Judgment On Earth – Episode 3

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Lizzy: Oh thank God you are here Gertrude. I have been looking and searching for you all over campus. You look tired and stressed up. What did Prof tell you?

Gertrude: Nothing really important. He told me to keep working hard if I wanted to get better grades and results at the end of the academic year in this school. Later he sent me to town to do some errands for him.

Lizzy: Oh okay, that’s why you look so tired then.

Gertrude: (looks at her watch and gets up). Its about time I get going Lizzy. I need to shower and have some sleep.

Lizzy: So soon, why don’t we stay and learn a little before we depart.

Gertrude: Learn? After such a hectic day? In any case, I have got a lot of things to do today so I have to be on my way now.

Lizzy: If you say so then I will see you tomorrow God willing.

Gertrude: See you tomorrow and don’t do things I wouldn’t do. Bye

Lizzy: Bye

(Lizzy goes back to the classroom while Gertrude also goes to her hostel)

Professor Awude calls a young man to his office to ask him series of questions later on in the day.

Prof: Kennedy, how are you doing?

Kennedy: Very fine sir.

Prof: Kennedy, you are a very intelligent and hardworking student, but these days, you are falling behind in class.

Kennedy: Why do you say that sir, I thought I was making progress rather.

Prof: On the contrary no. I had to add marks to what you originally got when marking your script. And the reason for this, I hear is because you are in a romantic relationship with that girl called Gertrude.

Kennedy: No sir! I swear she is just a study mate.

Prof: Well, whatever the case, try to stay away from her so that you can have a focused mind to study and pass your exams with good grades in this university. I won’t cover for you the next time.

Kennedy: Thank you very much for your concern and advice sir. Am very grateful.

Prof: It’s a pleasure my boy.

Kennedy: Can I go back to the classroom now?

Prof: Of course, you are free to, but take care of yourself.

(Prof takes some money from his pocket and hands it over to Kennedy and as he stands to leave Prof’s telephone rings)

Caller: Hello sir, did you like what you did to me today?

Prof: Oh its you Gertrude. Why not? Gertrude my love, it was one of the most enjoyable times in my life. Nobody has ever been like this to me except you.

Gertrude: So did you do what I asked of you?

Prof: What is that?

Gertrude: Don’t pretend not to know. I mean the A+

Prof: (laughs out loud). I don’t go back on my promises. I did it even before we went to the hotel.

Gertrude: Thanks. I will see you some other time.

Prof: You are always welcome. And honestly I am looking forward to another exotic trip with you.

Gertrude: Goodbye Sir

Prof: Take care my dear. Bye

After Prof drops the telephone receiver he opens a drawer in his office and brings out a diary. He smiles at himself and whisper’s to himself “Victim #372”, after this he writes down the name of the prey he has just gunned down.


Fast forward……….. A new academic year is about to start with new students to join the university.


Lawyer Akuffo is undoubtedly one of the outstanding lawyers in the country who has a great portfolio and is highly connected to the gurus and bank rollers of the country. His only daughter Akosua Dufie has gained admission to study Linguistic at the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology. He just got the letter of admission for his daughter and he’s about to break the news to his daughter as he gets home from his office.

Akosua Dufie happens to be the only thing on this earth that brings joy and happiness to his life. He lost his wife Akosua’s mum during her child birth and it took the timely intervention of God to save the life of Akosua. Lawyer Akuffo chose to name her Dufie as a token of love to her late wife Dufie. So if you joke with Akosua Dufie, then you joke with your own life.




Lawyer Akuffo screamed out the name of his beloved child as he got home and Akosua rushed out of the kitchen to find out what was the reason behind her father’s screaming.

Dufie: Daddy you are screaming and you look so happy. Have you won another case again in court?

Lawyer: What I have to tell you is more than a case won. Go inside your bedroom and pack your things because you are reporting to school very soon. You have gained admission into the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology and although you don’t want to read LAW and become a reputable lawyer like myself I have pardoned you, you can read your preferred course Linguistic. In fact this calls for celebration go and get dressed we are going out to celebrate this great achievement. I want to assure you that you will always have my support and encouragement.

Dufie: Thank you daddy. I know I can always count on you and I also promise to continue making you proud.

Lawyer: I would also like to say one thing and you can consider it as an apology. When I first learnt of your relationship with that your classmate………. whats is his name even?

Dufie: Dennis

Lawyer: Yes, Dennis, that is him. I thought he was your romantic boyfriend. In fact I had plans to put him behind bars if I caught him trying to do any mischievous thing with you.

Dufie: I remember how you raged and raved as you first sae him in this house daddy. But like I told you, Dennis is a gentleman and of course I myself would not do anything stupid or bring shame to this family. Now you see I have been proved right.

Lawyer: Thats my point of speech Dufie. I will also like to assure you that I approve of your friendship with Dennis and he’s welcome into my house at anytime.

Dufie: Oh thank you Daddy!!!! (She goes to hug her father). You are the best daddy ever.

Lawyer: I have contacted Professor Vincent Awude of the Linguistic department at the university who would take care of you while you are on campus. If you find any difficulty in anything and can’t get hold of me directly, you can always talk to this Professor and he will see to your needs before I come in.

Dufie: I am sure he would, I have to let Dennis know how you feel about him now and also break the good news to him.

(They both left the house to celebrate Dufie’s achievement. The next day Dufie goes to visit Dennis in his house to tell him about what the dad said yesterday and her admission to the university)

Dufie: Dennis I have gained admission into the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology to study my dream course Linguistic and can you guest the most important part of my visit?

Dennis: I have no idea my dear, as a matter of fact am happy and proud of you.

Dufie: Is that all you can say? You claim you are happy for me but its not reflecting on your face that you share in my happiness or glory. Is there anything the problem?

Dennis: Both of us did well in the WASSCE. In fact, I did better but though you have already secured admission to the university, I am yet to receive a letter and even if I do, you know very well the financial barrier that lies ahead of me!

Dufie: Now that my dad has said something good and positive about you, I promise to speak to him on your behalf. I know he can pull some strings together to help secure an admission for you.

Dennis: I would really appreciate that if it happens.

Dufie: My dad has even given me a new new Nokia 3310 to use now that I have gotten admission to the university.

Dennis: Good for you Dufie.

Dufie: So you can now call me on my new line 📱0249**6151.

Dennis: Yes madam. Let me see you off now that is getting dark. I wouldn’t like to ruin the opportunity I have gotten from your dad’s end.

Dufie: (frowns a bit) Sometimes you act so naive Dennis. You pretend as if we are still children. Have you forgotten we are both over 18 and could get married were it not for our education?

Dennis: Hahahahahahahaha.

Am happy you mentioned that condition of our education. That should be our priority and not playing naughty games the way you have always suggested.

Dufie: You surprise me Dennis. I thought its boys who normally make sexual advances towards girls but for you, you are so different and I wonder sometimes if you are truly a man.

Dennis: If you know the load in between my thighs you will run at the mention of my name. There is time for everything my dear. If I have to have sex with anyone at all, which I am not ready for, it shouldn’t be with a lawyer’s daughter. I don’t want to end my career in jail even before my life journey is about to start.

Dufie: Mmmmmm so you want my thing to spoil and just go to waist abi? Okay if you are going to act so gentlemanly, just give me a hug before I go to my house. I know a kiss from you will only be in my dreams for now so I won’t even go there.

Dennis: You know its against the Bible teachings and could lead to something else.

Dufie: See you!!! Didn’t the Bible also say greet each other with “KISSES”? Massa give me my hug so I be on the way to my house. Mr Gentle Player, when someone snatches me away from you, you will learn to play rough like Chelsea in the EPL.

Dennis: Am just a son of a poor farmer and a petty trader oooo, should something happen right now they will say I’m a gold digger who tricked you into something against your wish. I will suggest we wait till the proper time, now that you say your father likes me.

Dufie: You always sound pure and too real, but I know you mean well for me and I love you so. I will take your advice and wait till whenever you are ready to give to me that heavy load you carry down there.

Dennis: Thats what I want to hear, don’t forget to mention to you father about my admission offer………….


What future awaits this young souls?


…to be continued


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