Nothing Like Love – Episode 20


Why are you crying?you deserve better child,so wipe your tears and go home to your real father.

Her step father�s words pierced into her heart.He was just too kind�all this years she stayed under his roof,he knew all along she wasn�t his blood but never treated her different�.She was even closer to him than her mother,he always supported everything she did and corrected her when she was wrong but her mother was different,she yelled at her at every given opportunity.

Dad you are my real father,it doesn�t matter if we aren�t blood.she said when she had found her voice.

Isaih only smiled and placed his hands on her shoulder.

He knew this day would come but his little angel deserve better. sure you would have loved your dad if you had gotten to know him from infant so give it a try, you can always come running back to me whenever you need an hug�he gave way to the tears that had been in his eyes.

Am not ready dad�I can�t leave just yet.I need time.

It�s okay my lil angel,I understand�

He pulled crying Tare into his arms as they both sobbed quietly�

She wasn�t his biological daughter but his favourite�


What�s wrong Eddie? you seem to be avoiding my gaze.

Nothing.How did this happen? I mean you look wealthy� she said almost in a whisper as her eyes roamed all over the eatery.No doubt it was expensive,she had never been to such an expensive place her whole life.

Many things happened but a friend of mine helped me�I invested and it yielded profit.

Am impressed Tano,if only mother had given us a chance. ..

She bit her lowerlip regret..why had she mentioned their past? she was only here because of their daughter�

it�s all past Eddie. .he said as if reading her thoughts�

Am sorry I mentioned it.

Not to worry�am happy you agreed to come out with me.And thanks for raising our daughter well,you did a good job.

It�s my duty,so you don�t need to thank me.

So what happened? isaih had some good cash in the pocket then.

He lost everything. ..he was sacked and ever since then things had never been easy.

He can work for me,I will offer him a job in T HIGH�

You don�t have to do that,just give your daughter the life she deserves that�s all.

But Eddie I..

No but Tano,please do just that. My husband and I are doing just fine.

They ate their meal in silence. .


2days later.

Where are you going?Edna asked Tare who all dressed up..

Mum am going to jos.

Without telling me? Is this how you behave now?

But I told dad mum,beside my exams starts in two weeks,I need to prepare.

Your exams indeed�we are poor but we aren�t beggars,I know you are going to meet Tano.just 2days and you�v started running after him.

stop saying that to her..why are you always bent on hurting her. Isaih said.He had overhead their conversion and had decided to intervene.

dTare if I were you in your shoes,I would have left with him that very day� preye said.

I�ll leave now..bye dad.

Please get me something the next time you visit.

Tare just smiled and noded head.preye will always put material things first�

She needed to see him,the event of the past few days had been unexpected�they hadn�t talked since he left her house that afternoon, his number hadn�t been reachable too,she was d–n worried. �what will become of them now?


Vanessa. �

What�s going on? she asked talking to know one in particular.

Vanessa was know where to be found and her closet was empty..none of her belonging was left�

She dailed V�s number immediately but got no response after several attempt.

Had Vanessa left? why would she leave? they had no misunderstanding of recent. She dailed the only person number that came to her mind



You don�t have to panic Mitch,vanessa isn�t a baby.

frey how can you say that? my best friend left the house without informing me.She isn�t even picking my calls.

Let�s give her time,she�s going to come around.

Time? what time..Our exams are at the corner and she left just like that.

Hey calm down. ..Vanessa would come around.


Just place your bags there abeg..she pointed to a corner.

Babe you don�t have to look that way, she doesn�t deserve you.

Mfon do you think this right? chel gives me everything.

What stupid everything,by doing the laundry?and every of her household chores.You are enslaving yourself for that b—h.And every guy that has interest in you she snatches away without consideration.

Mfon calm down don�t have to shout.

Shout ni? am not shouting oo,am just telling you what you are too blind to see.If I were you I would start thinking of how to pay her back in her own coins.

What do you mean?

You said she has an isane mother right. .lets do something about it.

I don�t understand you mfon? that�s chell�s big secret,please know one should here about it.

You know what Vanessa. .you must be tired and hungry,beans dey kitchen o,go chop.I need money and that your bitchy friend will pay dearly for what she had put you through.

Mfon,just let Chel be..she�s an angel. I don�t want to see her hurt.

She stood up and headed for the kitchen.

Babe where your matches na the beans too cold.

She shouted from the kitchen.

Abeg manage am living like that,I no get kerosene�


Richard stop doing this to yourself�

Tare took the drink from his hand. It was obvious he had been drinking.Empty bottles of bear laid helplessly on the ground.

You don�t know how I feel Tee.All my life have been living in lies and do you know the person that has been feeding me with this lies? my most valued treasure on earth.

Shhhh�you don�t have to get yourself drunk . Remember thesame thing happened to me.

Yours is different. .atleast you get to know who your biological parents are,unlike me.where will I start from?

You shouldn�t forget your mother loves you,she did it out of love.please Rich,you have to let go of this pain and forgive her.

I don�t know where to start from. .am so confuse.I don�t even know who I am.

She took his hands in hers.

A mother dosen�t necessarily mean the person that carried you in her womb. She natured you,even if she made mistakes by keeping you instead of looking for your biological parents. But think of how you would have survived if she hadn�t saved you?

Tears trickled down Richard�s eyes.

It�s okay Rich,am here for you anytime.

She enveloped him in her arms as he sobbed louder.


Maggie open the door. .Tano yelled�

He didn�t know what to do anymore,she had locked herself in her room for 2days.

Maggie please open the door,crying your eyes out won�t make your son forgive you..please.

You live me with no choice to break this door.

Just then the door flew open and she walked out looking pale and sick.

Look at what you have done to yourself.

I don�t wanna loose my son,I just don�t want to be childless again.I can�t bear it.

She said and broke into fresh tears.

It�s okay dear,you won�t loose Richard. We both know how much he loves you,he just needs time.You have cried enough please stop hurting yourself.

He pulled her into his arms�

Do you think Richard will ever forgive me?

Am sure of it he will�



Yes,is this Isaih?

Yes. Please who is this?

Is Tano,have thought of it and decided to give you a job,though your wife is against it.But am not doing this to show myself I just want to help.

Isaih was speechless for sometime.

Was it the right thing to do? accepting a job from the person he had derived from been happy in the past.

Are you still there?

Tano asked bringing him back from his thoughts.

Please I will have to think about it.

okay you have all the time,just get back to me when you are ready…


Come on angel eat some more Tano said to his wife.

I can�t remember the last time you call me that�I thought I had outgrown been called an angel�

Tano broke into an uncontrollable laughter.

And who says you�v outgrown that? You�re still an angel no matter what.

Okay just one spoon.

He smilled lovingly at her,it hadn�t been easy task convincing her to eat.


Her mouth flew open seeing Richard walk in with Tare�

The spoon fell from her hand and she broke into tears.

Richard am so sorry,son please forgive me.

She stood up immediately from where she sat and walked towards him.

Mum� he breathed out in between tears�

They enveloped in a tight hug.

Son have you forgiven me?

Yes mum,I hold nothing against you.Tee was right,I don�t know what would have become of me if I had been left there all alone.Thank you for saving my life�

Am sorry she said sniffing�

I don�t have a clue about your parents.

it�s okay mum,am not looking for them. I love you mum I will rather be with you not a family that left me all by myself�

Thank you so much son.

She held him tightly to her chest�

Thank you for talking to him she said to Tare when they had disengaged.

it nothing ma.

How are you my child? Tano said to Tare�

Am fine sir.

I wish the day will come when you get use to calling me �dad�

Tare nodded in affirmative.

Can we all go on a vacation? Richard and I had planned for this after his exams but we can all go as a family.

Yes mum that will be great.

okay that�s cool,Tare are good with it? Tano asked.

I will have to ask my parents

okay dear.


Where are you taking me too? Tare asked Richard whose eyes were focused on the road.

it a secret okay..just be patient a little bit.

Few minutes later Richard put the car to an halt in front of a garden.

Wow�this place is beautiful Rich.

Do you like it?

I love it.Tare smiled happily.

okay let go in.

They walked inside holding hands.

They settled down on the grass watching the sky�

It�s beautiful� Tare said breaking the silence.

Yeah it is�.it quiet and perfect,that�s how I want our future to look like only if you gave me a chance.

Tare�s mouth flew open and her heart flustered,but was lost of words to say.

For how long are you going to consider me worthy to date you? do you really have to starve me by been close and your heart far from me?

come on answer me..Tare couldn�t say anything but stare at the empty space�

Seconds turned to minutes with none making a sound.Their heads drew closer and lips found each other. The earth stopped rotating. .and for some minutes nothing else mattered except the two lovers devouring their lips.

Richard broke the kiss

Is that a yes? he asked with eyes filled with love.

She didn�t say anything but claimed his lips with hers as they kissed passionately�


What is this?

Mitchell asked Frey with unshed tears in her eyes�

someone is trying to blackmail you mitch�.who else knows about this apart from me?

Just you Frey� no one else.

Think Mitch? who else does vanessa know?

But once I took Vanessa there.

We are doomed. .this money is huge Mitch.

Frey you�v got to help me I don�t want my name dragged in the mud.

vanessa will pay dearly for this he swore under his breath�

End of season 1.

Watch out for Cheating Husband (Nothing like love 2), starts next week.

Thank you all for following till the end.


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