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No More Room For Love – Episode 16

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No More Room For Love Episode 16

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‘Nectar you don’t like the food?’ Matts asked. ‘Your wife cooked it for you, appreciate her and stop staring like someone who just saw a ghost.’ His sister cautioned further.

Nectar stared while Kate just focused on her plate, but she could feel his gaze on her.

‘Why do you keep staring, as if I’m stopping you from eating?’ Kate finally asked Nectar.

‘Nothing Kate,’ he replied without a smile. They ate in silence for a while.

Kate felt Nectar thought she didn’t know how to cook.

She shook her head several times and kept stealing glances while beaming inside, when all she wanted was a simple compliment for the food, as it was her first time cooking for him.

She was however disappointed, he didn’t get to finish all the meal.

“Why was she suddenly softening up to him,” Kate thought aloud but couldn’t mouth it out.

‘OMG Matt’s you haven’t stopped sleeping around with your so-called hairy men huh.’

Kate tried to remember their past. They both laughed hilariously.

‘I can’t do without the handsome hairy men.’ Matt’s replied and a genuine smile appeared across her whole face for a while.

‘What is funny?’ Kate asked! She was concerned about Matt’s smiles.

‘Katie you haven’t noticed you still remember details about me that we both just laughed at.’

Then Kate realized they have been chatting since after dinner, just like old times.

‘Yeah, I think it’s time I forgive you provided you wouldn’t do a silly thing like that next time.’

Kate muttered knowing very well Matt’s would still try to defend her actions but she was already tired of their arguments.

‘Katie, just listen to me sometimes, I could be lying but what harm would it cause if you just try to find out things for yourself.’

‘It’s not as if I don’t listen to you Matts. I felt you exaggerate too much.’

‘Now that is over right?’ Matts asked. She didn’t want to keep dragging issues with her.

‘Yes,’ Kate replied reading Matt’s mind. She was prepared for her next question.

‘And you would give my brother a chance?’

‘No I can’t promise that Matt’s.’ She rightly said quickly and smiled.

‘Take your time,’ Matts was about to continue her long speech, just then Kate’s phone rang.

‘Drake!’ She muttered happily.

‘Is my baby sleeping already?’ He said with some weird tone, then Anthon chipped in. ‘Kate Drake just got dumped.’

‘Got dumped?’

‘Ahuh! Miriam left her.’ Anthon teased.

‘What? Poor boy.’ She shouted? ‘I mean How and Why?’ Kate couldn’t find the right questions to ask because she met the girl Miriam and she didn’t look like someone who would dump Drake soon.

‘Because of you Kate,’ She finally heard James saying. That was when she knew it was a conference call.

‘What did I do?’ She was surprised they were claiming she had a hand in that.

‘Don’t be dumb woman; Drake has been in love with you like forever and I’m surprised you haven’t noticed.’ Anthon said.

‘No way,’ Kate found it amusing, ‘Drake are you there, is that true! You love me. Are you being real.’ Kate kept asking her questions quickly.

‘It seemed he went off,’ James said. Have a good night and try to call him,’ both men said teasingly.

‘Katie what is it, who is in love with you?’ Matt’s must have overheard there conversation. That moment was when she realized she was in deep thoughts.

Matt’s examined her for some seconds and knew something was off.

‘Katie are you okay!’ Matts asked this time with a loud tone.

‘Yes, Matt’s , it’s one of my friends. You saw him at the wedding.’ She paused and contemplated if she should trust Matt’s again.

Matt’s recognised the hesitation in her voice. ‘It’s fine, if you don’t want to share that with me.’

‘It’s Drake! I learnt he is in love with me. Mom said this a while back but I felt she was just exaggerating.’

‘Do you love him?’ Matts asked taking her off guard.

‘Yes,’ Kate said without even knowing she just admitted to having feelings for Drake which wasn’t what she meant to say.

‘Okay, that’s new.’ Matt’s admitted and kept saw the look on her face.

‘No, I mean yeah we are friends, so definitely i love him as a friend.’ She tried to clarify.

‘Well it seems he does more than that.’ Matt’s frowned. ‘And if what you said about him leaving his girlfriend because of you then I think you should find time and talk to him. You know you are married right?’ She asked at the end.

Matts couldn’t wait to remind Kate of her worst nightmare.

‘Yeah, I have no plans of getting out for the sake of my children,’ She replied trying not to get offended.

‘Can I borrow my wife;’ Nectars voice startled them both!

‘Sure why not bro! I think I want to sleep now.’

Matt’s gave her friend a peck.

‘Hey sis becareful, that’s my wife there.’ Nectar said and his smile disappeared following Kate’s will you shut up gaze she dropped on him.

‘I know, it’s just a harmless peck,’ Matt’s teased and they both laughed but Kate was deep in thoughts while asking herself what to do.

‘Kate can we talk.’

‘What about! You always have a way of ruining moments. Be on your own.’ She lashed out unnecessarily on him.

As if Kate saw tears in Nectars eyes, she just had to say something obviously on pretence. At that moment she admitted to herself Matts was right to say Nectar is the father of her children so she should try and make things easier for him.

‘Okay fine, I’m sorry I snap at you all the time but truth be told, you are too nice to me which I obviously don’t deserve.’

‘But yo…..’

Kate cut him off. ‘Well maybe I deserve it but I cant tell what your intentions are.’ She finally managed to say and before he could reply she interrupted again. ‘What do you want to discuss?’

He took a step back and forward, then back.

‘I wanted to find out if we can start shopping for the children.’ he said happily.

‘It’s too early, father of the season.’ She smiled. ‘Unless you don’t think so.’ Kate chipped in quickly.

‘If you say so,’ he muttered and was about to leave when Kate said to set the date while she tries to be available since she has to work throughout next week.

He just rushed towards her, at first she thought he was picking something up and then she felt his mouth on hers.

Kate just heard herself saying stop it so loud and pushed him on the floor.

‘What was that all about?’ Kate asked wondering why she was angry over a harmless kiss.

‘I’m sorry Kate. I was just excited.’ Nectar said annoying her more.

‘Look you had better start behaving like a grown up, as I have decided to get stuck with you in this marriage.’

She walked pass him towards their room and saw Matts rushing to pick him up.

‘Nectar are you okay. Just give her some time, she will come around. Pregnancy hormones are also part of her stress.’ Kate heard Matts say calmly.

She walked away regrettably.

Kate woke up to the side of her bed empty. She careless but was worried within her since she pushed him earlier.

That was wrong Kate, she kept hearing a voice struggling in her mind.

‘I guess I never slept at all.’ She muttered and went downstairs. Kate met him lying on the couch with his head on Matt’s.

Then she heard the murmurings again. Kate walked closer and saw Matt’s pointing to a towel in water. Kate just handed it over to her and fear gripped her. She thought the pushing triggered something.

Because the last time it happened they had some intense argument. She scolded herself.

‘Matt’s did this happen because of the push.’

‘I’m not sure because nobody has ever been able to tell what triggers it.’ Matts said avoiding Kate’s gaze.

‘What are you talking about?’

‘Katie he has no idea he experiences this? He has no memories!’

‘You never told him. Why?’ She questioned Matts, stealing glances towards Nectar who was still not responding to Matts touch.

‘Katie, we tried but since he has no memories of that, we just let it slide hoping it would stop someday.’

‘When is that someday? Matt’s he needs to know?’

‘I agree, same way he needs to know about his children.’ Matts was being sarcastic.

‘This isn’t the right time to discuss his children. He can’t know about his children when he is having some weird attack you all didn’t deem it fit to tell me about before I married him.’

‘You weren’t exactly talking to me Katie.’

‘What if it’s hereditary, I can’t have two children with a mental ishh.’

‘Then help me Katie, let’s try to make this marriage work.’

Kate agreed Nectar needed help; She looked at the dejected body lying before her. Nectar looked so innocent to her and she wondered what could have happened to his first marriage. She kept asking herself until they retired to bed when the worse was over.
Kate met Nectar downstairs the next day. Though she wanted to ignore him, she was also curious.

‘Gentle man good morning, you slept on the couch. May I know why?’

As if he was confused, he kept looking around.

“I just needed to try another approach, I may not be ready to succumb to whatever he feels for me but I can as well try.” She advised herself loudly, just then Nectar looked at her direction. Kate wondered if he had heard what she said.

Nectar kept looking around instead of answering her questions. Kate felt ignored.

‘Looking for Matts?’ Kate asked and then Nectar nodded! ‘She has a job remember.

‘Oh, yes,’ he replied so lively.’ Breakfast is on the table,’ He said and Kate didn’t hesitate to give out a smile to his surprise.

She had no idea that was why he was fumbling earlier.

‘I need some sleep,’ She whispered just to avoid another talk with him since Kate felt she was given too much attention that morning.

‘Call me if you need anything.’ Kate was about to take a step forward when he grabbed her hand. He realized what he did and quickly dropped her hands.

‘Sorry.’ He muttered cheerfully.

Only God knew the surge that went through Kate’s body.

Kate quickly had to brush it aside, blaming it on the hormones.

‘I want to apologize for yesterday; I shouldn’t have done that Kate. Knowing well you detest men who are in love with you.’

‘Have you been checking up on me?’ She asked him glaring.

‘No Kate, I just happen to know you quite well for these few months.’ He said making his face as if trying to remember something.

Kate was dumfounded, how he could read her thoughts vividly when she barely knows what’s on her mind.

He was walking away when she called after him. ‘Gentle man, i’m sorry about yesterday as well,’ she stared for a while. ‘i meant the fall and everything.’

‘Thanks, that is fine, I understand.’ He said all bubbly and walked away.

“How is this man so calm after that great fall,” Kate was thinking when her mom’s thoughts came to mind.
She picked up her phone to dial her number.


‘Mom are you okay, please I want to come over.’ Kate said quickly over the phone.

‘What is it baby?’

‘Mom I don’t know how to handle this.’

‘Exactly what are you not able to handle?’

‘This marriage and the whole Nectar attitudes.’

‘I don’t understand you Kate.’ Catherine said increasing the volume on her phone to hear clearly.

‘Mom he is so good to me but I can’t seem to see pass that, I’m always angry at even the nicest things he does for me.’

‘You are still hurting love.’ Catherine whispered.

‘But I’m not like that with my guys, I don’t treat them rudely like i do with Nectar. My heart is so hardened anytime I see him.’

‘You have to try as a wife not just a roommate.’ Her mom muttered slowly.

‘I don’t know how to handle him when he keeps doing everything right but I’m too broken to see that and acknowledge his presence. I can’t be fixed mom.’ Kate keeps narrating for a whole ten minutes.

She was in her mom’s arms crying, which Catherine constantly smooched her back slowly.

‘Baby it’s okay; you will figure it out soon. Take it easy, one-step at a time.’

‘How do i go about all these mom.’ She cried.

‘The best thing is to talk to him, sit him down. Tell him to give you some time. Probably you can start with the fact that he is the father of your twins that might make things better.’

‘Mom, I’m scared of letting someone in again.’

‘I know my dear.’

Her Mom said but Kate’s mind was roaming all over her decisions lately.

To be continued



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