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The Outcast – Episode 16

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THE OUTCAST – Episode 16.

Written by Amah

“I have spoken to her father, she is a very beautiful maiden, her name is Marie, I guess you already knows that And doesn’t have a bad record of any wrong doing and her father can attest to that too, she came from a good family, is high time Mbazi, is time to start a family of your own, even your younger brothers are making move in that direction, Mekah has already introduce his young friend to me, I did my findings and found out that the girl Mekah introduced to me came from a good family too, her name is Jarina, the only issue she has is not being bold like Marie, always shy.. Which is not a problem for me..all that matters is that she is a good woman… Everybody mustn’t be the same…Zila had the same weakness, she doesn’t like being in a public place, so you can see that Mekah is making a great move, and it won’t be right if he settles down before you…I can see that Marie likes you so much, you two will make a great couple, I know you have things bothering you..I see it in your eyes, I guess is your sister, who has being gone for a Long time now… I also have sleepless night because of her Mbazi.. I don’t know what to make out of her disappearance, she was suppose to be married by now, her husband to be was heartbroken for months, he wanted to wait for a year to see if Zila will return, I even told him to move on but he loves your sister, and moving on was a very difficult thing to do, we all have not being able to move on after her disappearance, I have done everything humanly possible to find her but to no avail, my only daughter, who was marked an outcast from birth but I couldn’t just…just let her go, I couldn’t let my baby girl go and be devoured by hungry animal just because of man made law, I know it was very selfish of me to save Zila, when I have participated in passing judgment to other twin daughters of this land before Zila, maybe the gods threw the ball to my cot, they wanted me to walk in the painful shoes of other parents who lost their female children to mishap, and when I walked in their shoes I knew it was really painful, I was able to save Zila and stopped the twin girl killing since then, but it pains me that I have not being able to keep her in check, I thought I would be able to save her forever, your sister is the daughter if the gods that was why they spared her life, I watch her grow up beautifully, she was beautiful like her mother and shrewd like me, I thought I would be able to protect my only daughter, I tried… I really tried to make sure I handed her over to her husband but she lives in a world of her own, she was looking all cheerful when her marriage preparation was going on… I watch her laugh and smile whenever she was with the young man, I was very happy watching her glow, I will never stop trying… Never…until I find answer to her disappearance, your mother almost dyed because of her and Lan the medicine man couldn’t save her, I watch her wasting away, I couldn’t do anything either, I cried to the gods for Mercy but they were silent to My plea, then you returned back from visiting your friend and brought that medicine leaf…just like a magic… she….she came back to her self, healed up within few days, I can’t thank your friend enough for his kindness and thank you too for your great move, I wish I can travel down with you to your friend’s tribe to pay my gratitude, but since you volunteer to do that on your next visit, I will give you some gifts to give him, and tell him he is always welcome in our tribe and our home… Hmmmmm I really do miss my daughter, i look out everyday to see her home, I thought I can… always save her… But I will never stop searching and hoping, So Mbazi is really time… Time to start your own family…I told Marie’s father that we will come tomorrow after I finish speaking with you, so that’s why I called you…

“Pah, Mekah can go ahead and start a family I’m not in a haste..and is not really a must that I must marry first because I’m the first not a crime if Mekah start a family before me..he has all My blessings… I…

” Mbazi.. You are my first son…you stand at my right hand, i have always taken you to so many gathering since you were still a child, so that when I finally kiss the earth goodbye, you will take over from were I stopped, I don’t just take you along with me for fun is for you to learn and be wise, i want to rest in peace knowing well you will be able to take care of things, Listen to your father… I’m your father and I will not make a wrong choice for you… Marie is willing and ready to start a family with you, I want you to make me proud..I want you to marry first so that your brothers can follow your steps, pave way as the first son that you are, but I’m not going to go against your choice if you have any, you are a man and you have right to make your own choice of the kind of woman you want…do you have anybody your heart beat for…

I looked at Pah and went silent, how do I even tell him my heart beat for an outcast girl named Kumar, I thought of a better way to present the outcast to him, i don’t want to spoil this father and son conversation, I will present it in away that he will not react harshly, I know Pah can be very difficult but let me first see his reaction…

“Pah…have you ever wondered about Zila…and the…the.. out…cast..

” you are not allowed to speak of them Mbazi…not to me or any body.. The law of the Land forbids it…there’s nothing good about them…they are the forbidden people, they comes with so much terror, they aren’t humans like us… Zila will never ever go close to their boundary because she knows better…I don’t think any normal person will want to dare disobey the law that governs this tribe, no normal person will want to go near the forbidden..

“Pah..Zila was never afraid of anything..not even the people we tagged as the forbidden can scare her off, Pah…Pah what if Zila is there… I know those stories are not true…they are only used to scare us off…and we have being afraid of the outcast for too long… The things we were told concerning them are not true.. Never tru….

” keep shut…are you insane Mbazi…what do you know about the outcast… Have you seen one before… Do you know what they looks like And what they are capable off…may the gods have mercy….why are we even talking about them right now…have you gone nut… Is this the reason I called you in to my chamber… I’m talking about how you can start a family and you are talking about dead people.. I can see what you use your Free time to do… Thinking and talking about useless things… You don’t want to be responsible and think something positive…don’t be a useless son…I raised you better than that Mbazi… You came from my loins behave like my son… I don’t want to hear you talk about the forbidden people ever again, go away from here and get ready for tomorrow, we will visit your wife to be, Marie family will be expecting us…since you are scared of taking responsibility I will help you to become a responsible man….. just the way i raised you to be….

I quietly stood up and walked out sad, unfulfilled, afraid and worried, I can’t contend with Pah, he is always strict, I lost my footing anytime he shakes me like he just did, he is my father I can’t argue with him, I know someday I will be bold enough to talk about the outcast, but definitely not today, whatever Pah says stands,

Marie is always rubbing herself around me, I’m not attracted to her… yes.. She’s very beautiful… Is sad to say that she is even more attractive than Kumar, her physical appearance can lead any man to his doom, she is taller, has curves in a slender body and very attractive, but Kumar is just plain and beautiful in her own way, I find her more beautiful any time I see her even when she covered her face up, her spirit is pure and her heart is voiled of evil, Kumar has deep scars which I guess was inflicted on her when she was a child, I don’t know her story yet but I know she has being through a great lot, she has a beautiful soul just like everyone in the forbidden side, the only thing that’s holding against them is being an outcast

Father want me to marry Marie but my heart is with Kumar,

What do I do now… Is really sad…

To be continued



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