Nothing Like Love – Episode 12

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Tare watched him sadly as he packed his books inside his bagpack.This had been going on for 2weeks.For some reasons she didn�t believe it at first when he started ignoring her.Thesame guy that had been stalking her,how things change. She badly wanted to apologise but didn�t have the courage.
Want to tell me something?
That�s his voice,she couldn�t forget that voice even in her dreams. Was she dreaming? or he was right beside her.
Do you want to say something?he asked again
umm�am sorry she muttered gently.Her voice had betrayed her.
She had rehearsed the words to tell him but he was right beside her but it seemed she had lost her senses.
Richard smiled triumphantly,he had won. Ignoring her had actually made her apologise,seeing her watch him leave everyday,he knew she had something to say at least with the sorry look she always had on.
Did I hear you say something? please I didn�t hear you right,mind if you say it again.
I said am sorry.
Richard broke into a laugh.
What�s funny?
Nothing. So are we friends now?
Not at all,I only apologised because I hate been a snub.
please,I really need your help it would mean alot if you agree to tutor me.
Tare was lost of words or rather confused.But she didn�t know when she started nodding to his every word.
Is that a yes?
Richard didn�t wait for an answer before he squeezed his card in her palms.She mustn�t change her mind.
He left hurriedly but after saying.
Tomorrow 3pm at my house.

*Love isn�t all about saying but acting*
Tare glanced at the card just to be sure she wasn�t dreaming.After placing the card in her handbag the previous day she hadn�t even checked it until now that the cab she took had stopped in front of a huge building.
she asked the driver just to be sure she was at the right place.
When he nodded affirmative she was more than suprise.
How can a student afford such a place? his he into drugs or probably born with a silver spoon?
What? the driver asked when he noticed she was talking.
Sorry,I was talking to myself.
She paid for the ride and came down still not sure she was at the right place.
Hey,I thought you weren�t going to come.
I�I..I was caught in the traffic she stammered.
Tare played with her fingers trying to avoid any eye contact with him.Richard was wearing only a boxer and towel wrapped around his shoulders. It was obvious he just showered.
Thanks alot for coming,please come in.
He opened the door wider for her to enter.
Make yourself comfortable please,I will be right back.
Tare only noded lost of words to say,she couldn�t believe she was becoming suddenly shy.She sat on the red sofa as her eyes roamed all over the well furnished living room.
They had something in common,�painting�.Though she wasn�t good at it but she loved art.Anything that appreciates nature entices her.
This guy must be a lover of art,his living room had numerous paintings,was he buying them? he had so much money to throw.As much as she loved art she couldn�t waste so much money in buying them,people needed such money expecially children in the orphanage!.
What should I offer you?
Richard said breaking her thoughts.
He had changed into a sweatshirt and knickerbocker.
Come on,take something anything at all will make me happy.
Nothing please,can we start.Where do you really need my help?
Richard walked over to the mini bar and got her a bottle of water and a glass in the other hand.
It�s water,I didn�t put anything inside.
Tare smiled and took the bottle from him.
Am Richard,what your name?
I didn�t get you? did you say Tare?
Yeah, my name is Tare.
So you are my namesake?wow this is amazing.
Hu? I thought you said you are Richard.
yeah..he explained the fact he didn�t like his name to her.
Serously,I love my name. You are missing out Richard.
Am not it sounds girlish you know but it fits you perfectly.
Tare blushed at the sound of that.
You must be a lover of art she said as her eyes fell on the painting that caught her attention most.
Yeah,I wanted to study fine art but my dad won�t hear of it.
Really but why?
Because he wants me to continue his business as the only heir.
That�s great,am sorry about that.
It�s okay,that why I need your help because it causing a rift between I and my dad.
Am sorry about that,but don�t you think you are wasting too much money on this?she pointed at the paintings on the wall.
money? what money. oohh I drew them myself.
What? wow you are so talented.
Thanks Tee.
Tee? she asked blushing.
Yeah,am gonna call you that.
wow..hmm that okay so let get started please.
okay sure.

come on Tee,it late I can�t let you go by yourself.
You don�t have to worry,I�ll find my way.
no,I insist am taking you home.
He took her hand in his and went over to the garage. Tare tried as much as possible to ignore the butterflies in her stomach.Richard�s palms her warm and soft and somehow she felt secured in them.He opened the door for her and went over to the drivers seat.He turned on the music and put the car to a start.
You know you have an horrible voice right?
Richard gave a short laugh.
One mustn�t be good at everything Tee.
True but can you just keep quiet,I love this song but you are making me hate it with your voice.
Ha ha,okay I will only if you sing along.
I won�t do that
Then I�ll keep singing.
fine you can go ahead.
He reduced the volume of the music before stealing a glance at her.
So about that day I almost hit you am sorry again.
It past already.
But is that why you hate me?
I don�t hate you.What makes you think I do?
Remember you always snubbed me,I kinda felt bad and liked it too.
I didn�t hate you rich,I only don�t associate with people. And you said you liked it?
Story for another day.But why don�t you like associating with people?
Story for another day she said mimicking his words.
Richard killed the engine when he had gotten to Tare�s gate.
Thank you Rich,am greatfull.
I should be thanking you instead.He came down and opened the door for her.
Where are you going? Tare was forced to ask when she saw him leading the way.
I have to make sure you get to your room first, if anything should happen to you I will be held responsible.
you don�t have to,besides nothing is happening to me.

I insist Tee.

Story continues…


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