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Blemished Love – Episode 19

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Henry drove straight to Grissel’s place and met her at the gate on foot. He came earlier and was sitting in his car outside when Clive rushed out but he decided to wait for the car to leave before he checks on Grissel.

Grissel came out after some ten minutes and was on foot.

He sounded his horn, signaling her to wait.

Grissel sighed heavily and stopped moving.

Henry came out of his car with a foolish smile on his face meeting up with her.

‘Hey, how are you.’

‘What are you doing here?’

‘I came to apologize for the accident.’

‘Okay, you can go now.’

‘Grissel, I know you don’t feel anything for me like I do but I want you to know I will always be here when your world finally fall apart.’

She glanced at him and didn’t realize she still had tears in her eyes from earlier.

‘Another fool.’ She whispered to herself.

‘What did you say?’

‘Who told you my world is falling apart.’

‘You don’t need to because the tears in your eyes says it all.’

She quickly raised her hands to wipe her face when he reached out with a handkerchief.

‘Use this.’

Grissel could see honesty in his eyes and the care in his voice unlike Clive.

He must truly love her but she’s not interested. She was still in her thoughts when he spoke up.

‘It’s just a piece of fabric and harmless.’

‘I know but I don’t need it. And please do me a favor and stop following me because I’m never going to feel anything for you.’

‘I don’t want you to feel anything for me Grissel. My love is enough for both of us.’

‘I said I don’t want you Henry and if you love me as you claim you do, you would stop pursuing me because stalking me only hurts.’ She responded and felt the pain in his demeanor.

But she cared less. Grissel walked away from him and stopped the next cab. She was taking a walk that afternoon after Clive left to clear her mind. In the cab, she saw Henry driving with speed overtaking their cab.


Tom had his hands on his head pacing in his hotel room the whole time he went back in and locked Stella outside. He turned on his phone and the first person he thought of calling was Melisa. Tom remembered her mentioning his marriage was a sham. That made him think she knew all along and said nothing.

He dropped his phone and hissed.

The anger consuming him made him punch the wardrobe. He bruised his knuckles.

‘Why would she do this to me, when I’ve done nothing but defend her all the time? What should I tell my friends and family?’ He sat on the floor and his eyes fell on his wrist watch.

Then he remembered the first night and even before they started dating Grissel mentioned she had a past which she wasn’t sure she was ready to talk about. Tom knew he was the one who told her to leave it in the past as she seemed not ready to talk about it.

He fumed once more and hit his leg against the bed. ‘God give me wisdom.’

He asked himself continuously what his wife would have done in his situation. Tom who wasn’t really a fun of prayer, knelt down and prayed that morning. He lasted for just four minutes and wiped his teary face.

Though he told Stella he wasn’t leaving that morning, he smiled mischievously and quickly hurried up with his dressing.

Stella was hoping he would join her in the plane and luckily he came after some few hours.

‘You changed your mind?’

‘Yeah I figured whatever answers I need right now, I can’t get them from here so I decided to go back home.’

‘Good, I saved you a drink.’

‘Thanks.’ He grabbed his seat next to Stella and stared at the soft drink.

‘You know I’m always here whenever you need to talk.’

‘Stella, can we just enjoy this flight in peace.’

‘Okay,’ she dropped her glass and placed her head on his shoulders.

Tom glanced at her weirdly but his mind was occupied with lots of ideas popping up with regards to his wife. Though he was furious, he still believes this is one big drama which will end soon.

He smooched her hands while the plane took off. That moment, he needed comfort but Tom also knew taking advantage of her would only make things worse. He smooched his ring and wiped his eyes with his other hand while Stella was in closed eyes.


Grissel waited at the airport to pick Tom up but she was told he didn’t get on that plane as it got canceled for the next day. She wasn’t surprised Tom hadn’t called to tell her not to come as it’s obvious he was still mad at her.

So she got into her car and drove off.

‘At least I have one more night before I let go.’ She hit her air bag and sped off.

Tom and Stella had a few stops when their plane developed a fault so they had to change flights.

They came out of the arrival area just when Grissel got tired of waiting and left.

Stella asked him to join her car so her driver could drop him home.

He looked around and somehow was hoping his wife would be around.

‘Looking for your wife?’

‘Huh? No, she’s not even aware our flight delayed.’

‘She must have left after waiting for hours.’

‘Serves her right.’ He replied helping the driver with directions to his place.

‘What did you say?’

‘I said, let’s get into the car.’

He replied once more with a sad tone.

Tom’s head was spinning as if he drowned himself in a liter of vodka at the same time he had a million thoughts on his mind. For what seemed like three hours, they got to his place.

The driver helped him with his luggage inside as he had his own key.

Grissel is an early bird and a deep sleeper as well. He hesitated at the door before climbing the stairs.

Tom knew she wasn’t going to hear him no matter the loud noise from down stairs.

He dragged his luggage upstairs.

Tom paused at the door and watched her sleep peacefully.

He walked closer but wasn’t so sure why he came home in the first place.

Watching his wife sleep soundly made him think she’s capable of anything.

‘If one could sleep this peaceful as if they don’t have skeletons in their wardrobe, then I’m not safe.’ Tom whispered to himself and picked up the pillow.

He fumbled with his hands and held it firmly.

Before he knew what he was doing Grissel was shouting.

‘You are su.. ffoc… ating me.’ She became breathless under the pillow.

Tom became rigid with the pillow.

‘Stop it you are hurting me.’

That was the last yell he heard and fell on the floor when he realized Grissel was not responding neither was she yelling.


To be continued.

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12 Replies to “Blemished Love – Episode 19

  1. Tom should have woke her up and talk to her about it, it would have be better then killing her its unfair but that clive is an evil friend and need to be killed

  2. I still don’t get all secret Grissel was keeping. Anyway what is Tom trying to doing? To kill her without hearing her own part.

  3. I pray she isn’t dead
    that’s y soon to be couples shud talk about their past so as nt to destroy their marriage

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