Nothing Like Love

Nothing Like Love – Episode 6

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Nothing Like Love Episode 6

© Blair

Richard held the break as fast as he could,he gasped in breath when he succeded in putting the car to an halt before it hit the lady. He came down from the car to meet Tare who was unable to move due to the fear of been hit by a vehicle. Richard was able to hold her before she stumbled on the ground.

she placed her head on his chest for some minute before withdrawing when she had gained consciousness

How dare you? you almost hit me.

Am sorry, please it wasn’t intentional. Richard said apologetically.

it wasn’t intentional?what if I had died,is that what you would have said.

Please calm down,are you hurt in any way? let me take you to the hospital.

To hell with you, if you are looking for who to take to hospital,take your sisters instead.Tare fummed angrily

A small crowd had already gathered asking what had happened, Richard explained and apologised. Tare moved away from the crowd when she noticed all eyes where on her.


Angela and Tare chatted happily as they prepared dinner together,it had been ages since she felt this inner happiness,left for her she wouldn’t mind Tare staying with them as long as she schooled in jos, the girl was just fun to be with. uncle jo tiptoed into the kitchen, signalling Tare to keep quiet since she had seen him.He covered Angela’s eyes with his palm.

Welcome honey

Thanks love,he said covering his lips with hers.Tare turned her gaze away feeling embarrassed already.

Angela broke the kiss,honey you should know Tare is here.

Tare am sorry,I was taken away by my wife’s beauty. .hope you didn’t feel to uncomfortable.

No sir,she gave him a shy smile.

okay, how was school today?

It was okay except that handsome guy that almost hit me. she almost blurted out.

it was okay sir.

very well then, I have something for you. He took the polythene bag he had placed on the cabinet earlier and handed it to her.Tare opened it happily and brought out a tab.

wow,uncle jo this is too much.

it isn’t dear, have registered the sim already it would be active an hour from now.

Unable to hid her happiness she knelt down and thanked him.

please stand up, you don’t have to do this.

Thank you so much sir,I don’t know how to thank you.

Common that’s okay Angela chipped in.Honey thanks for the phone she said to her husband.

And please go freshen up,we’ll call you when we are done here.

yes ma’am.

They all burst into laughter,jo left the kitchen but after winking at his wife.


Tare placed her phone on her chest,smilling at no one in particular, she couldn’t believe she owned the phone.For someone who had never had even the cheapest mobile phone,so my going to business centre to make call is over she said to herself.She just couldn’t wait for an hour, she needed to talk to her mum.she hadn’t contacted them at home for a while since she had no kobo.She placed her phone on the other side of the bed as her mind drifted to the cute guy that almost hit her.

Was she too harsh on him? no i wasn’t she said rebuking the voice telling her she had been harsh earlier.

come to think of it,am the first child of my parents and the only hope to train my younger ones,that guy would have sent me to an early grave because of his carelessness.

God forbid, tufiaka that’s not my portion. Her anger soon melted into a smile when she recalled the moment her head was on his chest.

Awww..that was awesome she said to herself,she felt an electric pass through her body. She had never felt that way before,maybe because it was my first time placing my head on ä guy’s chest. She took her books to read in an attempt to forget Richard.



Richard watched as his friends as they danced to the music from the club, he had turned to a club addict overnight,charles and samuel his close pals weren’t helping matters as they always encouraged him to go clubbing,besides the bills where always on him.But something was amiss somewhere,he wasn’t ïn the mood for it as he sat down in an obscured place deep in his thoughts.

She is pretty,not as preety as his girlfriend but her beauty is different,her oval face with her cat eyes.He could get drown looking at them, the way śhe stood up to him was even more surprising,something no lady had done. .Girls melt at his presence,they even go as far as worshipping him for his own mistakes but hers was different which made his thoughts revolve around her the whole day, he just couldn’t stop thinking about her…


What are you doing here?

Please mitch let’s talk.

Standing before her was Godfrey her ex,she had missed him terribly.Expecially the mitch aspect,he alone called her that,she would have jumped on him but she was fighting her emotions to stay calm,he had hurt her in the deepest form.

We have nothing to talk about,please live.

mitch,am sorry for leaving you like that, you were over possessive so I just wanted you to change.

Oh really, so what makes you feel am changed? her voice in rage

I want us to give us a second chance please, I still love you very much.

Stay away from me or else you will regret knowing me. with that she walked away.This was all Richard’s failt,she had bumped into this crazy ex of hers while waiting for Richard for hours in an eatery.

Excitement was written all over Tare’s face as she boarded the vehicle to lafia,the seamester had finally ended.Travelling home this time around was fun for her unlike when she was going to jos.she had boarded the cheapest vehicle which was probably the worst of it kind,it stopped at every interval.she wasn’t a bit comfortable and prayed endlessly the journey came to an end. Alas!it did. But things had changed,she was seated in a luxurious bus.All thanks to the jo’s who did everything for her without complaining.She brought her phone from her purple gucci handbag and dailed Aunt Angela number.

Angela stood in the guest room which used to be Tare’s room before she moved out to her own apartment,she couldn’t help but miss Tare.Now she was no longer leaving with them her loneliness had started again,her husband was always travelling out for one deal or the other.She had the whole house to herself,she wished for the umpteenth time she had children,the house would have been noisy. just then she heard her phone ring from the dining where she had forgotten it after breakfast. It was already a misscall at the time she got there

just the person she had been thinking of. “Tare”

Hello dear she said all smiles

Good morning aunt,am on my way home now.

oh dear am sorry have forgotten you would be leaving today,please don’t fail to send my greetings to everyone at home.

I will aunt,thanks for the gifts you got for everyone.

Don’t mention dear,safe journey

Thanks aunt.

The line went dead as she smiled,she was definitely going to miss them but she been away from her family for too long. Not too long she slept off.


Later at night she had dinner with her family,it wasn’t bad as it used to since she Had given her mother some money to make a good soup not the watery soup they always had.They were all excited as she gave them the presents Angela had gotten for each of them.Her parent hadn’t failed to ask how she came about the money, she told them everything that happened without leaving a bit of what happened. Tare squeezed herself in the corner of their one room apartment as she slept off. “there’s nothing like family,poor or rich”.


Honey, how long have you been here?

Just came in some hours ago mum, how was the trip?

it was fine my boy,she hugged him from behind

have missed you son.Welcome home.

Richard beamed with smiles,even though he had been visiting his mum once in every month while he had been in school she still missed him.

How’s dad?

His fine, his been in u.s for 2months now.

That’s what business is all about, his never free.

Dear dont say that, how has school being. I hope your exams didn’t give you tough time?

Not too sure mum,you know businesses admin had never been something I wanted to study.

Do you want me to employ a tutor for you? Hell no mum.

Richard had never wanted to read buss.admin.but his dad had forced him into it to continue his business as the only child and heir.Richard had only been interested in painting which he had passion for but unable to defile his father he had taken up business admin for his old man’s sake.

let’s have dinner together,it been a while.

Sure thing he said and followed his mum downstairs.

Tare woke up with body pains due to the fact she slept on the floor,her body had probably gotten used to her comfort zone at school.She stretched her body lazily and walked out when she noticed she was the only one in the room.

good morning mum,she greated her mother who was sitting beside her small kiosk.

morning dear,how was your night?

it wasn’t bad at all she lied.

is this how you sleep in school,it 9 already.

No mum,where is everyone?

your younger ones have gone to hawk,and your dad has gone to work.

But today is tuesday,arent they suppose to be at school?

Edna looked at her feet in pain unable to answer her daughter’s question.

Mum,please say something

you see..your younger ones dropped out of school, we can’t feed well not to talk of pay their fees.

Tare stood motionless with unshed tears in her eyes,she just couldn’t believe it. Her dad monthly salary was just 25thousand but he had always put on his best for them but it seemed things were getting worst,what was she going to do,asking the jo’s for help was not an option they had done too much for her.

Mum,what if I sell some of my clothes?

No dear,how will the good samaritan that helped you feel? it’s like abusing what you have.

But that’s the only option,she said trying to make her mother see reasons.

Tare,don’t think of it again,we will survive. your younger ones would go to school because I know God will provide.

okay ma.

Story continues…


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