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Blemished Love – Episode 16

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‘Are you checking me out now? We have something called privacy Dane.’

‘You call meeting with a guy you barely knew for drinks privacy.’

‘How did you know I met with Bryan?’ She was trying so hard to control her anger that night.

‘So it’s true. Lisa, am I not enough for you.’

‘What is this really about Dane? Because I remember cutting ties with Henry when you asked me to so what is it you want from me now?’

‘You didn’t, I saw you coming out of Henry’s apartment last week dawn. What do you call that?’

‘We call it mind your business. You can’t just keep monitoring me around when I’m laying down everything for you.’

‘Oh really, if you can’t be with me alone and not sneak out of guys house at dawn as if you went stealing something which wasn’t yours , then let’s quit.’

‘Have it your way.’ She replied angrily and hanged up.

Just that minute her phone rang.

‘What do you want now? I said it’s over.’

‘Lisa, are you okay?’ The voice drew her attention to the caller ID.

‘Bryan, I’m sorry I yelled at you but can we talk another time.’

‘That’s perfect. Goodnight.’ He hanged up before she could.

Melisa buried her face in between her three pillows.

‘He stopped calling for two weeks and suddenly thinks its okay to monitor me.’ She hissed. ‘I can’t remember disrespecting him too.’

‘Maybe, you are doing something wrong.’ Julia startled her.

Julia switched on the light and stood by the door with her arms folded.

‘Aunty, you know how I so much hate it when you sneak up on me.’

‘I know but I did this on purpose. You hate this so does your boyfriend also hates whatever you keep doing out there with Henry.’

‘Not you too aunty. I told you he stopped calling because he thought i didn’t want to marry him when I obviously don’t want to rush into marriage.’

‘I heard all that and how you kept yelling at him earlier.’

‘He’s monitoring me and I don’t like it.’

‘I think that’s not right too but you keep giving him reasons to.’

‘I know what you are thinking.’

‘Good, so?’

‘I’m not having sex with Henry anymore.’ In fact, I haven’t been laid since I met Dane.’

‘You took my advice?’

‘Yes, It hasn’t been easy and Henry keeps bugging me about it.’

‘But you were in his house, I guess you were just sleeping by him.’

‘Kind of but it’s not like that aunty.’

‘You see how silly you sound and look right now. Who wouldn’t be angry over her girlfriend gracing another man’s bed?’

‘I’m sorry, I just needed so…

‘Sex, because you weren’t getting that from him right.’

‘I wa…s go…ing to say some comfort.’

‘What’s the difference when it all involves touching you.’ Julia walked closer and sat with her on the bed now.

‘He didn’t touch me, trust me.’

‘I trust you but the other guy in your life won’t believe you so the earlier you stop going to Henry’s place the better. You aren’t a kid anymore.’

‘Alright, thank you.’ Melisa responded.

‘Don’t thank me yet and who is Bryan.’

‘Just a friend of Paige. We had one drink together and that was it.’

‘Just a friend and you are blushing. May I remind you I’ve been at your age before?’

‘Aunty, believe me. I love D, and nobody else.’

‘Then talk to him about what’s bothering you. Make him understand you don’t like to be monitored.’ Julia had her full gaze on her.

‘I will reach out to her later.’

‘And the sex, I don’t know how you two can work that out but I want you to be happy. If you are not happy being with him, just walk out. I will help you cry yet again as I’ve been doing for years.’

‘You are a God sent Julia Smith.’

‘I know I am but the next time you call me by Joe’s name, you will see the other part of Julia.’ She smacked her niece.

‘I know your other side and I also know Joe comes to sleep in this house when I’m not around.’

‘Huh, who told you that lie?’ She coyly asked.

‘No one but your demeanor just confirmed it. Just let me know when you need the house so I can travel for a year.’

‘I don’t want you to go for that long. The small travels are just fine with us.’

‘So it’s true. Is it official yet?’

‘We are not dating, if that’s what you think.’

‘But you are having fun right?’

‘I guess so considering his ex-wife is still in the picture, I’m sure this fun will all come to an end soon.’

‘Don’t think like that, besides they are divorced and that’s what you wanted not to be with a married man.’

‘But it felt wrong when it seemed I gave him the idea when his wife cheated on him. That was the main reason why I pushed him away.’

‘No you didn’t push him away, they might have tried to work it out and it didn’t work.’

‘You are right.’ Julia said and her phone rang.

‘It’s Joe.’ Let’s talk tomorrow morning Lisa.’

She nodded and flashed Julia a smile.


‘What’s with you and the couch anyway?’ He asked pulling Grissel’s long blouse to cover their naked body on the floor. Though it wasn’t entirely covering everything, it did its best.

‘I just love it here.’ She kissed him once more.

‘You never did tell me about who your first was.’

‘Oh just some guy.’ She frowned.

‘Is that where your energy and then the couch ideas…..’

‘Tom. Let’s not go into that. It’s unhealthy please.’

‘Okay Love. I just hope I get to hear that story someday.’

She raised her head from his chest as they moved from the couch earlier to the floor. Grissel stared in his eyes and made to talk.

‘What?’ He stroked her hair when Grissel suddenly kept quiet.

‘Nothing. Can we just lie here tonight?’

‘We could, expect we are yet to take our shower and lock up.’ Tom told her smiling.

‘Can’t that wait? Especially now that I’m ready for your children we need to spend more time cuddling.’ She winked.

Tom quickly picked himself off the floor sitting against the couch.

‘Are you serious?’

‘Yeah though I’m not sure if I can be a good mom to your kids, I just think this is the best time to start.’

‘Thank you so much.’ He hugged her grinning more than usual.

‘But wait, you said my kids. Why do I feel, you are just doing this for me.’

‘Sorry, our kids.’

‘Okay, but I will be around to help you so don’t worry about how good you should be.’

‘I know you will be around but you don’t understand me. I’m scared Tom.’

‘Come here.’ Tom drew her closer and she rested on his bare chest while he encouraged her.

‘I would also appreciate if you talk to me instead of Julia. I know we’ve been having problems a lot lately but I want you to know I listen when you talk but I just sometimes disagree.’

‘I’m sorry, I didn’t think Julia was going to talk to you that soon. I was hoping to call her back tomorrow.’

‘She was here yesterday while you were at work.’

‘Was that why you changed your mind about having kids now because if you are still not ready, I totally understand you.’

‘Not at all, she aired her view and I think I was just holding back because I’m scared.’

‘Alright, we can discuss this later as I know your plan is just to sleep here tonight.’ He dragged her up quickly.

‘Oh Tom. Let’s stay for just an hour more.’

‘I have work tomorrow and I have to be up early.’

‘But tomorrow is a Sunday.’

‘Miss Lucky wants me at work tomorrow morning. Sorry I forgot to tell you.’

‘I hate going to church alone Tom.’

‘Duty calls, Love.’

‘Why do I feel like, you are doing all this to please your boss?’

‘Come on, she’s been nice to me since I got back to work.’

‘Is this where you tell me she’s actually a nice person.’

‘Actually she is more than nice.’

‘I’m coming with you to work tomo…’ She was interrupted by the beep of her phone.

She looked at the number which wasn’t registered.

‘Tom, can you answer this call for me.’ She handed over the phone to him which he was gestured asking why but Grissel had already hit the answer button so he had to speak.

‘Hello, Tom here.’

The line dropped before he could say another word.

‘That’s weird. The caller hanged up.’

‘Exactly, this is the fifth time since last week.’

‘Wait, why didn’t you tell me about it?’

‘I figured it would stop and you were not exactly cool about Henry stalking me when I told you everything.’

‘When something like this happens to you, talk to me Grissel. I don’t want to yell so you tell me I’m becoming like my Dad.’

‘I’m sorry.’

‘You are so used to keeping things to yourself even when you clearly need help. And may I remind you, you nearly died keeping secrets under my watch.’

‘I said I’m sorry.’

‘As usual, sorry fixes everything for you. Remind me to let Mike look into the name registered with that number for you.’

‘I will contact Mike myself. Thank you.’ She swayed the phone around.

‘I’m going to take my shower now. Are you coming with me?’

‘Later.’ She sat back on the couch while Tom went upstairs.

Mike works with the network provider that both Grissel and Tom patronize so it’s always easy setting up things with his help. Grissel that evening knew she didn’t need Mike’s help to figure out the number as she wasn’t ready to open up old wounds.

But she had to contact Mike so there wouldn’t be a problem between her and Tom. Grissel succeeded in sending the message to Mike and rushed upstairs.


Tom and Stella has been getting along lately. They sometimes have drinks together Friday nights instead of his friends.

They were at the Seattle bar when Stella received a call. She excused herself and left.

‘Tom, what are you doing?’ Austin frowned.

‘I’m doing nothing.’

‘Austin is just trying to ask you what you are doing with Stella.’ Mike clarified.

‘She’s my boss and I brought her for a drink.’

‘Who takes their bosses out man? Especially at this time of the night.’ Austin questioned.

‘Are you insinuating something?’ Tom raised his voice this time.

‘You can’t see the picture on the wall clearly. Dude she’s falling for you.’ Clive chipped in.

‘She’s aware I have a wife.’

‘Has that ever stopped her kind?’ Austin jeered.

‘Look, I didn’t come here to have arguments like the last time.’ Tom whispered.

‘Mike and Clive, why are you two quiet. Tell your guy here something.’ Austin pushed.

‘I would better not assume. Tom is a big guy, I’m sure he knows what he’s doing.’ Mike watched him closely while talking.

‘Thank you Mike, I don’t know what gets into Austin anytime Grissel becomes the topic.’

‘Just looking out for a friend which you never brought to have drinks with us but here we are with your boss who seems to have feelings for you.’

‘But what is so wrong if Tom decides to meet other ladies after work.’ Clive the insensitive one asked.

‘Everything is wrong Clive. Why is he married then?’

‘Austin, do you like my wife?’ Tom’s next question brought silence to the whole place until Stella got back.

‘Hello, are you guys in a trance or something.’

Mike was the first to speak up while the rest directed their gaze to Austin’s direction.

‘My friend Austin here just confessed he likes you so much Stella.’ Tom teased and picked his next bottle.

Stella glanced at all the guys at the table and feigned a smile.

‘Thank you Austin, but Tom I have to get going. My Dad wants me home.’

‘You didn’t tell him, you are with me.’

She got closer to his ears. ‘That’s the problem.’

‘Okay, let me just finish this and drop you home.’

‘I can go with a cab, it’s a long drive.’

‘I insist Stella. Remember I asked you to let your driver go home so I could drive you after here.’

‘But you were always in a rush to see your wife every day after wok. Won’t there be problems.’

All eyes fell on her instantly.

‘She understands Fridays are not for her but for my friends. So relax, if you don’t want to go with me, Austin here can drive you since he’s going your way.’

‘Tom, you know I always hit the last bottle before I leave.’ Austin declined with a scowl.

‘You are stuck with me now Stella.’

She looked around and her eyes fell on Clive who signaled her to go.

‘Okay let’s go already. Hope you are not that drunk.’

‘No, I took just two bottles.’

‘Three.’ Mike and Clive chorused.

He shoved them an eye and picked up his phone and keys rushing after Stella who was waving the guys.

‘Hey dude, Catch.’ Clive threw him a small pack of condom he pulled out from his shirt pocket earlier.

Tom quickly grabbed and shook his head while Mike waved smiling. Stella was already out of sight.

‘I don’t need this so Austin can go blabbing to my wife.’

‘Man, I told you I’m not a snitch. Do whatever you want to because I’m done talking about Grissel.’

‘Come on, it’s just a joke Austin.’ He said placing the condom in his jacket pocket and gave them three a handshake before leaving.


Dane has been in Seattle for a while now.

He packed in front of the shop Paige and Melisa were meeting as she picked her and the kids up for a shopping treat.

‘So what’s with you and Bryan.’

‘We had a drink the last time you stylishly left me with him alone.’

‘I’m sorry, I told you I had to pick up this young ones.’ Paige pointed to Shirley and her brother who were busy checking out toys in the shop.

‘I believe you now but how are you able to raise all two kids by yourself.’

‘It hasn’t been easy but they are helpful sometimes.’

‘So their mom never comes around.’ Melisa kept asking as they moved from one shelf to another.

‘They both vanished. I think my brother just had bad luck with those women.

‘That’s so sad but he didn’t tell you the truth about why they left.’

‘Enough about my kids, you still haven’t heard from your guy.’

‘I’m done with him. I told you he’s been stalking me all this time that he refused to call.’

‘That’s very weird.’

‘He is weird, but I love him and his little girl.’

‘Yeah you told me, you were hoping to give her all your best.’

‘It’s all over now. I’m back to being single and I must as well be with Henry.’

‘You do know Henry is just using you to get to Grissel right.’

‘I know and I don’t really care. Grissel won’t give in that easily that I’m sure of now so I’m just having fun.’

‘Just make sure you don’t end up falling for him.’

‘I know that so well. I told you about Dane’s no sex rule too.’

‘That is creepy too for a man like him who has been married before and with a child. Are you sure he’s not into cults.’

Melisa laughed so loud drawing the attention of the other shoppers. ‘No, he’s not. I think he just wants to give his wife that respect until we are married.’

‘His dead wife Mel.’

‘Yeah, he never talked about her again since the last time I asked and it made me wonder if he was still holding on to her.’

‘Girl if you ask me, you are in for a lot of trouble. Just take care of your heart.’

‘Thank you but it’s over now so I get to move on.’

‘I can introduce you to some other guys, even Bryan might be interested in you.’

‘Not now, let’s get going before we waste the whole day in here.’

They went for the kids who bought a whole lot of toys and joined the queue to pay.

‘Lisa right?’ The attendant asked.

‘Yes, that’s me. Did our kids destroy something or my bank card isn’t working.’ She asked hurriedly as she already gave her the card earlier after she had checked their items.

‘Far from that. Your items have been paid for and you just need to take your change.’

‘Paid for by whom?’ She asked with a confused expression when her eyes fell on Dane leaving the shop. She kept staring at him.

‘Paige, take the stuff and meet me up front.’ She dropped her hand bag and rushed after him but he got into his car and drove off before she got out.

She stood at the entrance waiting for Paige.

‘What was that all about?’ She tapped asking her.

‘That weirdo just paid and after spotting him, he drove off.’

‘You mean Dane the white guy.’ She asked sarcastically because Melisa mostly refer to him that way.

She nodded.

‘Lisa, something is off with this guy.’

‘I know Paige, he started this stalking since the day I kind of told him I wasn’t ready for marriage.’

‘Do you need help?’

‘No, I can handle him. Let’s go now, I will drop you guys home.’

They packed the items in the booth of the car and drove off.

‘By the way, I went back to get that shoe for the two of us. The change was enough to get three and I got a dress for our outing next week.’

Melisa shoved her an ugly stare.

‘You didn’t even know where the money came from but you bought shoes.’

‘I thought from your Dad.’

‘Well you thought wrong Paige.’

She didn’t realize Melisa was pissed off.

‘I got the matching bags too for…..’

‘Paige, enough of I got this and I got that.’

‘Sorry.’ She looked out to check on the kids at the back who had already eaten a bar of the chocolate. Paige flashed them a smile.

Melisa watched them from the front mirror and smooched Paige’s thigh.

‘Is that your way of saying I’m sorry for bashing you earlier?’

‘Yeah, but I didn’t bash you.’

‘At least, you fulfilled your promise of taking me out for a treat.’ Paige announced.

They both ended up laughing while driving home.


To be continued


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