BLUE LIGHT – Episode 1 (Romance)


A Story By Abhynha Yankey

The club glowed with red, blue and green laser beams emitting from the diodes rotating from the ceiling. One could but only admire the angular movements of these club girls for a moment. It was an usual Friday night where all clubs in Takoradi were jammed with clubbers.
Some thought people went to the club to flirt, and others to have meaningless sex, but trust me, most went there just to ki*ll boredom and shred off the stress after a long week.
I got myself a seat and chugged my beer. I sat at one corner and spied on how people were rocking their bodies and twisting their waists to the tunes of the DJs music, oo what a great way to have started the weekend.

As I sat still to steal glances, my eyes caught this rather unusual dark coloured girl. She was slim with the buttocks exposing the wonders of mother nature in totality. The feeling was so unfamiliar that all I did was to watch her until I could see her no more in the crowd. I got up from my seat and trailed her. I finally caught up with her just when i was about giving up on this unwarranted search.

“Hei, can you be my guest for tonight?”, I quickly asked. “You can be any freaky thing you want with me as***ole,”she waved and left me standing there only to admire her flanking buttocks. Who ever thought there was ever a girl who liked to hang out alone in the night at a club,yet would reject a handsome and wealthy guy of my caliber. I mean a hot guy. A hot hairy guy. I’m everything a girl would want in a guy. I frowned with confused eyes.

I took my phone from the pocket and checked the time,forgetting I had a wrist watch around my wrist. It was very late. I rushed out and got into my car. Just when I was about setting off, someone knocked on my window screen so hard that I got furious. She looked very drunk and helpless. I lowered the glass and asked, “how may I help you?” “Help me home,”she said and jumped into the car without waiting for any response. This girl ought to be crazy. “Hei,where do I take you? I mean where do you live?”, I asked. “Anywhere, I mean anywhere. I’m h-homeless. Anywhere is home. Just any place would do. What of your house? I hope it would be safe for tonight. You wouldn’t harm me,would you?”she replied with pride. That was when I realized she was the same girl who walked out on me at the club.

Was she really homeless?
“We could be more than friends. Who knows?” She said with a crazy look in her droopy eyes. She was a real player with the mind of a genius. I brushed that off with my normal attitude. I don’t stoop too low for ladies of her kind. Did I just say ‘ladies?’ She was a spoilt brat.
“Let’s finish off what you started at the club? Shall we?” She huskily asked.

Her voice seemed to be calling out my libido. I pretended not to have heard her. She finally dozed off on the dashboard. That was stupid of her. I lifted her, put her at my back and got her to one of my rooms. I wished I could help take off her dress but no, she might think otherwise once she woke up. Why did I seem to care about the thoughts she would have about me anyway? I could barely enjoy a good night sleep as thoughts of probable outcomes of the event kept jamming my brains. What if she died in my house, accused me of kidnap or even tried to ki*ll me in my sleep?

I woke up very early in the morning to check on her but she was already up. She looked shy and sober. She wasn’t the same girl I dropped off in bed. What could have changed? “Thanks for the offer. God bless you. I would be on my way home,”she said. On her way home? Had she forgotten she made me aware that she was homeless?
“Hei, the streets and club cannot be better than my home. Besides, you asked that I finished what I started last night. You also said we could be more than friends,remember?” I said jovially. She looked serious but I didn’t care.
“You stink so bad. Go wash down and join me for breakfast,” I said throwing a towel at her. She wished she could reply but not in my paradise.

She finished and joined me on what i call my high table. The strawberry scent of the shampoo she used was addictive. I immediately loved strawberry.
“Hei, I would be going to the club tonight. That is where I was born to live,”she said. “Every cell in your body now belongs to me. I own you,” I said with savage look in my gleaming eyes. “I direct your steps so you aren’t going anywhere,” I went ahead to say and took a step closer. She took two steps back. “Don’t try to run because I’ll catch you,” I said. I don’t know how it started but we both ended in the couch. She was beautiful inside. She stood up, pulled her dress down and rushed to her room.

“Hei, I don’t know your name but let’s make a deal. Be cooking for me and I would make you happy. You would stay here. I would buy you dresses, take you on rides but, I mean but, you would make sure my parents never see you whenever they visit,” I said.


She didn’t say a word. Who at all was this girl? I woke up from my nap and the aroma was everywhere. She had finished preparing my lunch and it was already served. “Thank you,” I humbly said. “Don’t worry. I’m keeping my part of the deal so keep yours,” she said. That was so harsh. Didn’t she know who I was? Hadn’t she heard anything about me? Well, that’s nothing to think of. I made myself comfortable on my favorite dining chair and asked that she joined me so that we ate but she had already enjoyed hers.

“We will be going to… the club tonight. Are you happy with that?” I asked. She turned to my direction, full of smiles. I’m sure something prevented her from hugging me, because she ran to me and stopped. All she did was to jump like a kindergarten pupil who had just escaped the list of names of talkertives who were due for punishment. What was it about the club that I didn’t know?
“Well, the deal still stands. You can be yourself but don’t make me jealous,” I said. “Jealous? Where does this come in? You must be crazy. I will be in my room. Call me when you ready,” she said and walked out on me. There was something strange about this girl. She didn’t give a damn about who I was. Girls were out there fighting to have me in bed, and here she was in my house flaunting her a$$ without me having a feel of it. The world has and sure wouldn’t ever be a fair place.

“Hei,I still don’t know your name and since you have decided not to mention it to me, I will call you strawberry,” I shouted.
She stopped, turned to me and said,”you can add shampoo to it boss.”
There’s this thing I’ve known about ladies; until you give it to them hard in bed, they choose not to respect you. She needed this badly from me and she would shut the hell up. She would bow to me each time she saw me coming.

It was 9:43pm when I checked the time. I was done dressing and ready to go to the club. She came out of her room as soon as I knocked on her door. “Hello Strawberry,shall we?”I asked. “Yea,but I’m not strawberry. I can see you love the smell. Make sure you don’t start licking me all over. Come on,let’s go. We going to separate once we get there,”she said and started flaunting her big asset once again.
It wasn’t an exceptional day. Just as any other day, girls came my way. I had to choose which out of the lot I wanted to spend the night with.
It was more like Strawberry was still the figure my eyes could behold, but there was no way I could get close to her since she asked that we separated once we got to the club.
I spotted a fray thread at the left corner. She wasn’t an angel though. It seemed she was just thinking of something. I approached her. We exchanged contacts after we had had a long chat. She was cute and lively, but none compared to my strawberry.

“Hei, Mr. Hot guy, it’s past 12:00am. Shall we go home?”, she said stretching out her hand for me. That was the very first time and I was surprised. There was no way I could turn her down. “Sure strawberry. Hei, I would reach you,” I said and left with Strawberry.
“What name was that? I’m Kwabena. You can choose to call me Kobby. I’m not like you so I would gladly give you my name,” I said. “Lol…I’m Dela but think the Strawberry would best fit for a hot guy of your type,”she replied. Was she always naughty when she got to the club? “You mean you are an ewe and you are dark? I thought ewes are fair,”I said astonished.

“Yea but I’m different. Away from that. About that piece of a$$ you were talking to at the club, did you score?” She snobbishly asked.
Why did I feel like punching her in the face? She always talked like her mouth came from a garbage dump.
It didn’t bother me before, but I found out that I was beginning to get interest in her.



  1. Abhynha is back..
    This two pple strawberry and Mr Hot guy wee nor kee me..
    Weldone Abhynha..
    Nice write up..

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