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No More Room For Love

No More Room For Love – Episode 32

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No More Room For Love Episode 32

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Matts and Nectar was sitting in the dinning watching Kate and her Grams giggle while tidying up with Kate sitting and lazing around throughout.

Nectar flashed an eye to Matt’s direction.

‘What is going on there you need to handle Nectar, before the worse happens.’

‘I can’t do anything for now.’

‘You just told me Jane is dangerous for some weird reasons, why would you support her stay in this house.’ Matts whispered to avoid getting caught this time.


Matt’s interrupted him quickly.

‘For Stacy i always knew she was too good to be true. Her name popped up while investigating the LITDEVIL5 account.’


‘Just alright? Nectar you need to contain Jane before she commits another crime.’

Then the doorbell rang which startled Jane who was obviously pretending to help Kate tidy up and everyone’s attention was directed to the entrance.

‘Nectar are you expecting someone.’ Kate shouted out to her husband who was confused for no reason, as well as her Grams who looked so scared.

For some weird reasons there was so much tension around that morning. Matts thought.

‘Why are you all ignoring the door?’ Matts broke the silence. She quickly rushed to the door after shouting, ‘Hold on. I will get it!’

‘What are you doing here.’ Matts glared at the figure in front of her.

Drake flashed her a smile.

‘It’s not funny Drake, stop stalking me everywhere. I don’t want your friendship. Just keep it.’ Matts was about to say something when he interrupted.

‘I’m here to see Kate, so relax Matilda.’ He said and smiled

Matts feigned a smile and embarrassment flashed her face.

‘So can I come in now?’ Drake asked while Kate kept shouting from her sitting position.

‘Kate its Drake.’ He replied to her shouting’s.

‘Matts will you let the gentle man in and close both your mouth and the door.’ Kate said teasing.

She gave him way to pass and closed the door behind him angrily.

‘Drake what are you doing here without even a call.’ Kate asked when he finally stopped staring at Matt’s and walked closer to Kate.

‘That’s rude Kate, allow the gentle man to have a seat first.’ Jane cautioned while moving upstairs.

‘Kate I have the details on what you asked for.’ Drake whispered.

‘Let me have it.’ Kate asked excited.

‘Are you sure you are medically fit to check this alone? Call nectar or my lady there.’ Drake said rolling his eye to the direction Matts and Nectar were earlier.

‘Drake I have survived worse, but I would be disappointed if she is not my sister.’

‘Take it easy Kate, before you open though. Even if she is, that doesn’t explain where she has been all these while and why she changed her year of birth on her documents.’ Drake confirmed.

‘I’m not really concerned about that now, i’m sure she will explain when I speak with her.’

Kate said and picked up her phone checking the caller I.D while walking away and whispering to Drake to talk to Matts.


Drake contemplated for a while and stood up strolling to Matts and Nectars end.

‘Sis, I think he is coming to your end so I need to go, all the best.’ Nectar whispered and rushed towards where his wife entered earlier.

‘Matts please don’t go; I want us to talk about this tension between us.’ Drake said finally catching up with Matts who was rushing towards her room.

Standing by her door, half opened she thought of just entering and closing the door in his face. That would be rude and stupid she said rather loudly then gasping for air when she realized Drake was so close to her face now.

She closed her eyes hoping Drake would just kiss her already, when the part of her mind with a conscience thought of pushing him away.

‘Drake this can’t happen and you know why?’ Matts said so unsure because her body was already betraying her.

‘Why is that Matt’s? But considering the fact that your eyes are still closed I know you really want this?’ Drake said playing with her feelings again.

‘Please don’t.’ She said so sure this time and rushed in leaving the door for him.

‘Matts get a grip on yourself, I just want us to talk. Nothing will happen if we both don’t allow it.’

There was silence for a while.

‘Make it snappy then.’ Matts finally swallowed her pride and confirmed.

Drake glanced at the neatly laid bed and smiled.

‘And don’t even think about sitting on that bed, you can stand or take the couch.’ Matts quickly said before Drake could settle on her bed beside her.

Drake took a step back quietly as a good small boy obeying her mom and off he settled on the couch.

Another silence hour between Drake and Matts who obviously were undressing themselves with their eyes.

‘Nice room you have here.’ Drake said breaking the tension.

‘Say what you came here for and leave me alone, I already have a headache around you.’ Matts said taking her eyes off Drake.

‘Do you need to be rude all the time Matts, I know you love me which I have come into terms with?’

‘What exactly are you saying now Drake, you can’t love me? It’s impossible for you so don’t pretend you care too much about my already broken heart.’ Matts said avoiding his gaze.

‘Matts could you not complicate things now. I must admit I’m beginning to like you but this your saucy attitude is pushing me away already.’

She raised up her head, and finally looked into his face while he smiled.


‘Stacy don’t tell me you are working today been a Saturday.’ Kate told Stacy over the phone after she realized it was her office line calling.

‘Miss Please I want to ask for a favor, and i’m not working.’ Stacy said in a rather feeble voice.

‘Stacy go ahead i’m listening.’ Kate said smiling reminding herself she could be talking to her sister as she hasn’t read the DNA result Drake brought.

‘I want us to have that talk, I know you always wanted me to open up to you Mrs. Glover.’

Kate sighed heavily.

‘Stacy why don’t you come home so we talk because I also want to talk to you.’ Kate said with smiles.

‘I’m afraid I can’t come to your house Miss. I can’t let my mom know i talked to you.’

‘Okay, wait for me at the office I will be there in an hour.’ Kate said and quickly hanged up wondering why Stacy was scared of coming home.

She hurriedly brushed her hair and then changed her shirt. Her heart was skipping which was unusual.

‘Where do you think you are going to in an hours’ time?’ Kate heard Nectars voice behind her. Was he eavesdropping again?’ She whispered silently and turned around.

To be continued



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