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No More Room For Love

No More Room For Love – Episode 12

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No More Room For Love Episode 12

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Nectar drove in total silence and spoke up at a point claiming, the contract has no details concerning their one year deal.

‘It was just a normal wedding document which stated strangely, if you decide to leave, I would have custody of the child.’

She yelled and became confused.

‘What are you talking about? I drafted that myself and signed.’

‘But i didn’t change anything.’ Nectar stated.

‘You did this.’ Kate started hitting Nectar everywhere she could lay her hands.

‘Please calm down; we don’t have to do this now Kate. Let us get home first.’

‘Which home? Tell me what you did?’ She kept shaking his hands off the steering.

‘Please, if you keep shaking me, we might end up in a ditch.’ Kate heard nectar say faintly but her mind was very far away.

The vehicle kept skipping off the road and all Kate heard was a thud. She just woke up at the hospital. Kate recognized her dad coming through the door.

‘You nearly killed an innocent man. Like mother like daughter.’

‘Dad i did nothing wrong here.’

‘Of course in your stupid mind, you didn’t but I’m smarter than you so don’t joke with me and stop blaming your husband for any change in that contract; I made sure you couldn’t contest it. So don’t even try it, because you won’t succeed.’ Her Dad said furiously and tried to storm out.

He bumped into Catherine while still fuming.

‘Is that how to treat a daughter who just had an accident.’ Catherine asked him and without another word, Kate only heard a thud and that was it.

Kate looked up at her mom in tears.

‘Don’t worry, Nectar told me everything but why would you even do such a thing Kate. I thought you just didn’t want to get married, because you never wanted to leave me.’

‘Yes, i didn’t want to leave you.’

‘Now I’m beginning to think, Mandela broke you completely to think of what you did.’

‘It’s for the best mom.’

‘Really? Were you just going to ridicule yourself in your matrimonial home and toy with an innocent man’s life. Kate I brought you up better than this!’

‘What do i do mom?’ Kate was obviously scared seeing her mom so angry with her.

‘Marriage is sacred; you go in and don’t try finding the easy way out. I thought one way or the other; you figured you could learn to endure him.’

‘I can’t mom.’

‘I wouldn’t have wanted this kind of mess you would be calling a marriage for you, trust me, I am there, I’ve been there.’

‘I told you all, i didn’t like Nectar but you didnt listen to me.’
Nectar raised his face to look at her stylishly with the corner of his eyes.

‘I know you didn’t like Nectar but what was the point of going through everything just to convince your dad, you should bring your own man home and you come back with none, but just to go ahead with a fake marriage.’

‘Mom I’m sorry, I didn’t tell you anything sooner.’

‘And nectar you agreed to this,’ Catherine shifted her attention to Nectar now. She walked closer while Nectar retracted his steps back as if he was scared of Catherine.

Just then, Kate realized Nectar was standing in one corner of the hospital, staring as if she just escaped death.

He nodded weakly confirming he was in on it.

“Well I don’t blame you. You are just a man in love after going through a lot yourself.” Mom confronted nectar. “Let me know when she gets discharged, enjoy your marriage!”

Nectar tried to say something but he decided against it.

Kate saw her mom coming towards her now.

“You,” she turned to Kate, “I believe this is your punishment for making this choice for yourself.”

Her Mom was walking out, when she called after her.

‘Mom I’m sorry.’ She cried silently.

Just then, the nurse came in and Kate saw Nectar walking towards her. They were talking discreetly while Kate was getting worried.

‘I’m the patient here, you don’t need to whisper to each other so talk to me.’ Kate said to Nectar and the nurse.
The two kept quiet staring at her.

“Is something wrong with my child?”
The nurse looked at Nectar and then back to Kate.

“Hello Nurse, I’m asking a question here!”


‘Ermm,’ Nectar tried to find his voice.

But he finally found it after Kate gave him a killer look. “Kate you are fine,” he managed to say.

‘Then what is it? You are looking so funny.’ Kate asked!

‘Kate it’s just that, the tests done on you while you were out briefly shows, you might be having twins.’

“What”? She blurted out.

‘We are not sure yet, but I have scheduled another lab for you later in the evening.’ Nectar quickly said.

‘Meaning I have to spend another day here!’
She asked nectar sarcastically and then smiled.

‘We can leave, if you want to, so you come back later.’

Nectar chipped in.

They were still talking when his parents came in.

Matts pulled in later but stood by the door.

Nectar excused himself and went to talk to her. They were talking and Kate couldn’t figure out what happened. Matt’s just retracted her steps back and went out of the door.

She sighed, “Better”, while Mr. and Mrs. Glover kept ranting about how Nectar should be careful of driving.
After nectar walked up to them, he just gave out a smile which Kate didn’t find it funny.

The labs came back positive and Kate couldn’t believe she was going to stop working soon just to focus on her twins. Kate hates to be idle but she had hope her mom would help her out.

She finally remembered she needed to call her. Kate tried for the sixth time and she didn’t pick up.

‘Is that your mum again, I think you should give her time, she’ll come around.’ Nectar advised!

‘What is your own? Remember you caused all this but you are happy about how things turned out right?’

Kate saw herself snapping at Nectar again.

‘Kate, don’t talk that way. I married you because i like you and I never mentioned contract, it was your decision and I just approved. What wrong have I done now?’

As if he was waiting for an answer and didn’t get any he stared. ‘Let me get out of here.’

Nectar hit his head once and the smile on his face vanished.

He walked from her bed to the door where he bumped into Anthon, James and Drake. He feigned a smile and walked out.

‘What was that?’ James asked.

‘Leave him,’ Kate told the guys with a tone that suggested she had fought with Nectar earlier.

‘Don’t tell me you guys have started fighting.’Anthon asked humorously.

‘We fight all the time,’ She told her friends and they all laughed.

After narrating everything to them, Kate just heard Drake cursing. She wondered what was wrong with him.

‘You men gave me this idea which has backfired and here you are cursing.’

‘Kate do you realize you are tied down now.’ Drake asked with concern.

‘Yes I know, don’t remind me. Besides, now that I’m having twins, I can’t give my children up for anything.’

‘We would find a way out,’ James interrupted.

‘What way, remember we are talking about Mr. Santa, the most influential person here in George Town.’ Anthon chipped in.

‘So What?’ Drake asked and turned to Kate. Kate I won’t let anyone take you from me.’

Drake said and the whole place became so quiet.

‘Drake?’ Kate gave him a weird look.

‘I mean i wouldn’t let anyone take you from us.’ he quickly corrected himself.

‘Right,’ Drake murmured regrettably turning to James and Anthon for them to back him up.

Confused as the guys were, they all chorused, ‘yes we would do something about it.’

Kate thought to herself if what her mom said about Drake’s feelings for her could be true.
They left when Nectar came in to announce the discharge notice.

‘I hate this gentle man right now.’ How is he so calm about all the happenings on going.’ Kate murmured quietly.

They arrived home in Matt’s car, which Kate was out the whole drive home.

Her father in-law insisted she should be pushed upstairs in a wheel chair.

‘I just have a little limp.’ Kate replied.

After what looks like thirty minutes, she was finally ready to take a nap.

‘Should I get you something? Mom is bringing dinner in here later.’

Nectar announced to Kate who was trying to have a nap.

‘Kate are you sleeping.’

Nectar kept asking and Kate was getting irritated.

‘Come on gentle man, can I have some peace? You can see I’m struggling to sleep.’ She hissed.

‘Kate I didn’t mean to wake you.’ He said calmly.

Just then, there was a knock and Matts came in with a tray.

‘You have to be kidding me.’ Kate yelled.

‘Sis I thought we talked about you avoiding her for now. ‘Nectar said.


‘Saint, don’t call me that,’ Nectar yelled out to his sister.

‘Okay Nectar, mom sent me, ‘ Matts answered ‘and i just wanted to find out how she is doing.’

‘Bring the food, you can go now,’ he told Matts.

Kate watched on while, brother and sister made their noise. Matts hurriedly went out later but then she quickly rushed back in.

‘Katie if you need anything let me know.’

‘Really Matt’s , I’m sure if I need someone to sleep with my husband I will call you.’ Kate annoyingly said.

“What?” Nectar retorted.

Stay out of this gentle man.’ Kate told Nectar with fire in her eyes.

‘Alright, Katie now that you mentioned it, I admit I was wrong but I thought I was doing the right thing back then.’

‘You call sleeping with my man, RIGHT?’

She asked Matt’s in a high tone.

‘Look, I think your sister needs a Psych evaluation. You just heard what she said.’ Kate pointed out to Nectar who glared at her sister.

‘Katie I didn’t sleep with Mandela because I wanted to hurt you. I was just looking out for you.’ Matts said with tears almost failing her.

‘Which Mandela? The same one you kept moaning his name.’ Nectar asked startling her.

‘Will you stay out of this?’ Kate shoved Nectar an ugly face and he took a chill pill in the couch watching them.

‘What makes you think I even want you looking out for me Matts.’

‘Come on we are friends Katie.’

‘Point of correction, we were friend’s Matts.’ Kate rubbed in! Matts could not help but this time the tears were over flowing.

‘Try and understand me here Katie.’

“Until you broke me completely, which I keep thinking about it never made sense.”
Matt’s kept sobbing.

‘Did I offended you in anyway, I mean not that I can remember.’ She asked the crying matts. ‘I would have taken this as any of those things, if it came from Annette or Eve but not you Matts.’

She was just standing there, with tears flowing like the ocean pacific.

‘Sis, answer her. Why did you!’ Nectar suddenly. ‘Because i know you wouldn’t do anything without a reason so start talking now or I will commit another murder.’

He yelled again.

Kate’s heart skipped on hearing that, she tried to look in his direction but she was too scared.

Matt’s ignored him though she was also scared of his brother at that moment.

‘Katie, I tried to tell you Mandela was not a faithful man but you wouldn’t hear any of it. I caught him several times and the last one that got to me was when he rapped a fifteen-year-old and paid the family off.’ Matts said with her voice trilling off.

Kate studied her friends face for a while. ‘And you know this how?’

‘Remember you sent me there to drop his birthday cake when you were out of town. I went in and heard him arguing with a woman then i waited for her to come out and after several pleas, she told me what happened.’

‘Last i checked you were a lawyer not the police.’

‘She couldn’t report to the police because they were scared, besides he promised to cater for them so there was no need to.’ Matt’s clarified.
‘When did you start lying too?’ Kate opened her mouth and Matt’s thought she was going to get off the hook but she was embarrassed when she uttered those words.

She sighed heavily. ‘Remember we had to fight over the cake. You were so sure I internationally didn’t go to his place. I couldn’t speak to you; I mean you never believed me when I told you about his many escapades. The only thing you’ll believe is when you see it with your eyes.’

‘So you decided to put our friendship on the line.’

‘Yes, call me crazy. You were the only family I had then.’ Matts concluded vividly the past.

‘You broke me and that bond.’

‘I know you were broken but i thought it was better at that moment than after you move in with him and finally marry him. That was why you saw me there in his house when we just spoke not long ago and I didn’t exactly sleep with him.’

‘And you want me to believe that?’ Kate muttered doubtedly.

‘You only saw what I wanted you to see. I’ve been carrying this guilt for far too long.’ Matts said still rubbing the dirt in her friends face.

‘So how was that my fault matts. That I loved a guy too much, that I was blind. Is that the point you are trying to make?’ Kate finally felt like questioning matts.

Matt’s cunning face got her pissed off.

‘Just get out now.’

Kate yelled so loud that, she felt like her children were coming out. She didn’t know when she passed out, but woke up and found Nectar in the same position he was before.

To be continued



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