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� Tunde Oni

It has been three months since Nneka lost her step daughter in that ghastly accident and her mother in law on the operating table. It has indeed been such a difficult time to her and her husband. Their marriage seemed to have broken down to a point of no return. They seem to have been separated but living together.

With Obinna’s help, Nneka had spent a whole lot of money giving her mother in law a befitting burial and putting enough money in Segun’s hands to spend in his home town during the burial. She constantly worried how their marriage was going to survive Segun’s bitternes, blame and anger. As she lay on her bed that friday night, her phone suddenly beeped alerting her to a blackberrry message that just came into her phone.

Obinna: Hey beautiful, let me guess, you are lying down on the bed thinking?

Nneka: lol. Stop forming you know me too well. I could be doing anything else.

Obinna: But I know you are not, I know your routine by heart now. Is your husband back?

Nneka: Okay, Mr routine omniknowest. No he isn’t back.

Obinna: How many days this time?

Nneka: It has been two days this time around. I am telling you I don’t know how I would have kept my sanity this time around if it wasn’t for you.

Obinna: You are stronger than you know babe. Don’t let anything weigh you down.

Nneka: How’s your wife? She’s good?

Obinna: Yes she is fine. She has no worries, I am a good husband, in fact the best ever.

Nneka: Okay, keep rubbing it in, Mr Best Husband ever.

Obinna: Good news though, I am going to be a dad again in about 6 months…

Nneka: Awwwww. That’s so cool. I am so happy for you guys. Congrats…

Obinna: This your plenty happy for we guys.Are you sure you are happy? It just saddens my heart how much of an a$$ your husband is. He doesn’t even know the value of what he has. So tell me, it has been how many months now since he touched you?

Nneka: Silly, I am happy for you no matter what. hmmmmm. What’s your business? Anyway, it has been about 4 months now. but hey.. who is counting?

Obinna: wow!!! That’s a long time. You know I am always at your service right? I would love to help you scratch that itch.

Nneka: Shut up, I am not itching anywhere. I am fine. you kissing me every time you walk into my office doesn’t particularly help matters. You know what that does.

Obinna: No I don’t, please tell me…Does it get you wet? Does it leave you high and dry?

Nneka: ***covering my eyes*** You are so raw and dirty!!!shut up, I am not high and dry. I will be fine.

Obinna: I don’t know why you keep refusing to take this further. You know how much you mean to me. You know I will do anything to make you happy. God I can’t ever stop thinking I should have fought for you harder instead of letting you marry that scumbag..

Nneka: We both know there was nothing you could have done. My wedding was two weeks away. How would you have convinced me to leave my wedding for just an instant attraction that could fizzle away. I am not going to sleep with you. Talking about it is already bad. I won’t let you cheat on your wife with me. She hasn’t done anything wrong.

Obinna: Stop making me feel bad. Whether I do it or not, it doesn’t change the thoughts in my head. It doesn’t change the fact that I wanted to pull that your short red dress up the other day and take you over your office table. I want to make you scream my name. I want to put your legs over my shoulder and make you look into my eyes while I bury myself deep inside of you. I want you so much Nneka and I always have from the first day I saw you.

Nneka: I know you want me. I am not denying the fact that I want you too but we both made our choices marrying other people. It’s wrong to even talk about this. We can’t have it.

Obinna: No I didn’t make the choice, you made it for me. Remember, how I begged you and waited? Remember, I still came to you before my wedding and you insisted I go marry. I knew I could never get you out of my mind. I honestly don’t know why you are still staying faithful and protecting this guy. He doesn’t give a damn about you.

Nneka: It’s not even because I love him so much because I haven’t particularly felt love in my heart towards him recently. I just cannot let go. We took vows. Marriage is for better for worse. This is our worse moment. I don’t have a choice Obinna, I have to hold on. My mum will ki*ll me if I ever talk of leaving my marriage. It has never happened in my family before.

Obinna: You can’t keep living for people. You need to find happiness.

Nneka: and where is that happiness? With you? Aren’t you happily married? Will you leave your wife?

Obinna: No, I won’t but I will make sure you are happy.

Nneka: Obinna, you cannot make that promise.

� Tunde Oni 2017. All rights reserved.

Nneka was too engrossed in her chat, she didn’t hear Segun walk into the house. She couldn’t have seen him standing at the door for a few seconds watching her reaction while chatting. She only heard him when he spoke;

”Who are you chatting with and smiling stupidly at this time of the night? Segun asked.

Startled, Nneka quickly cleared and retracted her chat with Obinna. ”I was not chatting with anyone. I was just reading some stories on some Facebook groups and leaving comments.

Segun took a long look at her, quite unconvinced by her response but decided to let it go. ‘If you like go and spread my matter to all those your stupid friends, I don’t care. Why is my food not on the table?”

”I don’t understand. I haven’t seen you in two days, you didn’t text me you were coming home, should I have been keeping food on the table every night?”

”You must be very stupid for that question. If you had not been so engrossed in whatever rubbish you were reading, you will have seen my text come into your phone that you get food ready”.

Nneka quickly checked her phone and saw Segun’s message. ”Oh sorry I didn’t see it. Let me quickly get something ready for you”

”I am not hungry again. Keep your food. Now you are too big to make food for your husband because of some stupid bills you are paying. I made such a horrible mistake marrying you. My mother warned me but I didn’t listen. Of course you ended up killing her and killing my daughter just because you cannot have children on your own. Don’t worry I will soon find solution to my problems”

Nneka laid down in silence as tears rolled down her face. She has no response to Segun’s constant accusations. Segun went into the shower and came out a few minutes later totally ignoring her tears. He pulled her to himself as soon as he got on the bed and started taking off her pyjamas pants. Nneka held no resistance as he climbed on top of her and rammed into her in one sharp thrust and she screamed out as the sharp pain ran through her body. Segun ignored her cries of pain as he kept on thrusting and cursing.

” Feel the pain you make me feel every day, feel it deep in between your legs, feel everything you took away from me. Feel it”, Segun said as he rammed on for the next few minutes. After a while, Nneka slowly shut her eyes and let thoughts of Obinna and the beautiful things he promised to do to her body fill her mind. By the time she opened her eyes again about 20 minutes later, Segun was done and had left her in the bedroom to go sleep in the sitting room.

She walked with so much pain into the bathroom and in tears washed off the traces of blood that stained her body. She sat in the warm bath for a long time letting the heat from the water soothe the pain away.

…to be continued


  1. Indirectly raping your wife, that’s crazy..
    Nneka have fun with Obinna while it last(but no sex)..Be prayerful..
    Weldone Tunde..
    Nice write up..

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