Nothing Like Love – Episode 3

Nothing Like Love Episode 3

� Blair

2weeks later.

Aunt mophy bumped into the room excited, singing a song which she always sang whenever she was happy.

Aunty, did you win a lottery? you look so happy.

I won more than a lottery dear, a friend of mine that stays at lagos is inviting me over, I smell sucess already

that�s goodnews, am happy for you aunty.Her countenance soon dropped

Her aunt noticed immediately

dear, the rent still has 2months to go, atleast that can cover up for the rest of the seamester.

I know aunt, am just going to miss you so much.

I will miss you more my dear, I promise to look for you when things get better for me.

She drew her close and hugged her.That night was another sleepless night for Tare as she thought of how she would cope.Truth be told, she didn�t have a kobo anywhere. But she couldn�t bring herself to tell aunt mophy, the woman had done more than enough for her, to think they are not in anyway related by blood. She was a friend of her mother,she wasn�t married though in her late thirties. She was nothing but an angel sent to Tare.


let�s go for shopping, am sure that dress made him stare at me like that Mithchel told her friend happily.

count me out chel, ever since you saw that guy, you are acting like his your life already.

Van don�t say that, I just want to look good for him.

can you hear yourself, it seems you�v forgotten you are not even on his friend zone yet.

That doesn�t stop me, he was staring at me like his life depends on it today, and besides it all over campus his birthday is tomorrow so there�s no way am missing out.

fine, suit yourself.

Are you saying no to me?

Vanessa kept quiet like no one was talking.

Answer me, chel yelled..

chel, am sorry we can start going for the shopping now.

Now you are talking.

Mitchell took the lead and vannessa followed with a slow pace.

Vanessa was more of a slave than a friend to Mitchell, she was from a middle class family but had taste for good things, and the only way she could get those things was enslaving herself to Mitchell�s every commmand.

Thanks for dancing with me Richard said when they were all alone at the car park.

It�s a pleasure, before Richard could blink his eyes Mitchel�s lips were all over his.They kissed for few minutes before she pulled away and left.He watched her drive away with someone in the backseat which he assumed was the friend she came with.

It wasn�t a surprise to Richard when she kissed him, that was how every girl acted around him and it made him lost respect for them, cant anyone be different for once! he wasn�t expecting Yakubu Mitchell to make the first move he thought she was different.


So tell me how was the dance? vanessa asked

It was awesome bae, never in my life have i felt that way, so secured and happy.

Wow, so was there anything else,you know what am talking about.

I kissed him.

What? that was cheap, why did you have to make the first move?

You see dear friend, guys like Richard are hot cakes, his wealthy, handsome and I bet his caring. many girls out there want him for themselves and I wont let that happen, Richard is my man.

Hmmm, chel dont you think you are taking things too far?

Don�t worry about me, I know how to handle myself.

Please be careful, so you won�t get hurt.

Vanessa you are such a sweetheart for worrying about me but I�ll be fine.


Richard traced his phone with his hand while his eyes were still close.Who could be calling this early, he put the phone on his ear and muttered weakly.


Good morning you are speaking with Mitchell.

Richard was dumbfounded for some second, how did she get my number, I never remembered giving it out.

Are you there? Mitchell said bringing him from his thoughts.

Yeah, Am quite suprise, how did you get my number?

Let�s say when you love someone you find out everything about them.

This was more like a blow to Richard, did she just mention love? he believed there�s �nothing like love�he only had flings once in a while which doesn�t last for more than a week,and now miss Mitchell is talking about love.

Hmmm, he muttered

Well yeah, since it a Saturday do you mind me taking you out?

That�s fine by me�there�s nothing wrong with having a taste of her he thought to himself.

Okay, how about 3pm?

fine by me he said and the line went dead.

��������Tare flipped the pages of the textbook she was reading, she had borrowed it earlier from the library since she couldn�t afford to buy even one.She stopped when she heard the knocking of her door, it couldn�t be, maybe it was her next neighbours door since she didn�t have any friend, beside it was 10pm already. When the sound came again she stood up and went for the door.

Who�s there? she asked trying to conceal her fears.

It�s me o, papa zainab.

Tare was more confused and scared, papa zainab was the landlord of the compound but she had no business or whatsoever with him.She glanced at time which says:10:05.

she brushed her fears away and opened the door.

Good evening sir.

Evening Tare, am aware your aunt left yesterday, I hope she told you?

I don�t understand, told me what?

Your aunt is owing me 5month rent, I believe you are aware.

5months??,I don�t think so, she told me I still have 2month covered for.

Don�t be decieved, your aunt is owing me.

Please sir, I don�t have any money. .she said and broke into tears.

well the thing is play the game well and stay as long as you want, or I throw you out tomorrow morning.

What game sir?

I believe you are no longer a child to know what am talking about.

With that he walked away.

Story continues…



  1. Stupid landlord, why are men the same.
    you dont make the first move lady, let him come to you.
    Tare dont mind that old fool landlord.

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