Sara decided to go and see Monica at her place of work the following day. She desired to sort things out with her before her wedding day. The Receptionist called Monica and informed her that she had visitors. Cynthia and Sara sat at the reception area when Monica arrived. Monica saw them and sat down with a frown. “Oh come Momo, stop looking like you are attending a funeral. It’s me Cynthia your best buddy. Cheer up, let’s talk” Cynthia said. Monica did not say a word. She sat down and said “Go ahead, I am listening”

Cynthia: Don’t behave like a little girl. You know that you, Sara and I are like sisters. I have come to apologize for yesterday. I know I shouldn’t have said what I said. I am really sorry if I hurt your feelings. I was just a bit upset with what you said about Gaby.

Monica: I don’t think I said anything bad. I was just trying to show some concern because you are my friend, but you took it too far to the extent of insulting me. Do you think I am happy with the fact that none of my relationships has ever worked out? Or is it because you are getting married that you should now treat me like a sinner?

Cynthia: I am sorry Monica. Please forgive me. I cherish our friendship and you know that.

Sara: Monica, you know that Cynthia is our friend and she is about to celebrate the best moment of her life. I strongly believe that the best gift we can ever give her is our support. Your accusations were uncalled for. And you Cynthia, I also think you overreacted by using such words. So I demand that both of you apologize to each other and make peace. We don’t have much time to waste on silly issues. We have a major event to prepare.

Cynthia and Monica were both quiet for a while. “Ok, I am sorry once again. Let’s make peace” Cynthia said. Monica put up a fake smile and said “Ok, peace then”. Sara asked them to give each other a handshake, to which they both agreed. “Great, now we can talk serious business. Let’s draw the final plan on our bachelorette party tomorrow night. I saw a nice post on the internet that gave some cool ideas on how to make it fun” Sara said, bringing out her phone. The two others looked closely at the post and started discussing. After a few minutes, Monica went back to her office, while Cynthia and Sara left.

“Hi baby, how is your party going?” Gabriel shouted on the phone as he spoke to Cynthia. He had to shout because of the loud music that was being played in Sara’s house where the Bachelorette party was being organized. “The party is fine my love. I am having so much fun here. How are you doing?” Cynthia shouted back. “I am doing fine. But I miss you. I can’t wait to spend the rest of my life with you. I can’t wait to come back home every evening to see your beautiful face and hear your loving voice” Gabriel said.

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“Oh, I miss you too honey. Don’t worry; we will soon be together forever. I have to go now. I’ll call you tomorrow morning. Go and have some rest. I love you” Cynthia replied. The girls had fun that night. They had invited a couple of other ladies to join them as Cynthia said goodbye to the life of a spinster.


It was a cold Saturday morning. The wedding bells rang from the church. Cynthia’s father opened the door of the well decorated car and took his daughter by the hand. She looked extremely gorgeous in her wedding dress. She had ordered it online from India. She looked like a princess. Her Chief Bridesmaid, Sara stood behind her as she held the train of her wedding dress. Sara wore an elegant pink dress. People rose up as the bride entered. They cheered and clapped their hands in excitement. Monica was seated at the front row with other members of Cynthia’s family. They all smiled and cheered as Cynthia walked down the aisle. Gabriel was also standing in front, wearing a beautiful dark blue suit. His friend, Collins, who was his best man, stood by his side as they watched the bride walk towards them.

Gabriel admired his woman. “She looks splendid” he said to Collins. Collins nodded his head and smiled.

As they arrived at the front row, Cynthia’s father let go of his daughter’s hand and put it in Gabriel’s hand. The ceremony commenced. The Pastor read out some scriptures from the Bible and did a short sermon. They were both asked to stand as they pronounced their vows.

Pastor: Mr. Gabriel Kenda, do you take Cynthia Makan to be your wedded wife, to live together in marriage? Do you promise to love her, comfort her, honor and keep her for better or worse, for richer or poorer, in sickness and health, and forsaking all others, be faithful only to her, for as long as you both shall live?

Gabriel: I do

The crowd cheered. The Pastor turned to Cynthia and proceeded

Pastor: Cynthia Makan, do you take Gabriel Kenda to be your wedded husband to live together in marriage? Do you promise to love him, comfort him, honor and keep him for better or worse, for richer or poorer, in sickness and health and forsaking all others, be faithful only to him so long as you both shall live?

Cynthia: I do

The crowd cheered again. Cynthia’s mother clapped even more. The Pastor took the wedding rings and asked the groom to put it on the bride’s finger and vice versa. He asked the couple to repeat some words after him:

Gabriel: I, Gabriel Kenda take you, Cynthia Makan , for my lawful wife, to have and to hold from this day forward, for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and health, until death do us part.”

Cynthia: I, Cynthia Makan take you, Gabriel Kenda, for my lawful husband, to have and to hold from this day forward, for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and health, until death do us part.”

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Tears were flowing from Gabriel’s eyes. Upon seeing that, Cynthia also shed tears of joy.

The Pastor continued “You may now kiss the bride” Gabriel removed the veil from Cynthia’s face and passionately kissed her. The whole crowd rose up to cheer, others took pictures. Cynthia’s mother danced and shed tears of joy. She was so proud of her daughter.

The evening reception was held at one of the best halls in town. About 400 people gathered to witness the scene. It was a great ceremony. Journalists from different TV, radio and print services also gathered to take pictures as they celebrated the wedding of their colleague. Gabriel and Cynthia danced to their amusement. The couple was showered with innumerable gifts. It was indeed a wonderful day. After the ceremony, Gabriel and Cynthia drove off to their honeymoon destination: a cozy hotel in a touristic area, 1 hour drive from their home.

“We did it!” Gabriel shouted as he lifted Cynthia up. “Yes we did it my love. Who could have thought we would make it?” Cynthia answered

Gabriel: Baby, I am so excited. It’s a dream come true. I am so glad to marry the woman of my dreams.

Cynthia: Me too sweetheart. In fact, I feel like making another vow to you right now.

Cynthia brought out her Bible from her suitcase and, putting her hand on it, said “I vow to never leave you no matter the circumstances. I vow to try my best to make everything work between us”

Gabriel shed tears. He put his hand on top of Cynthia’s hand on the Bible and said “And I vow never to love any other woman apart from you. I vow to stay faithful to you always”. They both hugged and went to take a bath.

They stayed at the hotel for 7 days and went back home. They were now living in Gabriel’s apartment. Cynthia had taken a whole month off from work, while Gabriel only took two weeks off because of the nature of his job. “Have a good day baby girl. I love you” Gabriel said as he left for work that morning.

“You too love, Enjoy your day at work” Cynthia replied. Gabriel left and Cynthia closed the door behind her. She went to the dining room and cleared off the table, as they had been having breakfast. After cleaning the apartment, she went to the kitchen to prepare lunch. She danced to some music as she prepared. Her phone rang. It was Monica

Monica: Hey our new bride, what’s up? How are you enjoying your new home?

Cynthia: Hey girlfriend. I am doing very well. These are the most wonderful days of my life.

Monica: Wow, I am glad to hear that. So are you busy this afternoon? Sara and I are going for some pizza this evening around 4pm. Would you like to come with us?

Cynthia: Errrg, well, errg, I will need to discuss it with my husband first, then I’ll let you know

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Monica: Ehen! Married woman indeed! So now you have to ask for permission even to hang out with your best friends hun? Come on; make it quick, because I want to book the sea view seats.

Cynthia: Well ok, let me call Gaby right now

Cynthia called Gabriel and told him about the outing. “Sure honey, you can go. Just try to be home in time, ok?” Gabriel said. Cynthia quickly prepared lunch and left home around 3:30. She arrived at the Fast Food/Restaurant and found Monica and Sara seated. Sara ran to her and hugged her “Hey, the latest bride in town. I missed you. How are you doing? You look gorgeous” Sara said

“I am fine my dear. You look great too. Are you on a diet? You have a nice shape there hun!” Cynthia said. Monica was still seated, smiling. Cynthia bent a little and gave her a hug and sat down.

Monica: So, I can see that you are now under dictatorship. You have to inform the big boss before doing anything

Sara: Monica!!! What else do you expect? She is now a married woman. She needs to inform her husband of anything she is doing

Cynthia: Monica, you are a very funny being. I am not under dictatorship. Just like Sara has said, Gaby is now my husband and we both need to keep each other abreast of anything we do

Monica: Even when you go to the toilet?

The ladies laughed. Cynthia asked for what they were ordering. “Hey ladies, the bill is on me. It’s my way of appreciating your efforts during my wedding ceremony. I love you both and I pray that you soon find the men of your dreams

Sara: Amen!!!! I definitely can’t wait. Just look at how beautiful you are looking. I don’t know how to explain it, but something about you has changed. You look so heavenly

Monica: I won’t say amen for myself. I definitely don’t want any man in my life. I am not ready to be under dictatorship as if I am a slave

Cynthia: Who said you will be a slave? It’s called respect not slavery, and believe me it’s enjoyable. I am enjoying my marriage, seriously

Monica: Well, I am happy for you. But all I am saying is that as a woman, you need to be independent. You can’t just behave like a slave simply because you are married. That is why women across the whole world are fighting for their rights, because men have considered us to be cheap items. You’ve got to fight for your rights baby!

Sara: Well, well, well. I think this is not the reason why we came here. We came here to have fun and not talk about women’s rights. Can we just enjoy our pizza and talk about something else?

Cynthia: I agree. Did you girls hear about the young lady who got shot near the main market some two days ago?

They continued their discussion and ate the pizza hungrily.

To be continued



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