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Top Ten Stories Of 2018 (Official List)

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Here we have the Top Ten Fiction Stories of the Year 2018, but it is something beautiful for you to read this Christmas. If you’re bored and you need something to keep you busy, we’ve got mind-blowing stories on this website. This the compilation of the top ten fiction series for the year

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#10 – Unknown Enemy

At the tenth position we have the story titled Unknown Enemy. It is a story about a married woman who trusts the wrong person and gives too much information to enemy. The Unknown Enemy is secretly destroying her marriage.


#9 – THE BET

The Bet by Tisa Phiri is the ninth story on our list. In her usual interesting pattern of writing Tisa describes the life of two brothers, Jack and Jake who grew up loving each other and having fun competing with each other. In competing with each other, they placed a bets to add more fun to it.




It may come as a surprise that this story is on this list as only few episodes aired in January but the massive views it got this year brings it to the list.

It’s a story of three ladies, thrilling and filled with suspense. If you haven’t read it, I’ll advise you check it out now.

The Undisputed by Tisa Phiri


The story is about a lady named Alexandra whose parents were brutally murdered by the Faceless Gangs who were sent by the Famous Twelve to eradicate the governmental mayor lineage of kutana city which was ruled by Desmond Elliott (Alexandra’s father).


As the title suggests, this story is about a lady who indeed falls crazily in love with a mentally ill person.

It’s absurd, and utter foolishness to the human ears but to Jennifer, it’s LOVE. The story is interesting in every sense and keeps the readers amazed at the creativity of the writer. Take your time to check out this story if you haven’t read it.

#5 – THE HEART OF AN ASSASSIN 1 & 2 by Emmy Okeke

The top 10 list would surely be incomplete without this story being among. Written by Emmy Okeke, the story is a masterpiece full of action and suspense. Read the trailer below

The current president wants to rule for another tenure. Chief William and other chiefs are also after the presidential seat, but chief William is ready to do anything including killing others to attain his ambition of be coming the president. He hires a special assassin who is very powerful and does his work perfectly but there is more to the assassin that meets the eye because the seemingly ‘all powerful’ assassin has a past that would hunt him in time to come.

The Heart Of An Assassin


#4 – BABY AND ME by Tisa Phiri

Here comes a truly mind blowing story, a suspense filled, crime story mixed with romance.

The main character is Jude who grew up as someone believing in honesty and integrity but had his life turned around due to poverty. Jude put aside the integrity to join the business of hacking into bank accounts of financial giants with dirty deals and redirecting their monies.

#3 – BLEMISHED LOVE by Christabel Hilda (Loudest Thoughts)

This beautiful romance story written by Christabel Hilda (Loudest Thoughts) comes 3rd in our countdown. Being the first story to emerge the story of the month in 2018, it also comes 3rd in the official countdown for the year.

About The Story
Somewhere in Connecticut, Grissel Bannerman, an aspiring young lawyer went to jail for being responsible for the death of her five month old son and then relocated to Seattle when she finally got out.

She met Tom Addison, a known womanizer whose entire life took a drastic turn when he fell in love with her.

Grissel had a past she couldn’t disclose to anyone that came into contact with her. The only thing she ever wanted was to be happy with her new found man but her past was always an obstacle.

She finally settled down with Tom, the love of her life of two years. Their marriage took a rough turn barely twelve hours after they took their vows. There was also a psychopath on the loose threatening the peace of their marriage.

Grissel wanted divorce after her past caught up with her. She had always thought nobody could find out.

Her ex wanted her back but her husband respected their vows even when a past child appeared in the picture.

The Ex lover became heartless and Grissel was careless letting him be the focus of her marriage.

Amidst Grissel’s struggle to adjust to her marital problems her old time best friend came back to Seattle and fell in love with her husband. Her troubles kept piling up and she was stubborn to listen to advice.
Grissel was torn between choosing her ex over the love of her life. She was aware whatever decision she makes would hurt someone she loves.

She also knew the only way to fix her marriage was to screw the devil up.

Did Grissel choose Tom or her ex? Did her best friend succeed in snatching husband? Did her marriage finally work out or did she go with her ex?

All these and more are answered in the story BLEMISHED LOVE.


#2 – THE SECOND SIGHT by Aaron Ansah Agyeman

It’s no surprise that this wonderful paranormal thriller is coming number two in the top 10 list. Written by Ghanian writer, Agyemen, the story left every reader spellbound even after it ended.

It’s a story about Yaw Boat, the son of the wealthy Joe Boat a dedicated Christian who grows up to be opposite of his father. His father tries to make him follow the Christian faith but Yaw makes his father efforts futile. He turns out to be a drug and sex addict and one who does not believe in the existence of God.

Yaw continues as a chronic womanizer and sex addict until he has sex with an unknown woman who appeared mysteriously in his bed on a particular night. His life changes forever.

He falls totally in love with Elaine and does not want her for the sex alone but for who she is. But He discovers his life has been changed forever after that night of pleasure with the mysterious woman. The mysterious woman had just carried out the last stage of his initiation into a Kingdom where he would be used by devils. It begins with him having nightmares, very scary ones. But then, there’s another Mysterious person – The Man In Black who tells him about a strange gift of the second sight.

Yaw Boat is torn between Love And Hate, Night And Day, Light and Darkness!

#1 – THE JAILBIRD by Aaron Ansah Agyeman

Unarguable, THE JAILBIRD by Agyeman is an amazing crime and romance thriller. The story began with the main character Chris Bawa’s release from the Grand Castle Prison, after spending his jail term being neglected by his family and friends.

Chris Bawa has no where to turn to after getting out of jail. His wife who he loves with all his life rejects him, his father and his family members also reject him.

He’s dejected as he is served a divorce letter and hears of his wife’ planned marriage to his best friend. Amidst all these trials, there are several enemies lurking around trying to get him back into prison.

Full of suspense and intriguing, we present to you at Number 1 — THE JAILBIRD.



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