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Blemished Love – Episode 9

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Blemished Love Episode 9
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‘Jones why wasn’t I told we had new investors.’ Tom asked angrily storming into her colleague’s office.

‘I thought you knew besides Stella mentioned you had your hands full so had to do the presentation on your behalf.’ Jones explained.

‘Stella huh!’ He exclaimed and rushed off banging the door in the process.

It has been three weeks since Stella took over and her attitude towards him has gone from bad to worse. She practically gave his job to his other colleagues which he was much better at.

Tom wanted to resign last week but Grissel thought it was a bad idea. He hates not to be in control especially when a woman is involved.

‘She’s not even a woman but a girl. Who does she think she is?’ He hissed and pulled his drawer and brought out the envelope containing the resignation letter.

He paced up and down then went out headed to Stella’s office.

Tom barged in while Stella’s Secretary followed in order to stop him.

‘Who do you think you are to side line me when it comes to investors?’ He scowled.

Stella raised up her head from her laptop where she was busy working on some files and signaled her secretary to leave.

‘First it was calling me to report to work on a Sunday and then working late into the night throughout last week which wasn’t part of my contract.’ He yelled at her.

She adjusted herself on her swivel chair and stared at him without a word which was unlike her.

He remembered working late last week for her and she was around giving her lots of pressure and yelling on top of her voice but today was different.

Tom was surprised at her demeanor and stood in the middle of the room scratching his head. He was expecting her to yell or throw him out of her office as she did last week.

For a whole minute she just kept staring at him which was unusual.

Tom thought he saw a smile on her face which was quickly replaced by that same stare earlier.

He felt embarrassed, dropped the envelope and walked out briskly closing the door behind him.

Stella shook her head and picked up the envelope and read the contents.

‘Did I go too far with this unfair treatment?’ She asked herself and picked up her phone.

‘Okay, I’m done with this stunts. Just handle him yourself.’ She said and hanged up without allowing the receiver to even breathe.

Tom picked up his necessities since it was just two hours away from closing time and walked out meeting Stella coming out of her office.

Stella stood by the door upon realizing Tom was leaving. She watched him hand over some papers to his secretary.

She found it amusing when the scene earlier in her office flashed her mind. Stella gave out a broad smile. Tom gazed at her and couldn’t tell why she kept smiling when he obviously just handed six years hard work over in a rush to someone who doesn’t deserve it.


‘When is your flight?’ Julia asked Melisa who was still home munching on her muffin she was hoping to parcel for Tom during the weekend.

‘I have 3 hours more before I go.’ She responded picking up her next muffin.

‘When you make your first transit let me know.’

‘I would be fine Aunty. Besides this isn’t the first time I’m traveling to another state.’

‘I know but you’ve been moody since we had that Sunday lunch with your brother and his wife and you won’t talk about it either.’

‘I think I would be fine. I just need to reflect on some things.’

‘You can talk to me Lisa.’

‘Trust me this has nothing to do with you.’

‘Is it something your brother did?’

She shook her head.


‘I’m okay aunty.’

‘If you say so Lisa.’ Julia said and relaxed herself on the couch.


‘Hey you are home early three days in a row.’

‘I tried to make dinner, I’m not sure you would like it.’

Tom said quickly not to look suspicious. He doesn’t want to tell her yet until he figures out his next plan especially knowing Grissel would want to help which he wasn’t comfortable with.

‘You? Tom? Dinner?’

‘Grissel sprawled around to watch her husband who was already leading her to the kitchen when she came in that evening.

‘Yes, your husband made dinner. Just come with me.’ He dragged her along.

Grissel hasn’t suspected Tom resigned because he usually was the last to leave home. And comes home late which obviously now has changed but she didn’t think he would go ahead when they had already discussed it.

Grissel scooped the spaghetti mixed with sauce with her bare hands after tossing it in a bowl of water in the sink ignoring the cutlery.

‘How does it taste?’ He asked after few seconds.

‘Too much salt.’

‘Give me some credit Grissel. I spent the whole afternoon on that sauce.’

‘The whole afternoon?’ Grissel retorted.

‘Yeah, weren’t you at work?’

‘No, yes I mean the whole evening.’ Tom stuttered.

Grissel stared at him.

‘Tom what’s going on?’

‘I don’t understand your question.’ He feigned ignorance.

‘A day before yesterday was you greeting me at the door with sandwich, yesterday was pancake and today spaghetti sauce.’

‘So? Can’t I pamper my wife anymore without questions?’

‘Of course you can but Tom I know you hate cooking. Even if you were given the whole world you wouldn’t.’

‘So you don’t want my surprise.’ He frowned.

‘I didn’t mean that Tom.’

‘Then what do you mean?’

‘I should be asking you what you want because mostly it’s either you are apologizing for something or you need something. So which one is it?’ Grissel was still suspicious.

‘What about I just love my wife and wanted to surprise her.’

‘Alright, I will set the table.’ She said washing her hands.

‘Thank you and sorry I over used the salt.’

‘We will manage Tom.’ She whispered and set out to dish the food while Tom watched.


Stella walked into her office and came out abruptly.

He still hasn’t reported?’ She asked her P.A.

‘Miss Stella, he resigned.’ She responded reminding her.

‘Yeah of course.’ Stella touched her head as if to make a mental note.

She walked away from her briskly back inside her office.

‘I was hoping he wasn’t serious about resigning and it’s been a week.’ She whispered to herself and picked up her phone.


‘Tom, why are you not answering the call.’

‘Huh!’ He came out of his reverie.

‘Your phone is ringing.’ She said again.

He picked it up from the bed where he was seated pretending to be dressing up for work while Grissel was opposite him fixing her ear rings.

‘You hanged up again.’

‘Yeah, it’s just Mike.’

‘Mike? This early?’ Grissel questioned.

‘Probably arranging a weekend out.’

‘Tom, I know you resigned. And that call earlier was probably your lady boss or secretary.’

His face shot up.

‘Come on, don’t be surprised, you are easy to read, main reason why I keep leaving Lunch and coming home early for the past week.

I’m sorry, I didn’t want you to feel I needed your help.’

‘And what’s wrong in needing your wife’s help.’

‘Well, I’m supposed to be the man of t…..’

‘And I remember we were joined as one.’

‘That’s different Grissel.’

‘Okay, I’m running late. Let’s talk about it when I get back.’

‘Are you angry?’

‘Not yet but there’s lunch in the microwave.’

She picked up her bag and left him to himself.

Grissel figured it out because they discussed it and suddenly Tom started cooking which was strange so she called the office to confirm. But knowing Tom, she understood he prefers keeping work challenges to himself.

The last time she was just lucky he told her about the decision to resign which she thought she managed to convince him not to.

To be continued


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  1. wow
    im beginning to like Grissel
    never give up Quickly when ur marriage
    did not start on a good Note.

    nice story

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