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Blemished Love – Episode 17

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‘Austin, you asked me here and yet haven’t said anything yet.’

‘I want to ask you something.’

‘Okay, does your sister want to make a change to the custody schedules?’

‘No, your work is just perfect, I just wanted us to talk over a drink.’

She sighed and picked up her glass of juice. ‘You scared me when you said you want us to talk.’

‘It’s just our usual chit chat.’ He clarified.

‘I’m sorry I haven’t made time for us lately but you know the early stages in marriage can make you lose friends.’

‘Don’t worry I’m not complaining. I know the kind of man you married.’

She laughed. ‘I always forget you know him more than I do.’

‘How’s he doing with marriage?’

Grissel looked at his face and knew anytime Austin has something important to ask he beats about the real story.

‘Austin, just ask already.’

‘I don’t want to be meddling in your marriage but are you happy with my friend.’

‘Are you happy you introduced us?’ She shot back.

‘Of course, I am.’ He replied scratching his head.

‘There you have your answer.’

‘So you are happy. He’s treating you right.’

‘I’m okay dear friend. You don’t need to give me a questionnaire to fill anytime you and Tom happen to argue.’

‘He told you about the drink up fight?’

‘Ahaaa that should tell you he would never treat me contrary to what you told him the first time you introduced us.’

He managed a sigh. ‘Great, so how’s work.’

‘I just started this week and I’m hoping to blend in soon. Andre isn’t around so I’m doing all his paper works.’

‘I’m happy you could put all that behind you and move on.’

‘I have Tom and he makes it easy.’

‘Let me get us some food then.’ He changed the topic and stood up heading to the waiter.

Grissel called up Tom quickly.

‘Mission accomplished but you still owe me a day out at the beach.’ She quickly hanged up and smiled to Austin who was walking back to the table.

Tom had told Grissel about what happened at their drink up party without leaving anything out when she found the pack of condom in his jacket. He knew Austin was just looking out for her but he wasn’t comfortable being questioned so Grissel offered to talk to him.


Tom promised Julia a spa treatment so he took her out that Saturday and decided to grab an ice cream at a nearby ice cream joint since Grissel had insisted on going out with him that day.

Grissel and ice-creams were like twins. He had no other choice than to get her a big bowl of that.

‘Get an extra three. Vanilla for the house, strawberry for Julia and Chocolate for Lisa. You know her birthday is few weeks away.’

Tom gave her a look signaled to the waiter.

‘This is the part of the marriage after my heart.’ She smiled and got a smack on her back.

They were pretty much engrossed in their chats that they didn’t notice Stella walking in.

She walked up to them. Grissel had her head on Tom’s shoulders and he was the first to see Stella standing in front of them.

‘Hey, you patronize this place too.’ Tom asked cheerfully.

Grissel raised up her head and her eyes met with Stella who was smiling broadly.

‘Hello,’ Stella muttered.

‘Hi,’ Grissel responded weakly.

‘This must be your better half Mr. Addi….., I mean Tom.

Stella suddenly remembered he hates to be called Mr. Addison.

‘Yeah, my wife Grissel.’

‘She’s a beauty.’ Stella suddenly said while Tom was not done introducing them.

‘You can say that again.’ Tom muttered.

Grissel was just quiet watching them obviously jealous.

‘Seems like she’s not a great talker too.’

‘She can talk for the whole world.’ Tom replied grinning at Grissel.’

‘Sorry, I’m just a little under the weather today.’ Grissel apologized and Tom thought it was weird as she was laughing earlier.

Stella smiled proudly.

‘Why don’t you join us, we can have a couple of drinks together, that way my wife could get to know you.’ Tom chipped in.

‘I was on my way out of here.’

‘Oh too bad.’ He said.

‘Maybe I could spare five minutes of my time.’ She said checking her time and grabbing a seat.

‘Awesome, at least my wife could get to know my boss and not worry when I come home late.’ He smiled mischievously.

‘Is she the one you told me about?’ Grissel finally found her voice probably surprised because they both hardly talk about their works.

‘Yes, my boss Stella Medt.’ he replied.

‘I can see someone has been talking about me.’ Stella chipped in watching Grissel closely.

‘Not really, just our first day encounter.’

‘Aww, I’m shy already. Once again I’m sorry we started on the wrong foot.’ Stella apologized.

‘That’s okay we are good now.’

‘Definitely,’ Stella shot back smiling.

Grissel was watching her and could count the number of times she has smiled already.

Just then Tom’s phone rang.

‘I have to take this call. I will be right back.’

‘Okay Love,’ she responded smiling at Tom who has left the table.

She kept her eyes at the direction he went until Stella’s voice jerked her out of her reverie.

‘Hi,’ Stella whispered.

‘Hello,’ she found the need to reply her. Grissel’s voice was weak and her face turned pale all of a sudden.

“I miss you.” Stella muttered once Tom was out of sight.

Grissel nodded fighting the urge to talk further as she was pushing back her tears every second.

‘So you moved on.’ Stella asked again.

Grissel just kept staring at her.

‘It’s good to know you were not holding on.’

Grissel glared at her now and Stella got the message.

‘And you married an awesome man.’ Stella said relaxing against the chair now while looking around to check where Tom vanished to.

Grissel wiped a tear when Stella was not looking.

“Thank you Ella.” She finally sighed.

Stella probably understood why Grissel was thanking her so she smiled.

‘I’m glad I could be of help.’

Grissel nodded quietly. ‘Medt’s?’

‘Emmm that was the only thing I never told you.’ Stella muttered.

‘And my husband is off li…’ She was cut off.

‘Off limits, I get it Grissel and sorry for crushing on him.’

‘Good, just stay off.’ Grissel warned firmly.

They were both staring at each other without blinking.

You two seems to be an inseparable pair.’ Stella held her hand which she quickly pulled out of her grasp.

‘Don’t’ touch me and stop talking about my husband.’ Grissel said carefully.

‘You love him that much?’ Stella smiled.

‘Love who?’ Tom appeared beside Grissel.

‘You, my love.’ Grissel flirted.

She squeezed his hands romantically and kissed him on the lips quickly.

Stella shook her head smiling.

Tom glanced at his wife weirdly. Grissel was not the public romance type of woman but something was off with her.

He smiled to her and noticed Stella was still smiling.

‘Why are you smiling?’ She asked her.

‘Been a while since I saw two people so much in love like you two here.’ Stella muttered with so much humor.

‘I know right. My wife is just all over me.’ He teased.

‘I can see that. Though I’m dying to know how this love story started, I got to hit the road.’ Stella smiled glancing at Grissel who seem not to be paying attention.

‘Okay sure.’ Tom replied.

‘Grissel right?’

She nodded.

‘Nice meeting you and hope we can catch up again.

‘Yeah.’ She responded and Stella picked up her bag, smiling cheerfully, waved them and walked out.

They didn’t realize when she came back to their table.

‘And Tom, trust me. You married a good one, I hope you don’t ever let her go.’

Grissel glared at Tom who had a confused grin on.

‘Thank you Stella, but you just came back to say that and you are over smiling too.’

‘I couldn’t leave without letting you know. I got to go now.’ She rushed off in a hurry.

Tom watched her leave and turned to Grissel.

‘That was weird?’

‘What was weird?’ She asked.

‘Stella’s speech and she kept smiling throughout.’

‘Yeah, she loves to smile a lot. I guess something’s never change.’

‘What was that?’ Tom queried.

‘I mean she’s a natural.’

‘Yeah, can we get going now?’

‘I want to take a walk with you along the road Tom.’

‘We can do that next weekend Grissel. Right now, we have to pick up Julia.’

‘I almost forgot. Let’s get going.’ Grissel stood up and saw Stella’s car speeding off upon seeing her.

‘Your ice cream please.’ The waiter rushed to meet them with the package and Tom paid.


‘Dad, Mom?’ Stella stormed into the house after she drove on top speed nearly hitting a pole.

She slumped onto the couch sweating and was about to leave while dropping her bag abruptly when her parents came in.

‘What’s going on with you?’

‘Dad, i thought you attended Tom’s wedding.’

‘Tom again?’ He hit his fist gently on his thigh. ‘Stella he is married to a good woman and I don’t want you screwing that up for him.’ Her Dad cautioned.

Stella’s Dad overheard her talking over the phone about how she was having a crush on Tom. He was hoping it would last for just a while knowing her daughter very well.

‘This is not about Tom Dad.’ She glanced at them intently.

‘Then what is it about.’

‘You didn’t notice anything off about Tom’s wife?’

‘Why is she sick?’ Her mom who was confused all this while asked.

‘Come off it you two. At least give me a heads up about the fact that he married my Grissel.’

‘Who is your Grissel?’ Both husband and wife chorused.

‘Gosh, you two are dramatic right now.’ She yelled and rushed up stairs.

Her parents just stared confusedly. The look on their face shows they had no idea what their daughter was referring to.


‘Tom, is that not your wife lurking around?’ Mike asked pointing to Grissel’s direction.

Grissel decided to surprise Tom at his Friday hang out. She knew he wouldn’t like her being there but she was bored at home and needed some company.

‘Wow!’ Tom exclaimed.

‘What?’ Austin asked and Tom kept hiding his face behind Stella.

‘She’s beautiful.’ Clive responded.

‘But is this your first time of seeing her that beautiful?’ Mike asked while Tom kept burying his face.

‘No, but I think Tom must have done something to her after marriage.’

Tom glared at him now and he kept quiet.

Grissel was clad in the pink short blouse Tom got for her a few weeks ago when they had a fight and he needed to apologize. With her hair dangling on her shoulder, she kept searching with her pretty face without make up.

‘I think you should wave at her.’ Stella announced.

‘I didn’t invite her to come for our night out.’

‘She’s probably just bored at home.’ She smiled.

‘But it’s a boy’s night out.’ Tom cautioned.

‘Really? What is Stella doing here then?’ Austin chipped in.

‘Thank you Austin.’ She said and waved up to Grissel who finally looked in their direction.

She smiled and walked up to them hurriedly.

Stella offered her seat next to Tom and moved to the next one.

She greeted them and reached out for a beer from the crate when Tom held her hand.

‘Barman, one coke for the lady.’ Tom called the bar man’s attention.

They all glanced at each other and were holding their laughter back.

Clive on the other hand kept winking at her which was unusual.

Her coke came and he handed it over to her. ‘Christian’s don’t drink beer.’

Stella laughed first and they all burst out hilariously.

‘Tom, just let her have fun for tonight.’ Austin interrupted.

Grissel though was embarrassed she joined in the laughter.

‘No, she always preach to me about Christian’s and beer. Today is her turn to apply the Bible.’

Grissel gave her a smack. ‘No chicken for you for a month.’

“Come on, I did the right thing.”

‘I’m also doing the right thing.’ She replied him honestly.

‘You are beautiful Grissel.’ Clive suddenly chipped in.

Tom gave him the look that was capable of murdering him without a weapon.

‘Relax, Mr. Husband. I just taught you what you forgot to do when she arrived here.’ Clive clarified.

‘Grissel already knew she’s the prettiest of all the ladies around me. No offence Stella.’ He flattered and rubbed her back.

Clive hissed, then stood up excusing himself and headed towards the washroom.

Grissel sipped her Coke with the straw while the rest gulped their beer.

She felt a tap on her thighs and turned around. She forgot Stella was in their midst.

‘Be careful with Clive.’ She whispered quietly into her ears.

She glanced at Clive walking towards them smiling at her and nodded to Stella.

‘You still care about me after all these years.’ Grissel said quietly to her as the others were focused on their usual argument.

‘Of course Grissel. I shouldn’t have left you alone that night. I’m really sorry.’

‘Don’t you think it’s too late for that Stella? ’ Grissel said silently and suddenly clutched on Tom’s other arm ignoring Stella’s taps.

This was the first time they were talking after their first accidental meet up a week ago.

After a few chitchats, they announced their leave so Grissel and Tom could have the night to themselves.



‘Yes.’ She stood at her office door smiling weirdly at her sister in law.

Grissel kept staring as she wasn’t expecting her to come there.

‘Should I come in?’ Melisa asked as she seemed to be in a trance.

‘Sure.’ She responded quickly opening her door widely for her whiles rushing to fix the chair in it’s position.

Melisa watched her walk to the fridge and stood there.

‘Grissel? Water.’ She said to remind her why she went to the fridge in the first place.

Since that night in the hospital, she hasn’t seen Grissel up close. Melisa walked up to her at the fridge and gave her a surprise hug.

‘I’m so sorry Lisa.’

‘It’s okay Grissel. I’m not here to make you feel undeserving.’

‘You are not?’ Grissel came out of her arms quickly.

‘Yes, I just came to check on you and I didn’t want Tom to start asking questions.’

‘Thank you Lisa,’ she fidgeted with her hands.

‘Come and have a seat. We need to talk about Henry.’

Grissel looked up at her when she mentioned Henry.

‘I haven’t done anything with him.’ She said in a hurry.

‘I know Grissel. What should we do about him?’


‘Yes, he’s obsessed with you.’

‘But you are the one sleeping with him Lisa.’

Melisa watched how her hands flung to her mouth immediately after her words.

‘‘That hurts Grissel.’’

‘Sorry but what I meant was he’s your responsibility not mine.’

‘Henry was a good friend until he met you at my house the night Tom brought you home.’

‘Good man? The guy has psychological problems Lisa.’

‘You think so?

‘You tell me, besides you are the doctor here.’

Melisa stared at her for about a minute. ‘Emmm, I would recommend someone for him if you think he needs help.

‘Any plans for your birthday tomorrow?’ Grissel thought to change the topic.

‘No, I have a work trip in the morning.’

‘Too bad, maybe you can celebrate with Tom next two weeks.’

‘Tom do……’

‘I would talk to your brother.’

‘Good luck.’ She teased with a funny smile.

They had a few more talks before she asked to leave.


‘I have two weeks conference in New Jersey. Would you be okay home alone? Tom asked Grissel who was

‘I will miss you Tom.’ She sounded not surprised while focused on her packing.

‘Do you want to come with me?’

‘That’s a bad idea Tom besides you have company.’


‘Yes, isn’t she going with you?’

‘She is but I wished you would come with us. Stella really likes you.’

‘Really?’ What did she say?’

‘Nothing important but tell me why you are packing your stuff into a travelling bag again.’

‘Oh those are for the laundry.’ She pointed to the bag reluctantly.

‘Are you sure? Because it seems to me as someone who plans to leave her matrimonial home.’

‘You think too much Tom.’ A sad grin appeared on her cheeks.

‘Okay, just leave that and come to bed already.’ He wore a confused grin this time.

She hesitated for a while and dropped the bag she was holding.

‘Give me just a minute.’ She rushed into the washroom and washed her face with water which was already drenched in tears.

Tom hadn’t noticed she was crying earlier while packing.

‘Is everything alright with you?’ He queried when she came out.

‘Of course. I wanted to ask if Stella has told you anything recently.’

‘Was she supposed to tell me something?’

‘No, it’s just that you spend so much time with her lately.’

‘Do you want me to stop?’

‘No, besides I trust you and somehow I know she’s harmless too.’

‘Great, she has even agreed to go on a date with Clive.’

‘Clive? Ella is too good for him.’

‘But you barely know Stella so how do you know she’s too good for Clive.’ Tom has gotten used to her wife calling her boss Ella even though he wasn’t so sure how she quickly formulated that name.

‘You talk about her all the time Tom. I would prefer you introduce her to Austin.’

‘Austin said he wasn’t interested.’

‘I will talk to him, just don’t let Clive have his way yet.’ She adjusted her pillow.

Grissel was sounding over protective and Tom was beginning to sense she wasn’t happy about his trip so before they slept that night, he called Stella to cancel but she claimed they may not find a replacement before due the time.

He stared at his wife sleeping quietly on the bed. Tom gave her a kiss and a cuddle.


Grissel bid her husband goodbye after dropping him at the airport.

Stella kept watching them weirdly until she drove off.

‘Do you need to go back?’

‘No, she will be fine.’

‘I don’t think so Tom. She’s acting as if you will never return.’

‘You noticed that too?’

‘Of course Tom. Anybody can read her expressions so I would understand if you have to go back.’

‘I thought I was the only one who felt she was acting weird from last night but she will be fine.’

‘I hope she’s not upset I’m going with you.’

‘No, she doesn’t care who I go with because I asked her to come with me and she said she was okay I’m going with you.’

‘She did?’


‘I guess she trust you too much.’ Stella teased.

‘I’m not that bad Stella.’

‘I know that, why do you think I love you th…’

She was saying and paused when she realized Tom was staring right into her eyes.

‘You love me?’

‘Yes, but not that kind of love.’

‘You don’t need to explain Stella, I always knew that was the reason you changed after I confronted you that day in the office.’

‘And ooh that wasn’t my fault. I was made to believe you swindled someone.’

‘Me? Swindle? Where did you get that from?’

‘Just an old fling called Henry.’

‘Henry the b******?’

‘b******? Well I guess whatever he did to you, he sure deserves that name.’

‘Yeah, he was stalking my wife and caused that accident?’

‘I’m sorry, he wasn’t ready to tell me why I should strip you off your position so I told him to face you himself.’

‘That’s alright.’

They were sitting in the waiting area facing each other. Stella had her hands supporting her jaw.

Tom pulled her hands from the jaw. ‘So you were sleeping with him or dating him.’

‘Do you have to ask that?’

‘Not really but if he’s sleeping with my sister and my boss friend I guess I have to know.’

‘Your sister?’ Stella sounded surprised.

‘Melisa. We don’t get along so I probably didn’t mention her to you.’

‘Melisa, sounds familiar.’

‘Maybe Henry mentioned her. They were pretty much close.’

‘Yeah I’m sure,’ She feigned a smile. ‘But with Henry, if you should know it was just friends with benefit. I met him in Mexico while on tour.’

‘I guess he brought you here to take over after finding out I work with your dad.’

‘You are smart Tom. I didn’t want to come back but he was persistent and my dad listens to him so I obliged.’

They were still talking when their flight number was called.

‘I guess that’s our ride.’ She said and got lost in her thoughts.

‘Yeah, let’s get going before we miss our flight.’ Tom interrupted her thoughts.

‘Sure.’ She dragged her luggage as Tom quickly offered to help.

‘Hey, I forgot to mention you look stunning today.’ He flattered.

‘You forgot?’

‘Busted. I didn’t want to disrespect my wife as she was with us.’

‘I understand and thank you.’ She flashed him a smile and he smiled back.


To be continued


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  1. grissel has been hiding a lot of secrets,she should have open up to Tom about her past to me that will make him love her more.

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