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No More Room For Love – Episode 33

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No More Room For Love Episode 33
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‘I finally found out what your interest in Kate is.’ Andy confronted Jane over a drink in Kate’s favorite bar.

‘Young man, I pay you to work for me. Stop poking your nose in my personal affair.’ Jane flared up.

If I’m going to put my life on the line for you and your weird obsession to cause harm to your granddaughter because you hate your son for marrying her care taker then you need to pay double for what you are already paying me Jane.’

Though I still don’t get why you hate Catherine that much since she only took care of Kate the best way she could but wouldn’t it make sense if you were going after your son or Catherine.’

‘I said stop talking Andy.’

Andy has always been strong headed. ‘You never liked Catherine for your Son and Wilson hasn’t been there for you since she showed up but should that make you want to kill his only child.’

‘You think you have everything figured out but you forgot you are the evil one here.’ Jane muttered.

‘I think you are sick in the head. Love isn’t by force Jane so get that into your thick head. I hope karma catches up with you soon.’ Andy cursed sternly.

‘Are you in or out gentle man? Jane asked almost standing up bumping into the waitress who served them earlier.

Wait Jane, i’m in but double the price.’ Andy blurted out with a weird grin.

‘That’s fine if you promise to do well this time.’ Jane said and walked out.


‘Nectar don’t try stopping me. I need to handle this alone please.’ Kate though was angry her husband keeps eavesdropping on her conversations said rather calmly.

‘I can’t stop you from going out, I just want to go with you.’ Nectar couldn’t possibly tell her wife the main reason she shouldn’t meet Stacy is because he found out Stacy was the devil that poisoned him.

‘Nectar I just don’t want you around, I have my reasons. Trust me its best if I go alone or with Grams.’ Kate said while nectar frowned.

‘I agree you should go but not with your Grams, besides she went out when you came in here and she isn’t back yet.’ Nectar said avoiding the facts to his suggestions earlier.

‘Nectar i’m not stupid, you keep hiding things from me forgetting you are easy to read. This better not be about Pearl again.’ She said and stormed out, knowing that is the only way she could stop him from following her to the office.

She knocked thrice on her way out and there wasn’t any response. Kate peeped in regretting she interrupted a perfect moment.

Matts and Drake were busy devouring each other’s lips when Kate interrupted.

‘Matts i’m sorry, my eyes were closed when I entered.’ Kate said standing by the door with her hands still covering her face while smiling.

‘You can take your hands off now.’ Matts said pushing Drake away from her body.

‘I just wanted to inform you I would be out for a while.’ Kate said still shying away from their faces. ‘Drake, she called so i’m meeting her up in my office. Until i’m back don’t leave.’

‘I think I should come with you.’ Drake said which startled Kate, since her eyes were closed she had no idea Drake was now standing in front of her.

‘No Drake, I need to do this alone besides Matts wants a repeat of what you started earlier.’ She said smiling.

‘Come on Kate, you are such a baby!’ Drake said while Matts looked on shyly. ‘But are you sure you can handle her?’

‘If I need help, I have you on speed dial Drake so concentrate on your lady. She likes to be teased first so make that happen and you will have your way.’

Kate whispered to Drake who just smiled and took another look at Matts who was still fidgeting with her fingers while Kate walked backwards.

‘Matts see you later, I will get the gist when I get back.’ Kate shouted already out of the door.


‘Pearl, as I explained in the text message kindly do your best. I need you now more than ever.’

‘What about the other thing?’

‘Which other th….. Oh yeah!’ He seemed to have remembered what it was. ‘We will look at the other thing you chanced upon later but for now I need you to be smart about this.’

Nectar quickly hanged up after talking to Pearl. Just then she saw Kate walking through the door and waved her with a fake smile showing his displeasure.

Few minutes into her drive she called up Stacy.

‘Stacy are you still at the office because i’m on my way.’ Kate was talking while constantly looking into her side mirror.

‘Yes’ She stuttered obviously nervous.

‘I will see you there soon. She quickly hanged up and pulled out of her lane and packed three meters away from her office.

The Toyota corolla following her stopped a few distances away from her car.

Kate waited for a while since the corolla was not ready to move, she got out of her car and walked down to it.

She opened the door unannounced which startled the driver.

‘So it’s you! Why are you following me around Pearl?’ She recognized her instantly but there was something different about her. She seemed to Kate too sophisticated to be a bar attendant. Kate thought!

Pearl who was on phone quickly tried to hang up. But before she could say let me call you back, she received her first slap.

Kate quickly grabbed the phone which fell on Pearls lap after the slap.

‘Nectar I know it’s you, I will deal with you later but tell your business whore to stay out of my way.’

Kate waited for a response but received none. ‘Keep breathing and not say anything. You better have some good explanation before I get back home or that air you keep blowing into my ears for the past five seconds is the last one you would take.’

Kate said and hanged up checking the caller I.D then she hissed.

‘Really, Sweet Glover!’ Kate flared up. ‘Take your phone and drive off my way.’ Pearl grabbed the phone from Kate who was already out of her way.

She took another look at Kate and showed no sign of jealousy or fear, then she drove off.

Kate didn’t want to go back home immediately since Stacy was waiting for her so she drove closer to her office and walked in obviously sad.


‘Drake, what was that all about with Katie? You two were talking in parables. Would you mind briefing me?’ Matts said rolling her eyes.

‘Is someone jealous now after all the talk and emotions we just poured out to each other?’ Drake asked.

‘I’m not jealous, just concerned where she is running off to in that her condition.’ Matts tried to hide her jealousy.

‘Matts relax, she will be fine. She wants to see her P.A at her office.’ Drake said and got the loudest yell out of his life.

‘WHAT!’ Matts yelled and stood up instantly. ‘I need to get to her office now.’

‘You heard her, she wants to be alone besides she has me on speed dial and we could rush there if she needs help. Stacy as secretive as she may seem is harmless so relax my dear, let’s make good use of the time.’

Matts looked up at Drake who was already giving her winks.

“Get a life Drake.” She hit him on the chest and walked back to the bed which he followed immediately.


‘Stacy, I’ve been here for ten minutes and you keep moving up and down.’

‘Miss I’m really sorry for hurting you this way but I just don’t know how to start.’ Stacy said looking away through the window hiding her tears from Kate.

‘Okay that’s fine. Why don’t you have a seat and we start from how old you are.’ Kate said grabbing her attention.

Mrs. Glover, did you just ask for my age. I had on my ap..plicat.ion form.’ She stammered.

‘Let’s just say, I have forgotten. Just come closer because I’m not going to eat you up Stacy.’

She walked aimlessly for a while then settled opposite Kate acting nervously.

‘Stacy this desk is very dirty, is this how you handle things in my absence.’ Kate’s question created more tension when her intention was to make Stacy laugh.

The look on Stacy’s face scared her and she had to change her approach.

‘Where do you come from? And any living Parents.’ Kate asked watching her reaction.

‘I’m not sure I know my origin anymore though forty-eight hours ago I was so sure I knew my mom.’

‘What about your Dad?’

‘My Dad I never got to meet and i’m not sure he wanted me to be born in the first place.’

‘Why do you say that when you have never met him?’

‘Mom always said, my step sister was the preferred one.’ Stacy said crying while Kate handed her a tissue trying to control her own tears.

There was silence for a while.

‘But Stacy, this doesn’t explain why you called me here.’ Kate tried to force words out of her.

‘I want to resign and I hope you would accept my letter.’ She said focusing on her bag, brought out the white envelope she fixed earlier.

‘Stacy, what is this? You want to resign, fine but not until you explain why you try poisoning my husband.’

Stacy nearly collapsed on the chair.

‘Hello.’ Kate tried to bring her out of her reverie. ‘Why did you disguise yourself and poisoned Nectar his office?’

‘Mrs. Glover, I can explain please don’t throw me in jail.’ Stacy pleaded now on her knees.

‘I have no intentions of doing that yet, if I had I would have weeks ago when you came to my house frightened over a mere image. I looked you up again, though I knew you have some other explanations to make, it doesn’t still explain why you have to involve my husband.’

‘Forgive me.’ She cried.

‘Do you have a problem with me? Have I ever treated you unfairly?’ Kate said now getting angry.

Stacy nodded her head.

‘You had better start talking if you don’t want me throwing your stupid ass in jail. I might even forget you are my… assistant.’ Kate realized she was going to say sister when she hasn’t even read the DNA test report yet.

‘Mrs. Glover, I’m sorry. I was just paid to do that and I have no idea who. I needed the money for my Mom’s treatment.’ Stacy said still on her knees.

‘Couldn’t you have asked for a raise or probably talk to me. I would have helped without even blinking.’ Kate said calming down, though she somehow felt the girl who was almost her age was lying to her but she just didn’t want to raise her hopes of finding a sister in her yet.

‘I’m sorry again.’ Stacy readjusted herself on her knees.

‘Now get up, you will find out whoever paid you and report back to me. Then apologize to my husband. I don’t know why I’m so attached to you yet but I will find out but if you try anything funny again, I will personally throw you in jail. Do you understand me?’

Kate said standing up while Stacy was still on her knees without looking in her boss’s direction.

‘Thank you Miss.’

‘Take back this letter, rewrite your contract indicating you would put up a good behavior from now onwards and if you don’t I should fire you and throw you in jail.’

‘Huh!’ Stacy exclaimed.

‘Yes, then bring it over to the house and I would sign it.’ Kate said and paused at the door, looked through her bag and wrote a cheque. ‘Take that and sort out yourself then get back to work.’ She said and walked out of the door.

Stacy sprawled on the floor. She thought Kate would read her letter so she wouldn’t have to say anything since her mom might be watching her every move.


Matts quivered clenching to the bed sheets while moaning loudly. Drake embarrassed with his current environment kept covering her mouth when she gets so excited and wants to shout.

Another thrust, a moan followed by flashes of smile and they both collapsed on each side of the bed.

‘You know I still don’t love you right but I like you.’

‘Drake I understand so let’s not keep talking about feelings.’ Matts said raising her head off Drakes chest finally looking into his eyes.


‘Can we go for another round before someone comes knocking again?’ Matts said while Drake just kept staring at her.

‘I’m exhausted Matts. Let’s get some sleep first, I just got off your body very hungry and fully spent though i must admit this your stamina I might not be able to match up with.’

‘Drake are you changing your mind already. Don’t do this to me again.’ Matts said raising herself off his body as she jumped there earlier for her third round which was denied.

‘No, I want to be with you but you should as well learn to control yourself. Whatever we agree to shouldn’t only be about sex Matts.’

‘Drake is this about Kate again? You can’t bear the thought of sharing your body with me because you keep thinking about her.’ Matts said almost in tears.

‘Come here Matilda. I’m sorry and I didn’t mean to hurt you again.’ She went into his arms wiping her face like a child.

‘Alright.’ She sniffed.

‘Don’t be a baby all the time Matts.’ Drake said teasing.

‘I’m only a child around you which I don’t seem to understand myself either.’ Matts confirmed.

‘That’s because you love me. I can’t promise you the whole world but I will try if it doesn’t work out as we agreed on, we take a walk out.’ Drake said reminding Matts of their earlier arrangement.

‘I need just one favor Drake. Anything Matts. Just do well and stop mentioning Kate’s name during Sex.’

‘Say again? Did I Matts?’ Drake asked so embarrassed. She only nodded her head.

‘That’s fine, I mean I understand.’ She quickly said to avoid getting upset.

‘It wasn’t intentional I’m really sorry my dear.’ He gave her a tight hug which Matts had no plans of letting go.


Nectar had been trying Pearls number for hours since Kate hanged up. He sighed heavily when his phone range and it was her.

‘Handsome, prepare to explain yourself to your wife. She was crazy earlier, I had no idea she was that stupid and childish.’ Pearl didn’t wait for him to say Hello.

‘Pearl don’t call my wife names. I won’t take that from you.’

‘Wow Glover.’

‘What?’ He asked angrily. ‘You should be worried about fixing your mistakes as you are always screwing up everything.’

‘What’s that supposed to mean Glover?’

‘Exactly what you heard. I don’t know which of the schools, you passed out from but you are too slow and stupid for a detective.’ Nectar said biting his lips knowing he just insulted the one person who has the evidence he needs to end all these family drama.

‘Glover don’t insult my intelligence and accept the truth. That lioness you call a wife would never love you but she is tough enough to handle the truth. Just tell her the truth, if she can’t handle it and dies then I can now call myself lucky.’ Pearl said referring to Kate’s character earlier.

‘To think my wife as childish as you think she is, was able to spot a trained detective as you, then i think I should get another detective then, since you are so bent on ruining everything for me.’ Nectar said with a tone he had never used on pearl since they met.

‘It’s your choice Glover but don’t forget you still owe me that sex. And you know I always get what I want as you just provoked the lioness in me.’ Pearl hissed and hanged up.

Nectar paced around chuckling.

‘Who does she think she is? Hope she won’t try anything funny.’ Nectar was still in deep thoughts when his bedroom door opened with a heavy sigh.

To be continued



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