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No More Room For Love – Episode 18

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No More Room For Love – Episode 18
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‘Careful you don’t fall.’ Kate heard Nectar say and she just ignored him.

‘Matts, are you sure Mandy is locked up,’ She asked immediately she entered her room.

‘Yes, I made sure he got what he deserved. Why?’

‘Something isn’t right Matt’s.’

‘Are you thinking he was the one who attacked us earlier?’ Matts asked with a curious grimace on.

‘I just received a letter from him.’ Kate managed to say through her fears.

‘What? How? Where is it?’ Matts was lost as to which questions to ask.

‘I destroyed it.’ Kate replied.

‘What did the letter say?’ Matts asked giving her the impression she was hiding something from her.

‘I couldn’t finish reading. I just read the greetings where he said hope to see you soon, then I tore it up.’

‘Wait here let me check out.’ Matts brought out her phone, trying to make some calls. Kate thought to herself what she was up to again.

‘He had ten years’ jail time for second-degree murder. He should still be in by now right?’ Kate further asked when Matts seems to be avoiding the topic.

‘Katie, it’s okay to be scared. He won’t hurt you and I’m always here for you.

‘Matts, thank you but what do we do now?’ She managed to say while sitting on Matt’s bed with her face in her palms.

She had no idea Matt’s was still on her phone.

‘When? How?’ She heard Matts interrupting their conversation while looking back a few times towards her direction. ‘Let me know when you find out. Don’t give me that crap.’ She flared up in between her calls.

‘Easy Matt’s.’ Kate whispered and she gestured her to be calm. Kate found it to be ironic.

‘A month and you never bothered to tell me about it when you know I have a personal interest in this case.’ She hissed loudly. ‘Just be quiet, what do I sex you for in the first place. It’s over, just get rid of my number.’ Matts angrily hanged up looking in Kate’s direction weirdly.

‘It looks like whoever you were speaking to just gave you the worse news. What’s going on Matts? It sounded like that was about Mandy.’

‘Don’t worry your head.’ She finally said while moving towards her.

‘Matts it didn’t look like things are fine between you and the man whose bed you keep gracing to keep a certain secret.’

‘You can’t handle it Katie.’

‘I can handle what it is.’ Kate replied even though she already knew her stand.

‘Katie, relax! Mandy has been out for a month now, and my colleague never bothered to tell me about it.’ She finally said and it gave Kate a bit of relief.

‘At least he may not try anything funny yet, since obviously he wouldn’t want to go against probation laws.’ Kate kept thinking to herself loudly.

Then she felt Matt’s hands waking her out of her reverie.

‘Are you going to tell me who the HE is?’ Kate asked Matts teasingly.

‘Just a booty call.’ She tried to avoid the topic while Kate gave her a stare.

‘Okay, a friend in the Judges’ office.’

‘Just a friend?’

‘Yeah and that is even over now. Can we get dinner ready? Your husband might be hungry by now. Matts grinned.

‘ I hope you are not planning to throw me under the bus again Matts.’ Kate said and paused.

‘ No, I just want us to forget that useless Mandy.’ She said.

‘You know when it comes down to it I might not be able to Matts.’ Kate confirmed to Matt’s her biggest fear. ‘Now let me hear why he is out before his time.’

‘Katie I don’t have all the details, but I promise I would find out from work tomorrow.’

‘That is not good enough; you know I can feel you are lying to me right?’ Kate said showing her displeasure.

‘Yes, I know, but the less you know, the better for your children.’ Matts said stressing her voice.

‘I would have to find out by myself then.’ Kate replied and got a displeasure look from Matt’s.

“Are you women okay inside? You have been in there for ages now, whispering.’ Nectar came knocking and they had to pause their conversation and then storm out of the room.

‘Kate are you okay, you look worried.’

Kate turned away from him. ‘Matts tell your brother to mind his own business. God knows I’m trying my best to accommodate him in my life, he shouldn’t add to my troubles right now.’

‘Katie, he is your husband. Standing right behind you. Tell him that yourself.’ Matt’s teased.

Kate hissed and left.

She went upstairs, knowing very well Nectar was following her. Kate just lied on her bed to relax her already pounding head while asking herself weird questions.

At first she wondered why Mandy’s sudden appearance was giving her that creepy kind of feeling.

Nectar came in and Kate pretended she was asleep.

He covered her with the duvet neatly and sat on the bed watching her sleep. Kate wanted to laugh because she couldn’t keep up with the pretence but she eventually slept off.

After that drama Mandela wasn’t heard from again and everyone had forgotten about him but not Katie.


‘Katie has he contacted you again?’ Matts asked after two weeks.

‘He dare not, I will skin him alive.’

‘Really? Katie, I thought two weeks ago you were professing your undying love for him.’ Matts teased.

‘Matts I know I might break down with the attractions falling back in place but I might still want to kill him.’

‘Just be careful you don’t make my brother into another widower.’

Kate just gave her a tap on her thighs to get her mind back to better things.


‘I will pay you the rest of the money, when you get the job done.’ The disguised woman at the entrance of St. Joseph Hospital said over the phone to the other caller.

‘Make sure you get him alone. Don’t screw this up for me like you always do.’ The man who seems to be in charge said over the phone and hanged up.


Nectar just had to fill in for another colleague for that early morning shift. He had a lot of patients to attend to the previous night to the extend he forgot to eat.

He even forgot he had a patient in front of him while his mind was hovering around. Nectar muttered something that the patient didn’t understand as they both were acting weird.

‘Doctor Glover, you were saying.’

‘I was asking how far you are.’ Nectar regained his consciousness.

‘Six weeks, I think.’ The lady who walked into Nectars office that morning replied.

‘Then lets check it out, but wait here for me so i get a nurse to take you to the lab.’ Nectar smiled to her and walked out leaving his morning coffee he forgot to take earlier.

He walked back in and the pregnant woman who came for the check up was nowhere to be found.

‘Dr Glover, I saw her leaving the premises in a hurry a while ago.’ One of the nurses said when Nectar complained of the patients absent in his office.

Nectar sighed and sat in his chair while he gulped down his coffee. The nurse walked out shaking her head.


‘Miss Santa, there is one Mr. Bradley here to see you about the contract.’

Stacy said through the intercom.

‘Which contract?’

‘The one from Brownies ltd. He said he called you earlier.’

‘I’m not sure, I have an idea, but let him up.’

After a few minutes Kate felt unwell and she didn’t understand. She rubbed her stomach vigorously for a while.

‘Come in.’ Kate said when she heard a knock on the door.

Within seconds she just glued herself to her chair when she saw the image in front of her.

‘What are you doing here?’ Just get out of here.’ She yelled on top of her voice.

‘Babes I can explain,’ Mandy said.

‘Explain why you slept with my best friend or maybe why you killed an innocent girl.’ Kate’s eyes was all red now.

‘I didn’t cheat on you with Matts; neither did I kill an innocent girl. I am no murderer.’

‘Get lost before I commit my own murder.’ Kate retorted angrily.

She pressed the intercom and within a twinkle of an eye, they barged in.

‘Take him out.’ The securities kept dragging him out of the door while he kept saying something on a loud tone.

Kate wasn’t sure what she heard but something about her dad made her nervous.

Kate wondered to herself what her Dad has to do with Mandela.

She rushed home because she can’t handle another encounter with him when it seemed earlier she was expecting him hence her reaction wasn’t that bad when he entered her office.

She could barely handle her emotions back in there.

Whether she should run into his arms or just throw him out, was a tough decision for her a while ago. Kate was glad she chose the latter.

“Did he say his name wasn’t really Mandela?” Kate was still talking to herself.”

Just then, her phone beeped.

‘If you don’t believe me, ask Matts. I’m sure she hasn’t told you everything. Ask her what my lawyer told her and what your Dad was doing with my prison officer.’ Kate read Mandy’s text on her phone loudly.

She just melted at once. ‘Matts again? Kate approach this with much care.’ Kate told herself silently.


She was expecting Matt’s to call so she could tell her about Mandy’s presence in her office earlier in the day. Her phone rang and she ignored for a while before answering when it kept ringing.

‘Drake what do you want?’

‘I just want to apologize for my behavior the last time.’

‘I’m listening,’ Kate knew she was going to enjoy his attention at thesame time get to tease him.

She frowned at a point while holding her phone with both hands on her ear and strolling in her room. Just then Nectar came in back from work and was undressing himself by the mirror.

‘What is this man doing undressing in front of me which he knew is unacceptable.’ Kate murmured and tried not to watch.

‘What did you say?’ Drake drew her attention back to the call.

‘Drake let me call you back.’ Kate announced and he didn’t hesitate saying I love you. Kate hanged up without a reply.

‘Hey you, what do you think you are doing?’

Nectar tried looking back but his head was heavy.

‘I’m talking to you gentle man.’

‘What does it look like?’ Nectar retorted angrily.

‘I thought we agreed this here wouldn’t happen in each other’s presence.’ Kate said confronting Nectar.

‘Look Kate I’m tired of your nagging and rude attitudes.’


‘Yes, I’m really trying here so please let me be,’ he paused for a while. ‘and you can watch or you walk out.’

He yelled now on top of his voice while trying to be calm at thesame time.

He slammed the washroom door on her face and Kate just stood there like a toasted bread. Burned with her own fire. She tried going in there to give him her peace of mind but he locked it up.

She kept pacing up and down and finally sat down when Nectar wasn’t coming out.

‘What’s happening to him?’ Kate directed her eyes towards the bathroom. ‘He has never reacted to me that way before and he’s been in that bathtub close to two hours. Is he all right in there?’

She rolled around on the bed and finally stood up worried.

Kate made up her mind to call Matts to come check on him but remembered she was out of town.

Just that moment he came out of the tub unclad and spilling water all over the floor. Kate popped out her eyes, as if that was the first time of setting her eyes on a man’s private part as huge as Nectars.

‘I used to think Mandela had the cutest and biggest private part but Nectar’s was something else.’ She glared at him picking up the duvet and was lost in thoughts. ‘Kate focus,’ she slapped her cheeks so hard but she couldn’t take her eyes off, until she heard a thud.

Nectar had threw himself on the bed and covered his body with the duvet like a kid who was suffering from a nervous breakdown.

Kate took her eyes off and walked out. The only person she could talk to was Matts who has travelled for a case out of town.

Suddenly her mind was flooded with thoughts of Mandela.

‘Is Mandy alright at all? What makes him think I would accept that crap from him?’ Kate was talking to herself in the hall while looking through her contacts.

She slapped her mouth when her mind strayed to her numerous escapeds with Mandy.

‘But what does my dad have to do with all this?’

Kate hissed when she realized she was just so not herself because she was asking questions she already have answers to.

To be continued



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