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Prof: (now sweating badly). Are you sure this is not a blackmail just to get back at me? Are you not mistaking me with that Dennis boy?

Dufie: Who else has made love to me since that time? I am not a prostitute and neither am I a cheap girl who rushes for material things that will lead to me sleeping around, if I must tell you. You Professor Awude, my father’s friend and trusted confidant has made me pregnant. Do you think when you were busily banging me without mercy even when I pleaded for mercy unprotectedly with me, I would be in a position to magically cause myself not to be pregnant? You talk about only that one time I was with you in your house. Don’t you remember how many times you made love to me that day?

Prof: Now, now listen Dufie. There is no need for us to quarrel over this thing. Indeed there is no need for anyone to know about it. We can solve it easily. We have to think of something. What do you suggest we do?

Dufie: Nothing of course. We only have to wait while I give birth to the baby for you.

Prof: You know thats impossible!!!!

Dufie: What is impossible? You mean I can’t give birth or I am not good for you to carry your baby?

Prof: Not that Dufie. What will my wife say? What will the university authorities say? And the worst of all what will you father say?

Dufie: Oh so when you tricked me into sleeping with you, you weren’t thinking of all those illusionary stories. That is surprising considering that you are lecturer in Linguistic. That is your headache. I know what my father will do to me, but I have resigned myself to that problem. You Professor Awude have a more bigger problems the way I see things.

Prof: Cool down Dufie, I know what we will do. We will have to do away with this pregnancy.

Dufie: Just wait a minute, are you suggesting I go in for an abortion?

Prof: Something like that!!!

Dufie: Then I will have to tell my father straightaway what you are suggesting. Give me your mobile phone or you don’t have airtime on it, okay let me use your telephone?

Prof: Do you want the truth to come out so that I would be jailed in the end? If you do that I will also say you faked grades to stay in the school.

Dufie: You know all that you said are empty threats. Supposing I faked my grades even, did I do it? Was it not you who did it? Prof, if you don’t have something proper to say, then don’t try threatening me, because you are in a worse position than I am. So better think of something sensible. Prof: I beg you Dufie. I know I made a mistake but let us not make another mistake in addition. If I lose my job, you would also lose your chances to get a university education. If that happens, both of us will lose, think about your lover Dennis that you mentioned too. You will very likely lose him and think of all the disgrace. Get an abortion, I will pay for everything. After that both of us will be careful.

Dufie: (thinks for a short while) A few minutes ago I was tempted to teach you sense, but for the sake of Dennis, I will go along with your suggestion. When do we do it?

Prof: You mean the abortion.

Dufie: What else are we talking about here?

Prof: Leave everything to me. I will with immediate effect arrange with a competent medical doctor at the Central Hospital. A few minutes there and this entire package you have there will be out of your system.

Dufie: No not that hospital. There is a family friend who works there. He might bump into me and knowing my agenda there, he might tell my dad.

Prof: Then we will go to the Obenfo Hospital. I have a doctor friend there. He was formally with the university hospital. He will gladly help me and he wouldn’t leak any information about us to anyone.

Dufie: That is okay by me. I will meet you there early tomorrow morning as you say.


(Dufie leaves and Professor Vincent Awude is left at his hall very worried with his hands holding his head in misery. Just then his telephone rings. It is Dufie’s dad Lawyer Akuffo)

Prof: Hello lawyer, it’s so kind of you calling. I was planning on ringing you later this evening.

Lawyer Akuffo: That’s alright my friend. I just want to say hello and find out how my daughter is doing.

Prof: She is doing awesomely well and did you see her results for last semester?

Lawyer Akuffo: Yea, they were impressive. I only wanted to know if she is still keeping up that pace in her studies.

Prof: Of course my brother. She has even increased her study tempo. She is giving the serious students a hell of competition back in the class.

Lawyer Akuffo: Hahahahahahaha that girl is just like me you know.

Prof: That’s true, they say if the child doesn’t take after the mother, then surely she will take the resemblance from the father.

Lawyer Akuffo: Prof but before I forget warn the male students on campus for me. Anyone who will mess up with the life and heart of my daughter should be ready to face a bench of lawyers from my law firm. I will sue that person and his entire generation even together with the rats in his house. You know what am capable of doing.

Prof: (swallows hard the saliva in his mouth which nearly choked him) I know what you can do my friend.

Lawyer: That will be all for now. My greetings to the entire family. Bye for now.

Prof: God bye lawyer and thanks for calling.


Professor Awude has heard a friendly threat from his own friend to anyone who plays with Dufie.

Now that Prof is a victim to the threat, will he continue with Dufie or he will look else where. Be ready to dance the dance of the spirit when you go about playing the drums meant for the spirit………..




As agreed by the 2 people Dufie leaves her hostel very early without informing anyone about where she was going or what she was going to do at the Obenfo Hospital. Because she was in a hurry to get to the hospital, she forgot to hide her diary which had everything she had passed through in the hands of Professor Awude recorded in it. Rejoice out of curiosity picked the diary and went through it as Dufie was no where to be found that early morning. She felt bad for her friend but decided to keep mute on her new discovery and she also decided to hide the diary until her room mate approaches her on the misplaced diary. As she gets there, she meet Prof Awude at the emergency unit seated at one corner of the room. Prof winks his hand and Dufie joins him where he is seated. All this while Dufie’s phone was on silent and Dennis was by then calling her (Dennis now owned a phone which Lawyer Akuffo bought for him when he helped secure admission for him at Kumasi Polythenic). Lawyer Akuffo also woke up from sleep that morning feeling bad and nervous about his daughter, so he was also trying to reach his daughter through her phone but Dufie wasn’t answering her calls. Back at the hospital Dufie exchanged greetings with Prof and then they proceeded to see the alleged doctor.

Prof: Good morning doctor Nettey

Doctor Nettey: Good morning Prof. How are you doing?

Prof: Fine my brother. We are here to take care of the problem I discussed with you last night on the phone.

Doctor Nettey: I suppose this is the lady?

Prof: That is right doc

Doctor Nettey: I will take her to the theatre right away. Young lady, you don’t have to have any worry at all. I have done this thing so many times that I have lost count of my patients, it is just unthinkable that something can go wrong. Just trust me on that.

Dufie: I am happy you sound confident doctor, because frankly speaking I am scared. This is the first time I am doing this kind of thing and I don’t know how it is going to come out.

Doctor Nettey: Don’t worry my dear lady. After you have been sedated, you won’t even know what will happen to you. You will simply wake up to find everything taken care of. Lets go, Prof you can wait outside in the hall.

(They got up and moved straight to the theatre leaving Prof at the emergency hall. Two hours later, doctor Nettey comes in with a heavy face and invited Prof Awude into his consulting room. He has bad news).

Doctor Nettey: Prof, there is very bad news.

Prof: You mean you can’t get rid of the package?

Doctor Nettey: No not that my friend. It is something more serious than that. I got rid of the pregnancy alright, but the girl bled so much and she did not survive the operation. That means both of us are in very serious trouble.

Prof: Jesssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssus Christ of Nazareth. Nettey we are doomed. Our days of walking on the streets freely is numbered.

Doctor Nettey: Why do you say that? Is she from an influential family? Who is her father?

Prof: (in tears now). She was the only child the of the famous Lawyer J.B Akuffo.

Doctor Nettey: Oh my goodness!!! Vincent you have thrown me into trouble. Do you know I have once had an ugly encounter with this man before? He was the reason why I left the university hospital. Once the police comes in both of our careers would be ruined. There is no hiding place for the 2 of us. Eeeeeeeeeeiiiiii Prof you have killed me ooooo.

In days the whereabouts of Dufie had not been known or seen to anyone, Lawyer Akuffo at this moment was extremely worried that he had to cancel all appointments he had just to drive to campus and check up on his daughter since she wasn’t answering her calls. Prof Awude had also vanished to thin air and his students and entire Linguistics department colleagues were also alarmed. His mobile phone number was off and he wasn’t answering his telephone calls. As Lawyer Akuffo got to campus, there was no trace of the whereabout of his daughter and the worse thing was her room was locked. It was with the intervention of the next door neighbour who notified them that Rejoice had left to the house to collect something for her practicals and before she left she was also complaining of the whereabout of her room mate.

Now all fingers is going to be pointed at Dennis?


Sometimes the innocent people get caught at the wrong place at the wrong time. You can imagine the heat this young man is going to feel. How best can he defend himself if the intervention of God doesn’t come in. If you want to know how this story will end, then don’t miss out on any of the remaining episodes yet to hit your screen!!!






  1. Dennis, u are in for a big sh*t… Only if
    Rejoice decided to safe ur a$$ with
    Dufie’s Diary else ur life will never
    remain the same.
    Hahahaha prof Awude, so this is how
    u end ur career inside prison? Prof is
    now “Victim 101” inside Lawyer
    Akuffo case file.

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