Love Really Is Strange – Episode 19

By Lydia Jonathan

�Hi guys, I opened the door and Princess and stephanie got in. I embraced each of them and they smiled in and went to sit

After we were done with the food, I ran up to wash up and change to something presentable and Mimi did same

�We brought wine, Stephanie brought out a bottle of red wine and showed us smiling

�Thanks, Mimi took it from her but got frowning

Stephanie: why, you don’t like it?

Mimi: oh, no its fine. I just can’t drink

�why not? They both chorused looking at her

She turned to look at Henry, who smiled and nodded

Mimi: okay, there’s something I have to tell you guys

They shared gazes and turned back to her

Mimi: I’m pregnant

She smiled, but the girls went quiet. After few seconds Stephanie turned to princess

Stephanie: okay, give it

Princess: fine

She put her hand in her bag and handed her some cash while we watched in silence and confusion. Then they turned to us, stephanie spotting a megawatt smile

Me: what was that about (frowning)

Stephanie: oh, we made a bet that Mimi will get pregnant

Princess: I bet she was gonna get proposed to first, but I guess it’s the other way round

Stephanie: yea, congratulations

She got up hugged Mimi pushed her away gently spotting a fake scowl and turned to Henry, but he was grinning, eating on the snacks we kept

Mimi: I can’t believe you guys betted on me

Princess: don’t take it personal, we also betted on Liz

I turned as soon as I heard my name

Me: what?

Stephanie: we bet you and Evans are gonna get together. But that didn’t happen. So, my money

She turned to princess and just then a knock sounded. I went to open the door and it was Evans. I jumped him and gave him a passionate kiss, but smiled in his mouth when I heard princess groaning and whining while stephanie was probably doing a happy dance

Evans noticed too and turned to them, what’s going on? He looked at a frowning Princess and a smiling Stephanie

�its nothing, they placed a bet on us. I pulled him in to a seat, and practically sitting on his lap while Henry and Mimi were smooching

Princess: you know, I came over cause I missed my fianc�e and want some closure, so I can focus on my work, but now, I’m in a room with a love struck couple at one side, she turned to Evans and I who were giggling at each others joke and another who want to eat each others faces off she turned to Mimi and Henry. They pulled away and apologized while I did too

It’s fine, she smiled. Just on edge that’s all

Me: we should play a game

I turned to the group and they nodded agreeing.

�how about charades, I turned to look at them

�Okay, they all chorused. We got out the stuffs needed for the game. Me, Evans and stephanie in one team and Mimi, Henry and Princess in another

�okay, I called out you know the rules. You have to guess the word correctly for it to be a win, and they all nodded

We started with Mimi’s team and Mimi was picked to start first

She made a hissing sound and twirled her body

Snake, Henry answered. Correct she nodded

They played on till the last one

She touched her belly drawing circles round it

Belly, pregnancy, Henry yelled. She shook her head and continued forming a circle with here head

Magic? Princess questioned her brows furrowing, and time went up

Mimi: pregnancy and magic? What the hell?

She turned to Henry and Princess while we laughed

Henry: what? You touched your belly(he defended)

�yea, princess chipped in, and you were doing your hands like merlin, it’s not our fault we didn’t get it

She sighed and sat next to her boyfriend

Okay, our turn, I got up and picked the card but dropped it when a knock sounded

�I’ll get it. I left them and walked to the door and opened it. I stood shocked by who was standing there

�George, I breathed out, what are you doing here? I frowned

George: well, after yesterday, I thought to come check up on you to see how you’re doing since you aren’t at the caf�. (he paused and looked at me) You okay, you don’t seem happy to see me

Me: errrrrm, no….no,I just wasn’t expecting you. Come on in

I moved out of the way and he got in

Me: guys,( they looked up) this is George, and George (turning to him) these are my friends

Evans immediately made eye contact with him and there was intensity in his stare

�Awkward…. I sighed under my breath for only me to hear.

Soooooo, Stephanie spoke out, making them tear their gazes away from each other. I’m Stephanie, she got up and extended her hands smiling. He took it and smiled also.

�I’m Princess, she waved from where she sat and this his Henry she turned to him

�hey, he said. And he’s Evans she pointed at him and he nodded curtly and looked away

Here sit, I gestured and went back to sitting close to Evans while George sat opposite us

�So, how do you know Lizzy? Henry turned to him but Princess nudged him

Henry: what? (turning to her) I just wanna know

George: it’s okay (smiling) Lizzy and I were engaged

I felt Evans stiffen from beside me

Henry: oh. So why’d you break up?

�Seriously Henry? The three ladies chorused and turned to him

George: it’s okay really. She broke off the engagement and we broke up

And the place went quiet as a grave yard. Now this is the very definition of awkward I thought, finding the clothing I was wearing suddenly so interesting, not daring to look at both males clearly looking at me

Princess: so, how about that game?

She broke the silence and I thanked her mentally for that

Stephanie: we can’t play it anymore. We have an extra member

Henry: how about spin the bottle?

Stephanie: yea,we could play that

They turned to me. �Sure, I nodded and we got up and got everything we needed which included a bottle of alcohol and an empty bottle and we all sat on the ground like teenagers, creating a circle, the empty bottle in the middle

� I’ll start, Henry spun the bottle and it landed on Mimi.

Henry: how much do you love me?

Mimi: (smiling) with all my heart

He smiled and pulled her close, took her lips and kissed her passionately,while we all groaned in disgust

Princess: urgh, get a room both of you

They smiled and pulled away

Mimi: my turn

She spun and it landed on Princess. �What is your most prized possession right now? She turned to her

Princess: (brought out her engagement ring from necklace and showed it to us) this. That’s why I wear it close to my heart

Henry: awwwww, that’s just so romantic

Princess: shut it Henry. My turn

She spun and it landed on Evans. So where’s your relationship headed, you and Liz? And I stiffened from my spot and looked interestingly at him wanting to hear it also. He turned to look at me a while, smiled, poured himself a shot and downed it at one go.

Stephanie: hey, that’s not fair

she whined, while he smirked and the others were yelling playfully at him too. I felt disappointed and bent my head facing the ground. He could’ve just said anything, anything at all, I thought

Evans: my turn

He spun and it landed on Henry. So, what are your plans? Now that she’s…he trailed looking at Mimi

Henry: We’re just gonna take it slow. Enjoy it, and see where it goes

He turned to Mimi and held her hand squeezing it softly while they looked lovingly at each other

Stephanie: seriously, just get a room already

And they both laughed and turned back to the group

Henry: my turn

He spun and it landed on George. Do you still have feelings for Lizzy? And the grouped all turned to him

�Seriously? I mentally smacked my head

But their eyes were all on George

George: I never stopped loving her

The group went silent and I feared looking up to see their faces. I looked up suddenly when I heard a punching sound and saw George holding a now bloody nose, while Evans stomped out of the group and they all looked perplexed

�I’m so sorry, I turned to George. I’m just gonna…. I pointed towards the direction Evans left and walked to meet up with him

Evans, I called out but he ignored. Evans please wait. I ran to him and stopped him

Me: what the h�ll was that for?

Evans: what? So you’d rather I sit there and listen to him profess his love to you?

Me: that was just a game and you know it

Evans: was it? Cause he didn’t look like he was joking and you didn’t seem to mind either

Me: I love you and I’m with you now dammit, so don’t you dare make this about me. Not like you had anything to say before

Evans: what?

Me: you made a fool out of me out there Evans

I yelled

Evans: look, we’re both on edge and we just both need to calm down

Me: calm down?

Evans: you know what? We’re not having this conversation anymore

He turned and started walking away but I ran to him and stopped him, holding his hand

Me: we’re not done here, we need to talk this out Evans

He turned abruptly his facials contoured to that of anger

Evans: what? What exactly do you wanna hear huh? We just got together for christ sakes Lizzy(He yelled causing me to flinch) and now I have an ex still in love with you. what do you really wanna hear? That I don’t know what’s gonna happen to us, that I don’t know how we’re gonna end up as huh? Is that what you wanna hear?

He looked at me, but all I could do was breath in and out heavily unable to utter another word. �I think I should leave, he turned and walked away with me still frozen to the spot.

The banging of the the front door shook me off my frozen spot and I jumped a little in shock from the sound.

Mimi walked up to me in my frozen spot

Mimi: hey

Me: hey. Did they all leave?

Mimi: yea

Me: did they hear?

Mimi: yea. I’m so sorry

I sniffled and Mimi looked up to me

Mimi: hey, you okay?

Me: no (shaking my head) I’m not

Mimi: wanna talk about it

Me: no

�Come here�. She pulled me close and hugged me..

�So, you wanna do something? Mimi sounded out a bit cautious

After she pulled away and I composed myself, we went to clean after the the guys

�I’m fine Mimi…. I trailed concentrating on what I was doing. Although I wasn’t looking at her, I knew she was staring.

�Seriously Mimi, I’m fine. I got up facing her. We just had a lovers quarrel that’s all. We’ll sort it out, okay?

She nodded and sighed

�Now let’s talk about you and Henry. I sat her down and she started smiling almost immediately.

Me: wow, you got it bad

Mimi: yea, I love that he’s so supportive and cares about me so much

She smiled looking away

Me: I’m so happy for you. For a moment there, I thought you’d die alone (I joked)

Mimi: what? (whipping her head, looking straight at me, eyes wide open)

Me: I’m kidding

I laughed and she smiled

Me: so, what’s gonna happen with the child?

Her face turned sour and she buried her face in her palm

Me: Mimi?

Mimi: I don’t know. We’ve been avoiding the subject, and I don’t know…. I’m scared Liz (turning to me) we’re talking about a child here and I’m expecting mine. I’m scared of bringing it up cause it might cause a rift between us

Me: hey, I’m sure it’ll be fine. He loves you, and I doubt he’ll do anything to hurt you. So don’t sweat it okay?

She nodded and I gave her a reassuring smile

Me: Plus, we haven’t heard anything from this person or lady. If she really is serious, don’t you think she would have made an appearance since?

Mimi: you’re right (nodding)

Me: I know (smiling) Now come on, I’m tired and need rest

Mimi: it’s 6pm

Me: exactly. Goodnight

I said, got up and started heading for my room

Mimi: you’re strange, you know that?

Me: love you too

I called and closed my door

The next morning, I woke up feeling tired and looking like I spent some time in the morgue. I dragged myself down and plumped on the sofa

Mimi: you look terrible

Me: you noticed, I thought I was the only one

I scoffed

Mimi: attitude?

Me: sorry. I just had a crazy dream that kept me up all night

Mimi: what about it

handing me a cup of tea, she came and sat close to me

Me: thank you (taking a sip) It was really crazy. In the dream, I was been chased by some hooded guys and then I tripped and when I landed on the ground, I saw….

I trailed, scared of saying it out

Mimi: saw what?

Curiosity clearly written on her face. I looked away and went on

Me: I saw Evans. (I breathed out) He was lying motionless on the ground, covered in his blood. So I screamed and started crying holding his head up. And then, this hooded guys caught up with me and pointed a gun to my head. I screamed then woke up

I looked up to her after narrating my dream, but she was silent

Mimi: that’s strange

She finally spoke out

Me: I know. What do you think it means

Mimi: I’m not sure. Do you have an enemy or someone threatening you?

I shook, my head. �None that I can think of…I trailed and then my mind went to Janet. And the caf�, and then the almost accident. But I shook the thought off. It can’t be her

Mimi: it can’t be who?

I turned and saw Mimi looking at me quizzically

Me: what?

Mimi: you said it can’t be her. Who?

Me: ummmmm, Janet

Mimi: Janet, as in Evans’s ex?

Me: yea, but I don’t have anything to do with her. I don’t see her as an enemy, except for the time she stopped and threatened me, but…

Mimi: she threatened you?

Me: yea, but it’s nothing. She just said to stay away from Evans. But they’re not together. So….it’s nothing

Mimi: okay. But I’d still be careful if I were you

Me: of course (I nodded) now, come on, we’ll be late

Eehemmm, she cleared her throat and I looked at her fully. She was already dressed

Me: I’m gonna go dress up now

I got up and started jogging to my room

Mimi: don’t forget a little bit of make up at least. You look terrible

�Shut up, I yelled and heard her laughing before banging my door shut

We left for the caf� a little while later and got there soon enough. The workers were already there, so we put everything in place and proceeded in opening up and soon, customers started trooping in

Mimi: okay, seriously, pick it up already

Me: what?

Mimi: your phone. It’s been ringing and I know, it’s Evans that’s calling. Why are you ignoring?

Me: I’m just teaching him a lesson, that’s all. He hurt me, so he’s gotta pay

I smiled

Mimi: you’re evil. You know that?

Me: I know

My smile widened and I walked away from her, while she shook her head

My phone beeped. And I brought it out and saw a text

�We need to talk� from George

�Oh G�d, I can’t deal with this, I sighed typed an �Alright� and put back my phone

I came back to the counter looking exhausted all of a sudden

Mimi: what’s going on?

Me: George. He wants us to talk

I sighed

Mimi: you really do have too

Me: I know

My phone began ringing again, and it was Evans. I sighed and put it away

�Hello? A voice sounded and we both turned to see a lady about our age, and she looks beautiful

�Hi, can we help you? I turned fully to her

� I….I’m looking for Miracle, she spoke looking at both of us

�I’m Miracle, she turned to her. Is there a Problem?

�No, I don’t think there would be anyway, she smiled a half smile. My name is Vivian. I’m Henry’s ex.

…to be continued


  1. What happen with this ex of a thin… Lizzy get problem with ex while Evans too get problem with ex.. Likewise miracle and Henry…. When they are planning to settle the things and the ex will rise up again

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