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No More Room For Love – Episode 25

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No More Room For Love Episode 25

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Kate felt Nectars wet lips on hers in no time and slowly gave in and vice versa. For close to two minutes, he was everywhere on her body.

His emotions were out of place and he was making headway with the pleasures they both needed by touching the right places, when a knock came on the door. He jumped to his feet like a cheating husband caught by his wife.

“Who is there?’ He asked while Kate quickly pulled up her blouse which was almost taken off by Nectar.

“Katie are you okay in there.” Matts asked concerned.

“Matilda go away.” Nectar shouted and interrupted Kate’s thoughts.

“Saint I need Katie now with something urgent.”

‘What is that?’ Nectar asked.

‘Katie I have a lead on that mail we talked about the last time.’ Matts shouted to her because she hasn’t heard her voice yet.

Nectar shoved Kate an eye. ‘Please can we continue this later,’ Kate asked Nectar who just nodded his head. She quickly rushed herself downstairs meeting Matt’s half way who pulled up her zipper for her with a weird look.

When they got there, a tall man in suit was waiting for them.

‘Meet my Confidential Informant.’ Matts introduced!

‘Okay! Tell me the anonymous person behind the username LITDEVIL5.’ Kate asked rather in a hurry to go back upstairs.

‘You won’t believe this. I think you need to sit down for this.’ Kate forgot she was standing all along.

“Talk Matts, what is it?” Kate asked curiously.

“Drake set you up.”

“Huh! No way.”

‘Yes way Katie! He did everything electronically and hired Bradley who initially was just in for the money but well you know how that story ended.’

‘Wait, start again.’ Kate obviously was in shock.

‘When he realized he was getting so close to liking you, he had to get him off the way that was when the murder and rape story of the girl came about.’

‘No, I refuse to believe this. Why would he do that?’ Kate just lost appetite for whatever she was in a hurry to go back to.

‘I don’t know yet.’

‘Let me call him,’ She said in a rush.

‘No you will do no such thing, we have to thread carefully.’

‘Alright but what should i do now.’

‘Allow me handle this mess, while you have all the time to fix your marriage.’ Matts offered.

“Thank you Matts.’ They shook hands with the C.I and who Matt’s didn’t allow to speak a word in there until he walked out.

They both sighed for a while and kept staring at the file the C.I brought earlier. Matt’s knew she had to make her happy before she goes upstairs with the sadness on her face.

‘Katie how is that going up there with you two.’ Matts asked pointing to the direction to which she was headed earlier before she stopped her.

‘Matts let me gist you later,’ Kate replied grinning.

Her friend was happy she wasn’t sad about the earlier development.

‘Okay but I hope you are not planning to tell him anything yet.’ Matts asked.

‘Of course, Yes, I have to. I can’t start this new journey on secrets and lies.’ Kate said shaking her head to agree she has made the right decision.

She wriggled her hands and rushed upstairs.

‘What was that all about?’ Nectar asked when Kate entered her matrimonial room.

Kate didn’t see the need to answer him right at that moment when all she was thinking about was the kiss earlier she knew she had to start giving him the benefits of the doubt.

“I think you might not believe me but then you ask Matts.” Kate said having second thoughts.

‘Kate I think I can trust you, so talk. If you are not ready to do that now, then it’s fine.’ Nectar said honestly.

She smiled and glanced at him walk away to the washroom and she quickly searched through her wardrobe. Kate forgot her bag was still in Matt’s car but she remembered keeping a new Pajamas in one of the small drawers. It was neatly folded when she checked and she grabbed it smiling.


Sleeping on the other side of the bed, he came in smelling like fresh water. ‘That earlier was about Mandy.’ Kate examined the look on Nectars face.

And It’s not what you think please.’ Kate said politely. ‘I will tell you about it on one condition.’

“Which is? Nectar asked curiously smiling at her.

‘Tell me about Keisha, I have the right to know if she has done anything to bring about those episodes.’ Kate demanded.

Nectar became sad all of a sudden then heaved a loud and painful sigh and made to talk. ‘How much exactly did Matts tell you?’ He asked.

“Just about the marriage to how you tried saving Keisha and failed. That was all.”

‘I think that is it then.’ Nectar tried to hide the fact that he was not comfortable with talking about his past.

‘No what happened? Nectar I’m trying here to open up, that’s a good thing.’ Kate said rather shyly.

Kate wondered how she was so comfortable for the past one hour with him when she thought getting back with him would be difficult.

Nectar looked at her with a frown and cleared his throat. ‘Keisha and I had a little argument over leaving the Hamptons back home. She wanted to stay but I insisted we go because I had to resume work soon, which I needed to handle some few things beforehand.’

He swallowed hard and paused.

‘Are you okay?’ She asked concerned.

Yeah, i’m fine. So some other words followed and she was angry I already packed up her things. But she was taking long to come out of the washroom and i was wondering why and went in search of her. I realized she slipped and was in her own pool of blood.’

‘Ohh i’m sorry.’

‘Just a stupid argument, why couldn’t i put her need first. I was just stupid then.’

‘You were not stupid Nectar.’ Kate announced before she realized she said something new.

‘And i don’t want to make that mistake with you, the reason i paid no attention to your rudeness. Because i might just commit another murder if i do.’

Nectar finally said with tears strolling down his cheeks.

Kate wasn’t sure if she should be holding him in her arms but he quickly spoke up. ‘Now your turn Kate. I want to hear it all.’

She grinned and raised herself up a bit.

After what looks like an hour, Kate realized she just told him everything about her dad and down to Drake the last fool in love with her.

‘Thank you for trusting me with this let me know what I can do to help.’ Nectar finally found his voice and wiped his face.

Kate then realized Nectar is just an ordinary man who had a bitter experience and may never recover. She kept thinking to herself and longing for that kiss from earlier.

‘Can we continue what we started earlier?’ Nectar finally asked!

‘What did we start earlier?’ Kate pretended not to know when she just thought about it a while ago.

‘You do want me to say it right?’ Kate feigned a smile at Nectar’s sarcastic question.

‘Ahuh!’ She exclaimed.

‘I want to kiss you again. Just a Kiss.’ Nectar said grinning.

No gentle man, i’ m not ready and I don’t want to disappoint you again moaning someone else’s name.’

Over excitement took over Kate’s lips as she cursed herself that instant for refusing that golden opportunity.

‘I don’t care Kate; you can even mention Matt’s name that is not a big thing.’

‘How can you make a joke right now when I am serious?’ Kate said still not sure of her feelings. As she thought about it for a minute she felt it was a good idea not to jump the fence yet, as she had no idea what to expect.

‘Sorry, I just….’ Nectar was about to say when she held her middle finger on his lips and told him to give her time.

‘I can hold you in my arms right.’

‘Says, who?’ They giggled and drifted to sleep as if they were not thesame people who hated each other from the start.

Matt’s waited in the hall to hear noise from arguments but nothing came up and she was glad her brother and Kate were having a good time.


‘Why did you ask me here Matts? Has something happened to Kate?’

After learning Drake did all that, Matts arranged a meeting with him, though she has her own personal agenda to push around.

“I must admit I admire his stature, which i’m lusting over right now sitting in front of him.” Matts thoughts were loud but Drake didn’t hear her because a noisy truck passed by suddenly.

‘Matts, are you just going to stare at me?’ Drake asked wondering what was going on with her.

‘Emmm pardon my stare.’ Matts came out of her reverie stammering.

‘Why did you bring me here Matts?’ Drake asked again, confused why Matts kept staring and swallowing saliva as if she was thirsty.

‘I wa…n..’ She was stuttering and Drake felt she was thirsty.

‘Waiter, kindly give the lady here some juice. Pineapple preferably because she hasn’t touched the coffee in front of her.’ Drake ordered.

Matt’s was suddenly dumb. She couldn’t explain her feelings towards Drake. It wasn’t as if he is her type but the feeling was just intense. Maybe she just wanted to sleep with him. Matts thought silently.

By the time, she realized she saw him dropping money on the table, probably for the coffee she ordered but had not touched yet.

Matts quickly stood up and blocked his way. ‘I’m sorry Drake. Don’t go because Katie’s life depends on it.’

He looked back into Matts eyes and she feigned a smile.

‘Okay make it snappy, I have somewhere else to be.’ Drake said without reading meaning into what Matts said earlier, or he just doesn’t care anymore.

‘Who is LITDEVIL5?’ Matts asked and saw the look on Drake’s face. He was surprised and that tells her he knew what she was talking about now. He was silent for an extra two minutes as Matts kept looking into his eyes and each time he made to talk nothing came out.

‘Drake, you did this to someone you claim you love? Come on, to think I came here hoping you would actually prove me wrong.’ Matts said just hoping that somehow she was wrong in accusing Drake.

He regained his composure suddenly. ‘Look Matts, who else knows about this.’

“Wow so it is true.” Matts said losing all hope.

He held her hands firmly, which she slapped on the table earlier. The spark she couldn’t control but she needs to focus on his answers.

“Matts get over yourself now,” She murmured to her inner being.

‘What did you say?’ He asked her curiously.

“I asked a question and I need an answer.” Matts said annoyingly now.

‘See I can explain but only to Kate.’ He said calmly.

‘She doesn’t want to see you. What point of that don’t you get Drake.’ Matts said trying to control her anger and emotions.

Alright and it’s true that was my username on but I sold it out after I found Kate again.’ He said opening up with honesty in his eyes.

‘What do you mean by again? You two know each other before you met again.’ Matts asked inquisitively.

‘I need to talk to Kate because she alone would understand me but I hope nothing happened with what I started.’ He asked worried.

Matts told him from the beginning to the end and somehow she was so happy he had nothing to do with all that mess but she still need not to make it obvious.

They were about to leave when Drake asked if she believed him.

“Of course, I can see through your beautiful eyes.” Matts said rather aloud.

Drake jerked his neck back and looked at her with his eyes questioning her.

‘Well I meant I like your blue eyes,’ Matts stammered.

‘Thank you,’ Drake said with a serious face, while he drove alongside Matts.


Her marriage has been at peace since her reconcillation with Nectar. Though it’s not yet a strong bond, they were able to get through the past week successfully.

Nectar had insisted she stayed home for the week and she obeyed after giving it a lot of thought.

‘Stacy!’ Kate called up to her assistance who was looking around the living room while Kate was yet to attend to the reason she came by.

Kate walked down the stairs, while Nectar followed.

Hello Miss, I brought the documents as you asked. But the investors want a meeting with you soon or they pull out.’ Stacy stated while avoiding Nectar’s gaze which was on her since he came down.

‘Don’t I know you from somewhere?’ Nectar asked, distracting them from their conversation. Kate shoved him an eye.

‘Nectar of course you know her, Stacy my assistance. Now can you please let us have this meeting?’

‘Kate but i’m sure I know her from somewhere else.’

‘Nectar, leave us alone. Remember I’m in the house because you asked me to.’

‘Yes but she……’

‘I think I should go to work now.’ Kate feigned standing up.

‘No, Kate! I give up, but lets talk about this when you are done.’ Nectar said and took a second look at Stacy whose heartbeat can be heard from afar and her confused gaze was all over the room.

When she left Kate apologized on Nectar’s behalf.

‘So Stacy, I would be at work next week. Send them an invite, then we see how best we can handle that.’

‘Thank you Miss, I have to get going now.’ Stacy said rather in a hurry.

Why don’t you wait for lunch, i’m sure my husband wont mind though you are avoiding him for some reason he tried to state earlier.’

‘I don’t want to Miss Santa.’

‘Do you know him because you usually wait for lunch at my moms when you visit.’ Kate said curiously.

‘No Miss, I just have many reports I need to handle.’ Stacy said struggling with her voice.

‘But i’m the Boss, the reports can hang on for now.’ Kate said smiling.

‘But Miss, the truth is I have a date and I need to prepare for it.

‘Ohh I see! Good luck then,’ Kate said and walked her to the door.


‘Nectar, what was that all about earlier, you scared the poor girl. I’ve been trying for years to get through to her but she keeps to herself and then you pulled that stunt out there.’

‘Sorry Kate, her face struck someone I know.’ Nectar said still trying to remember.

‘Someone like the many girls you took advantage of.’ Kate spilled that trash out before coming to her senses.

‘Wow! Is someone jealous?’ Nectar couldn’t stop smiling but managed to ask.

‘You wish.’ Kate said smiling.

‘Jealousy is a good step.’ He teased and Kate grinned.

‘Well if you happen to remember then you let me know because I figured she knows you too because I saw her earlier staring at your image on the wall.’

Nectar jerked up and wondered why Stacy was interested in his mere image.

‘Are you sure Kate?’

‘Yes, but it’s not a big deal. Besides, she could just be admiring you that’s all.’ Kate said now smiling.

‘If you say so, but be careful around her.’ Nectar advised.

‘Alright Bishop Glover.’ They both ended up laughing.


‘Mom i’m not sure I can continue this anymore, everytiime I get the opportunity to take revenge for how I was abandoned like a chicken; she just makes me feel welcomed.’

‘Don’t be fooled.’ Her mom replied.

‘Shouldn’t I be going after her Dad rather?’

‘No if you do, you might not get enough money. If Kate is out of the way, there you can get everything.’

‘Mom is that necessary, I mean I could just ask because and she wouldn’t hesitate.’

‘My dear you wouldn’t understand, the humiliation I had to face just because of that Slut Kate.’

‘But she’s not a slut mom.’

‘Open your eyes, and don’t screw this up for me again Stacy. I want to get Wilson where it hurts most.’

Stacy’s mom on the other side of the phone said to her when she left the Glover premises earlier on one of her missions.


‘What is happening here?’ Katie asked coming down the stairs, and staring at Drake and Matts sitting watching each other weirdly.

‘Relax dear he has answers.’ Matts tried to defend. Kate missed her friend but she had to be tough on him.

“Kate! Look at me! After all these years, I was wondering if my face hasn’t strike your memory yet.” Drake said with difficulty.

‘What are you talking about now?’ Kate said frowning her face.

“Grade 5.”

‘What happened to Grade 5.’ Kate muttered eyeing him.

‘The sluggish dude who always had a crush on you but you were always withdrawn and reserved back then. I looked for you after you changed school and i heard you went to Beacon Hills.’

‘I’ve never met you Drake.’ She stared at him weirdly.

‘I never forgot your face after I turned twenty-one and when i met your desk mate Sansa, the British girl.’

‘I remember Sansa.’

‘Yes she told me about George Town and when i arrived here i stalked you for a while. There were times I followed you and Mandy to your secret places and it breaks my heart to see him treat you like trash but you seem to love him.’

‘Mandy?’ Kate murmured.

“Yes, I was on my stalking sphere that sad afternoon when you bumped into me.” He finally murmured.

‘Look, all this drama, I just don’t remember you Drake. To me whatever you feel for me is absurd so kill it now.’

‘I can’t stop loving you Kate.’

‘Well i’m back with my husband now though I may not exactly say I love him but at least he wouldn’t be stalking me like a fool.’ Kate said bluntly to Matts detest.

Drake was near to tears, but pushed it back.

‘This isn’…….’

Kate interrupted him quickly.

‘Who has the username now?’ She asked and saw a shock on his face. ‘Don’t worry Matts texted me with the details before you came.’ Kate said after she saw the surprise look on Drakes face when she popped the question.

‘Drake, just tell her what you told me.’ Matt’s chipped in when she saw the hesitation on his face.

‘With that site, you don’t meet with whom you are selling your account.’ He said calmly.

‘You know what fix it. You made me vulnerable to a vulture out there, who could swallow me soon.’ Kate said getting angry within herself.

‘Okay I will find a way.’ He said with sorrow, whiles Matt’s watched on.

‘Now you can get out.’ Kate spew out with emotions and was returning upstairs when he called out.

‘Kate i’m sorry for the mean words I used on you the last time. Please forgive me.’ Drake announced apologetically.

‘Katie listen to him. You can’t lose your best friend.’ Matts said without jealousy this time.

‘Is he God that I can’t lose?’ She sfrowned. ‘Okay fine on two conditions!’ She reconsidered.

‘Name anything possible!’ Drake said cheerfully.

“Look for the one responsible and second try and kill whatever you feel for me.”

‘Kate that is not possible. You of all people should understand.’ Drake tried to reason with Kate.

‘Understand what?’ Kate asked.

Okay, how do I do that?’

‘I don’t care, do that and you have my forgiveness.’ Kate said seriously now.

‘I would try.’ Drake assured her.

“Maybe you could just sleep with Matts here that would break the love charm. She is good at breaking charms and hearts.” Kate said without thinking.

“Katie!” Matts yelled!


‘You are a sellout.” Matts said and grinned with anger towards Katie but for Drake she couldn’t figure it out.

She saw Drake leaving when Nectar walked in.

“Hey,” they greeted each other. Kate stood on the stairs watching Matt’s running her hands through her hair.

“Hello Sis, how is it.” Then he walked to where Kate was standing.

“Hi Kate. Hope you are fine.”

Kate replied with a “Yes “. He passed by to the room tapping her shoulder briefly.

Kate kept grinning until Matt’s cleared at her throat.

‘Am I missing something here, Katie?’ Matts asked surprising her.

‘What?’ She pretended not to know what Matts was referring to.

‘You just answered Nectar in a smooth manner.’


‘Has he slept with you again?’ Matts said with a loud tone.

Kate rushed to her. ‘Calm down.’ She said with her hands covering Matts mouth and dragged her to her room.

‘You want him to hear you.’

‘Tell me or I go out there and shout.’ Matts threatened.

‘Matts nothing happened. You ruined our Kiss with that knock.’

‘Wow, you are a slut Katie.’

Kate threw her pillow at her. ‘You called me a slut right, then you are a brat Matts.’

‘Slut.’ Matt’s stressed.

‘Seriously, between the two of us, who sleeps around most? Katie asked.

‘You Katie,’ Matts replied covering her face with the pillow thrown earlier.

‘Matts i sleep with my boyfriend’s not random hairy dudes.’ Matts gave her a slap on the back and they all laughed.

‘At least i’m having fun unlike you.’ Matt’s teased.

‘You need to get a man soon Matts. At least one to sleep with better than sleeping with everything in trousers.’ Kate advised Matts who was looking on sternly.

‘I know right,’ matts replied.

‘I know you don’t like the marriage stuffs but a personal booty call will do no harm Matts.’ Kate tried not to sound offensive.

‘Thanks mom,’ matts teased.

‘Silly you.’ Kate hit her gently. ‘I need to see nectar and i would be back.’

‘Don’t rub it in my face,’ Matts said while Kate smiled back.

Nectar within the week had asked Kate to speak with Matt’s to stop sleeping around and it seemed their plan had worked.

To be continued

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