The Outcast

The Outcast – Episode 2

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THE OUTCAST – Episode 2

® PG
Written by Amah

Father pulled a great fight with his men on his side and he was able to win through and take Zila home, abolishing the law of trashing the female twin,

Mother couldn’t contend her joy of having her child back to her arm.. She praised father for his courage and those who stood up against this forbidden tradition,

Those who were against couldn’t have much say because more people stood with father,

Father personally went to the houses of the people that has lost their daughters to tradition, he pleaded with them and begged to be forgiven for being part of such evil and abominable act, he doesn’t really know or understand how it feels like until the ball was thrown to him, it was until he was staring at his daughter, how innocent and beautiful she was and never knew what fate awaits her, it was through his own daughter that his eyes opened to understand what it feels like to loose Your Own to tradition made by men who were far gone, since the twin girl was tagged an outcast because of some selfish reasons or unknown reason by the forefathers, men like him, they neither grow horns or ferns, they were probably tribal leaders like him, so they made this law and it has being practised ever since, generation to generation, if anybody breaks this law should be punished by the land or by the gods then he is ready and willing to receive the punishment, let the gods strike him dead or let the land open up and swallow him up for breaking this outcast law against the female twin,

“let them do all they could against us but spare our daughters, they should punish us and spare our innocent daughters, I will be waiting for their equal punishment if there’s any but until then i will be in my house watching my daughter grow among her own, men like me made the law long time ago, I broke the law, no more leaving the female twin in the wood to be devoured by wicked animals, no more, it ends from Zila, my daughter, let anything that will come, come to me, I’m not scared of being punish for stopping this.

Muke and Zila bonded together.. And their wasn’t any such thing like killing of the female twin child again. Some clan chief were not in support.. And they were looking for all means to strike father for destroying the tradition that was set down by the forefathers..

While some called father a hero.

Zila grew up to be a brave strong girl, she was more wise than her age mate, she’s mostly found on her own.. She was to be betrothed to a prince in the neighboring clan once she comes of age,

Zila has heard severally from people how she was an outcast and was taking to the wood until father saved her, she hated the stories because it always scares her whenever she’s being told of it,

Despite father stop the killing of the female twin there were tradition father couldn’t tamper with, his power was limited to that, he can’t save or stop somethings from happening,

there were set of people who are tagged as an outcast in our tribe

There was also a boy Who was banished several years ago.. When Pah was still so traditional.. Before Muke and Zila were born. When mother was still pregnant for Muke and Zila. The boy was just 9years then. His name was Ladi.

Ladi’s family were all wiped off by an unknown sickness.. Ladi’s uncle claimed that Ladi was the bad child that brought darkness to the land and he needed to be set ablaze.. He need to die, before more people dies. some of the clan chief.. disagree to burn or bury him alive, my pah was among the people who disagree to this barbaric act, instead of killing the little boy they agree to banish him instead.

he was told never to return to the tribe or he will be stoned to death and anybody that comes in contact with him will also be banished, so everybody stayed off the outcast side, his uncle who was Ladi’s father’s younger brother took over all their properties as Ladi was sent off.

Ladi wasn’t just the only outcast in our clan, some of the people who are sent out of the clan for being an outcast created their own clan in the outskirt of the forest, they stayed far off from our clan and never come any close, they feed in Bush animals, fruits and different plants,

We also stay far and are warned never to go close to them or we will become like them, everyone stayed far off the outcast lane

Zila was 12years… She sometime go to the wood alone sometimes with Muke, Mekah and other neighbors kids who like been around, they are always warned not to go deep into the wood .. They should just be where their voices can be hard or can be easily seen.. And should avoid the outcast side of the wood.

One day Zila went alone into the wood.. She sometime does that.. As she walks round the wood.. Taking in the fresh air.. She has always thought off what could be at the other side of the wood. She always wanted to find out.. But they have been thoroughly warned to stay off,

she has decided to check it out,

.. She made sure that no one was following or watching her as she slowly went deep into the wood..

She will hide and see if the stories she was told was real.. If it was true that the outcast communicate with sign language.. They don’t talk normal because the gods cursed them , they are horror to look at, has horns and dark reddish eyes.. Long fawns.. This were the stories we were told about the outcast. Zila decided to find out herself

The more she thought of it the more she want to find out herself,

“The outcast. Hmm “What could be on the other side, dangerous men.. Vampires.. They also feed on human flesh, women too.. Very ugly.. Or maybe deadly looking people.. I will like to find out myself…I’m not scared…

As she thought of it fear grip her.. She moved faster.. And even started running down, when she feels she was getting close she slowed down, she wanted to have a full glimpse of them,

she slowed down and moved slowly she must see what they look like or even hear what they sound like

she sneak down the path that’s all covered up with thorn bushes.. She was suddenly caught up on a hard rope.. Which wrapped her up and threw her into a hole.. She screamed.. She kept screaming for help.. Darkness surrounded her. As she was shouting.. She was shock when the rope that was tired all around her started lifting her up gradually.. Somebody was drawing up the rope, as she came up the surface.. The rope started loosing up by itself.. She couldn’t see anybody.. She just felt like invisible hand loosing her up.. After she was free from the rope .. She traced the rope to know where is coming from and found out that the person was hiding in a crowdered leave up on a tree.. She couldn’t see the person.. But she saw that there was somebody hiding there. She became scared, could it be that what she heard about the outcast are actually true, if so then she is in serious trouble, she didn’t even know her way back again because she has gone pass the boundaries of our clan to the forbidden side of the wood.

To be continued



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