Judgement On Earth – Episode 11

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� Akoto Alexander



After lunch inside the prison, a roll call is conducted before all the prisoners go back to their various duties again. “Hmmmmmm if you walk about freely without money in your pocket, do well to appreciate your maker because leaving and surviving inside this place remains a battle for the fittest”. It’s is everyone for himself, God for us all affairs. Okay back to my story;

After the roll is checked the two (2) prisoners meet again at their corner of the prison farm to continue with their chat or better still their life experience and the reason why they find themselves in the four walls of this might prison (Country no Vesh)

1st Prison: The sky isn’t looking friendly this afternoon. Should the rain start any moment from now that means we are not going to see each other again till next week when we are brought here to work again.

2nd Prisoner: Unfortunately for you I might not be here because that will be the day I will be released from this hell.

1st Prisoner: I envy you oooo my senior fellow.

2nd Prisoner: Hahahahahahaha I have been in your envy shoes before but I don’t find myself going out of this prison amusing.

1st Prisoner: But why? Ain’t you happy to get your freedom back again? You are going to eat what you feel like eating, wear what you feel like wearing, go where you want to go, drink what your throat seeks for and sleep when your eyes wishes to close!!!

2nd Prisoner: Hmmmmm so you think. I don’t have anything out there. Not a single pesewa remaining in my once fat bank account. I don’t have a place to stay! I don’t know who I can run to for help! And my wife and children too I have no clue of their whereabouts, whether they are alive or dead, it’s only God who knows.

(Tears drops from his eyes).

1st Prisoner: God has a purpose for keeping you alive till now. All hope is not lost. Where there is life, there is hope. You are a Professor and there is knowledge and power in your head still, you can turn things around for your good.

2nd Prisoner: At this my current age? Am outdated my friend the module and methods of teaching those days are over you know.

1st Prisoner: I still maintain the fact that God will see you through the moment you walk out of the main gate of this prison.

2nd Prisoner: I hope so my brother.

1st Prisoner: Now its time for you to hear my story:

My name is Obed Narh, a once vibrant young man aspiring to be an MP even when I had no proper records about myself. I was a very well to do young man. At the age 25 I owned 4 tractors, 2 excavators, water drencher, 10 Tata buses and 25 taxis. I wasn’t working by that time even though I was a university graduate. I didn’t even do my national service, I paid someone to get my name in the list of the people who did the one year service for the motherland. At school my colleagues and lecturers feared me because I had a personality that made me unique among my peers. I wasn’t leaving on campus or any of the hostels the school provided for the students. I had rented a 3 bedroom house about 300meters from campus. I had all the luxurious cars by then parked in my compound. I was the first ever student to use a mobile phone on campus, the Motorola phone that looked like a ship with a long pole on it.

(The two prisoners busted out loud laughter).

2nd Prisoner: Eeeeeiiiii that phone was the ish. Always at your waist on your belt for people to see you are the man. I remember my students use to giggle always when I come to class to teach and I have a call. You know “Mobitel 027″ was by then the only network available, later before Spacefon and Onetouch joined in the race. If you were having that phone then, your respect value was very very high. Hahahahahahaha the good old days. Now even toddlers are using expensive and sophisticated phones. Time changes they say is true.

1st Prisoner: That is true my brother. During that time even some of my lecturers were without phones. I remember one lecturer with the name Dr Asomani drove me out of his class because I got a call which brought noise to the class, all throughout that semester I didn’t step a foot into his class. I had to bribe him with a bottle of perfume before he came in good terms with me in the next semester. In fact I had my way with almost all the girls in the school. No matter who you were, if I approach you, you will fall for me. Honestly I was the reason why many relationship broke in the school, money wasn’t a problem to me. I wasn’t into any fraudulent business or any ritual kind of deal. My source of wealth was a genuine inheritance from my late father.




My source of wealth was a genuine inheritance from my late father. I was the only surviving member of my family. My late father once told me that, he relocated to Ghana from the United Kingdom because of a family tragedy that befell our once happy family. He said I had 4 other siblings and of which I was the youngest (three sisters and one brother). During the summer holidays most of the malls did a reduction sale promotion so the entire family went out on a shopping spree one Saturday morning. After we were done shopping and returning home a police van chasing some hoodlums lost control and ran into the car my family were using. My mum, two sisters and brother died instantly, my dad and other sister went into comma for months and luckily for me I barely go a scratch on my body. I believe it was a miracle to everyone who came to the accident scene or is it that I was being protected by God because I was still a toddler? I was left in the care of a nanny the government provided for 8months before my dad came out of comma and my sister died some few weeks later after she came back from her comma. How my siblings got buried my dad said he didn’t have any idea how and where they were buried. The state compensated my dad handsomely for his lost so he could start life all over again. He couldn’t bear the pain leaving in that same happy house we once lived in, the least he could do was to relocate back to his mother land, Ghana. He never introduced anyone to me as a family member or even a friend when we got to Ghana. We lived in a big mansion with maids to attend to my needs 24/7. I never lacked anything in this world with my father around or even in his absence on a business trip. One thing my dad had developed serious love for was womanising, my dad was changing women like his clothes. Because of his money he had no respect for woman, he slept with unbelievable damsels, because per my calculations all the women were eligible to contest for the Miss Ghana Competition. He loved women with heavy duty machineries both at the front and the back and the funny thing was that, you couldn’t reject his offer because aside his money, his good looks always did the magic for him.

There was a time some women even fought in my presence just because of my dad and funny enough my dad will order his security men to send you out of his house the moment you start fighting. This attitude and attributes of my dad started entering into me gradually, I started making advances towards the maids in the house. At the age 13, I started having sex with some of the maids who were by far older than me but were afraid to loss their jobs because my father really paid them well, so I always threatened them with that. At the age 15 I was a full grown man, my psychic never depicted my age because I was well built and had even grown moustache and beard.

In the absence of my dad I started sleeping around with the ladies my dad brought home that I even graduated in

having trisome sex with some of the ladies, but I knew joked with my studies, as the saying goes” give to Ceasar what is his and to God what belongs to him”. My dad was informed of the pride and arrogance I was showing to the workers in the house but I always pretended it was a mere allegation they were putting on me. The love my dad had for me was huge that he always spoke on my behalf, I was never punished or spanked for any of the abysmal attitude I showed to the workers in the house. At the age 16 I got the biggest shockprise news of my life, the 3 maids I was sleeping around with in the house were seen to be pregnant by the senior matron in the house, upon interrogation they confessed that I was the one responsible for their pregnancy. My father’s attention was drawn on this new development in the house and of which I bluntly denied being responsible for the alleged pregnancy. My father really got angry with the girls because he said they were wrongly accusing me of something I knew nothing about and more over I was very young to engage them in sex looking at the age difference they had compared to mine, he felt they were trying to be gold diggers who were chasing after my family wealth. My dad drove them away from the house that moment without any notice and mercy even though it was heavily raining, he didn’t even pay them off for the services they had render to my family all this while. I left to my room some how happy and sad, I was happy I was not caught as the one responsible for the pregnancy and sad because I won’t get any of them(maids) to quench my sexual desires when the edge became unbearable for me, as I watched the girls in my window as they were been ushered out of the house by the security men of the house tears dropped down my cheeks. The youngest amongst the 3 girls who was a virgin until I forced her to sleep with me undressed herself as they were thrown out of the house, sat on the bare floor dragged her buttocks on the ground and screamed some words, after her action was done, a heavy thunder and lightning stroke and every electric gadget in the house went off………………


Are you the type of parent that covers up for his/her ward even when you know they at fault?

How do you treat others when you have the power or authority in your hands?




…to be continued


  1. Perhaps she just coursed u with her virgini
    ty, u took it from her for granted. And now
    she’s lay down a course on u. Just pray u
    survive it.

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