Judgement On Earth – Episode 8

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� Akoto Alexander


Lawyer Akuffo and the his friend headed straight to the regional commander’s office to have the important conversation he spoke about. Lawyer from the scratch thought he was the only one bereaved here but his friend told him Dennis had lost much more than what he lawyer thought he had lost. Commander: My friend is high time you be a man because what you are feeling is just a tip of the iceberg of what Dennis is about to experience. That boy is about to receive 3heavy blows after he has been discharged and released from detention, he lost both parents today when they saw how badly he had been brutally assaulted this morning at the hospital.

Lawyer Akuffo: (upon hearing this news wiped his face and now showed more attention to the commander) You don’t mean it my friend? What are you simply driving it?

Commander: Well with the little information I have received so far, the boy’s father has been sick for sometime now and this morning it became a bit serious so he was rushed to the same hospital we came from. Apparently the mother was coming out to buy something when he bumped into his son who had collapsed earlier on in the day and he being pushed in a wheelchair with policemen armed and guiding him. As the mother saw the bad condition her son was in, she screamed and collapsed, she was sent to the emergency care unit of the female ward and that was how she was pronounced dead. The husband later got to hear of his wife’s death, he stood up from the wheelchair he was sitting in to go and confirm if what he heard was true, he missed his steps as a results of the injections given to him, he stumbled and fell heavily on the floor and knocked his head on the edge of the staircase, when doctors rushed to attend to him, he was also confirmed dead.

Lawyer Akuffo: Jesus Christ I have destroyed this young guy’s life and family, oh God please forgive me for what I have done. Ah! Ah!! Ah!!! I should have taken time to get my information right before I attacked. See how I have single handed wiped away the parents of that boy, I have no option than to take him as my own now, now that I don’t have any child to call my own. I will adopt him but keep the secret away from him as the reason or cause of his parents death. Everything I own on this earth I am going to do a WILL in his name as my successor, I think that is how I can repay him back for the bad things I have done to him, this was not my plan though but as the harm has already been caused I take absolute blame on everything.

Commander cuts in to tell lawyer that he is not to be blamed alone since he was also part of the whole incident from start to now. He further told lawyer that the next important thing was to focus on the information they had received earlier on. He called his secretary to get him the Crime Officer who was in charge of taking the statement of the security man who claimed he saw the car that dumped the body of Dufie. As the crime officer came he had a lot of information already gathered, he had already deployed men to start with the underground work leading to the arrest of the culprit. He first said that they(CID team) with the description the security man gave and the car number plate, he has already gotten the details of the car owner, where he stays and works from the regional DVLA office. He further went on to brief the commander and lawyer that this car belonged to one Doctor Nettey of the Obenfo Hospital and that he was previously with the KNUST Hospital. As the crime officer said this lawyer repeated a line in his submission: Did you say he was formerly with KNUST Hospital and that he goes by the name Doctor Nettey? The officer nodded his head, lawyer banged his hand on the desk of the commander, I should have sent this guy to jail when I had him earlier on. Now the commander and crime officer looked at lawyer in an awkward manner and they both asked the same question at the same time. Do you know that doctor? Yes was the reply from lawyer. Do you remember I once told you I was handling a case of a doctor who was only specialised in abortions at the KNUST hospital and before he does it for you he forces you to sleep with him even though you have paid him for his services. The commander also nodded his head in a form of reply. Lawyer continued his narrations, this doctor was that same person some MP’s pleaded for because they said he was too good a medical practitioner and that should the nation loss him its going to cause the nation a great loss. His licence was evoked from him for 2years and later he paid his way through and he was given back his licence to go back again and practice, that was how he built his own hospital with the name Obenfo hospital. As lawyer finished with his narratives the crime officer got a call on his mobile phone that Doctor Nettey has been arrested at the A-Life supermarket with the same car he used in dumping Dufie’s body. When they searched the car they saw a bag in the car trunk with Dufie’s particulars in it, hence they are on the way back to the station with him and the car.





I have come to realise that bad news travels very far within a short period of time. Prof Awude for some days has been taking refuge in the house of Doctor Nettey, they were supposed to have gone to the supermarket together for the birthday shopping of Doctor Nettey’s second daughter Rejoice but Prof was having some stomach upset so he stayed behind to rest a bit and sort himself out, that was how lucky he was that afternoon. Dr Nettey was brought to the station and commander and lawyer Akuffo joined the arrest team at the interrogation room. First he was being stubborn to say a word but after he received 3 nice handsome and heavy sleeps from a CID woman in the room he was now pleading to comply with her. You could tell from the tribal marks on the woman’s face that she was a Frafra woman who didn’t take nonsense for a joke. Dr Nettey by now had already urinated on himself after the slaps he received and even the highlight bulbs in his eyes had gone deam that made him not to see well. The once bright room now looked dark for him but who cared about what he was feeling now? He was asked where he was last night around 1:45am? Who he was with at that time and what was he doing around that same time? He was fumbling, by then the CID woman was standing behind him, without wasting much time, she awarded him 2 extra tacking from behind slap which made Dr Nettey to start speaking and confessing his crime in a professional way. Lawyer was at this point heated like a metal in a blacksmith fire. He moved to where Dr Nettey was seated and unleashed some upper cut blows to him for the crime he had committed. I will see to it that you are thrown to jail for the rest of your life.

The CID woman asked if he was alone in this or he was working together with someone? He replied that he wasn’t alone but he was lured to this mess by one Professor Vincent Awude.

Lawyer Akuffo and the commander’s mouth were widely opened with this revelation. Lawyer Akuffo wanted to be sure that he heard right so he asked of the name again and he got the same answer. All he could do was to fold his hands and tears started rolling down his cheeks, eeeeeeeiiiiiiii is that how the world is? My own friend who I left my only child in your custody to help mentor her academically now became your bed mate? Mmmmmm Vincent I will deal with you like I have never dealt with anyone before. So thats the reason why he hasn’t been answering my calls of late, I should have known better leaving my fish in the custody of a cat. I knew Vincent way back at school and how he use to treat women but I taught as matured as he was, he had by now stopped and even for my daughter he should have considered her. Now I know the hunter has no mercy for even the sick animal.

The CID woman asked of the where about of his alibi or partner in crime? Dr Nettey told them that Prof was in his house at the moment and that he’s even planning to travel outside the country and currently he’s only waiting for his travelling agent to get him a ticket so he could leave anytime soon. With this news the commander called the airport police station and the immigration officers inside the airport checkpoint to be on a the alert should in case Prof comes that way. Meanwhile an emergency rapid response team was despatched to town to get Prof Awude arrested, the first team comprising most were CID officers who were sent to go to the airport whiles the second team were made up of the Striking Force and Panther’s Unit. Dr Nettey was led to one of the Land Rover cars parked on the police station compound to lead the team to his house. Prof was by then taking a nap at the top balcony of Dr Nettey’s house but he had a very bad dream that woke him up, in his dream he saw policemen and cars chasing him and firing guns at him. He was sweating really bad when he woke up and the dream brought fear to him, his mobile phone rang and as he checked who the caller was he saw that, it was his travelling agent. The purpose for calling was to inform him that the ticket is ready so anytime he is ready he should come and pick it up. As the call ended he saw a great number of police cars approaching the house of Dr Nettey,he quickly jumped on his feet, rushed to his guest room and started packing some few things he had there. He picked his passport and wallet, opened the back door and jumped the wall, he run through the bushes heading towards the road side. As the police got to the house the saw no trace of Prof in the house, Dr Nettey’s wife was worried and curious about why his husband was in handcuffs and why they were searching for Prof Awude



…to be continued


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