Differences – Episode 2

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� Tunde Oni

Nneka was sure her call to her mother-in-law had settled the issue. She explained to her things were quite tight financially and bringing Funsho was going to complicate things. Of course her mother-in-law agreed to keep taking care of the little girl till things were better.

By late evening Segun had still not arrived and Nneka had tried calling him multiple times all to no avail before deciding to go to bed. Eventually at about 10pm, she heard multiple voices at the front door while she laid down on the bed and she got up to check who Segun had come in with. She stood at the door with initial shock once she saw her mother-in-law and step daughter both bringing their bags in with her husband. She didn�t know whether to feel shock, anger or disappointment as she greeted her mother-in-law.

The smile on the woman�s face as she returned her greeting was an assurance of things to come. Nneka went ahead to get the guests settled in their spare bedroom before raising up the brewing issue on her mind with her husband in the bedroom.

��Babe, it is very late already and I have had a long day so I don�t want plenty talk�� Segun said as soon as Nneka mentioned she wanted to talk to him as he began to undress.

��Don�t worry I am not going to stress you, I just want to know why Funsho came here today and why your mother is with her�� Nneka said.

��I am not even going to play pretense with you. You have the guts to ask me that after calling my mother to tell her rubbish? I told you my daughter was coming and you went to call my mother not to allow my daughter come here? Isn�t that the height of disrespect? Anyway, mum suggested she come here for a while to help Funsho settle in since you are not used to her�� Segun said as he got into the bathroom to have a shower.

Nneka followed him into the bathroom vividly angry at the turn of events. She never imagined her day was going to end like this. ��Did you tell your mother you cannot afford to take care of your daughter?��

��What is that supposed to mean? How much is it to feed and care for a little girl?�� Segun said.

��How much is it you said? Do you know how much it costs me to feed and cloth you? To take care of this house, send money to your mother and pay your child�s fees? You are now asking how much it is? Have you told your mother I am the one taking care of you all before she brought her greedy a$$ and moved into my house?�� Nneka said with so much anger and bitterness.

��Madam financier, the next time you insult my family you will live to regret it. Are you the only woman taking care of her family because her husband is having a down time? Please spare me the lecture and let me have my shower in peace and go to sleep. It is very late��.

Nneka quietly closed the door and went back to lay on the bed. She wondered if she had not put herself in deep trouble. Nobody truly knew her marriage struggles, not even her parents or best friend. For the first time in two years, she could feel her sacrifices coming back to haunt her.

…to be continued



  1. When a woman starts financing the home,she most times becomes too authoritative and dictative.
    Weldone bro..
    Nice write up..

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