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No More Room For Love – Episode 13

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No More Room For Love  Episode 13

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It seemed to Kate like Nectar took care of her medically.

‘How are you feeling? Can you feel the children?’ Nectar asked with worry written on his face while Kate just nodded to confirm.

‘I want to check if you don’t mind,’ he asked with a scared tone.

Kate just rolled her eyes and she saw him with his kits checking her out.

‘Thank God,’ he murmured. You are fine Kate. ‘Will you care for your food now?’ She heard Nectar saying from a distance and nodded.

Nectar has been in a good mood after the incident with Matts. Though Kate wanted to find out why but she had a lot on her mind especially her mom not talking to her for a whole month.

She glanced at her stomach and it realized it was growing gradually which had put her under house monitoring for a month.

But she was grateful Drake has been very helpful, handling work for her and Stacy comes over anytime there was some paperwork to clarify.
Matt’s haven’t been around lately and she kept worrying herself about it. Kate knew it was normal for her to miss her friend.

She managed to ask Mrs. Glover over dinner just to satisfy her curiosity.

‘Ha…s Matt’s tra….velled?’

‘Oh that girl, she has gone to visit her Dad, she claims she needed some time away from here.’

‘Alright, mommy.’ She replied and focused on her phone as she wasn’t able to eat that much. Kate later asked herself why she was even asking about Matt’s in the first place.

‘Wifey,’ Kate heard Nectar calling out to her from behind. She had no idea when he came around. He was smiling as if he just won a lottery.

‘I’m i dreaming?’ Kate asked herself silently.

She managed to turn to his direction.

‘I want us to check our new house out.’

Kate sized him up for a while.


Nectar cut her off. ‘You mean Nectar.’ he quickly said.

‘Yeah.’ She replied.

‘I think I will pass.’ She rejected and then his smile vanished. Kate saw his mom through the corner of her eyes excusing them.

‘What point of don’t ask me for permissions like a child don’t you understand. You keep following me everywhere like, a puppy following the mother dog.’

Nectar felt insulted and embarrassed.

‘When will you make time for a new doctor to start seeing you. It has been over a month Kate?’ Nectar felt she wouldn’t want to continue the other topic.

‘What did I just say?’ She snarled for no reason. Let me handle my own issues.’

‘Okay love,’ he responded rather calmly.

Kate just hissed and saw an unknown number calling. She wondered who it could be and then answered while Nectar walked away.

‘Kate, its Annette, and Eve is on the other side. Hi Kate,’ Eve greeted.

Kate recognized the voice to be that of Eve’s.

‘Hi,’ She sighed before responding.

‘Can we see you like today, Annette said cheerfully.

‘Sure! You know where to find me.’

Kate said and hanged up. She was surprised to be calm over the call.

‘I would have lashed out on them some few weeks ago but I think Matts has given me the clarity I needed though it still doesn’t give them the privilege to betray our friendship codes.’
She thought to herself loudly and heard their voices already in the compound.

She hissed.’ So they drove all the way here before calling me.’ Kate was still thinking when they were ushered in by her mother inlaw.

After a few chitchats for hours, Kate was getting irritated but kept holding back.

‘Trust us if we say we had no idea she was going to do that.’ Annette said finally.

‘Yes we knew about the escapades. However, you were too engrossed in your relationship that we didn’t want to cause you another one.’ Eve chipped in while Kate stared.

‘Can we go back to our friendship days, we miss you.’ Eve finally stopped talking for once since they came over to the house.

Kate was deep in thoughts.

‘Why did I even agree to this meeting’ she shrugged and noticed Eve kept flipping her hands so the ring on her finger could be noticed.’ She kept saying in her mind.

Annette on the other hand looks so apologetic unlike those days. Kate knew she was someone who never says sorry.

‘Kate, are you with us,’ She heard Eve’s voice. Then she heard another voice behind them.

‘Wifey are you okay!’

‘Yes, how is that your problem,’ Kate said before she even realized her so called friends were staring at her.
Nectar just walked away quietly.

‘Kate, what was that? The poor gentle man was just so concerned about you suddenly turning pale.’ Annette cautioned.

‘You two stay out of this.’ She snapped at her friends.

‘I think coming here was a waste of time,’ Annette said and quickly dragged Eve along, while Kate just stared as they left.

Kate decided to see her mom that same day so she grabbed her car keys after the girls had left.

Wilson let out a long sigh from his bed and sobbed continuously.

‘I know you want me to be strong but I’m a man not a rock. I’m hurting too.’ Wilson paused, wiped his eyes and continued.

‘I can’t do away with the guilt of losing a wife because of a stupid mistake. Just one mistake and you were gone. I can’t even look at the fruit of that mistake.’

‘She is not to blame.’ He thought he heard another voice telling him. What he didn’t know was his subconscious played a prank on him.

‘Whom should I blame when you have decided to leave me all alone?’ He said and opened his eyes where it dawned on him, there was no one else in the room but he was still talking to himself.

He hissed and frowned. ‘That stupid mother of hers you left her behind for can’t stop playing the homemaker but I’m doing what you asked of me, they still leave with me.’

He grabbed the last picture he took of Claudia from under his pillow.

‘Your baby girl is all grown up now. I made sure she got married in a good family. Though we may not agree on a lot of issues but I’m holding on to the day I join you my dear Claudia.’ He heaved a sigh of pain. ‘I told you what you suggested was a bad idea. We should have waited.’
He grabbed a tissue from his bed side drawer.

‘A man doesn’t cry, but I cry myself to bed every day for the past 27 years. The only joy I knew was seeing yourself sometimes in Kate though I know it’s not possible.’

Wilson thought he heard footsteps walking to his room. He quickly put the picture back and went to check after he stopped sobbing. When he was sure no one was around. He walked back to his bed.

Wilson grabbed the picture he placed under his pillow again.’You and our princess are gone too far beyond reach. I failed you when I asked you to drive them that night. What was I thinking; I could have just left my friends to attend to Catherine. Now I can’t look them both in the eyes because i see them as mere evils that have plucked you away in your prime.’

He felt his chest ache and he let out a slight noise.

‘I’m sure God is punishing me for the way I treated Catherine when all you did was loved her.’

He stared at the picture and a smile appeared across his face.

‘I will always love you.’ he said finally but holding his late wife’s portrait so close to his chest.

He heard some footsteps again but this time loudly and he was sure someone was coming so he quickly pushed the portrait back to its original place.


‘Mum, can you at least ask me how I’m fairing?’

For what seemed like minutes, she spoke up.

‘What is the point of staying angry with you?’ Her mom finally said a word?

‘Mom I’m sorry?’

‘Okay dear, hope you are treating the poor boy with dignity this time.’

‘Mom, do you have to ask?’

‘Because if I find out you are still that rude to him. I don’t know what I will do to you yet, but don’t try it.’

‘E..mmm Alr…ight!’ Kate exclaimed with a stammer.

‘Have you found yourself another hospital for the antenatal?’

‘Mom, I will do that this week please.’

Catherine scrutinized her daughter and knew she was serious. She gave her a huge smile.

She left her mom after their usual mother and daughter moments. She pulled up in front of her husband’s house.

Kate had thought about her marriage on her drive home and she wasn’t sure what this new chapter of marriage holds for her.

‘As it stands now, I’m stuck in a loveless and no way out marriage. How do I get out without hurting my mom.’

She sobbed,’ and Nectar is the father of my children. Should I stay for these kids to have a father?’

Kate looked like she could handle herself but she just broke down in tears, holding the steer firmly when a knock came on her window.

That was when she realized she parked in front of the gate earlier. She rolled down and saw Matt’s pathetic face.

‘Hello, have you been crying.’ Kate quickly adjusted herself and wiped her face with the back of her palm.

“And how is that your business.” She yelled out.

‘I’ve been waiting for the past five minutes and it looks like you were out of this world. Are you okay Katie!’ Matts asked concerned.

Tears just started flowing again like she had been saving it for far too long.

‘Katie, what’s wrong. Open up.’

Kate’s hands were faster than her mind when she rolled the glass down.

Matts quickly got into the car and drew her closer.

‘It’s okay; right there.’ Matt’s patted her back. ‘Let it all out.’

She was fighting the urge to pull out of Matt’s arms. Matts has always been great with hugs and consoling so Kate knew she was safe in her arms.

‘WhatsApp bestie? Do you mind sharing?’ Matt’s finally asked her with a relaxed tone.

Kate nodded her head as if Matt’s wasn’t the same girl, she vowed never to talk to.

‘How do I spend my entire life with a man I don’t love. I don’t want to be with him.’ Kate asked avoiding Matt’s gaze.

‘You really want out of the marriage?’

‘Yes, I was only doing it to get my freedom from my dad but the contract backfired. What do I do now? How do I get out of it?’ She asked all at once.

‘You will get your freedom if you want to Katie because my brother is not that hard to convince. You can get a divorce once you put to bed.’ Matts said so sure of herself.

‘How? I can’t do that to an innocent man whose children I carry.’

‘What?’ Matt’s snapped and Kate hasn’t realized why.

‘You know me, I’m hurting inside. The reason for my rude attitudes lately but I’m not that heartless to do that to Nectar.’

Matt’s have been quiet watching Kate and she still had no idea she just admitted Nectar is the father of her kids.

‘Answer me Matts.’ Kate saw the look on her friend’s face and now realized she had let the cat out of the bag unawares.

‘Katie, saint is the father of your twins?’ Matts finally asked.

Kate could feel the trembling in her voice and quickly pulled out of her arms after she realized what she said.

‘Yes, and so you plan to turn on me again?’

‘No bestie, I have no plans of doing that, but he has the right to know!’ Matts seems so true this time.

‘What for Matts?’ She questioned.

‘You don’t know how this news would make him happy.’ Matt’s smiled.


‘Yes, Nectar would do everything you ask him if he’s aware he’s going to have another baby.

‘ What do you mean by another baby?’

‘Katie you mean he hasn’t told you.’ Matts queried!

‘What was he supposed to tell me?’

‘It’s nothing Katie.’ She said when she saw the surprise on her friend’s face.

‘You better talk or I smack your face right now.’ Kate raised her head meeting Matt’s gaze now.

‘You didn’t hear it from me.’ Matt’s held her right ear unconsciously.

‘Just go ahead.’ Kate muttered curiously.

‘Saint was married in Germany to the love of his life of ten years.’ Matts opened up.

‘What do you mean was?’ Kate became so attentive to Matts now.

‘I still think he should tell you this himself, I don’t want to prey or scare you.’ Matts chipped in weakly.

‘If you want my forgiveness, you had better tell me now.’ Kate tried to bribe Matt’s.


‘Has it come to that Katie?’

‘Yes it has Matts.’

Kate quickly told Matts before she could change her mind.

‘Alright. Nectar wasn’t a violent man, but nobody could tell what the argument was about, at least he still hasn’t told us what their fight was about when his wife slipped and hit herself so hard. It was a weekend when he rushed her to the hospital.

‘But he is a doctor Matt’s.’

‘You know you can’t get involved when you are family to the patient.’

‘Yeah, i forgot.’

‘His wife was seven months pregnant and he learnt it would take the doctor one hour to reach the hospital, which was outside of town where they went on a vacation.

‘And there were no doctors on duty?’

‘No, unless they were needed urgently. No one showed up for that whole hour of waiting and looking at the unexperienced nurses toy with his family, he got into the operating room to save his wife and unborn child which at the end was too late.’

Kate’s hand flew unconsciously to her stomach but she quickly regained her composure.

‘Is that all i needed to know?’ Kate regained her composure.

‘He was nearly discredited as a doctor but the two nurses on duty confirmed he was only trying to save his wife from an incompetent hospital.’

‘How long has it been?’ Kate was curious.

‘Seven years. He came back and opted for weekend shifts at the hospital though he doesn’t mind working throughout the whole week but he prefers to be there for everyone during the weekend. Nectar over the years had become a shadow of himself and hence his childish behaviors as you put it always.’

Kate gave Matt’s a gesture, that informed her to mind her own business.

‘That explains his choice of hospital.’

Kate saw herself relaxing and the burden she felt earlier was gone.

‘Yeah, he might not be earning much, but he chose the smallest hospital just to keep reminding himself of his failure to save his family. You can throw an insult at Saint as a woman but he would just smile at you.’

‘Seems to me like he blames himself.’

‘Ahuh, he blames himself all the time for that tragedy and changed his name from Saint to Nectar.’

‘Why did he do that?’ Kate enquired.

‘He said he couldn’t save his family when he’s called Saint. And he kept murmuring that for a whole year since he got back, but now the worst is almost over.’ Matts narrated and paused in between.

‘You are sure it’s really over?’

‘Yes but i was afraid back there, the last time when he yelled with that tone.’ Matts resumed with her full gaze on Kate now.

‘I was scared too Matt’s.’

‘Has he done anything violent to you Katie?’

‘Huh!’ Then she realized she was deep in thoughts again.

‘No he hasn’t and thank you.’ She murmured to Matts.

Surprisingly Kate wasn’t bothered about all that she has heard so far. She only kept to herself for awhile and let out a sigh of relief after some few minutes.

As they entered, through the gates finally in their rides, all Kate wanted was to sleep so she could think about her life.

She got in and found Nectar working on something by his study table.

‘You are back already, how was your mom?’ Nectar asked Kate.

‘Fine, but please no further questions, I want to sleep, then we can talk.’

Kate replied her husband.

Kate saw the surprise gestures written all over Nectars face for her first calm conversation with him without yelling though she was surprised herself, it was something she also anticipated might happen after what Matt’s told her earlier.

‘Who wouldn’t be that calm after what just happened? I’m not that inhumane.’ She thought to herself once more loudly.

Nectar probably didn’t hear what she said.

‘Okay, wake up in time for dinner.’ He said smiling childishly again. Kate just jumped on her bed and slept. She woke up to noises and shrugged opening her eyes.

‘I said you should leave her alone.’ Nectar whispered quietly.

‘Because I’m not sure she would want to see you.’

Kate heard Nectar cautioning Matts.

‘Emmm gentle man.’ She still wasn’t used to calling Nectar by his name. ‘Let her in, I will be fine with her!’ Kate said trying to sound free.

‘Katie, I just came to check on you. I know you would be having a headache by now and I’m sorry for dropping that bomb on you earlier.’ Matts said with sincerity in her voice.

‘That is fine Matts, I guess I had to know.’

‘Mom said dinner is ready, so you should come down.’ She further said this time without any burden.

‘I would in some minutes,’ Kate managed to say with sleep burning her eyes up.

‘See you around then.’ Matts waved and walked away smiling.

Nectar, flashed a confused gaze on her and back to his sister who was walking out.

‘What was that all about?’
His eyes stared after asking the question he knew would put him in trouble.

“Mind your own business, gentle man?” Kate said in her head gently while Nectar got the message clear and stayed out of her way.

Washing down after dinner was refreshing for Kate. She was talking to her mom on the decisions she has made when Nectar came in, she watched him wrap up whatever he was doing earlier, washed down and moved to the couch, as he had been doing since after the accident.

To be continued



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