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A Story By Abhynha Yankey

I called her after I was done with the food, but she wasn’t picking up. That got me a bit disturbed. I waited impatiently for her to return the call, but surprisingly nothing of that sort popped up on my iPhone. I called her hotel room but no one answered either. It struck me so hard that I had to rush there. She wasn’t in her room and the receptionist told me she hadn’t seen her as well. What had I done? I should have housed her. I couldn’t think of anything else so I went to sit at the club.
“Hei handsome, I’ve been waiting so long for you here. You were late today,” a lady said. I raised my head and saw the gorgeous Strawberry. Everything had changed about her, even her voice too. I had always known that she got a nice form but not that heavy. I kept staring at her so much that I couldn’t answer her question. I got back to myself after she had pinched me. I asked her where she had been and where the phone had also been. She smiled, exposing her diastema and answered,”the phone is in my room. I wanted you to think of me and rush in here. I knew we would meet here.”

She added that she had bought the ingredients for the food. Even when I asked what she would be cooking, she told me to wait for the next day. “Local dishes would do right?”,she asked. “Yea local. They all love local cuisine. I won’t lock the main gate so that you can creep in at any time to start with the meal. The dogs are my personal guard so don’t worry about them yeah.”
I was surprised to wake up the next morning (thinking I woke up very early) only to smell the sweet aroma of food everywhere.
I went straight to the kitchen but she wasn’t there. I found her in the dining room setting the table and arranging the cutlery at their respective places. That was just too early. I got close to her and whispered into her ear,”good morning and thank you.” She turned and smiled at me. “…but come to think of it,don’t you think it’s too early to set it?” I enquired. “I wouldn’t be around to set it and I know you can’t put in your best, so I decided to do it myself. I got some fruits as well so will put them here. I just hope they would love everything I’ve done,”she replied.

Just when I was about saying a word, a call came through. That was a strange number so I didn’t want to pick up, but it kept calling so I finally did.
“Junior, come and pick us. We are at the airport,”he said and hanged up. That was my dad. He was the only one who called me junior. Thank God Dela did everything right on time. How did she know they would be arriving that early? I changed from my pyjamas and dropped her off at the hotel, then continued to the airport to pick them up. It was all joy when I met them. I couldn’t control myself nor hide my feelings when I saw my angel. I walked majestically towards her like every gentle man would do,grabbed her by the neck and kissed her passionately. I had long awaited that moment. I helped them with their luggage to the car and drove home.

“Junior, where is this aroma coming from? I’m sure it’s not from this place because my son cannot cook,”my dad said sniffing around.
“Yea dad, you are right. I love this aroma. Honey, did you prepare any meal? No no, why am I even asking? I know very well that you can’t cook,”my angel seconded. That was funny. What if I had polished my cooking skills? Mtcheww…


Well, they had to get some good shower and then,I would lead them straight to the “banquet hall,” where we all would enjoy from the menu.
I was anticipating to smell the perfume of strawberry shampoo when my angel came out of the bathroom. I had really gotten addicted to this strawberry thing. I kept quiet since I didn’t want to incur her wrath too soon. I led them all to the dinning table on their return, to quench their salivating tongues.

My parents were surprised to see the assorted dishes and how the table had been set. They had forgotten to pray, but I was quick enough to remind them of that.
“Babe, are you enjoying the meal?” I asked. “Yea very. Let me finish eating please because I have no time to spare. This food is really delicious,”she replied.
I smiled and watched her drive each bolus down her oesophagus.
“So now junior, who did all these? Ghanaian caterers are really doing well. How much were you charged? Tell us so that they would take charge of your wedding. Remember it’s in two days. Your wife’s family would be with us soon,”dad said.
“Caterer?” I laughed it off and said,”do you remember the friend I told you about? She did all these. She isn’t a caterer. She’s just an orphan who has got no job and no home. She sleeps at the club.” “Huh? But why didn’t you allow her sleep here?”, my angel asked. “Come on. There was no way I could have done that. Besides, you were not around and I didn’t know how you would have reacted if you had come to see her here. My mum was surprised.

“So tell me, can we meet her now? I mean we can take care of that. All she would do is take charge of the meals at the ceremony. She can perhaps stay here because a week after the wedding, we would all leave the country,”mum suggested.
I told them I could fetch her for them. My angel seemed to like her already. That was my dream and it was already coming into reality.
“I hope she’s neat and as hardworking as u preach, because we would help her set up her own catering center and be taking care of the house,”dad added. I told them from all indications, she was neat because the few times she came around to cook, the only thing that made me believe that she had used the kitchen was the aroma of the food.

I quickly sent Dela a message to be at the club by 5:30pm with her luggage and pretend that’s where she slept each night. I told her of the latest development. She obliged to that. I told them we could go check the club later in the evening and pick her up. They all wanted me to pick her up at that moment, but I told them to rest so that we went later in the evening.
When it was quarter to 6:00pm, we all left to the club.The ever smart Dela was at her best yet in another spectacular move. We met her sleeping on her bag as if that was her home. My mum and angel looked sad as my dad woke her up.

She looked frightened. As planned earlier, she greeted them with fear and trembling voice. “Bro. Kobby, please good evening,”she greeted me. I responded teasingly. My mum and dad talked to her privately. She made it difficult for them but after mum exhibiting her convincing prowess, she finally gave in and accepted to join us back home. I was joyous from within. She would finally be a ‘madam’ of her own.

We took her home and gave her a room. It was the same room she was using earlier. She knew her way about but pretended. She made things simpler and easier for me. She was like a family member already. Since the ceremony was in forty-eight hours, she asked that she got the money to buy the stuffs. We were expecting only thirty people. She took the money and placed the orders from one shop. My parents were scared that she might disappoint them, but I told them to keep it cool. She would deliver her best. As for my angel, she was close to Dela and that surprised me. Ladies, you can never tell.

On the wedding day, Dela surprised everybody. Everybody, including my parents wanted more. She served the guests as well. After the ceremony, my dad asked her where she learnt how to cook and her answer surprised us. She told us her mum taught her how to cook before she passed on.
“You know something? We came to Ghana because of this ceremony. Now that everything is done, we would go back but this time with Kobby. You would take care of this house. Hope you can do it,”dad asked.
“Yes please,”she responded.
“…and we would give you enough money for you to set up your own business. All you would have to do is to call us once you needed anything. See us as your parents okay? We would always be there for you if you continue to be submissive,”mum added.
She was very happy. She thanked them and thanked me for making it happen for her.
Though something had happened between us, I totally took my mind off it and saw her as a sister. She had so many potentials in her which she had to unravel. I only pray that she would be the ‘hottest cake’ in town and feed the young, old, rich, poor, bold and beautiful.


Thanks To Abhynha Yankey for sharing this story with us.. Please leave your comments if you enjoyed it



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  1. wow..
    enjoyed it is understatement, i love the story…

    please thank you so much for sharing…

    God bless you…

    1. Grace, kai u must be genius oo because there is no story here that u don’t contribute to, this made me to ask u this Who Are U

  2. God bless the writer,the story was so nice that I wasn’t thinking it will end soon
    well-done more ink in ur pen the world is yours explore!!!!!!!!

  3. A nice message you’ve passed here..
    Thanks to you Abhynha Yankey for this wonderful story…
    Anticipating more from you..

  4. Well life has it's only ways but we've our traditional even friends've feeling for each other while we see,act and judge.

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