Blood On My Hands

Blood On My Hands – Episode 9

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I drove out of the house like a mad woman, I could feel the transformation nearing with each minute that passed.

As soon as I reached the bushes I parked my car and sprinted into the forest. I stopped abruptly in the middle of a tree waiting for it to happen.

The bright moon lit up the sky as I felt warm air hit my body. Then I suddenly felt it, a sharp pain inflicted itself upon my body and I let out a loud howl I felt every muscle in my body spasm uncontrollably.

I got on all fours as all the organs in my body began re-arranging themselves. My spine then twisted, cracked and shifted creating an intense agony in my back. The pain became excruciating as fur began growing off my skin and the dress I wore tore itself from my body.

After my whole face transformed, the pain hit my ear drum and I became alert to all kinds of sounds around me.

As soon as the transformation finished I turned into an uncontrollable bloody thirsty beast. Blood was all I needed and I would devour the first thing I came into contact with.

I ran towards the big tree that stood at the entrance of the forest, following the breathing of the person that my ears where capturing. I could feel the person’s heart beat loud and as I came face to face with them I couldn’t hold myself together, I sprang on them instantly.


I was terrified as I watched Lia transform into a wild beast. The first thing that came to mind was that she was a satanist and I needed to get out of the place before she saw me.

I trembled violently as I tried running away but the loud howl she made caused me to fall off. When I looked up I saw the animal running towards me, I felt my palms get wet with sweat as my heart pounded. There was no way I was going to get out alive.

As It neared where I was it threw its head backwards and pointed it’s nose at the moon. Its eyes burned with hunger and without warning it jumped on top of me.

I cried out in pain as it dug its claws into my skin tearing off my clothes. I helplessly let out a silently cry as It came for my throat and started ripping it out slowly sucking my blood.

The pain was too much to bare, i tried holding on to the little life that was left in me but my body failed me, within minutes my eyes became blurry and everything around me turned into total darkness.


I woke up the next day as the rays of the sun hit my face. I was laying in a pile of leaves completely naked, my whole body was bruised and it hurt badly.

Next to me where parts of a human body all scattered around. I hit my head when I realised I had devoured a human being and not an animal.

“Lia the moment you taste human meat, you will be uncontrollable, you will easily get upset and once provoked violence will be your only answer” Cleo’s words played in my mind.

“My God what have I done to myself?” I thought as I tried standing up.

The minute I felt the changes I had driven off to the forest far from home as Cleo had earlier advised. The forest i had chosen in particular was a haunted forest and no one dared go near it.

I had done my research about it a few weeks ago and from the information I had gathered people feared going near the forest because it was filled with too many wild animals and ghosts. And that was the reason I had driven their in the first place, knowing the only thing I would come in contact with would be wild animals and not human beings.

I walked to my car slowly with my hands covering my private parts even when I knew I was all alone.

I opened my car door which i had left unlocked then got my bag and removed a long dress and Jersey. I needed to cover up the sores and bruises on my body so no one suspected anything when I got home. I checked my phone and it was off, I placed it on the other seat before starting the car.

I had only driven for a few minutes when I noticed a familiar car parked by the corner. As I got closer to it I proved my suspicions right, it was Racheal’s car. But what why was it parked there?

I parked my car near hers and walked over to check if there was anyone in it but it was empty. I freaked out thinking of the possibility that she might have followed me yesterday.

“My God this is so messed up, did I just kill my own cousin?”

I shook my head and went back to my car then I drove off. I felt weak, when would all the killings end?

Maybe I was just a cursed child I thought as I remmebere how I had stabbed my brother and father. All I wanted was to live a normal life but it seemed killing was the only life I was built for.

Why would Racheal follow me? What was she trying to prove? All these questions ran through my head and as i thought about the situation some more, i realised it wasn’t my fault after all at least I had tried driving as far as possible from her and other any other people.

“The transformation won’t come abruptly, they will always be signs and your instincts will tell you it’s almost time and when you feel it run to a place where you can be alone” Cleo had warned me

“Explain more” I had told her

“You know how painful the transformation gets?” she asked

“Yes Cleo”

“As you transform you lose your human instincts, the wolf side of you takes control of your whole being, you turn into an animal thirsty for blood and you end up devouring whatever you lay your eyes on, you have no control over your actions, all you want is to quench your hunger for raw meat and blood”

When I got home I sat in the car for a while, thinking of the twists my life had taken in just a short while, I mean who would believe I would one day become an animal, a wild one for that matter?

“Talia are you okay?” The gateman knocked on my window

“Oh sorry” I was just in deep thoughts, I said as I got out of my car.

“Where are you coming from at this time of the day?”

I gave him an evil stare just to shut him up and he got the message so he didn’t ask me anything else. I rushed into the house walking directly to the kitchen because I was very hungry.

“Isn’t it too early to be eating like that?” Auntie Helen asked when she walked in, her eyes where red, seems she didnt have enough sleep.

“Am I not allowed to eat anymore?” I asked

“You know that’s not what I mean”

“Okay” I replied as I chewed the last slice of bread in my hands

“Where did you sleep?”

“A friend’s house”

“You got me worried Talia, where is Racheal?”

“How am I supposed to know?”

“Well when I got back none of you where home so I assumed you went out together”

“I went out alone, i don’t know about Racheal” I said trying to stand up

“You girls will be the death of me, at least always say you are going out, you have no idea how much i freaked out when i couldn’t reach either of you on the phone last night”

“I am old enough to make decisions , worry about Racheal”

“Anyway it’s good you are back home, let me keep trying Racheal’s number maybe she will pick up” She said almost leaving the room but she stood by the door way and stared at me for a while.

“What?” I angrily asked

“What are all those brusies on your neck?” She asked pointing at me

“Nothing you should worry about?” I replied trying to cover up my exposed neck

“You can tell me anything you know?”

“I said I am fine” I yelled as i stood up and walked passed her, I hated people that asked too much questions, couldn’t she just mind her own business?


To be continued…


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