Love Really Is Strange – Episode 31

By Lydia Jonathan

After what felt like hours of the world paused on me, I dried my tears and got up abruptly drawing the attention of Mimi and Henry.

“Where are you going? Mimi’s worried but gentle voice asked. I sniffled and let out a low and inaudible “Home” but I guess she heard as she got up and Henry followed suit

“Will you be okay?” Henry asked worriedly

“Yea” I gave a strained smile, hoping he’d buy it and let me go.

He nodded “I’ll stay here till he gets back” he said and I nodded. He gave me reassuring hug before letting go, telling me everything will be okay. He then planted a kiss on Mimi’s temple and soon we were headed towards the door but I turned once more to look at him

“Will he ever remember me?” I asked him. He looked at me and sighed sadly.

“We can’t tell Lizzy, but let’s hope” he nodded and I did same before leaving the house. Mimi hailed a cab and soon we were on our way home.

We got home and luckily, my mom had already left which I was glad for. I couldn’t really deal with her now. I climbed quietly to my room and Mimi stayed back to tell the family what went on I presumed. I opened my door, entered and closed it laying quietly on the bed in a foetus position. I wanted to cry, but it seemed my tear gland had dried up, instead my heart just felt heavy and stuffy.

The door opened and I could feel someone come in but I didn’t make a move to see who. The person climbed unto the bed and soon a hand was draped on my waist and the person’s front was pressed on my back

“How are you feeling?” Mimi asked from behind me

I opened my mouth to say fine, but instead “Not good” came out

She held me closer, her breath fanning my neck “Wanna talk about?”

“Yes” I sniffled but stayed quiet. She remained quiet too as if knowing my thoughts.

“I’m sorry Mimi” I finally broke our silence

“What for?” came her reply/question

“For not telling you what was going on with me. For not telling you about Janet” I sat up to face her and she did same. “I thought I could handle it. When she made you go to the hospital, and even made you loose the baby, I lost it…. finally the tears burning in my chest finally started spilling and she raised her hands and wiped it off

“Okay, first off, never think you can handle something like that alone. Even the strongest man in the planet needs help sometimes, and so do we all. And secondly, it’s not your fault. Janet’s an evil psychopath, she chuckled, prompting me to do same despite my crying. “And I’m going to be fine, Henry and I, we talked about it, and in a way, I think the ordeal made us realise we were not ready to be parents yet. When we’re ready, the baby will be back, she ended, smiling. I pulled her in for a hug, and we stayed that way for a while before returning to our former position with her hands draped round my waist, and we stayed silent

“What are you going to do about Evans” Mimi asked suddenly

“I don’t know” I sighed, and meaning it. “He doesn’t remember me, so there’s nothing much I can do about it”

“What about your mom?” she gain asked

“I really don’t know, but I’m going to have to face her soon, don’t I?

“Yes”, she replied “But just remember that, what ever you decide, no matter what you it is, we’ll support you, okay?”

“Okay”, I replied, really grateful for Mimi and her family and all they’ve done for me. They were the family I really needed and got.

We stayed in that position till I broke the silence once more

“Mimi?” I called

“Yea” she mumbled

“Do you think I can get my mother’s number without mummy knowing?

“Of course” she chuckled, making me smile and we slept


The next morning, I woke up feeling a bit better than the day before. I sucked in a deep breath and turned to see Mimi sleeping soundly, letting out light snores. I smiled when I remembered her waking me in the middle of the night with mummy’s phone in her hand, as we searched for my mother’s phone number

I got down the bed making sure not to wake her as I made my way to the bathroom. I showered and took care of my business before getting out. I met her awake when I got back into the room

“How are you feeling?” she asked in between yawns

“Much better” I smiled at her and she chuckled as she jumped out the bed

“I’m glad” she hugged me, before excusing herself to use the bathroom.

Later on, we decided to stay in, as she said the café’s doing great and I trusted her. We were in our bedroom, even had breakfast in there, which mummy did not object to, thank God. And we talked about anything and everything. I really missed my best friend, and being here with her like this, made me realise how blessed I am.

The bell rang, some minutes later, and I jumped out of the bed. Confusion clearly written on her face, Mimi looked at me for explanation but I just pulled her out of the bed smiling, as we made our way out of the room

On the foot of the stairs, I heard Mimi’s mom asking Helen what she was doing here, as she invited her in and closed the door

“I called her” I spoke, and all heads turned to look at me

Mimi and I came into the living room and she left my side to go sit in the couch.

“I want everyone to be here for this” I called out. Though they all seemed both surprised and confused. They which included, Mimi’s dad, her mom, her older brother(the last boy) who was still single, and my mother. They all got seated and turned to look at me. I sucked in a deep breath and began

“I called Steven and Gabriel, (Mimi’s other older brothers) but they couldn’t be here, cause they’re tied up. I wanted you all here cause I have something to say”, I went and stood in the middle of the living room.

“Mummy, daddy, I called them both, and they both looked up at me. “I want to appreciate you both for all you did for me. You took me in as a daughter when you didn’t have to. You loved me, and I know you still do. *they smiled. You were everything a girl could ask for in parents and more, and for that, I’m really grateful. I smiled at them, and I could see Mimi’s mom wiping a stray tear from her eyes as she smiled back

“Michael, I turned to Mimi’s older brother. “Thanks for being my brother, you’re the best. You Gabriel and Steven. He flashed his million dollar smile at me, while I chuckled

“Miracle”, I turned to her. You are an amazing person, you’re always there for me, you’re my best friend and my sister. I couldn’t have have asked for a better sister than you”. She giggled and I did same

“Now I know you all are wondering what’s gotten over me and why I’m being sentimental, but this past few days got me thinking. Me being abducted, and all that went on due to my stupidity” I turned to Mimi apologetically, and she nodded reassuringly. “That I didn’t put into consideration, how my family would be feeling. I’m so sorry I put you all on hedge, I’m going to be learning from my mistakes from now on

“And mom”, I turned to my mother, who seemed startled I called her, but composed herself almost immediately. “I know you’ve been through a lot, from my father, and how you had to take care of me alone as a single parent. At first I blamed you for not telling me about my father, but then you told me he died. I idolised you, because you were very strong, doing it all on your own, and also putting food on our table everyday. But then you died and left. I was devastated. I cried myself to sleep for a while. I even hated my birthdays cause it reminded me of you. But then you came back, and I can’t say I’m not glad you’re alive, but I was angry though, that you left, but it wasn’t you’re fault. So if you’re willing to be back in my life, it’d be great, cause I love you” and I want to catch up with you. I paused to look at them all gathered. “I love you all” I smiled, and there were awwwws going around as my mom broke into happy tears I presumed and came up and held me in an embrace, which I returned

“I love you too” she whispered

“I know” I answered and she let go, wiping her tears

“And I’m very sorry” she added

“Its okay” I smiled

Mimi’s mom came and hugged me too, and so did her dad, and Mimi also, all of them saying they loved me, and it made my heart melt from all the love I got. Michael was the last to walk up to me and pulled me in for his signature bone crushing hug

Ooff” I let out as soon as he hugged me. “What are you trying to do, Break my bones? I whined, while he snickered and held me tighter drawing another groan from me as the others laughed, but I soon returned the hug.

“I love you too little sis” he pulled away smiling

“Speaking of Love” when are you planning on getting married? I nudged him while he tried but failed to stop the words from living my mouth

“Ask him please my daughter” Mimi’s mother said from behind us causing us all to laugh

“But mummy, I’m still young nau” Michael defended

“You’re 32” she stated

“You see” I’m still young, he smirked while his mother’s face soon looked like that of an angry raccoon, and she was now going on about grandchildren when I left them and went into my room. I had a change of clothes, took my bag with my phone and purse in it and came back down to still see them attacking Michael. Maybe I shouldn’t have said that, I smiled and walked past them, opening the front door. They all stopped arguing and turned to look at me, as if questioning where I was going

I smiled and turned to them “I have someone I need to meet” I said and closed the door, leaving them alone to resume their arguments.

“Hi”, I greeted with a smile, while she rolled her eyes, not looking up from of the computer she was typing away from

“Hello to you too” I mentally scoffed, but the smile not leaving my face

“I’m here to see Evans please” I said to her, hoping she’d look up from her computer but she didn’t

“Evans who? She asked still not looking up

“Evans Johnson. The CEO”

“Do you have an appointment? She finally looked up from her computer

“No” I shook my head. “But….

“You have to see him because it’s really important?” she asked, cutting me off and completing my sentence

“Well,yes it is important” I smiled a little, hoping she’d understand, but I’m beginning to doubt it, because she was spotting a straight unreadable face

“I’m sorry, but you’re going to have to come back with an appointment”

“Please, I really need to talk to him. I’m begging”. Having been coming here for some time now, and with him not always around or in a meeting and can’t possibly see me according to his secretary. Though his secretary, despite her outer exterior seems like an angry old lady with issues one couldn’t possibly comprehend, deep down she’s nice but doesn’t want people knowing……

“No” she curtly replied, drawing me out of my thoughts

I stand corrected, she’s evil. I gave her a sickenly smile before turning away to sit in the waiting area, which was situated directly opposite her. I crossed my hands and looked directly at her, making sure she gets the idea that I really needed to see him

She raised her head to look at me, but the shook it, cursing under her breath. But I didn’t care. All this while I’ve been coming, getting to see him alone seems impossible, cause he’s either with the boards or busy with a client or just not here. And I can’t go to his house since he doesn’t remember me

Few hours later and me seconds away from dozing off, I heard shuffling from her desk. My eyes widened immediately and I composed my self and sat still. She went about arranging files and stacked them on her desk. Soon she was done, she put back on her stiletto heels she removed before and straightened the wrinkle lines from her skirt with her palm and just then, he appeared in a navy blue buttoned down suit and tie with a black inner shirt, looking as hot as ever. I felt my breath get caught in my throat as I admired him with my eyes. My heart was racing and I snapped out of openly drooling at him before he notices. I took in a deep breath as I decided it’s now or never. I walked up to him as his secretary was giving him updates, the stack of files in her hands, and both their heads whipped to me. My racing heart seemed to had gone into overdrive as I felt both their gazes on me. He’s especially tensed one, and her’s just seemed irritated,but I didn’t care

“I.. I… I’m Lizzy, remember me? I asked but his brows just furrowed in a confused manner. At that moment, I mentally smacked myself in the head, of course he’s not going to remember. “We met, at your house, with Henry and Miracle” I tried again. His face turned knowing as he nodded

“Yes” I remember you, you hugged me, then also Henry, his face went straight while I felt the pressure of it

“I’m so sorry about that” I apologized. “You didn’t know me and I hugged you”. He nodded and waved it off, turning to walk away but I stopped him and apologised immediately for stopping him

“I’m sorry. It’s just I’ve been waiting a while. I just, I need to talk to you”

“I’m sorry lady, but I am a very busy person, if you want to see me, you need to make an appointment”. I nodded, and with that, he turned and entered his office, as his secretary followed closely behind him, and she closed the door as soon as she got in.

I stood there, my jitter from before turning to utter disappointment. I knew it wasn’t going to be easy, but still……

I didn’t know for how long I stood for, but soon, his secretary stepped out, a pitiful look on her face as soon as she saw me, then made her way back to her desk. I guess she feels sorry for me now. I could still feel her eyes on me as I turned to look at her, gave a strained smile before turning on my way out from her sight. I stepped out of the really tall building my feature reading downcast as I spared it one last glance before turning on my heels


EVans’s Pov

I saw her again as I got to my office that afternoon. She was sitting, arms crossed, and as soon as she saw me, she seemed tensed and she sat erect as she openly ogled at me, but I averted my gaze before she could see and walked straight ahead before Claire came up to me with updates. She kept going on and on, but I wasn’t listening, hoping “She” would speak up and she did,If stuttering counted, that is

“Remember me?” she asked and my brows furrowed and she noticed immediately and started apologising. I didn’t miss the disappointment in her face when I told her off, but she masked it with a smile and nodded. I walked away from her, thinking of the heap of workload I’ve got, and Claire following after me reminding me also.

After hours of reading and signing of documents, I checked my watch, and it was a little over 7 o’clock. I peeped outside, and it seemed darker than usual. Over working seems to be the only thing I’ve been doing ever since the accident, but then again, it’s what I do best. Claire had already left, so I got up, stretched my stiffed bones, having sat in same position for long as I heard my bones crackle from the stretch. I straightened my suit, carried my briefcase and exited my office. I went out, following the elevator down and stepped out of it when the ding sound came up. I bade the security guard goodnight as he was the only one left in there as I stepped out of the building. The evening breeze welcomed me, and also signalling an incoming downpour. So that’s why it was darker than usual I thought. I took a deep breath and turned to go to my parking spot where my car is, but stopped dead on my tracks as soon as I saw her

There she sat on the bench situated outside the building, with her hands crossed over her frame, obviously trying to keep herself warm from the evening breeze.

I walked up to her, and immediately she saw me, she stood abruptly, her face lightening up

“What the héll is wrong with you?” I barked as soon as I got to her, and her smile faltered as her face turned sour. I know I sounded rude, but she’s a lady, it’s late, and it’s about to rain and she is obviously cold. What was she thinking

“I’m sorry” she apologised

“Why are you apologising, why didn’t you go home” I asked

“I wanted to see you” she replied

“You couldn’t get an appointment to do so?” I barked angrily, causing her to flinch, and immediately feeling bad for it

“I’m sorry” she apologised again, and now I couldn’t say anything more, because her voice sounded so innocent.

“I didn’t want to make an appointment, cause what I needed wouldn’t be granted through an appointment”

“What is it you need” I asked, my brows furrowing

“Three days” she stated, making me even more confused

“What?” I asked

“I need three days. I know you lost you’re memory, and I just need three days from you, cause I want, No, I need you to remember”

…To be continued

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